This Is Karen Hunter
This Is Karen Hunter
Karen Hunter
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Educational Space!
Love my Knubian family! Professor Hunter and Dr Carr are amazing! If you want open and honest conversations, this is the space!
Extremely aEducational
A Dynamic Duo of Heritage, Education & Information a true blessing in strengthening one’s foundation of humanity!!!
Karen Hunter Show Narrative
I love the show You and Dr Carr have given so much knowledge to us I never miss a show GOD BLESS YOU CBEE is the name I will use
CBEE nickname
Even tried this show, nah. I’m good
Interesting show and topics
Found you because of "Community News with Paul and Sasha", where I go to when all the real news is too much for me. I hope you have them on one day. They're great! Meanwhile, I am also going to start listening to some of your back shows.
A Must Listen
Love this show, critical listening for everyone!
History lesson
His knowledge is one of the reason why I tune in. I always walk away with learning something new. Great show
I’ve been listening to ICWC for the last six or seven months and my lenses have been cleaned!🙏🏾
I live for Mondays w/ Dr. Carr. Great conversations and reading recommendations.
I have expanded my list of authors and scholars to read and share with everyone I know. Come to think, listen and reconsider.
Mostly penguins
Loved the Henry Bibb episode
I’ve been diving into stories of the Underground Railroad ever since I discovered that I have an ancestor who was a conductor in Ripley, OH. I just came across the name Henry Bibb recently and your show was very informative, with lots of other name drops I now want to research as well. I’d love to hear you do a show about John Parker, a man who escaped enslavement and, once free, settled in Ripley and frequently crossed the Ohio River to help others to freedom.
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The Happy Homemaker
i love this, and Smokey Robinson said it too, im a black American.
Love This !!!!
Professor Hunter and Dr. Carr I absolutely love what you all are doing and appreciate your sacrifice. In addition, professor Hunter thank you for your relentless work for putting out thought provoking content on the daily by changing the narrative appreciate you Sis keep doing what you’re doing much props👌🏾🙌🏾💯💎
Dobbs Solutions
Ep 96
Man! Dr Carr went from A to Z and kept it 100 on Sir Sidney Poitier. When you are being interviewed at home and start pulling books off the shelf and can find the exact quote in seconds is the truest example of academic or scholarly beast mode. Great show and Karen Hunter played it smart by just letting Dr Carr talk and only chiming in to drive the conversation to the next level.
Outstanding Podcast
I absolutely love this podcast. With the addition of Dr. Carr. I am basically learning and being entertained simultaneously! This is a premier podcast with informative and critical thinking topics.
Karen Hunter is an enlightened catalyst for our awakening awareness as a people. This is a movement, and this show is an integral component.
D Dawn
I highly recommend listening to Karen Hunters Podcast!
I ❤️ listening
Bartus Allen
Listening to this show, is my best part of the day!!! All the joy, knowledge, passion, and wisdom; leaves me absolutely speechless. Dr. Hunter & Dr. Carr are providing more than educational resources; they are connecting historical dots and opening our collective minds ... very much like a holographic consciousness. I love your willingness to share time on this journey.
Bartus the Artist
Self discovery; world empowerment
This is some of the finest world based knowledge building of self knowledge/black empowerment!
Keep your eye on the prize!
Karen! That interview you did with Latosha Brown was a life-changing sermon. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I could feel the love in my room just listening to her speak.
Magnum Opus
Ms. Hunter and Dr. Carr dropping Gems every session. Should be mandatory poddin; but that’s too much like right. ✊🏾
Simply the best!
Karen, I want to thank you for helping to remove the scales from my eyes. Ever since I found your shows here and on YouTube, my brain is being fed, my heart is full, and my soul is freed. I especially enjoy your segments with Dr. Carr which I look forward to every Saturday. You two have such a synergy, and I love the way you let Dr. Carr be himself and always seem to pose a question at exactly the right time, and I follow the twisty path picking up all the pieces and make the connections. You are an inspiration and always consistent with the messaging. You are truly blessed and humble and a blessing to me. Keep being you and keep up the GOOD work that you have been sent to do.
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Speak up
Karen you need Nina Turner on your show. Thanks
B J Standing
positive light in this world.
Thank you for the words in your positive life that you give to people around the world keep doing what you doing
April 24**
Urban View
Great podcast with unfiltered unadulterated interviews and discussion providing insight in the black community addressing wealth, ideology, politics, philosophy and history.
5- Star Podcast
I enjoy listening and learning from you. So happy you’ve made it the podcast world.
This is Karen Hunter
Loved the podcasts from Ghana - great history lesson - 7 out of 10.💔
Appreciate you sharing parts of your return home with us in real time 🙌🏽
Karen Hunter Podcast
Karen, It is so refreshing to tune into your intelligent and entertaining discussions about topics relevant to the black community. Keep up us informed!
KC Ratt
Great information and inspiration
I love Karen Hunter’s show and the podcast allows me to hear more of her perspective as well as guests I may have missed. You are doing great work Karen. Keep going.
Teach us to do better
Thank you so much Karen for providing a vast amount of information on various topics that will allow to become healthy, wealthy and wise, but we gotta put in the work!!!!
