Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Three friends that talk guns, liberty, currents events, and more
I Call It Vera
In this week’s episode Alec, Dave, and I get back to our pop culture preferences since it has been a while. We talk video games,…
Oct 17
1 hr 10 min
Wingin It
This week Alec and I are just talking about whatever comes to mind. We received a question of the week, so you can hear what…
Oct 10
53 min
Winter Survival
This week it is Dave and I running the episode, but we have a special guest. Vince (FapperTapper69 on Twitch), is a Marine that is…
Oct 2
1 hr 36 min
45 Long Colt
This week Alec, Dave, and I talk about a random assortment of stuff. After our normal house keeping segments, Dave tells us about the deal…
Sep 26
1 hr
Luke's Back
Thank you for tuning into another episode. This week Alec, Dave, and I are back. Unfortunately for you, our guest bailed at the last minute…
Sep 19
1 hr 22 min
No Supervision
Sorry this episode is so late, it features Alec, Chris, Dave, and special guest, the famous John. I would really like to thank John for…
Sep 15
1 hr 7 min
EDC Revisited
This week we are back even though we still have some technical issues. This week Alec, Chris, Dave, and I talk about every day carry…
Aug 22
58 min
Talking Guns
This week Chris, Dave, and I talk guns. Originally we were going to go through a super, super brief evolution of firearms; since we do…
Aug 9
1 hr 19 min
Dream Home
This week Alec, Dave, and I talk about our dream house or bug-out location. The guidelines for us is hypothetically we each have inherited $500K…
Aug 1
1 hr 13 min
F The Weather
This episode is being released a few days later than normal, I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately this episode was plagued with problems due to…
Jul 28
59 min