Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Three friends that talk guns, liberty, currents events, and more
Chupacabra Did It
Three Dudes are here this week for the show, Dave, John, and Luke bring you some current events along with their individual segments. This week…
Aug 13
1 hr 25 min
Herb The Medicine
This week’s episode is coming out a little later than normal, and we apologize for that. On this week’s episode of Those 3 Dudes, John…
Aug 8
1 hr 2 min
Prep Junior
On this week’s episode, John and Luke are your hosts. This week the dudes touch on El Salvador’s disappointment to the elites by not defaulting…
Jul 30
1 hr 12 min
Team Merica Again
In this episode of Those 3 Dudes, Dave, John, and Luke are your hosts. The dudes start out with Dave trying to figure out why…
Jul 16
1 hr 7 min
John Down Under Extended
This week John the Tactical Koala holds down the fort this week with Dave and Luke having last minute stuff come up. John talks about…
Jul 9
51 min
Supreme Decisions
This week John and Luke host the podcast, your favorite independent journalists are a little flustered and several side tangents, but they pull it off.…
Jul 2
1 hr 28 min
Maybe Shortest Coup Ever
On this episode of the podcast, Dave, John, and Luke go straight in to discuss the coup in Russia over the weekend. After getting through…
Jun 25
1 hr 6 min
Whiskey In The Jar
The Dudes are back at it this week. Dave, John, and Luke talk about what they have been up to since they have sort of…
Jun 18
1 hr 10 min
Actually 3 Dudes Again
In this weeks episode, Dave returns from his vacation to bring us back to 3 dudes on an episode. This week the Dudes start out…
May 29
54 min
Threats To Society
This week John and Luke are left alone again. Luke forgot to answer a question from Discord last week, so they start out this episode…
May 21
1 hr 37 min