Karen still delivering great content
I am over the moon about Karen’s new podcast. I am here from getting my daily dose of her on urban view. I would say these bite size 10-15 min episodes give me so much courage and confidence to act for my community. Kudos to Karen I wake up every morning now and read for a hour. Finished the James Baldwin the fire next time in 3 days doing this!
The Karen Hunter Podcast
By far this is my favorite podcast that I subscribe to. Each day new information on books, websites and personal growth is provide. Karen is a working hard to change the mindset of her listeners so that we can gain knowledge of self and give back to our communities. I’m grateful for the podcast and show.
Life Hack
Karen, I appreciate your wisdom and vulnerability! Thank you for sharing your wins as well as struggles. Your personal story on Life Hack was powerful! Thank you for being a phenomenal mentor.
My Number 1 podcast
I love Karen Hunter show and this podcast. Her show gives me the intellectual stimulation I need.
Love this Podcast
Truly thought provoking. Promotes critical thinking, mindfulness, and perspectives we don’t get to see normally.
Excellent podcast! However, your position in regard to Christianity and the written scriptures seem to give the impression that it is impossible to know whether or not that Christianity and The holy bible is both authentic and accurate When numerous (Historical) evidence states that they are. Unfortunately, there is this myth that somehow the Bible was written in a vacuum and what we have today is nothing more than shallow and loosely based information that can't be trusted or should be viewed as suspect. When (again )countless information states otherwise. Secondly, I think it is unfortunate that Laurie Favors encountered a bad experience with religion or some form what was suppose to be Christianity, however, we should not allow our experiences to be a determination on what is truthful, accurate and in accordance with rightful standards. There are unethical pastors, ministries, clergyman, and preachers just as there are unethical lawyers, judges, policeman, doctors, teachers, congressman and so forth. Therefore to state that all parts of Christianity is convoluted and not concrete based on experience is misleading. I can assure you that the Holy Bible can defend itself Furthermore as a professional attorney wouldn't it be more. pertinent to look at the evidence, the writings, the witness statements the content and context of a passage, etc, etc as well as other pertinent matters, and investigate whether it measures up? Therefore to take a position that is subjective, esoteric, and self-refuting is not fair and balanced. Please note not all experiences are bad however they are not all conclusive to what may or may not be true. Lastly, one of the comments that were started (I believe) to defend the unreliability and inaccuracies of Christianity was a statement that was made by Mrs. Favors somewhere at the beginning of the podcast which was in reference to Christianity being a. "fairly new religion" or "new religion". Yes, and with certainty, Christianity is new in comparison to other religion however I believe the "newness" supports the accuracy and truthfulness of Christ's teaching and not that the Bible is inaccurate. The teaching and the gospel message was written somewhere between 15-20 years after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ "why is this important?" Well for two reasons 1. It was not enough time or years for it to be a myth during that time period. Most myths take years or sometimes centuries. If you review when and the time the gospel was written it does not correspond with the time table of a fable or myth 2. Jesus and his message were monotheistic the majority of the religions during that time period were polytheistic this is just one ( and again I emphasize just one ) of the historical findings that make Christianity different and unique not confusing, Loosely based, or a fable. If the Bible and the words of Christ were just another myth or fable then it would have been beneficial for Christ to mention more than one God not just one. Conclusively you have three choices when it comes to Christ and his teaching 1. He was a liar 2. He was a lunatic 3. He is who he says he is and that is Lord However he can't be all three or the two.
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Jim Coleman😩
Thank you for your conversation with Jim Coleman. It was truly eye opening. You can either focus on what’s best for humanity or yourself. Jim chose himself.
Don’t bring Jim Coleman Back...Please.
I love the show Karen please continue creating great content. I do have one tiny request...Don’t bring Jim Coleman back on your show. The two part episode with him was great but the number of brain cells I lost listening to Jim Coleman hurt me.
Needs some small tweaks
+Excellent food for thought -low audio levels = hard to hear Personally would prefer 1 longer episode per week with a cohost that highlights Karen’s outstanding skills as a conversationalist and educator.
So excited! Had to give up SiriusXM. Glad I can get my fix here! I love feeding my mind.
Ms Hunter
Karen Hunter is the truth. From Channel 126 to the podcast 🔥 The Global Majorities Architect is always in thy building building❤️
Ike Torres
An extension of her SiriusXM Show
If you're a fan of Karen's show, then you need to check out her podcast. Informative and funny at times it's definitely worth listening to.
Hogg lord
Queen of Podcasts
The Hub is my go to podcast to supplement the Karen Hunter Show on SiriusXM UrbanView. I love Karen’s deconstruction of every topic. Wow.
Thanks for all you do sister.
Big John!!!
Essential listening
Thank you for all you do Karen Hunter!
Great listen.
Talk about getting WOKE!
THANK YOU, Karen! My thirst is always quenched after tuning in. In actuality, it has stirred up a HUNGER to dig deeper!
A Woman of Press
Hottest Podcast in the Galaxy
Thank you for always uncovering and sharing knowledge. You’ve taken The Hottest Show in the Galaxy, a master life class. To now this podcast an intimate doctoral dissertation. This fellow student is grateful. Te Amo Karen #KarenRebels #MoneyPowerRespect
Thanks for all you do Karen. #karenrebels
I love this podcast it needs to be longer. . . #KarenRebels
Molex Jr.
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