This Podcast Will Kill You
This Podcast Will Kill You
Exactly Right
This podcast might not actually kill you, but it covers so many things that can. Each episode tackles a different disease, from its history, to its biology, and finally, how scared you need to be. Ecologists and epidemiologists Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke make infectious diseases acceptable fodder for dinner party conversation and provide the perfect cocktail recipe to match
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Best science podcast ever
Thank you, Erins! I have been listening since right before you were on Ologies, and it’s only getting more awesome. Since I began listening, I’ve switched from pursuing a graduate degree in paleobotany to a medical laboratory science program (you definitely influenced my love of microbes) and this podcast helped me ace my microbiology, medical microbiology, and anatomy classes! You make learning so much more fun, and I feel privileged to have you as podcast professors. I recommend TPWKY to everyone! Thanks for making so many relevant episodes this season especially. Y’all are the best.
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This podcast gives me life!
Great podcast and very informative! I love learning and being entertained, the girls do an awesome job! Keep it up!
Informative and comforting
I love listening to this podcast! Very informative and I love that the people running it have progressive political views. My scholarship ran out and with the state of the US, I haven’t been able to go back to finish my science degree... So I’m really glad to be able to continue learning (about germs, disease, and society) with the help of TPWKY!
Laura Vanesa
One podcast I never miss
This podcast is so informative and entertaining! I enjoy the candor and just-right depth of background, drama, history, and the friendship of the hosts makes it fun to listen to. Knowledge truly is power!
Looooooove the Erin’s, and this podcast!
Been listening since they were on Ologies podcast and haven’t been bored yet! So much information! Love love love it!
Hannie T
These two women are amazing human beings and they run a superb podcast. I recommend them to everyone!
This podcast is awesome.
I love this pod cast
Great Wrap Up to Season 3
I’ve been on this pod ride for all of your seasons! I always look forward to new episodes! The absolute best.
Amazing informative podcast!
Love you guys and all you do, got so excited about the new birth control episode 🎉🎉 but will say I do get a little bothered by others calling RBG “notorious” for cultural appropriation reasons....comparing her to a 90s rapper is quite a stretch and problematic to say the least.
Great combination of performance art and scientific exploration of topics of interest.
The COVID series is phenomenal. The Erins do their reading and present information in a entertaining manner. But be warned, no one will ever be as wok as these two people with uteruses. No one will ever be able to express with a simple sigh their extreme contempt for people who have penises and are also persons of non-color who had the audacity to become scientists at any point in history (or is it “herstory”?). Listen and learn and enjoy, but keep a bowl handy in case your pharyngeal spasms turn to emesis.
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Informative and fun
I love learning about lots of scientific topics I otherwise would never know about. I read a lot of other reviews that commented on The Erins’ style of talking. I found this to be sexist. As a woman, I welcome different styles of communicating complex topics, including (gasp) FUN!, and problematizing what it means to be “professional” (based on a white cis male standard that many must fit themselves into). Keep doin’ you ladies! Love the podcast!
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Thankyou, this podcast is very interesting. I find this topic interesting. I am a DES baby (1955) and I took Dilantin for the first trimester of my last daughter (1980’s) w/o knowing the terrible things I could be doing to my baby. Also, my oldest daughter had terrible eczema as a baby and was prescribed Benadryl so she wouldn’t scratch in her sleep. Fortunately, they both appear fine and are now adults. Does DES affect fertility in the babies of the babies? May I ask that you sometime do episodes on each of these topics? I enjoy listening and learning. I have sent critiques in the past and I appreciate how you conduct the podcast now. Thankyou. Always interesting.
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Here’s the thing....
I understand the atrocities that have occurred in medical testing and the overwhelming systemic racism of the healthcare system but I feel like the feigned outrage is purely performative. The Erins fail to take into account the context in which the unethical studies occurred and additionally, are extremely self-righteous in their judgements of the medical system and historical accounts/sources. It’s one thing to discuss why and how these kinds of unethical treatments happened- these conversations are critical. But it’s another thing to simply pass judgement and feign outrage without having a discussion about how and why it happened. That’s why I’ve come to the conclusion that their reactions to injustices are performative- I think they feel obligated to state their “disgust” but they fail to examine it any further or discuss what they themselves are doing to prevent unjust situations from happening again. Very disappointing. Do better.
