This Is Palestine
This Is Palestine
The Institute of Middle East Understanding
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An important voice
A podcast presenting the diversity of Palestinian voices/lives. Important advocacy for Palestinian politics. Awesome.
Lies, lies, lies! Palestine isn’t a place it’s a cult!!! They slaughter innocent Israeli kids and then celebrate! It is horrible don’t fall for this! 🇮🇱❤️
The World Is Listening
The world see and understand now the shame of us being silent on the pain inflicted against the Palestinians by Israelis. Thanks to voices willing to expose the truth and demand justice for Palestine do we now feel the momentum to help free Palestine. Enough is a enough!
Incredibly informative podcast
The reviews you’ll read for this podcast cite this it as being propaganda and anti-Israel, however what its really doing is highlighting the lived experiences of Palestinians! This Is Palestine highlights the vast injustices Palestinians experience under Israeli occupation; they provide clear cut examples of how the US backs israel with billions of dollars in military aid, which allows Israelis to build illegal settlements, bomb and besiege gaza, harass arrest and kill Palestinians, and strip them of their rights as humans. American media is Zionist beyond belief and this podcast does a fantastic job of pushing back against the mainstream narrative & giving us the accurate information we need. Thank you!
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palestine not israel :)
Horrifying propaganda
Cleaning up an Iranian-backed Muslim terror enclave for Western consumption is no small feat but it’s done with this podcast. Or at least attempted. You’d think Hamas and Islamic Jihad didn’t exist, that Palestinians don’t openly celebrate the slaughter of Israeli children. That they didn’t celebrate on 9/11 or take billions in aid but still brainwash their children to hate Jews. I tried to find some mention of taking responsibility for their plight such as their refusal to recognize Israel or stop their terrorism — never happened.
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i was dumb to buy
A breath of fresh air
Thank you
Exceptionally though provoking
What’s Palestine?
I keep hearing this term and apparently some people think it’s a country but I could not find it on the map. Anybody know….? Thanks!
False Narrative
This podcast contains a one-sided narrative that is inaccurate and fiercely anti-Israeli. I could leave many examples of the inaccurate and one-sided nature of this podcast. Do not rely on it for obtaining facts, nuance, or context. Look elsewhere.
Mandatory listening for all
Diana and Omar present the human side of what it is to be Palestinian under occupation and in the world’s only remaining apartheid state. Crucial and necessary listening for all.
Eye opening
It’s finally coming to light what the Palestinian people have been suffering through.
Super informative
I have found this podcast to be extremely informative in learning more about what is happening in Palestine. The hosts and guests are articulate and make it easy to understand the nuances of the issues Palestinians are facing.
Unbalanced and Unfair
This podcast presents a one-sided discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The hosts do not fairly discuss the news and issues from both sides. Nor are the hosts' critical of violence perpetuated by the Palestinians. This podcast should categorized as "propaganda."
This is a great podcast that shares a side of the news that our racist countries do not. Share this as much as you can, educate people on a story that has been hidden from us. Please share it. If you are in the US it is so crucial to share this because our taxes fund this and we cannot let that keep happening. Happy Ramadan to all who celebrate.
Mr.Man (jk)
An important viewpoint
Americans rarely hear both sides of any conflict from mainstream media. The Palestine problem is particularly vulnerable to one-sided presentation. The egregious human rights violations are constant and across all aspects of life from freedom of movement to basic infrastructure and health care.
Dixi H
Love this podcast! It’s awesome to hear about Palestine and Palestinian issues from Palestinians! ❤️
Caring For Mom
much-needed podcast
Incredibly informative, moving, and masterfully done. Thank you to all who work on this superb podcast and help shine a light on issues and stories that don’t get nearly enough attention.
Love this podcast!! The discussions are nuanced and informative. The wide range of guests and topics make the podcast interesting and engaging. I have learned a lot! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to know more about Palestine and Palestinians.
Thankful for this Podcast
Necessary for everyone to listen to. Credible speakers, extremely informative and relative. This podcast highlights current human rights violations occurring in Palestine. So important to hear the voices of the oppressed. Could not recommend this enough!!!
Opinion itio
Free Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Amazing Podcasts and very informative will open up your eyes. Everyone who wants to know what’s going on in Palestine and the exposure of the Zionist murderers and thieves this is a must follow podcast. A Jew is not a zionist and zionist is not a Jew ! Educate yourselves !
Falasteen Watanni
An amazing and informative podcast that showcases and highlights the truth of the oppression Palestinian people face in their daily lives