This is War
This is War
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Are we going to get a new episode in 2021?
Please Return
Its therapy listening to the brothers in arms tell their stories. Please return and help us. Your show is therapy and helps more than you know.
I Love it!! I have listened to several pod cast but this one is the best!! I hope you will have some more episodes!! ❤️👍
skeet 089
Where do you go!?
I love this podcast but they stopped putting up shows for awhile now and there has been no word on when or if they will come back. THIS IS WAR please! Let us know
Q How much do you like this podcast? Me:YES
hello there🤔👍
Where is the new content?!
So Much Love And Respect!
I wish these men and women knew how much I love them and appreciate them! Amazing podcast.
hd I'll in dnnfx
Missing this podcast would love a new episode!
Jimmy Jordan...jr
Blind hero-worship.
You don’t get a prize for deciding you want to shoot brown people for a living.
Really miss this podcast. When will new episodes be released??? Great podcast, great host!
What happened???
Awesome podcast. Did it end?
Nice. Good info. Reader guy is good too, no ah um and and’s... I can’t stand that.
It’s awesome to hear the perspective of those who have served. One grateful civilian here. I’m patiently waiting for another season.
Salad Face
My fav war based podcast
I really enjoy this pod cast it’s first hand accounts of war. Where are the new episodes? Haven’t seen any in awhile
Corwin of Amber!
Fantastic pod
Important for the future and critical oral histories
Clyde Sideways
Sad to see such a great podcast end 😢
I truly loved this podcast. I am so so so very sad to hear that there won’t be any more episodes. I wish it hadn’t been closed down. Thank you though for all the wonderful episodes we did get. I guess I’ll just have to go back and listen to them all again. Thank you to all our service men and women for everything you do and sacrifice for us.
Their stories are brave, Tony’s research may be lacking
I’m giving this show a 4 star rating purely because of the first hand accounts, there stories may help others and that’s is amazing. The show does not glorify war, it humanizes it so that people may better understand what some veterans are working through. With that said, the host try’s to stay out of the way but may not fully understand the topic. One of the glaring inaccuracies is in the 3rd episode (Stormenski), he talks about the fictional character Doc Roe from Band of Brothers. While not all of the show is 100% historically accurate Eugene Gilbert "Doc" Roe Sr. was in fact not a fictional character. Honestly it shows that the research was lacking as was fact checking. This sort of simple error to me call into question most of his insights and interjections through out the stories. If he feels the need to step in an explain things he should have the soldier he is interviewing do it, if that’s not an option find a subject matter expert. What should not be happening is guess work or under researched explanations these mistakes end up taking away from the real story.
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Jordan Vitale
Can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this.
In need of more!!!
When are the new episodes I’ve been waiting since before Christmas this podcast getting me though high school!!!
Logan Parlier
Great Podcast
Thank you for bringing this podcast to us. I listened to them all and was moved by each one. Please bring another season to us. Thank You.
I listened to every episode twice and will eventually listen again. So sorry for what they all had to go through. Not many combat vets willing to talk about it but I think this is all part of healing. Thank you Tony for bringing this to us. So many wars, so much death. Only thing that changes in in each is type of weapons. Thank you to our vets. God bless you all. We need more shows like this. This podcast worked fine on my iPad, had no problems at all.
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Where were you in '62
Best podcast
I work construction and listen to podcasts all day long this is by far my favorite podcast ever I’m gonna be so sad when I catch up I wish there was 700 episodes. My appreciation for the military was already beyond words this podcast makes me wish I joined and fought along side these heroes. I will do whatever I can for any combat vets I encounter in the future and forever. These stories make all life’s problems seems so petty. Thank you for getting these stories out there and thank you to all the veterans!!!
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mike loves free money
Is another season coming out?
