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Be ready for the Truth
Been listening to and reading Mike for about a 4 years now. Great guy. Watch out, he is a maniac. Youll find yourself listening to something on the news and say, “Well no crap. Mike told us about that a f…ing year ago”! I subscribe to the premium podcast. We all need to support the truth tellers putting their butts on the line. Ive made back 10 fold from his info.
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No one else is doing what this podcast is doing. He is years ahead. Not sure how he does it. Invest the time. Complex at time but pays dividends.
Wishes he was Legalman
Even at 2x, this is four times longer than it should be. I listen for the insight but would never subscribe because I would still have to skip through most of it. At least Mike has good taste in the music with which he wastes our time...
Dude wants to be a radio DJ has ads running in the middle of his show but tells US to avoid podcasters who ask for money when he does the same! One of his ads is CNN! Laughs and giggles throughout the whole show! I really want to know what’s so funny all the time ! He thinks he’s hilarious! Listen to Quite Franklys podcast ! He’s amazing! This guy is another hack!
I tried to listen.
I tried to listen, after 13 mins of music he talked for about a minute 30 seconds. Then started playing another song. If I wanted to listen to music, I have apps for that. I sure wouldn’t listen to the crap he played
Buggy Sprint
What can I say?
I'm just a Maria Albanese superfan 🥸
Awesome stuff
Get the insider viewpoint of what is happening. Knowledge is power
Still Waiting
Been following for 2 years. I’m still waiting for MM to get it wrong. He’s been spot on. Unfortunately...
Like watching pant dry
Great info, but a lot of it you can get with other sources. PAINFUL to listen to. Almost over 20 minutes into the podcast and they finally get into the subject of the day, however it’s slow and repetitive. And it’s not the audio that’s the issue. Host and guests need to get to the point. Advertising comes in with no warning at full blast. Too many dead spots with zero talking, lots of “ummm” “and”.
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Dead On & Ahead of the curve
Been following for more than two years. Hated most of what he said. As time went by he almost always turned out to be dead on. He called Trump’s loss in July of 2020. He pointed out the 4 spots on vaccine cards in the Spring of 2021. His main point echoes George Carlin’s ‘it’s a small club, and we ain’t in it. Nobody is going to save us, Not Trump, not the Republicans or Democrats, and certainly not any press or media that is sanctioned.
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Ads & music
Was good early on(listened since the very first episode), but how the episodes are now broken up into 5-6 parts with the same amount of ads in each is ridiculous. Yea, I know, ya gotta make money, but how much does it cost to license all the music used?
Mike Moore Is very good at what he does
I’ve been tuning in off and on to Paine in the Morning for over two years and enjoy Mike’s perspective on current events. He’s an intelligent, thorough reporter with a sense of humor and even though he comes across as gruff- I think he has a heart of a mango: hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Aside from his shows M-Thu, I also enjoy his Friday show with Marie Albanese. That woman gets it.
Ruh-Roh… someone is telling the truth!
All the hard hitting truth you can handle, and then some more ( Moore!) . Put on your big boy pants and buckle up.
Best Podcast Around
I’ve been listening for almost 2 years and it’s the most accurate reporting I’ve found. is well worth the monthly subscription as well… plus he makes me laugh
Snake oil
Desperate for normalcy
Info accurate
been listening from the start of Rona. spot on info. track record is it.
Love the delivery of the truth, which is real, honest, and rockin’!
Break Through The Matrix, Enter Reality
Get off the emotional roller coaster caused by “News Programming” You’ll enjoy life with intelligence...understanding the distractions, and receiving insights to prepare your future. No need to go down with the ship of fools.. With Thomas Paine Podcast (aka Paine.TV) It’s Clear Skies, and Smooth Sailing Ahead ✌️ Mike’s the real deal journalist, giving him a 100% spot on track record, breaking stories years ahead of lame stream media. You’ll never be disappointed, hearing the cold facts, often just the opposite, of what other news platforms are reporting. Thomas Paine Podcast, aka Paine.TV, will do the hard work investigating to break the story, not simply repeating the stories other sites do in unison. Be’re gonna want Moore Paine !
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Thomas Paine podcast
Learning the truth one episode at a time.
Get to the point
You beat around the bush way too much
Highly informative!
He holds no punches. He’s equally harsh towards “MAGA” so all the leftists can kiss my grits, on the credibility of this guy.
Interesting and provocative
I was on board with a lot of the information and opinions expressed in the podcast. Then I started to listen to the 3 part series with Judy Mikovitz (PhD), when she mentioned Morgellons disease and Andrew Wakefield, I did a spit take. I had forgotten her machinations about vaccines. Still listened to all three parts of the series albeit shaking my head. Reminded me of a bright physician who suddenly decided that there was no such syndrome: that it was all made up and died later of the disease. Always good to question authorities and learn as much as possible via investigational research. I don’t have a PhD, but I do have a background in science based medicine. I am not a fan of Dr Fauci, but I don’t find Mikovitz credible. So instead of 5 stars, I had to go with 3 for the time being. I am older than Mikovitz, had a parent who also worked in the medical field before vaccines prevented a lot of childhood deaths FROM pathogens.
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Outstanding Podcast!!
