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I can’t even imagine…
…my life without This American Life! Sometimes I go back and binge old episodes! The production can’t be beat! Their choices of stories to tell are unmatched! These are my peeps!
Story time
Simply some of the best story telling I’ve ever encountered! So addicted!
Racist Agitprop
7-1.24 update: Episode 835 is a 51 minute hit piece on White Christians (a frequent NPR target). The orator has an interesting international work resume. In true Marxist fashion, he disparages family, religion, other skin colors and America. State sponsored NPR and their billionaire donors can be linked to our intel, agencies. Why do these actors repeatedly insist on fomenting racial, ethnic and religious dissent is their own country? There was a time when these time tested Color Revolution / Destabilization tactics were reserved for hostile governments in foreign lands. This lackluster episode somehow debuted at #13 on the Apple Podcast Top Episode list. A week later it was still in the top 20. NPR listeners have a duty find another podcast. 6-2-24 update: more propaganda. Take note of this episode #831 called Lists. It is a not so subtle threat from our increasingly authoritarian Ruling Class (funders of NPR). “Act Two: Reporter Masha Gessen talks to Russians living in America and elsewhere, about lists they’ve been put on by the Russian government in the last few years. Masha is also on one of these lists. Each list has its own complex rules and potential consequences, for the people on the lists and for their family members who live in Russia. (28 minutes)” I’d like to remind NPR that this is America. I am an American there will never be enough soy milk for me to be intimidated by Ira Glass or NPR, haha! —-Prior review: This show was never on the top 100 list. Now there are episodes in the top 20. Ever notice it’s always in the same ranking spot now? This show has been mediocre for decades. Now it’s in the top 20! What’s changed? Well, there’s an election coming up and the feds, the media, Soros and the NPR lefty donor class are gearing up again. Instead of the usual quirky shows about someone’s high school years, we get propaganda about illegal immigrants “newcomers” and Gaza delivered in familiar characteristic halting dictation. Prepare a ration of dried bugs and enjoy all state sponsored media has to offer! They think it’s working.
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Wonderful show! Only one thing…
TAL is the first show I started listening to regularly, back in 2010. The reporting is reliable, relatable, and has brought awareness to me regarding cultures, beliefs, and ideas which is priceless. Over the years I have recommended it to friends and family and look forward to each new episode. My only complaint is that the show notes don’t indicate that the show is a re-run. Reading the title/content it may seem familiar, but until it’s (incredibly briefly and not always right away) mentioned in the episode itself, I feel like I’ve wasted my time. Could the show notes please indicate if a story is re-run, or updated from its last air date? Other than that—🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!
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There is No Alternative :)
The most enjoyable podcast ever. Great stories, and smart, well-educated hosts. In 2024, we all know this is a very unique combination for podcasts. :) Keep up the good work!
Savas II
Amazing entertainment
Great episode
Be kind! ❤
Very good show, cool stuff
Ch show
I’ve listened to and loved TAL for what feels like my lifetime ….. I listen to ESCAPE the political nightmare that has become our country, on BOTH sides, not just one. Unfortunately, all it has become is biased (isn’t that the first rule of journalism?) reporting on topics that shouldn’t have a place here. If this is what you want to “report” on, Ira, more power to you. Please take all the hate, distain & negativity you don’t even try to hide, and do it somewhere else. The more hate you put out in the world, the more it breeds - you are no different than Trump.
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Used to be fun
Ira hires a bunch of kids with bad ideals who want to be investigative journalists but arent talented enough to be hired at legit newspapers. They ruined the fun that millions of people used to enjoy.
Pierre-Paul Riquete
The Amusement Park Show
Might be ok for a mini show? Especially cause I could only listen to about a third of this show. I gather it’s a replay, may be why I don’t remember it. Sorry guys, I love your episodes, but for 1 or 2 of them in all of your history. Now, when it was said, “How long can you/I do this job?” Was the first thing that peaked my interest. Maybe I’ll keep listening, but only to the end of each story…. I just added a star back on….
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I just finished the four part (?) series chronicling the trials of a Palestinian family and what their life has been reduced to; endless migration, anguished decisions and a former life that is destroyed right before them. Unbelievable because not once do they point out the fact that it is the IOF (Israeli Occupational Forces)that is responsible for the misery and suffering of this family. Unbelievable because they can get that close to these people and their hardships without mentioning the genocidal government causing all this death and destruction. Simultaneously ignoring the fact that the target audience has funded the murder of women and children with their tax dollars. 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱 Unbelievable because they apparently think the conflict started October 7, 2023. They completely ignore the 75 years of displacement, assignations & racism the Zionist state of Israel has imposed on the very people they are interviewing. They somehow have convinced themselves that if they display the heartbreak enough it alleviates them of the responsibility to point out the cause of the atrocities. Unbelievable!
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Barge Guy
Another 1 star review
What can I say that pretty much every 2024 review hasn’t already said?
NorCal Opinions
Do you realize?
835 Children of Dave - Boen Wang This episode by Boen Wang drew me back into TAL after years of being away. What a great listen! I love the sound and music editing; it’s perfect.
