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276 – Spanglish
This week, we are talking about one of the biggest THOB titles that we haven’t yet discussed: 2004’s Spanglish. James L. Brooks returned nearly a decade after his Oscar success with As Good As It Gets with this story of two disparate families thrust together: an immigrant single mother and the rich Los Angeles family she works for. With Adam Sandler headlining one year after earning his first bout of buzz for Punch-Drunk Love, this looked to be a chance for the Academy to honor him as a serious performer within the Academy-beloved Brooksian seriocomic glow. But the movie… has some issues! This episode, we talk about Cloris Leachman’s stellar boozy performance and Téa Leoni’s work tried to wrangle an impossible character. We also discuss Paz Vega as the film’s attempted breakthrough performance to American audiences, Brooks’ Oscar history, and the many mystery middle names in Hollywood. Topics also include Mitski fans, the film’s cringe-inducing sex scene, and the history of the Tristar logo. Follow Us on Twitter!@Had_Oscar_BuzzJoe: @joereidChris: @chrisvfeil
Feb 19
2 hr 28 min
275 – The Woman in the Window (Patreon Selects)
We’re wrapping up our run of Patreon Selects episode with a real doozy! Originally intended for 2019, The Woman in the Window was meant as a prestige adaptation of a popular thriller, packing quite the pedigree. With the attached talents of director Joe Wright, writer Tracy Letts, and star Amy Adams (along with a stellar supporting cast), the film follows an agoraphobic who witnesses a murder across the street, setting off a mystery of mistaken identities and skewed perceptions of reality. Then, it was hit by a rapid succession of misfortunes including the Disney-Fox merger, a cringe-inducing exposé on author A.J. Finn, and, well, the pandemic. This episode, we talk about what went wrong and what might have been watered down by the Tony Gilroy reshoots. We also discuss Adams’ recent run of disappointing roles, our hopes for Nightbitch later this year, and Jennifer Jason Leigh joins our Six Timers Club! Topics also include the emergence of Fred Hechinger, Julianne Moore’s brief boozy performance, and the film’s somewhat unceremonious Netflix drop. Follow Us on Twitter!@Had_Oscar_BuzzJoe: @joereidChris: @chrisvfeil
Feb 12
2 hr 43 min
274 – Certified Copy (Patreon Selects)
Our patrons said we must stay in Tuscany! This week, we’ve got another Patreon Selects episode and it has us talking about one of our least favorite Oscar years. In 2010, Abbas Kiarostami returned to Cannes with yet another masterpiece in Certified Copy, a dense and transfixing musing on reproductions of art, authenticity, and perception. The film didn’t release stateside until 2011, but did earn Juliette Binoche Best Actress at Cannes and a wide range of critical response, from befuddled to enraptured. But Certified Copy became more of a critical favorite than Oscar hopeful, while a different Iranian filmmaker, Asghar Farhadi, would win the country’s first international Oscar for A Separation. This episode, we talk about Binoche’s career including her mixed bag of American projects. We also talk about the film’s slippery presentation of reality and role-play, the Iranian New Wave and Iran’s Oscar history, and the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. Topics also include other 2011 favorites in a bad Oscar year, coffee shop ladies, and Cannes acting prizes. Follow Us on Twitter!@Had_Oscar_BuzzJoe: @joereidChris: @chrisvfeil
Feb 5
2 hr 33 min
BONUS – Sundance the Night (with Cameron Scheetz)
We’re breaking into your regular podcast schedule to bring you a special bonus episode recapping our thoughts on the films of this year’s Sundance Film Festival! And we’ve asked Queerty’s Cameron Scheetz back on to tell us what the festival was like on the ground at Park City (along with thoughts on non-virtual films like I Saw the TV Glow)! Topics include June Squibb going vigilante as Thelma, a Kieran Culkin/Jesse Eisenberg Pain-ful duet, and our favorite films of this year’s festival! Follow Us on Twitter!@Had_Oscar_BuzzJoe: @joereidChris: @chrisvfeilCameron: @cameronscheetz
Feb 2
1 hr 18 min
Class of 2023
It’s here! Our most awaited and beloved episode of every year! We’re here this week to look back at the This Had Oscar Buzz Class of 2023, celebrating all of the films that had some kind of Oscar hopes that managed zero nominations last week. We’re giving our categories a minor facelift, while still discussing things like the most forgettable and most deserving films left out in the Oscar cold. Topics also include movies that make Joe and Chris argue, Madonna tardiness, and the much discussed Barbie misses in Best Actress and Best Director. Follow Us on Twitter!@Had_Oscar_BuzzJoe: @joereidChris: @chrisvfeil
Jan 29
2 hr 43 min
273 – Under the Tuscan Sun (Patreon Selects)