A while back I would listen occasionally has always been great information. This podcast is better than ever now!! He has it down!! I enjoy the music too! ;)
Useful A+++
Great podcast- gives you the information you need, in a thoughtful way- to navigate our new dystopia. Listening to Michael is like having a beer with a good intelligent friend that knows the real intel... all with the soundtrack just like you’re sitting at the pub with him. Just make sure to have pen and paper nearby!
Doria N.
5 minutes of information crammed into an hour ...
Of cussing nonsense.
People line up because they’re in a hypnotic state of fear!
free eilly
Obsessed with podcast and Mike.
I started listening to this podcast short time ago cannot stop. This guy delivers the facts and in such entertaining way. So darn smart and full of knowledge and terrific sense of humor. I’m from PA and Catholic school also St.Pius V. I am very senior lady of almost age 86 and I cannot miss this show. Mary Katherine.
Staying on worlds greatest hoax is appreciated!
Really liked the flow on July 14-July 15 and your staying on what is most important. The new normal does change daily. Thanks for keeping us posted. When you look at facts it’s like breaking thru wet Bounty with a finger it comes thru. Btw it’s over 75% more deaths amongst vaxed July 9th tech report 18 Public Health of England. It should be reported but won’t be.
Stop Kiryas Joel
Paine in the morning
Can no longer list to Thomas Paine Podcast, it is like listening to a Info commercial for all his products.
4th grade memories
4th grade, St. Boniface Grade School, Miss DeChant singing class. I remember her playing Blue Suede Shoes (rather loudly) on school record player over and over--and us learning the song! It was rather weird for singing class. But the principal (nun) never interfered. Thanks for the memory, Mike!
Clyde and Mildred
This is the only political/current affairs show that I listen to. The host bats 1000 and hasn’t steered me wrong once in the year and a half I’ve been listening to the show. If you want be at least 6 months ahead of the mainstream narrative then this is the show for you
10minute of music and babbling
Listened to 10 minutes of intro music, babbling, and incoherent speech. Very amateurish. Get to the point, and most importantly: have one
El Duque de Barça
Please keep in mind when you hear them say “you will not hear this anywhere else” is a complete fabrication. Many podcasts have people on who are from our intelligence agencies and they do not charge you to listen to them.
Go to Patreon!!!!
In these times we are in, good people ask what do we do? Those of us with the means must support this. This is the largest media program out there that gets it. Mike might come off a little cocky at first, but I have been listening since the beginning and he is the real deal.And when you wake up and realize Trump is just part of the plan, this is our only way out.Pray on it, consider all of our other options, if you find a better way let me know, but for now this is it. God bless.
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Love this show
Love this show, great intel, solid opinions, adult language, and even a good mix of music. Mike does use a bit too much of the naughty words, but, I’ve worked construction before, and it’s nothing I haven’t heard before. You can tell he genuinely cares for the nation, and doesn’t like what’s happened. He seems too cynical at times, but, he’s not wrong in the long run, so I guess it’s justified.
caravan Fan #1
Intelligence from intelligent people
If you can get passed Mike Moore’s man crush on Joe Strummer of The Clash you will get pretty good insight on the DC Swamp and their war on America between random giggles and frat house stories.
Would listen more often but can’t handle Elton John music.
Good content
I was excited to try this podcast. I liked the subject matter but all the cussing spoiled it for me. I finally just had to turn it off. Bummer.
New podcast
So glad I found this informative and often funny podcast! Going to support on Patreon too so Mike can keep the goods coming.
The most depressed person in podcasting?
If you enjoy being talked down to you while getting the same information as everyone else gives you, This is your show
Mr Mighty Maybe
Best alternative to the lying msm
Honest,truthful,no spin. The best out there. I hope it lasts...... lol James always ahead of anybody else and more accurate to boot.
Thomas Paine
This guy has the real dirt on most pressing issues. He pulls back the curtain before you see it anywhere else..and has the storys main street media is hiding from the citizens.
Love the candid intel and open admission of faith in Christ
Fantastic job Mike. I’ve only been listening for a few weeks, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the content. I did look back over the last year of podcasts. Your stories age really well. Keep it up brother.
Was great, now....
Used to be great straight shooter. Now holds best content for subscribers only. Typical media but claims to be “different”.
Great and simple explanation of “waiting on the plan” in the AG Barr/immunity episode.
Big Fan Judy
Randy Newman To The Rescue
Paine! “Short People” gets me every time! Hahaha, you’re beautiful, man. I hope Mikovits and all his victims get justice very soon.
Mike Moore
Mike Moore! Blowhard bragger who drops jewels all day along! Guys who have rough edges like Mike does need to have a bigger platform and not be disparaged and dismissed as a fill in the blank. Keep up the good work and stay true to the game Mike!
old episodes
not current
Anyone else able to see recent episodes?
The most recent episode I see is from May. But online it looks like there are episodes as recently as October. Anyone else have this issue?
nom de nick
Not a bad pod. Enlightening info but Thomas Nostradamus Paine loves to tug his own rope. It’s nice to hear him talk about how great he is. Way more filler and fluff than actual info. Rattle rattle info rattle rattle. Some more humility and the stars would go up.
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