Only Certain American Lives
I used to love TAL. Increasingly, the “American life” it stories is very, very narrow - one worldview allowed and if you don’t hold it, we’ll portray you in a bad light. Sad. Episode 835 is the one that prompted me to finally write a review. (Boen Wang’s emotional and thought problems were not caused by what he describes. He would have had them regardless of his experiences, it seemed evident by how he shared them.) I can hope for true diversity of American life in future episodes. But I’m not holding my breath.
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Very liberal in political leaning
I used to be a huge fan for many years, until they started in with a lot of political opinion pieces or their new anti-Christian views. Those episodes get deleted w/out a listen. When it talks about personal stories, slices of life, those are the stories that I love, and they do them so well.
Jen from State Farm
Stands the test of time as my fave podcast!
I have been listening to podcasts for years and one of the first ones I followed was TAL. It is by far a favorite and staple in my weekly routine. Recently, I had a nine hour drive to the beach and I listened to TAL the entire way- I laughed and was completely engaged in listening which made the driving go by quickly and I was in a great mood and learned SO much along the way. The themes, music, and of course Ira’s voice (and the other hosts voices) are truly part of the draw! Thank you all for the hard work you put into this show and your dedication to your craft- it is truly a pleasure to listen!!
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Larsen Crew
Love the show. But it sounds like Ira is eating and talking at the same time. A little annoying.
Unbelievably captivating stories
I remember some time about 20 years ago, before smartphones, scanning the car radio because I was tired of the same music on repeat. I stopped on the Public Media station because there was a girl telling her story that instantly caught my attention and drew me in. Unfortunately I arrived at my destination and had get out of the car but I sat in the parking lot as long as I could mesmerized by the story and hoping for a commercial break where someone would tell me what I was listening to. I was never a fan of any radio program but this was just different. I eventually found out the program was called “This American Life” and I’ve been a devoted fan ever since. The stories run the gambit if emotions and it is VERY rare I encounter an episode that I don’t enjoy. Thank you Ira and crew for the hard work and crafting such amazing stories.
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Love the show
Love the fact that it talks about politics and funny dumb stuff, crime, and rats By far is the best show I’ve listened to.
Has potential
This show has had some great episodes. However it isn’t really a snapshot of American life anymore as frequently the host or correspondents are not even from the US. Either change the name of the show or hire people who are actually from the country the show is supposed to represent.
Ricky R Richard
That American Life
Hello, I was wondering what happened to That American Life? It can’t have been a fever dream I had because I loved that show. Are the episodes archived in the TAL vault, I would love to listen again. TYSM!
The best
I am a hard core true crime listener but this podcast hits me in the feels and makes me smile. I can re-listen to all the episodes without getting tired of it. I love it so much.
Well done!
Yousef’s story is everything to help this American and her life understand the world at large. Thank you so much for your diligence in opening my world.
Thank you for the update on Yousef!
For the past few weeks, I have been wondering what has happened to him and his family with everything going on in Gaza and the attacks in Rafah. That was where we were left last time which was awhile ago. This is the realest testament of what is going on.. I am so glad they have survived.. thank you for making this more real for us on the other side of the world.
How did Yousef raise the money??
Pretty telling why you’re not pushing him to share this particular story. Also, “seemed like Hamas had accepted the cease fire resolution” but then there was no cease fire…. But of course you don’t say “because Hamas lied and changed the conditions”. Flour is $200 a bag when it is coming in for free from aid organizations…. Why? Your insistence on completely ignoring the horrible environment Hamas has created in Gaza is astounding. Also, yousef was able to travel outside of Gaza for his job, so was Bushra featured in this episode from the West Bank. She said her family in Gaza had nice homes and lives but were supposed to believe it’s an “open air prison”. And sorry but Yousef’s whole “born a refugee, returned to refugee” ring a hollow. The “refugee” arrangements for unwra are so cushy. He had a nice apartment and a good job.
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Thank you for this show
My mental capacity for global awareness flourishes with every listen. I am grateful for this show’s voice!
Fiorella 👻
very frustrating
I look forward to this show every week so it's extremely frustrating when American life repeatedly double dips and uses other podcast I've already heard. What is the point of paying for the New York Times audio app so I can get this a "day early" when really I'm not getting it a day early I'm just being fed the same podcast I already heard. Also disappointed by the frequent war stories that take place in other countries; I look forward to the podcast as an escape all week. Hearing war stories is not an escape. While it is interesting and important, it is stressful. And I don't see why it qualifies as a topic that pertains to a show called This American Life. I wish it were another podcast altogether, since it embodies a very different mood and thereby mental space.
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please talk better
October 7
I wonder what Yosef think about Hamas? The truth is Palestinians overwhelmingly support October 7. One poll shows %72 said October 7 was a correct move. If you hide criminals and celebrate rapping women then there should be consequences.
So over half the new stories are about places outside America like the UK or Gaza. It’s time to change the name to be honest.
Never listening again
This used to be a decent show. Now it is so dripping with political leftist bias, that it’s become a blatant propagandist mouthpiece for the DNC. The piece by so called “journalist” Dana Ballout was so outwardly anti-semitic that it’s troubling that she’s allowed in the US. The Trump derangement runs deep in Ira Glass to allow this drivel. He’s so driven by his self-hatred of his Jewish religion; he should be embarrassed. Buh-bye.
