Three Black Halflings | A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Three Black Halflings | A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Three Black Halflings
Roll for melanin ... IT'S A NAT 20! Welcome everyone to Three Black Halflings. Join us Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo, Jeremy Cobb & Jasper William Cartwright as we join forces to discuss all things Dungeons & Dragons. We'll be delving into black culture within the incredible world of DND, homebrewing ideas, bringing Wakanda into Rivendell, and sharing tales of the table. DM mishaps, tips & tricks, humbling your players, you can expect it all. Whether you're a Level 18 Master Assassin or a Level 1 Bumpkin Bard thank you for listening. If you enjoy this podcast please help us out by leaving a review and sharing with your fellow adventurers. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so please get in touch and spread some love! Enjoy! Feel free to get in touch! Twitter: @TBHalflings Email: Hosts: Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo, Jeremy Cobb, Jasper William Cartwright. Producer: Jade Forshaw Editor & Artwork: Jasper William Cartwright
“Cake, Liches & Bitches” – with Aabria Iyengar
This episode Aabria Iyengar joins the Halflings for pure joy, puns and much chaos, as we talk why theatre of the mind is even better than maps, playing against type and the creation of Mrytle the Bitch.Find all of our things here:...
Nov 30
1 hr 10 min
The Cub & The Caterpillar: Episode Four
Mooti flexes his verbal muscles, Ongenagama flexes her actual muscles, and pivotal decisions are made in this episode of The Cub and the Caterpillar: A Wagadu Tale!Find all things Halflings here: TO SUPPORT US:Support us on...
Nov 26
2 hr 53 min
"Cancellation Stations" -  Can anyone play a POC in TTRPG's?
We share our thoughts on recent discussions in the TTRPG community about who can play characters of colour. Find all of our things here: TO SUPPORT US:Support us on Patreon: Our Discord server (come say...
Nov 23
44 min
CATCH UP: The Cub & The Caterpillar: The Wagadu Tales
Catch up on the adventure so far as we prepare for our latest adventure into the Wagadu Chronicles! We hit our Patreon stretch goal! That means we'll now be playing every other week!Starting this Wednesday 25th live at 7:30 pm GMT (1:30 CST) on Twitch!...
Nov 23
3 min
The Cub & The Caterpillar: Episode Three
The party meet a new ally, Mooti gets a hand, the party get a quest, and Ongenagama gets very, very angryWAYS TO SUPPORT US:Support us on Patreon: Our Discord server (come say hi): us, and get in...
Nov 16
3 hr 20 min
"An Explosion of Inclusivity" - With Brennan Lee Mulligan
The Halflings are HUGELY excited to chat to the DM of Dimension 20 this week, the one and only Brennan Lee Mulligan. We're sharing prep tips, what we'd love to see from D&D in the future & of course, an epic tale from the table involving the...
Nov 9
1 hr 55 min
"The Role of the Dice"
This week the Halflings discuss their most conversational topic ever... is it ever ok to fudge the dice?! When they should and shouldn't be used and, answering the age-old question should one blow on the dice before a big roll or merely shake! Vote for...
Nov 2
51 min
A Halfling Halloween Special: Part Two
Count Strahd von Zarovich would like to extend his sincerest apologies for the accidents that have befallen the members of the troop. However The Count would like to ensure Mr Cobb and Mr Cartwright, that dinner will go down very very smoothly.Vote for...
Oct 29
2 hr 5 min
"D&D is Definitely Group Therapy" - With Cosmic Stew & Shoot the Flick
Today the Halflings have a whole bunch of amazing guests. First up, epic content creators, Cosmic Stew will be diving into their work & discussing the important topic of allyship. Then stay tuned as we get hyped with Frankie & Scott of Shoot the...
Oct 26
1 hr 18 min
A Halfling Halloween Special: Part One
Count Strahd von Zarovich cordially invites thespians Mr Jasper William Cartwright and Mr Jeremy Cobb, along with their band of players, to his residency Castle Ravenloft in the village of Barovia, to honour the Count with a one-off theatrical...
Oct 22
3 hr 12 min
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