Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Three friends that talk guns, liberty, currents events, and more
Martha's Big Five-O
This week John and I are your hosts as we try to host the Twitch livestream alone. We start out with a little current event…
Sep 18
1 hr 1 min
Still Alive
We are back after a super long break. Between my medical issues, internet issues, and scheduling conflicts; it has been a long couple months, but…
Sep 11
1 hr 8 min
Symphony of Destruction
In this week’s episode Dave, John, and I talk about lemonade, yes lemonade. We also talk about court cases, a hero in Indiana, Detroit riots,…
Jul 24
1 hr 8 min
Elimination of Foreign Competition
This week Chris joins Alec, Dave, John, and I for a little while as we talk about Dave’s new EDC tools, some current events, and…
Jul 10
1 hr 18 min
Some Weird Laws
For this weeks episode; it is Dave, John, and I coming to you slightly later than normal. We answered more questions on the Supreme Court’s…
Jul 4
1 hr 5 min
Custard's Last Mistake
The dudes are back again this week wit Alec, Dave, Johns, and I. We jump straight into it by going over the “protecting our kids”…
Jun 26
1 hr 21 min
45 ACP
This week Alec, Chris, Dave, and I join you to bring our new segmented version of the podcast. Dave talks about the history that they…
Jun 12
1 hr 6 min
Crouch Bumble Bee
This week Alec, Dave, John, and I start out talking mass shootings in America causes and preventions. Our History They Don’t Teach You segment is…
Jun 4
56 min
These Colors Don't Run... Into Schools
Sorry this episode is going out almost at the same time as this weeks episode. Not much in the show notes either. I’m Sorry.
Jun 4
1 hr 13 min
Kill A Mockingbird
This week Dave, John, and I are back after a two week break. I apologize for having the vid and not being able to record.…
May 7
1 hr 18 min