Those Conspiracy Guys
Those Conspiracy Guys
Gordon Rochford
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F*** Joe Rogan
Love this show, real, funny, honest, opinion. However, if you ever thought JRE was ever not bias or even logical about politics, you were sadly mistaken. Listen to his show with Dave Smith and he had the nerve to say that he doesn’t see why Bernie should have called out Biden for being a swamp thing piece of S***, war monger profiteer who made millions while our Arm Forces sacrifice their lives for lies. He actually said “why should he say that” instead of saying “Biden is a good guy” F*** JRE
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Secret of NIM
QAnon Conspiracy Fan Fiction from a Failed Comedian.
If you’re looking for your weekly dose of QAnon conspiracy laced with the most insidious disinformation this side of 8Chan and Parler, then this is the podcast for you!
Went down the same road as a lot of conspiracy folks
Turned into an Alex Jones-type right-wing show over the past couple years, talking about nonsense like “cultural Marxism,” etc. I recommend people try other shows like Last Podcast on the Left instead.
Somewhat sensitive to dark humor, not for you
Been listening to Those Conspiracy Guys for a bit over a year. Gordo does an excellent job in doing his research for the context he talks about with guests. There are jokes that people will be sensitive to or find inappropriate, if you get offended easily and can't take a joke then this podcast won't be for you. Gordo also does an awesome job in introducing his guest, compared to other podcasts. He takes his time introducing them and he gives information about them and where the audience can find these guests. He also expresses to listeners if he got information wrong to let them know. Overall, get a podcast with lots of laughs, get to know about his and guests' opinion about the matter of the topic, and minimum to enough detail about the context of the episode.
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Hilarious and thought provoking
Funny. Insightful. Generally very well researched. A lot of other conspiracy podcasts are super vanilla, but these guys are always pushing the envelope in an intelligent way. Found them by chance and have since binged I don’t know how many dozens or hundreds of hours. Haven’t done that with too many podcasts. Generally not too scared of cancel culture and keep it raw.
Mick Langley
Filthy host addicted to pornography
He really needs serious counseling, he’s disgusting. He can barely go 2 minutes without being offensive. I can’t take this show seriously.
It doesn’t get better
Best podcast especially in long form out there. Cheers to Gordo and the boiz
Epic show!!
Been listening since season 1 absolutely amazing research being done by Gordo. Plenty of mickey jokes sprinkled in for a good laugh and plenty of great craic!!
Highly Recommended!!
I love this show so much, not only makes the work day go by faster, but encourages deep thought and to look at things from more than just on side. Love Gordo and the great guests he has on! Keep it up!
Love the show!
Amazing hard working host always enjoy listening.
The M@
Another white guy with a white guy intelligence and a white guy opinion
Don’t waste your time
My Favorite Podcast
Great mix of jokes and information. I don’t feel Gordon is biased and is definitely open about sources and his thoughts. I’ve listened since season 3, thanks for all your time and energy!
Robert Bear
Do more research about Kyle Rittenhouse before claiming it was “self defense”. Was quite a fan before you minimized BLM into a group just “looting and rioting”. SMDFTB.
Good topics
The hosts bring up good topics It’s cool to be listening to some folks across the pond I think your show is good, and I enjoy the format. , I sense you guys feel and think something similar to many of us here in US, and I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting to here your truth to be put forth and spoken forward, but it doesn’t quite get there. It seems you fall short of that and error on being pc and non offensive, giving trigger warnings while awarding more credit to racism than the problem in and of itself is worthy of. I believe you are doing yourself a disservice with this tactic, and id love to hear you all error on the side of being offensive and unapologetic, as long as it’s the subjective truth you interpret and believe to be true, on and individual and personal level. Then if some objective view needs to be debated for the shows sake, the 3 of you could have 1 exciting discussion while trying to get there, debating your truth , the truth we the audience now know is ‘yours.’ I think many people listening would relate and become more engaged with your program. P
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Great show
ck from wisconsin
Definitely 1 of the Best. Gordo is able to cut some laughs in along with droppin some knowledge. Respect Due Salute Brothas Btw , I am from The US. This Podcast is just real.
Lame show
Used to be good, but success went to their heads. Would rather listen to just about anything else. Too bad! Had potential. See ya!
My favorite podcast
This is the best podcast out there! Love the hours long deep dives into the world of conspiracy. Been listening for years, and the show is so good I signed up for the Patreon. Keep up the good work, Gordo, and thanks!
I’m just a dabbler right now.
Haven’t binged yet. But I saw the awen kind of hidden in plain sight in you logo and it made me smile so I subscribed. Listened to only a few episodes but great show!
One of my favorite shows
If you like the most soothing Irish voice washing you in to some of deepest darkest conspiracies with the occasional dick joke. This is the show for you.
You idiots
Ireland should kick you out and no country should allow you in. NONE OF THIS IS FUNNY! Idiots!
Lost me after interview on election night!
Listened to you for years but had to finally part ways with you. Was seeing some differences in last 6 months but yeah can’t take it anymore!
Fookin amazing mate
I love your podcast. You’re well researched and hilarious. Pay no mind to the butt sore wussies getting offended by the noise your mouth make. Doing amazing friend.
Great Craic
This podcast tickles me gicker. Gordo is sound. Best Cosby impression hands down. Subscribe to Patreon and support an awesome podcast.
Favorite podcast
I’ve been a fan for awhile and I just wanted to say that your show is my favorite show. I always look forward to listening to it. Keep up the good work. Peace
Amazing show!
Awesome show!
I’ve been listening since 2017 and have listened to just about every episode! Keep up the good work!
You guys alright out there?? Just checking
"T" from Pittsburgh
Gave it two starts for the well researched knowledge on the topics but also two stars because have the show is spent making condescending jokes about America and American people.