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No discussion about the hostage’s family and their plight. Really disappointed with this show!
The Death of This American Life
This used to be one of my favorites, great human stories, an interesting theme, sometimes funny, sometimes moving. Now it turned to cliche of the worst kind of political show.. Siding with Al-Kaida terrorists??? Feeling sorry for a terrorist trying to blow up innocent people? Siding with Hamas terrorists and biased stories about Gaza? Should you change your title to This Americans Death? It’s such a shame taking a great show and making it yet another biased, manipulative, divisive and political with themes that everyone can get in 500 other political shows.
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NBA heavy user
Great most of the time, sometimes too Newsy
I listen to this show to hear about average people and funny , common or interesting situations. I can relate to a lot of it. What I don’t like is when the show almost becomes another news podcast. I can go to a million other places for Gaza stories or Trump stuff. So that part I don’t like. But when it sticks to what it normally does , there is no better podcast.
Loved when this show was about AMERICAN LIFE
Not really interested in the sagas of other nationalities- have other podcasts for that. How about sticking to This AMERICAN life?!
Years of review
Used to be great show, but now you have some pessimistic people expelling negativity in their reporting. Everything is depressing when they report. Then you have others that READ their reporting; he said, she said, etc... no background noise, no production value, just someone reading an experience 🥱 …update 2 (2 years after first review): I’m done with this show, SJW nonsense! This “garden warriors” episode protest was the final coffin 🤮🤮🤮 …update 3 (3 years after first review): Yup, still horrible. Left leaning and garbage reporting that propagates debunked myths… wow, thought it had changed, but just keeps getting worse …update 4 (6/2024): Full blown TDS
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Episode 833 Act 2 - Terrifying & Hilarious
Werner Herzog as the poetic voice of an AI bot directed to write poetry is first, a massive laugh & then shocking. … I’ve listened to This American Life since it started; it still moves and surprises me each week.
Wish it wasn’t so one sided politically
Sometimes is just nice to not have to listen to political chatter, especially such one sided chatter. TAL offers such insightful and interesting narratives from unbiased points ov view (usually) UNTIL it discusses politics. Such a shame.
This Show Fell Off
The politically driven motives have become overwhelming, making it hard to continue listening. The agenda against the GOP, particularly Trump, is increasingly obvious. I've enjoyed this show for many years, but I can no longer listen to it. It's not that I believe politics shouldn't be discussed, but the extreme one-sidedness is frustrating. I don't align with any political party, as I believe they're all flawed, but this show clearly goes out of its way to shape opinions. It's disappointing.
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Love! Love! Love!
I’ve been listening to this show for decades and it’s still the podcast I’m most excited about when a new episode drops.
Nelli B0099
Please leave politics out of your podcasts
I really enjoy this American life. I am a lot ng time listener but lately you have been bringing in politics to the content. I am not interested in politics and political content. Please stick to what you do o so amazingly well and leave the politics out of your otherwise awesome content. I will stop listening if you continue to focus on politics.
Annabella D2
Favorite podcast! Always relevant and interesting.
I love Ira’s storytelling and humor. I send most episodes to friends. We talk about the topics for hours.
When the premise of the show is …
I enjoy it when the stories are clean and clear of bias. But shows like “retribution” are premised on propaganda/Spin and are dripping with projection! No mention of the lawfare being perpetrated against Trump and supporters. Prefer journalism to this editorial under the guise of truth.
I loved this show for so many years, sad to see it cave.
Manipulative and Pushing an Agenda
The attack on the capitol?! Come on. Trump’s revenge? There is history to show that he does nothing (his threads during his campaign to put Hillary in jail), completely biased coverage on the war between Gaza and Israel… there’s a lot of great content and I used to love this show, but you’ve turned into a propaganda pushing manipulation machine.
The only thing Democrats hate more then racial harmony is Justice and accountability. Time to reap the whirlwind
M. Caringer
Can you spell b-i-a-s-e-d?
A show that title’s itself ‘This American Life’ but chooses to talk about ‘Their American Life.’ It’s really sad because they could talk about ALL American’s & not just those they agree with. I choose Paul Harvey reruns over Ira every day of the week.
This American Life is an American treasure
So many years in Ira Glass continues to be an example of the best of audio story telling. Thought provoking stories delivered with the superb production quality.
Queen TLM
Used to be a fan
I used to be a fan, Mr. Glass. Until you profiled Gazans and abandoned the Jewish people - your people. Shame on you. After the biggest massacre on the Jews since the Holocaust. Every nation turns their backs on the Jews, and they certainly won’t care if a Jew was anti-Israel. You might want to reconsider who your people are.
Other Guy Episode
If a great podcast stirs emotion, this is the greatest. Had to go somewhere to say that the runner Joshua who hid his progress in the Chipotle contest is a total cheater. The banality of evil
Carla IS
I appreciate the attention to gaza
I want to know more about what is going on with the family in Gaza that was interviewed.
joLillian TZ
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