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Ugh I love this podcast!!! I know nothing about science and I love learning new things combined with the history. The latest episode about Thalidomide was horrible yet so amazing hear the history behind it. There is a great Call the Midwives episode about Thalidomide and babies being born with congenital defects. Again I love this podcast and keep doing what you’re doing ladies ❤️
Beth M.L.
Best podcast!
I love this podcast! The Erins do a phenomenal job of explaining everything and they are also hilarious. I love how they are genuinely passionate about these topics. I have learned a lot that has applied to my work in the ER and EMS as an EMT and this podcast has also helped me explain things to my patients in a way that let them actually understand diagnoses and treatments without drowning them in medical vocabulary. Thank you to the Erins!!!
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A fb friend recommended them during the beginning of the pandemic and the Covid series are just amazing. Then I started from ep 1 and they are sublime. I’m on my second book recommended by them as well. Compelling stories, interesting information and the 2 Erins. I love everything about this podcast.
sophia cee
Love it!
Yep, I’m addicted to this podcast! Absolutely love it and It’s so interesting!
Please never stop laughing
I wholeheartedly enjoy y’all and I feel very protective of this podcast. I’m a public health undergrad and all this epi makes me happy. Your banter and enjoyment is what makes this podcast so great!
enter a mick
Amazing but painful to listen to in 2020 🥴
I’m an epidemiologist and I’ve been meaning to listen to this for a while, and I love it..... BUT.... oof this hurts to listen to in 2020.
Missing Facts
The amount of guesses and misinformation in this podcast is disturbing. The hosts lack a basic understanding of chemistry, physics, and biology.
So informative!
Only 1 episode in and I’m hooked. My favorite class in college was a tie between infectious diseases and medical microbiology, so this podcast goes way more in depth about the material I leaned. I’m so excited to listen to every episode!
Wow snooze fest
This podcast is really boring. I tuned out and realized one of the hosts were talking about their armpits feeling so smooth and realized it was an advertisement.... They don’t have any chemistry and just make weird noises the entire time like “Ooooo.... ahhhhh”, etc. shame because I thought the titles were interesting.
When I was in the 6th grade, we were learning about the birds and the bees and of course, STDs. We had a box to put in anonymous questions, mine was: how did the first STD start. The teacher laughed and threw it aside. It took 33 years to learn the answer: Herpes simplex 1. Thank you Erins
Thank You!!
Best Podcast Ever......Amazing episode on HSV 1 & 2! Thank you to the Erins!!! Appreciate the insightful education and history on the stigma of these common viruses!! 🦠 Thank you so much, Michelle
Mikki Wagenseller
Thank you for speaking on HIV
Really amazing podcast you talked about. For someone who is positive that’s a white female and seeing from the inside you did a great history. Please talk about more! Just wanted to correct one thing though the CDC has officially stated that while undetectable from hiv by taken ART treatment you can not transmit the virus. There are also facts on women not transmitting hiv and men being the soul transmitter which is very interesting topic to speak about. Can’t wait to hear more!! ❤️🤗
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Absolute favorite
I’m now listening to every single episode. For the second time. I love everything about this podcast except that I’m dying for more episodes! Subscribe and listen to learn about the incredible connections between pathogens, humans, and civilization. And seriously, wash your dang hands!
Wonderfully Gross.
I’m a social studies teacher and have been in love with diseases since I was a child. Yellow Fever is my Fave. This podcast is my jam. I’m especially excited because of all I’ve learned about virology. Good. Stuff.
I just heart the Erins!
Educational, funny, multifaceted, hosts with easy to remember names... what more could you want? I have a lot of health anxiety and this information always helps. I’m glad they also touch on things like racism and sexism within medicine and science, some things that other podcasts and discussions about medicine don’t always do.
So Technical!
As a STEM major, I like to listen to this on long drives to work and I love learning about this topics. The information is credible, accurate, and so thorough! The hosts are amazing too, and their chemistry helps push the topics forward. Thanks for all your hard work you two! ❤️
Garden of Ethan
I love this podcast
I literally learn something new everyday and it’s important to have a podcast that delivers the evolution of diseases and how it plays into the modern world.
Wikipedia is their source?
One episode in (Hantavirus) and I’m already turned off. The host mentioned she got her information from Wikipedia. Come on. We all know Wikipedia isn’t a credible source.