Love the stories
I imagine these stories are very hard to share and live over and over; I imagine it’s got to be a little therapeutic too. I like hearing truth from the mouths of those who lived it, and it makes Me more and more grateful, appreciative and supportive of those courageous people who join our armed forces while some of us are to scared, to blind of the need, to (fill in the blank). I’m anxiously awaiting season 3. Thank you all for your service and your stories! ❤️
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Thanks for all you do
I just want to say that I absolutely love this podcast!!! As a former US service member this show has helped me a lot really would like to know when the next show will be out!!! Thanks
Could be a great show.... but
Everything is right about this show the idea the topic all of it and then there is the guy u have to listen to... the guy sounds fake like how does someone talk like that? If it had a different host it would be a great show but i cant listen anymore due to that problem, i tried i really did i listened all the way up till about two months ago and i just couldn't let it download anymore sorry
Roddy Spradling
A very informative podcast.
This is very informative for those that want to learn more about the military. The stories are very honest and gripping. Thank you to those that have served and are serving and being willing to share their stories.
Gripping and compelling
These men and women’s stories are heroic and sometimes heartbreaking. Thank you for your service.
Thank you
I have enjoyed your work.
Great Podcast!
Thank you to all the men and woman who put their lives on the line to fight for our freedom! If you cant stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them. 🔫
USA needs Syracuse.
I think every American needs to listen to this. The more I listen, the more I realize what veterans go through in modern combat. It makes me want to do something to prevent war in almost all situations. Thank you American Veterans!
Amazing podcast
This podcast is one of the best that I’ve listened to. So interesting. Please make more episodes!! The host is great and the stories told by these men and women are so good. Thank you everyone for your service. So much respect for you all and everyone else.
Incredible stories
Incredible stories shared with the same format: snippet, childhood, pre deployment, deployment, featured experience, homecoming, civilian struggles. I enjoy every story and have listened to every podcast. Thank you to everyone who had shared their story.
Terrible host
Stories are great- the host is awful
Close to home
As a person with veteran relatives you never really know what they experienceds. Through this I have new insight and greater appreciation for our veterans.
5 stars
Good show
This is by far my favorite podcast. It makes the military veterans real and helps us in understanding what truly happens to them and others and it’s effects. Love it!!
Taking Forever
Why does it take you weeks for a new episode? Hazard Ground has a new episode every week..
Interviews Excellent But Host’s Intensity Is Too Much
Interviews Excellent But Host’s Intensity Is Too Much. It’s distracting.
Love this podcast
Just found this podcast and started listening and love the stories thank you for your service and thank you for sharing your stories
Terrific Podcast
As real as it gets, these stories are funny, heartbreaking and need telling! The narrator is earnest, but never lets his sentiment get in the way of the storyteller or the narrative
Simply the Best Podcast about brave American Soldiers
Incredible podcast. Narrator speaks very clear and tells these factual stories so well. The various brave people each episode covers have incredible stories and all Americans should thank them for their service and listen to their stories. It j through this specific podcast that we can truly appreciate how lucky us civilians are to have incredible soldiers protect us. Thank you and please try and get out one podcast a week, I can never get enough.
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Awesome podcast
Most folks don’t understand what our soldiers do and how much danger they put themselves in during wartime! I am so great full for the sacrifices made by these brave men and women!
Love ittttt!!!!!!
I appreciate the real view of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistam. The human experience is conveyed well by this podcast.
The narration is fantastic in every single episode! I’m a new listener but I got hooked and binged all of them in 4 days! These stories are extremely moving and I have absolute respect for these brave men and women. Thank you for creating this platform that they can use to tell their stories and educate us as well.
Very moving
Very emotionally moving and beautiful stories of America’s hero’s. Makes me feel proud to be an American and proud of the men and woman defending this wonderful country. Thank you
Proud American
Listening to this really cements what we are as a country. These men and women define us as a country. God bless America!
Would be five stars if host stays quiet
Love listening to these stories
I just listened to the episode with Chaplain Horn and was very moved. It was fascinating hearing about the war from his perspective. Love this podcast for giving service members another platform for sharing their experiences and what they’ve gone through.
Thank you Anthony. I’m proud. I feel guilty.
Thank you Anthony. I’m proud. I feel guilty.
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