Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Those 3 Dudes Podcast
Three friends that talk guns, liberty, currents events, and more
Counter To The Normal
In this weeks episode, Dave, Alec, and I start out taking care of some weekly house keeping that we didn’t get to last week. I…
Feb 21
1 hr 6 min
Save The 2nd
This week Chris, Alec, and Luke welcone special guest Ron Carter from the Save The Second organization to talk about his organization, gun rights and more.
Feb 14
1 hr 11 min
Those 4 Horsemen
This week all three plus one dudes are here. That is right we got Dave, Chris, Alec, and I here at the same time, so…
Feb 7
1 hr 39 min
Reddit Street
This Week Dave, Chris, and I are back for more abuse. By more abuse, I mean I fixed some audio problems we have been having…
Jan 31
1 hr 12 min
Our Drunken Past
This week Dave, Chris and Luke talk about beer, Biden, Europe, camps, and more.
Jan 24
1 hr 10 min
Big Tech Jerks
On this weeks episode the dudes talk zombie apocalypse, Parler full deplatforming, AWS, decentralize social media, and more.
Jan 17
1 hr
The Latest Fashion
This week Dave and Luke talk video games, standard issue bison horns for the big oog, the happenings in DC, censorship, and more.
Jan 10
1 hr 12 min
December 33rd
Dave, Alec, Chris, and Luke talk collapse of the dollar, predictions for 2021, our goals, and stimulus money.
Jan 2
1 hr 27 min
Covid Christmas
On this weeks episode Dave, Chris, and Luke talk about Christmas traditions, Nashville, stimulus money, and the ATF.
Dec 27, 2020
1 hr 12 min
The Christmas Party
This week all 3 (4) of the dudes are on to talk Christmas, Covid vaccines, MIGs, civil war, and police vs. ATF, along with more.
Dec 20, 2020
1 hr 16 min