Absolutely Love
My professor is having us listen to this podcast for our HIstory of Human Disease university course, and I fell in love with the first episode. I'm watching all the episodes for fun and I've subscribed, can't wait for more episodes
pnuttprinsess 👑
Facts and Fun
I’m a Podcast junkie who’s listened to a lot of Podcasts and THIS is a fantastic one! It’s a wonderful mix of interesting facts and history telling told in a way you can’t stop listening!
Nurse Mira
Love this podcast!!!
I am not a scientist by any means. In fact, I know very little out this topic outside of what I learned in Bio 101. But, I love listening to this show! The Erins teach me something with each episode and make me feel a little smarter. Definitely check this out! It’s fascinating!!
I love this podcast! The hosts are knowledgeable and so much fun to listen too! Who knew diseases could be this enjoyable?
Informative and fun
Absolutely love this show!! It’s informative and I love how excited they get about nerdy disease ecology facts
Hollow commentary
Infinitely intriguing subject matter, well researched but the at-times-cringeworthy commentary takes me completely out of it. Use your own judgement if you enjoy the hosts more than I do.
My favorite podcast ever :)
I love you guys and this show so much! I get so excited when I see a new episode come out! I’ve been undergoing breast cancer treatment (28yrs old when diagnosed) for 3 years and spend a lot of time alone and bored, so when I found your podcast I haven’t stoped listening - it’s interesting, entertaining, informative, and I can’t wait for my tank “Wash your hands you filthy animals” to arrive that I ordered today!! Yay! I was wondering if your show has considered doing an episode on breast cancer? I volunteer and speak publicly about what BC and what the patients undergo during cancer treatment, and the trauma it can cause to all diagnosed. It would be awesome to hear about the history and where we stand with the deadly disease today. Regardless, this show is the coolest! I’ll always be a fan. Thanks for keeping me company while getting chemotherapy. You guys are my warriors!
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Jordan Mazor
In The Defense of Plants
You two introduced me to this great podcast. Thank you for all you do.
Episode 54 on caffeine
Good reporting on affects of caffeine. Not evolution, however; 3 Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything. This is from Genesis 9. God gets the credit. He has put this all together for our benefit; what we (humans) do with it is our story.
The Science and History Podcast You Have Longed For Is Here.
I’m absolutely no good at doing science, but I’m so fascinated by epidemiology and disease, especially from a historical perspective! The Erins do an amazing job of presenting really complex concepts in layman’s terms, and as a hopeful historian I love hearing the history of the diseases too. A must for anyone interested in diseases and plagues, scientifically, historically, or sociologically, or just in general.
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area disgrace
This podcast is so informative. I want to major in medicine, so this is so helpful. They make learning about diseases fun and entertaining. Keep up the amazing work! As a fellow podcaster, I completely understand how much time this takes!
So fun to listen!!
Longtime listened, first time reviewer: I enjoy listening every single week, but “The tick must be destroyed” might be my favorite episode yet. Extremely thorough, as usual, extremely easy to understand, as always, but the “Allmann Updyke Welsh Friendship Factor” and the “Allmann Updyke Welsh Excitement Quotient” were especially high and especially “infectious” this week. Please do an episode on Mutans streptococci/Dental disease (I’m a pediatric dentist!)
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Fascinating!! Found this podcast through Exactly Right and My Favorite Murder. Top notch!
Absolutely amazing
This podcast is fascinating. I didn’t expect to learn so much about the history of the world and how everything is connected by listening to a podcast about disease. These women obviously know their stuff, and at least once an episode I find myself laughing out loud. I haven’t caught up to current episodes yet but I’m excited to see where they go.
Great Informative Fun!
You girls don’t listen to the sour grapes of the naysayers! Your podcast is awesome and fun while being informative. I love your enthusiasm for the topic and your commentary (girl power!) and your giggles. The research is thoughtful and precise. I’ve always been fascinated by epidemiology and this podcast delivers it in a format I can digest.
Mars Girl on Wheels
A nice podcast!
A friend recommended listening to this for the informational aspect of it. I love the information, but my favorite part is the enthusiasm. Both of the Erins clearly love the subjects that they’re talking about and really find them interesting, and that makes it lovely to listen to. This podcast does have ads, which is annoying, but overall I think it’s a really nice listen!
Awesome podcast!
The Erin’s are so much fun to listen to and learn from!
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