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Thomas Paine Podcast
Mike Moore
Mike 'Thomas Paine' Moore is a journalist and broadcaster and today serves as True Pundit's chief muckraker. He previously worked for the FBI, White House, DEA, among many other Intel agencies and private concerns. Moore is the recipient of the coveted Gerald Loeb Award for journalism and two-time Pulitzer Prize for Investigative reporting nominee. As a Certified Fraud Examiner, Moore previously headed anti-money laundering operations for Citi in Chicago, Los Angeles, Delaware and portions of New York City. He has an expertise in covert telecommunications, HUMINT, and OSINT intelligence gathering.
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October 26th Paine in the Morning 5 Stars
Rolling out Covid passports, lawn ornament Elf gnome Fauchi lying exposure, scamdemic panic porn take down, Fed digital wallet rollout bam one of best podcasts yet. You broke the stories long ago and they come out. Appreciate your staying on Coronacon perps and disorderly conduct portrayed by bad actors. We live in this bad sci-fi movie where our rights are removed while people cheer. We appreciate you God bless you.
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Stop Kiryas Joel
Yes I notice that. Deja Vu I guess. I thought you were combining episodes for people. Someone commented that they like episode 28. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it. Maybe I didn’t save it.
old episodes
not current
Anyone else able to see recent episodes?
The most recent episode I see is from May. But online it looks like there are episodes as recently as October. Anyone else have this issue?
nom de nick
GREAT podcast today. Discovered you only recently and am loving every podcast. My friends are the wooden Indians on the couch. Love that you addressed the guy who cut in line at the coffee shop and the lady who let him in. Will share.
Big Fan Judy
Paine in the morning
Two Podcast I listen to every day for the Real News, Thomas Paine and Dan Bongino Best Podcast hands down 👍🏻👍🏻
Not a bad pod. Enlightening info but Thomas Nostradamus Paine loves to tug his own rope. It’s nice to hear him talk about how great he is. Way more filler and fluff than actual info. Rattle rattle info rattle rattle. Some more humility and the stars would go up.
Defund general Bars Buffet tab
The best of the best, absolute pleasure everyday. Thank you for all the intel and hard work. A true patriot🇺🇸👏 Stay Free God Bless
Brutally Honest
If your a no BS and fluff type this one is for you. Plus he plays punk rock sometimes 🤘.
Easily my favorite show
nobody else is playing tunes, having fun, making the complex understandable, he’s a guy you want to have a beer with, makes all other shows sound dorky!
Thank You
Thank you. From the bottom of my heart- Thank you. Wish I found you sooner but finding you today gives me hope and assurance. I may hold my cool for one more day at a time.....with you in my day.
Heather Pettersen
Mike is the one source I don’t question. The guy takes pride in what he reports. My only complaint is he’s not reporting every day!
Kudos to You, Questions
Thanks for your hard work. I never miss an episode. Questions...Can you please address all the talk regarding Planet X? What are your thoughts and views? Also, can you please address the QAnon movement and give your thoughts and views? Thanks so much.
Hemmingway didn't Epsteen himself
Terry Aum Buchanan
Best alternative to the lying msm
Honest,truthful,no spin. The best out there. I hope it lasts...... lol
Mike Moore Podcast 🎙🎧
Thank you!
Thank you for everything!!! Wake up ppl
Unsurpassed, True Journalism & Investigative Breaking Stories
Mike’s the real deal journalist, with inside knowledge & sources, giving him a 100% spot on track record, breaking stories years ahead of lame stream media. You’ll never be disappointed, hearing the cold facts, often just the opposite, of what other news platforms are reporting. Thomas Paine Podcast, aka do the hard work investigating to break the story, not simply repeating the stories other sites do in unison. Be’re gonna want Moore Paine !
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Real, raw journalism with great commentary and music, especially Merle!
Real, raw journalism with great commentary and music, especially Merle!
EXCELLENT!!! God Bless!!!
A Rarity!
Moore Paine, not Less! The Truth - and Moore makes me laugh, and cuss, in spite of it all.
We need more Paine!
Paine in the morning afternoon evening! He’s taking one for the team and his no holds barred approach is refreshing! Keep up the great work, my friend. We’ll be listening.
Gotta love realists
I heard RUSH and remembered I hadn’t reviewed this podcast. TAKE MY STARS!
Great Music Lyrics fit for these times
Back to the 1990s theft and Clinton giveaway of nuclear tech to rackets sakes faces places and games...Mike told off the media newspaper learns XXX provides protection for crimes of pols for purposes of the interests of the monied class Update: DO NOT MISS INTERVIEW WITH JUDY Fauci Fraud, a mediocre man with evil criminal cabal
Top Movie I've Seen in 2012
Thank you, Mike
It's like having a conversation with a close friend
Mike, I love your approach to the podcast. Unfiltered honest news and opinions. The best thing about this podcast is that you learn things you don't hear in the MSM and you get to hear others that have very similar emotional and logical expressions about what is going on in our country today.
The very best news out there!!!!
I listen to Mike Moore every single morning as I head to work in a hospital!! Haha! Allows me to laugh and learn as I face the real injustice daily! One of my main news sources! Thank you!
seeker of real news1
Get to the point
If you want to sit through 59 minutes of annoying chuckling while waiting for someone to get to the point, this is the show for you. When you finally do hear the one minute where you finally hear the point of the show it’s nothing to do with this guy, it’s an audio clip. Then he self promotes like he just taught the listeners something. Ridiculous.