This week, our Patreon Selects episodes continue and they’re staying in Europe! One of our sponsors has selected for us an Oscar nomination follow-up star vehicle for the divine Diane Lane, 2003’s Under the Tuscan Sun. Loosely adapted from Frances Mayes’ memoir, the film follows Lane as a new divorce gifted a Tuscan vacation who decides to feel the rain on her skin (no one else can feel it for her! only she can let it in!) and buys a Tuscan home to uproot her life. Fresh off an Unfaithful Best Actress nomination, the film launched in the fall but was quickly reduced to romcom fare unworthy of awards. This episode, we talk about Lane’s career leading up to the critical groundswell that resulted in her Oscar nomination. We also talk about Lindsay Duncan going all La Dolce Vita, contemporary production design, and the 2003 Golden Globes Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy lineup. Topics also include being Gay and Away at the Taco Bell hotel, Grey’s Anatomy, and the incoming Oscar nominations! Follow Us on Twitter!@Had_Oscar_BuzzJoe: @joereidChris: @chrisvfeil
Jan 22
2 hr 18 min
272 – 8 Women (Patreon Selects)
Our Patreon Selects series continues with another dive into French cinema! In 2002, director Francois Ozon delivered an actress bonanza with 8 Women, an homage of Douglas Sirk and Alfred Hitchcock that’s also a musical and also murder mystery and also a celebration of the biggest French actresses of the moment. Set at Christmas, its titular ensemble tries to discover who among them has killed the family patriarch. Despite a solid run for France in the aughts with their Oscars submissions, Ozon’s treacly affair did not make it to the Oscar ball. This episode, we talk about Ozon’s filmography and France’s current difficulties nabbing an International Feature Oscar despite their stature in the race. We also talk about the career of Chris’ fave Isabelle Huppert, the film as Harold They’re Lesbians core, and our thoughts on The Taste of Things‘ chances this year. Topics also include Frances Fisher’s new cause celebre, Streep/Short dating rumors, and Madarin Oriental “I’m a fan” commercials. Follow Us on Twitter!@Had_Oscar_BuzzJoe: @joereidChris: @chrisvfeil
Jan 15
2 hr 12 min
271 – Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Patreon Selects)
Our Patreon Selects episodes continue this week with a pick from Audrey: the beloved 2019 lesbian romance Portrait of a Lady on Fire. The film launched at the Cannes Film Festival, winning the Best Screenplay prize and skyrocketing director Céline Sciamma to the names of most beloved contemporary directors. However, when the Oscar race began, France instead chose to submit Ladj Ly’s Les Misérables for the International Feature race. Sciamma’s film still gained feverish fandom on the fall festival circuit and even more critical raves, but ultimately distributor Neon focused its awards campaign energies on fanning the flames of the Parasite moment. This episode, we talk about the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and Portrait’s delayed platform release that got abbreviated by COVID. We also discuss Adèle Haenel’s stunning enigmatic performance, the film where Noémie Merlant falls in love with a circus ride, and the case for Claire Mathon in Best Cinematography. Topics also include Louis Ironson’s poster’s disease, 2019 films directed by women, and the 2022 Sight and Sound poll. Follow Us on Twitter!@Had_Oscar_BuzzJoe: @joereidChris: @chrisvfeil
Jan 8
2 hr 23 min
270 – Sister Act (Patreon Selects)
All January we’ll be doing a series we call Patreon Selects with episodes chosen by members of our sponsor-level tier on Patreon (and they’ll be sharing their Oscar origin stories too)! First up is 1992’s megasmash musical comedy Sister Act! Originally designed as a showcase for Bette Midler, the film became a starring vehicle for Whoopi Goldberg hot off of her Oscar win for Ghost. With Whoopi as an on-the-run lounge singer who hides out in a convent and turns the church’s choir into a sensation, the film won the affection of audiences but not an Academy with a tricky relationship with comedy. This episode, we talk about Whoopi’s career from theatre breakthrough to movie star to Oscar host. We also talk about Dame Maggie Smith’s two Oscar wins, the career of writer Paul Rudnick (who took his name off the film), and the divine Mary Wickes. Topics also include Hook, Nuns Having Fun, and the MTV Movie Awards. Follow Us on Twitter!@Had_Oscar_BuzzJoe: @joereidChris: @chrisvfeil
Jan 1
2 hr 8 min
269 – Eyes Wide Shut
Listeners have been asking for this episode for years and today, Santa is bringing it to you! Happy Holidays, it’s time for Eyes Wide Shut! In 1999, the film was hotly anticipated for many reasons: it starred Hollywood’s most famous couple, it was the final film of master of masters Stanley Kubrick, its very long production was hounded by the press, and it promised lots of onscreen sex. Adapted from Arthur Schnitzler’s Traumnovelle, the film cast Tom Cruise as a doctor who goes on an odyssey of sexual obsession after his wife (a haunting Nicole Kidman) confesses to an unrequited sexual fantasy about a stranger. A ritual orgy, Todd Field playing jazz piano, and a flirty Alan Cumming followed, and baffled audiences reacted viciously. This episode, we discuss the film’s initial negative reaction from audiences and critics alike and its contemporary reassessment. We also talk about its formative place in Kidman’s emphasis on auteurs, how the film unpacks Cruise’s screen persona, and the film’s mystery box marketing. Topics also include Sidney Pollack barechested in suspenders, the film’s censored orgy, and the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Follow Us on Twitter!@Had_Oscar_BuzzJoe: @joereidChris: @chrisvfeil
Dec 24, 2023
2 hr 55 min
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