This Life #YOULIVE With Dr Drew
This Life #YOULIVE With Dr Drew
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I love all the information on this podcast, however Bob keeps talking and talking. I would love to hear the others opinions as well. His road to recovery is not a one size fits all. Bobs inability to realize that is infuriating, he thinks his way is the only way.
What happened???
Where did this show go?! I loved it and miss it more than ever during this crazy year😭 come back
Dr. Drew is the Best!
Dr. Drew won me over in the 90’s on Loveline with his compassionate, non judgemental approach. I grew up in a medical household and know that many healthcare practitioners can be judgemental which, in my experience, is why many people don’t seek medical help when they might need it. I am a big fan of all of his work - I always learn something new and have a broader perspective afterward. I have developed a new compassion for addicts and the homeless crisis after hearing his perspective from decades in the field.
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Monica Pearl
Dr. Drew — so disappointed!
I am so disappointed in Dr. Drew’s irresponsible reporting during coronavirus pandemic. Apologizing, while important, does not divest oneself from responsibility, amends do that. In his Periscope video, from yesterday, he said he kept saying to follow the CDC. Well, Dr. Nancy Messioner, of the CDC, said on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, it was “not if, but when” the coronavirus would be spread in The United States. I am unclear as to what guidance he was looking at from the CDC. I used to think he did such good things and good work, but getting it wrong on something so major and seemingly so obvious, has caused me to unsubscribe and not want to listen to any “wisdom or advice” coming from him.
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Can’t we get LOVE LINE BACK!! Dr Drew and Mike Catherwood changed my life show had the perfect balance of education, positive influence to hilarity! PLEASE MAKE IT WORK COME BACK FOR US!!!🙏🏼
Cool show
I like this show for the focus on addiction related topics but sometimes Bob makes me want to turn it off bc I don’t like his “grandpa know it all” vibe... but dr drew makes it work
You live
Please Susan Pinsky talk to Bob . The Bob show, laughs at his own jokes and talks over everyone. He is like millennial
Favorite Drew show
Im glad it’s back! Keep making more.
Where’d it Go???
What happened to this podcast? Liked it weekly with Bob, loved the Catherwood episodes, and thought the recent Dave episodes were awesome as well. Is it cancelled? Abandoned?
Dave from Dopey
Dave + Dr. Drew = 💜 Such a good combo
When you market activism
Hello To respond to why it’s problematic that companies are using their activism as a branding mechanism- this takes them off the hook for engaging in a deeper way-it’s extremely passive
Susan is really hard to listen to
Please don’t make us listen to your wife....your audience have nothing in common with her. I’m sure she’s a great wife and mom but she doesn’t belong on the podcast, she’s just not good at it.
Glam oh d
Bob talks to much. Shut up Bob.
I’m sick of Bob interrupting the guests. Listening to Col. Alan West being interviewed. Frustrating. because Bob is a loud mouth. Dr Drew is great.
Yoda 259
Love it
Love this podcast. Dr Bruce is actually my dr I met in addiction medicine. It’s nice to hear his views along with bob and dr drew on certain topics!
More balance
I love Drew and I also love Bob but now I get why Bob has his own show, he’s constantly talking over everyone and the guests loose their trains of thought but Bob sure gets his words in...
Good but for Bob
Bob Forrest would interrupt Einstein and try to explain the atom to him. Talking over everything isn’t “punk rock”, it is juvenile.
I should’ve been an addict.
I’m very happy to have found your program Dr. Drew and Bob. As a child I had what you could call a lot of trauma. My father was a mean alcoholic. He beat me routinely with the belt. He beat my mother routinely. I could not have any girlfriends especially those that had brothers for fear I would get pregnant. I was an only child thank goodness. At one point my mother decided to leave my father with me. That made him very very angry. He pick me up at school took me back to his home called my mother and told her he had me and he would not let me go until she came back to him. I also remember asking him what a French kiss was. I think I was around 10 or 11 I’m not really sure. So instead of verbalizing to me what it is he actually physically showed me. That really stuck with me I am now 71 and I can’t go put it out of my mind. I’ve never been social. Maybe it’s because I don’t trust. I’ve always been happy being alone with my dog. Every now and again I do go out with a friend but it’s very rare. And it doesn’t bother me to be alone I am I’m very content. I have no family I have not had family for
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Me .... 😉
Reel Bob In....
I truly love listening to Drew but it’s gotten to the point of wanting to unsubscribe from the podcast. Bob is just insufferable. Bob consistently overshadows their guests by answering questions Drew intends for the person they are interviewing. He has always done this but lately it is intolerable. Why have guests on if Bob answers for them? Bob also interrupts the guest (or Drew) and steps on many stories or points that are compelling. Many times I’ve just turned the podcast off and moved along to other content because he halts the flow of the conversations. His laugh is just inappropriate and again just annoying. Why can’t you talk to him, Drew (or Susan?)??
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Love every episode, I keep re listening to all of them! Drew & Bob together are an amazing duo!
Game changer, beyond helpful!