Cool Grammer
Well Hellllllooo The Coconspirators!
This show gives HOURS and HOURS of real talk deep dives. The crème de la crème!! *chef's kiss* Thanks for everything yall do!! -HSJ
This podcast is pure sound
This is the most honest podcast I’ve ever heard
You you want to listen to clowns talking over each other trying to “debunk” everything that they know nothing about adding in their leftist communist opinions... then this is the podcast for you
the liberty warrior
Learn the FACTS about MJ!
It was REALLY disrespectful the way you’ll approached the Michael Jackson episodes without knowing the facts and just flowing with whatever you see and read from the tabloids! Their only business they have is making our scandal and sensational stories to SELL and Michael was the VICTIM his whole life! Get the facts my friends and then we talk! :) Watch SQUARE ONE and see how the press has been manipulating you and the whole world!
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Favorite True Crime Comedy Podcast
I’m typically a fan of pure play narrative true crime podcasts. I have tried a few different true crime comedy podcasts over the last few years and nothing has seemed to stick with me. Until discovered Those Conspiracy Guys. I must have been living under a rock—Those Conspiracy Guys is one of the most popular podcasts in Ireland. The podcast is hosted and produced by Gordon Rochford. Host and producer Gordon Rochford has done a tremendous job carving out a special place in the podcast universe. Those Conspiracy Guys is not your average True Crime Comedy Podcast. Gordon and his guests do not use the show as a platform to try stand up material, nor do they make fun of the cases. The podcast consists of Gordon and a guest(s) who typically discuss a case with a conspiracy angle. Gordon is a natural interviewer, and draws comedy out of his guests. The first half hour or so is used by Gordon to catch up with his guests and introduce them, and then dive into the discussion. Some guests are better known comedians, tour guides etc. What kills me (not literally) is the number of podcasts with Paul H. or other podcast celebrities—it’s the same discussion each time. Listeners can tend to get caught in an echo chamber of the same podcast discussion. Not with these guys. Once the stage is set, the conversation naturally flows into the actual case. Previous episodes include Jeffrey Dahmer, Chris Benoit and general conspiracy theories. As previously mentioned, all cases contain some sort of underlying conspiracy. The group will discuss the background of the case and their research, then talk about the conspiracy. Sometimes they agree, other times disagree. Episodes are fun and light, making it the perfect podcast for a long drive or listening with friends. Those Conspiracy Guys perfectly toes the line between comedy, informative and respectful for True Crime Comedy Podcasts. Many podcasts can’t maintain the balance, and often focus on one area. Usually, this is completely a turn off for me. I end up unsubscribing from the podcast (RIP My Favorite Murderer). For our American followers, we highly recommend giving Those Conspiracy Guys a download. I personally recommend the Chris Benoit episode. Not only a great discussion, but also shows a very dark side of the WWE.
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Awesome Hilarious Podcast
This podcast is Hilarious and really enjoyed it. Listen while I work and enjoy it.
Currently binge watching the whole series lol! Hess guys are awesome and quite interesting. This series is a must.- James Gonzalez
Quality before the right wing nonsense seeped in
Edit: Still a big fan of these guys, but I had to detract a star for the amount of right wing nonsense that's been seeping in during the last few years. The Praying Medic? Qanon? Lol. --- Original Review from 11/2015: This show is just superb. The research is top notch and the information is very well presented. The Amityville Horror episode, in particular, stands out from the other podcasts on the topic as it delves heavily into the DeFeo background rather than just rehash the haunting portion of the case. The humor and banter are always on point as well. Definitely worth a subscription!
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Best conspiracy podcast
Would recommend to EVERYONE!! Gordon has this very unique gift of being very informative yet absolutely HILARIOUS at the same time. They also do true crime episodes of infamous and sometimes not so infamous cases and they somehow maintain this hilarious dialogue while talking about some of these gruesome murders. STRONGLY RECOMMEND. And the editing by Gordon is flawless. Classy man the fella is. CHECK EM OUT!
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Good show, bad editing.
I love this show, but PLEASE fix your editing. I keep hearing patches of audio that repeats it self, like your talking and then it just restarts a few minutes back and plays again. The Hopi Indians episode had 2-3 of these within the first 2.5 hours of the episode.
Love your perspective
Thanks to TIN FOIL HAT i found this pod and i won’t even lie I haven’t listened to one yet but from what I’ve heard on TFH I know I’m in for a treat.
Great Podcast
If you are interested in the intelligent and insightful discussion of topics that are controversial or on the edge of common cultural norms, this is the podcast for you. Gordo and his friends will discuss conspiracies, crimes and the like with great depth and a boatload of humor. Definitely worth the listen!
Best conspiracy/comedy podcast on the net
TCG is the best. Gordo and friends take the listeners on deep dives down many a rabbit hole with hilarious banter sprinkled on top.
These guys go DEEP
This podcast is the perfect combination of comedy and history. Gordo is both hilarious and knowledgeable. “Those Conspiracy Guys” are my new favorite podcast.
Gordo is the man
My favorite
It’s such a good podcast to just sit back and laugh at
This podcast is a gas!
Ya made a right bag of poems lads! Fair play, mates!
Well done guys, something, something...
Great podcast with a crazy range of topics. Anything you’re into is offered. Sometimes with 5+ hour podcasts. The best thing to listen to all day. Jokes are on point.
Mayor McDickCheese
Spiderweb in the sky. Chemtrail. Contrails.
This is hands down the BEST podcast that I resonate with. These guys are on another level.
Some levity...
As an American, I absolutely LOVE when you guys put on a US accent! Do we really sound like that? If that’s the case, I feel bad for anyone gone missing here!
Waiting in the Isaac weishaupt episode.
ricky sticky icky
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