Love your reporting
The truth hurts and we live in a society where MOST people do not have the intestinal fortitude to handle any kind of stress. We have a quick fix society...feel anxiety, take a pill in stead of walking through it and building a resistance to the fear.
Chilling information you won’t get anywhere else. No BS
Lisa of Montana
Journalism with a sense of humor
Great podcast with very informative info, also love his sense of humor which I’m sure keeps him sane with some of the information he shares
Keep On Keeping On
Great insights & great investigative journalism! Also, Mike you have. A great laugh! Fight the good fight & God Speed Sir!
Fake Chuckling
Some interesting info but I can’t listen to the fake chuckling.
Music intros
Love the music you have in the intros and throughout the podcast. It’s like the songs were written about the news stories you are reporting. Thanks for the all the good work you are doing on your podcast. I’ve been listening ever since I saw Trump retweet one of your posts.
I am listening to Episode 12. I’m an hour and 10 minutes in and I have heard about 5 minutes worth of information. The other one hour and 5 minutes was a rant about how he is always right. I’d rather sit next to Del Griffith on a non-stop flight to Australia. Are all of the podcasts like this or was this just a day he needed to rant?
Great Show
I look forward to listening to this every morning, it’s become apart of my morning ritual as I listen and drink my coffee. Sometimes I don’t agree with everything that is said but that doesn’t matter at all, because the host has earned my respect through his brutal honesty; So I hear him out. This is a great show with great content. One of a kind, unique. I don’t think you’ll here this stuff talked about in this manner in too many other places. The host has great insight into the climate of our nation. His show is a light and I’m a moth gravitating towards it during these dark times.
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I would be an avid daily listener but I am not because your presentation is maddening.
You’re surprised by this?
6.1.2020 Before I turned today’s episode on, I thought about you saying, “It’s gonna be a bloody summer.” Spot on. Your humor, though. Thank you...wet down the contents of the bin with gasoline and come back to find your arm. 🤣
Great Podcast
Love listening to Paine in the Morning on my way to work. Both informative and funny
Rare material
Mike Moore started this podcast in mid-December, armed with a lifetime of rich experience in telecom, banking, journalism and government, and long fostered relationships, but --like the rest of us--he had NO IDEA what was coming. He balances gut instinct with grounded information. He strongly values authenticity. We are lucky as Americans to have this guy's perspective. For me, he is now one the most reliable and trustworthy sources for information that I have found in this jungle of disinformation that passes for news these days. I am grateful to have found a voice of sanity at a time when everyone around me has stopped asking questions.
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Lt Columbo channeled
But also like a standup comic who can work a room, this fellow works the news; humorous commentary on the weekday daily news. As for the weekly longer format shows, peremptory showdowns as he checkmates villains, by having done the background gum shoeing and not divulging the picture until it is complete and verified, like in the finale scenes of Columbo episodes.
Judy Mikovits interview
Thank you so so much for sharing this! Amazing interview. So thankful for Dr Mikovits bravery
I’ve listened to many, but you’re the best! Always right on the money. Informative, very intelligent, inspirational & funny. Your background & knowledge base from your life are amazing. Keep The Truth coming man! Your Paine in the morning Podcast & your interviews brought to mind these (partial) lyrics from Buffalo Springfield’s song, “For What It’s Worth”: There's something happening here What it is ain't exactly clear There's a man with a gun over there Telling me I got to beware I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down What a field-day for the heat A thousand people in the street Singing songs and carrying signs Mostly say, hooray for our side It's s time we stop, hey, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down Paranoia strikes deep Into your life it will creep It starts when you're always afraid You step out of line, the man come and take you away We better stop, hey, what's that sound Everybody look what's going down
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10 minutes in and still didn’t say a dang thing.
Get some professional pod casting help.
Great show...
Very informative... it’s amazing how much lame stream won’t cover. Am I the only one who listens and incisions Colin Quinn talking? Keep up the good work!!! Thank you!!!!
I just found you and truly love your show...your take and your funny thoughtful thorough demeanor, excellent. I went to your website, but there was no ‘CONTACT’ so I’m writing here. Just PayPal you $20, because of that AMAZING interview with Dr Judy Mikovits...I sent it to everyone, just wanted to thank you. My grandkids thank you...I’m always fighting for their freedoms. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 💖👩🏼‍🌾🦋🎨
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We NEED more truth and Moore is delivering! Thanks Mike!
Lil 1776
Like a self indulgent shaggy dog stories, look no further. Listening to jackass should be employed in lieu of waterboarding. Pure torture.
Intriguing but
Diminishes himself unfortunately by not taking feedback gracefully and getting to point. Telling associative stories not cute, lessens value.
maltvinegarfish and chips
Get to the point
You’re not going to like my comment but so what. I just listened to episode 16 I believe it was. You never got to the point. You started out strong and then pretty much nothing except something serious is happening. Trump did the right thing? Did Trump not have a choice? Was the threat that great? I’m more aggravated after listening to this episode than I was before. You just led me on.
Peggy Jo iTunes
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