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This Better Be Funny
Jake Kroeger
The "This Better Be Funny" podcast simply has comedians pitching each other jokes, sketches, etc. exactly as they might do in real life. Not set in any single location, the organic conversations that largely are the impetus of the creative process of comedy are what we trying to capture. With only multiple guests at a time at comedy clubs, dive bars, coffee shops, and more, "This Better Be Funny" cuts through the rambling of many free-form comedy podcasts and instead follows where ever "the rabbit hole" of a joke may lead (or, in some cases, end when the idea is clearly not going anywhere).
This Better Be Funny Ep. 84 with Keith and The Girl
Trailblazing podcasters Keith Malley and Chemda better known as the long running, great podcast, Keith and The Girl, join Jake and Jeremy at Crave Cafe in Studio City for what was a toss up as to who was interviewing who. Per usual on TBBF, there was plenty of faux bickering between Jake and Jeremy, intense interest in said bickering from guests Keith and Chemda, and what turns out to be a lovely late lunch (sans lunch) between four people like Richard Linklater had written this as his next movie or something. Check out Keith and Chemda at The LA Podcast Festival this weekend Oct. 4th-6th for all their Keith and The Girl live tapings/shows.
Oct 3, 2013
1 hr 14 min
This Better Be Funny Ep. 83 with Margot Leitman
Perennial Moth Grandslam winner and hilarious storyteller/writer Margot Leitman comes in for this latest episode in This Better Be Funny's Despicable Edition mini-series to challenge co-host Jeremy Paul in who has the more embarrassing, shameful, or despicable story for the prize of cassette tapes. Margot's had a story which could be the seed that started a brand new world regime and Jeremy's story is so shrouded in secrecy as we've never knew that he knew sleazy winemakers. Listen to both stories and see which one host Jake Kroeger (a man who admitted that the closest he would get to going to a strip club is watching an Air Sex Competition) will pick as the aforementioned most shameful, embarrassing, or despicable.
Aug 26, 2013
41 min
This Better Be Funny Ep. 82 Despicable Edition with Sean O'Connor
Another episode of This Better Be Funny mini-series "Despicable Edition" where we have a guest square off with co-host Jeremy Paul, who admitted to basically being a baby boxing promoter, in a "despicable/embarrassing story off" is here. This week, Sean O'Connor (Conan), a man who told off Bon Jovi, who has a pretty formidable tale in one of the worst girlfriends ever by virtue of the fact that she tried to frame him for a felony. Listen to how Sean survived that, what Jeremy will admit to from his past, what story wins based off Jake's decision/possible bias against his co-host, and if Sean wins a cassette tape of David Gray (Yep, that's what he was playing for).
Aug 19, 2013
27 min