As a wife of a newly recovering opioid addict from over prescribed pain meds where I also only recently found out days before getting him in detox (after intervention) this podcast has been my savior! I immediately started to do a ton of research on addiction and opioid prescriptions, and Dr Drew has been a wealth of knowledge helping me understand more about what my husband was and is dealing with. This podcast is part of my “program “, as I am healing, along with therapy, al-anon/group sessions, etc. I am grateful for Dr Drew’s passion, frustration for the current environment, especially doctors, and breaking down the details and discussing the facts and the myths. So many great episodes , just listened to #77, another excellent one, including chronic back pain and details of why surgery is a bad idea! Thank you Dr Drew and Bob!
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Great and getting better and better. Guests and hosts talking about recovery and thriving. Always enjoy listening to them.
Did someone call the police
Fullstop. Did someone call the police. This was a podcast on Monday. And what action did you take. Did someone call the police.
Who can listen to this?
Barking dogs, pages turning, phones dinging in background: very unprofessionally produced.
The story on Ralphie May was so trashy, he would be rolling over in his grave if he could. Shame on his ex and this show.
I listen to as much Dr Drew as I can find!! I love the content of this podcast and the guests never disappoint!!
Great Team
Love the current drug addiction info!
Only good when Bob is on
Len the distractor
Once A Fan, Now Turned Off
I used to really like and respect Dr. Drew, until he started trying to spoon feed us pro-Trump, conservative psycho-babble. Stick to addiction awareness, mental illness and medicine. When he wonders into politics, pretending to be the champion of all voices, while spewing conservative values, it turns me off. It’s b.s. Dr. Drew should be honest, tell everyone he’s a Trump supporter, and go beg Fox News for a job.🌸🌸🌸
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life is good 52
Today’s podcast
Dr. Drew is simply fabulous. Always. No matter what podcast he is doing. He is the real deal. The woman Grace who was on the show today was awful. Her voice and contribution was that of a high school valley girl. Annoying to listen to and very out of her league in a podcast with a grown up medical expert like Dr. Drew.
Love this Pod
Love this entertaining recovery based Pod. Their views on sobriety and how to stay sober are spot on. Thank you
Flower girl in California
You Rock Doc
A truly public service from one of the smartest guys around, Thanks for your efforts Dr. D and Bob
I love everything Drew, I need a break from Adam, and I WISH there could be a Drew Bob Shelly show!!!
Love listening to Drew and Bob
Love hearing all about addiction and recovery. Helps me to learn so much about my family and friends. Whether they love an addict or are in recovery.
Love Dr Drew & Bob
Keep on keeping on! I really enjoy the mix of guests and of course topics as I’m in recovery. Also, as a person who listens to other podcasts I appreciate the quality and producing. You can actually hear everyone. Kudos Susan! xoxo
Hulla blue
Thank you!!
Dr. Drew is one of the busiest, kind hearted, men on the planet. Dr. Drew, Bob, & Mike provide an array of personal experience to share with virtually anyone. Thank you for your gifts & extreme generosity, gentlemen!!
This pod helps me a lot with my sobriety.
God bless Big Drew, Bob, and everyone else that helps put these out. They can be so inspirational.
A purple pope.
I love the way Dr. Drew and Bob bounce off each other in conversation. Very informative, love the show.
Very good!
I just recently discovered this podcast and binged on about 15 episodes. It's really good! Ive been a fan of dr drew for a long time, he's always good. Ive been somewhat familiar with Bob Forrest, and it turns out im a fan of him too! Very interesting conversations. A lot about addiction and mental health. Definitely worth a listen.
Dr. Drew is a Silver Fox
I’ve always loved Dr. Drew! Not only does he make me laugh with his nerdy humor, he is very knowledgeable and is able to read people instantly. He’s also my celebrity crush! YOU LIVE!!!
Easy and informative
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I recommend it to all my friends, whether or not they’re working a program. So much compassion and common sense packed into an hour of great conversation. Thank you
Mel Cavendish
Sound quality
Interesting discussion but the noise of the microphone being moved around made this unlistenable.
Dr. Drew & Mike = Dynamic Duo
I have so much respect for Dr. Drew! He is the reason I went to graduate school for Marriage & Family Therapy. I love his insight about addiction and human behavior in general. I also loveeeee Mike Catherwood. He is more intelligent than he knows. I love the candidness about his addiction, recovery, suicidal ideation, & self-esteem. Dr. Drew & Mike Catherwood are hands down my favorite duo in the podcast world. I wish they did a show every day together like Loveline! #youlive
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❤️Jen Michaelson❤️
very good
love this podcast
Love it!!
More Bob & Drew please
My Favorite Podcast is This Life Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest
This is my favorite podcast. I am concerned with the recent name change and referring to Bob as a "guest host"?
Drop the cohost please
I wish dr. Drew's would find another cohost. Bob Forrest interrupts and ask questions I find a bit annoying. That's why I took some stars off.
Love Dr. Drew, but...
I have always respected Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest. They definitely have a lot of knowledge, heart, and passion about a subject I don't know much about. However together they do a lot of talking over each other which is annoying and hard to listen to.
Love the show. Glad to hear mike catherwood back
What Happened?
This podcast went from Dr. Drew handling addiction issues along with with Bob Forrest to idiotic guests like Teen Moms, with some random radio guy as the co-host. I didn't always agree with the hardcore 12 Step stuff, but it made for an interesting hour. What happened? Did Bob have better things to do?
Love Dr Drew and Bob! Keep it up
Love Dr Drew and Bob! Keep it up
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