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A weekly highlight
I love listening to this podcast. I love the topics. I love the host. I love the unique way each story is brought to us. As long as you’ll be producing, I’ll be listening!
Erie enthusiast
My absolute radio show and now podcast for years and years!
Vocal fry
So many vocal fry/valley girl voices in podcasts! Why? It’s so unbearable!
Super good every time
Been a fan since the 20 aughts! Loved the Trail of Tears one. Great to hear someone with a familiar accent talk about stuff I thought nobody els thinks about but me. Thanks!
Some of the best stories
This American Life is one of my favorite podcasts. The way the stories are tied together always impresses me.
Left-wing kitsch
This show is definitely not what it once was. Go back 6 or so years and enjoy the archives. But nowadays it’s just another lame leftist platform.
If you are an open minded person with the ability to listen to other’s perspectives, experiences, and opinions on current events and history without getting angry and resentful, then this is a podcast for you. If you are ultra-conservative, close minded and blame everyone else for the social injustices or outright deny that there are any institutional problems, I wouldn’t bother. Believe me, I’ve been on both sides, and I’m glad I’ve come to a place in my life that I can listen to a podcast and agree or disagree with the narrator all while respecting them and the story they are telling.
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Like all the This American Life podcasts, I find them so interesting, but this was particularly good. Her easy storytelling was funny and sad. I’m 75 and wake up early on Sunday mornings and grab my phone to lay in bed and begin the day with your show. I wish I had gone to Georgia and visited the area and to have traveled to Oklahoma and visited there. I have adopted Cherokee grandchildren in Fayetteville AK where my son and his Cherokee wife live and because of Covid I can’t visit. Thank you for all your podcasts!! Cathy Troyak
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Haven’t listened in years
I haven’t listened in years. This used to be one of my favorite podcasts but like so much media it’s become subverted by people trying to push a sick and divisive political agenda. Reading through other reviews it seems I’m not alone in my thinking. I really hope we can move past this point in history soon. It’s like twilight zone waking up to a world where people who used to be creative, open minded, genuinely curious, and self-reflective have become odious robots spewing the most vile and evil garbage with 0 sense of self awareness.
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Thought Procative
I listen to podcasts to relax and drift off to sleep . Like the DVR if I miss something I can always review it later . HOWEVER , I find your subjects so interesting ! I just love everything about it ! Now instead of catching up what I missed, I miss nothing and just take a nap later ha ha . Thank you
Liberal nonsensical woke and terrible
This show used to be very entertaining and informative but it has turned into the latest “social justice” “woke” garbage.
Tired of the politics.
So tired of the politics.
Not on the rug
Can’t take it anymore
Every episode is either a rerun, or American life political agenda. Tried to give it another chance, but I can’t anymore. Unsubscribing
Used to like it but
You guys are clearly clueless about some things and you all have an agenda. The last episode about wearing masks, I doubt that you took any time to deeply research it. Can you just be neutral and keep your opinions for yourselves? Also the voice of the girl who narrates is highly annoying, she loses strength in the end of the word, hard to listen to. 🤮 trash
Elitist Liberal Propaganda
Loved the gigglefest btwn the 2 liberal teachers “owning” those terrible backward non elitists.. gross!
Dill BeBasio
19 yr listener
Thanks for keeping this going.
...where are the reviews?
Why is the most recent review of TAL from “13y ago”? Are reviews not being published anymore? I would love to see current reviews of the show.
Watch the music!!!
Best show ever to take your mind off everything bothering you at the end of the day! I set my sleep timer to 30 minutes before bed and Ira’s smooth voice and storytelling lulls me to sleep. EXCEPT FOR EPISODE 703 with ten minutes left. Sound asleep when BAM BAM BAM! Jump out of bed thinking someone is breaking into the house only to realize it’s the drum beat intro to an oldies song. Have pity on us overworked, overstressed people who depend on you to tell them a bedtime story!
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Getting worse
Too many female reporters who talk like teenage girls. Can’t understand half of them and the other half have bad vocal fry. Stories are too PC too. Used to be a great show
Forum for crybaby journalism
I’ve listened to this show for at least 10 years. From the funny of Mike B and his sleep walking, to the frustrating one where Ira dealt with a guy that was lying and it was the only show I recall where he didn’t end it cracking a joke at his producer using a sound bite. I’ve listened to every single episode and even donated to NPR. and when the operator asked “which show is your favorite?” This was it and the reason I donated. At some point, about the time of the 2016 election, I noticed a shift. The content became very heavily a counter point on anything happening in politics. This show was not really an escape from listening to talking heads express a one sided opinion but was in fact, one of those shows that used the term “journalism” but not that any longer. Today you can truly feel the smugness, the ‘we’re so much better than you and you’re stupid for having a differing view point’. But the take of the show is that of a whiny, crybaby victim. What a sad let down of bumbling blubber the show has become. Over the last year I would just delete the shows that seemed in their title to be political but honestly that’s become almost every episode. So sadly, it’s finally time to cut the cord on this show that I’ve loved for so long.
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Michael Raz
Great reporting with a lot of repeats
I just wish the repeat episodes were marked better (like "First aired on <Date> with updated reporting" or something like that).
This American Life used to be my very favorite podcast in the world. I used to refer so many people to it.Have listened to it for a decade. It’s been going downhill, becoming more and more “woke“. And when I can’t find one story even those that shouldn’t have a political slant, without in your face propaganda in every single episode, it becomes old.At least be balanced in your reporting and talk to a variety of people with different viewpoints. I’m deleting the app. I’ve been so disappointed every time I listen to a story, but I keep coming back thinking I’ll find the old this American life. But sadly it’s gone. Maybe this should be renamed This Communist Life because that’s clearly the agenda that is being pushed.
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Like Good Comfort Food
No matter how many podcasts I listen to, I always come back to this one. It is entertaining, informative, and always fresh. I’ve been listening since I was 20! Good at every age.
Good but...
Very interesting, but ease up on the liberal political agenda. Someone isn’t racist because they ask about fights at a school.
Where are the episodes before 706?
Where are the episodes before 706?
Sometimes Trauma Triggering Topics Not Disclosed
We recently experienced a suicide in our family and I've come to appreciate media, especially podcasts, that disclose they are going to be touching on that topic. I feel like I remember this show disclosing these kind of topics before a show began, but I haven't been hearing it lately. Especially in the most recent podcast episode from this week. It's emotionally triggering and often very unhelpful in the grieving process. I'd appreciate if they would disclose triggering topics better.
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Day at the Beach
As usual, This American Life amazes. Great episode. Each story pulled me in, but David Sedaris’ story stopped me in my tracks.
Boston transit user
I used to love this show
This was kind of the original podcast and used to be fantastic but it got too “woke”
Made to be Broken
Thank you so much for this podcast episode. As a middle-aged female who has a stutter very similar to the one described here, I was brought to tears
This show really do be a 🅱️ruh moment.
Over 40 yrs of NPR
I have loved listening to Ira for a long time. I’m nearly 67 and NPR has been “the other side of the coin” for me. Conservative or liberal. We learn about where we align our belief system yet keeping an open mind. We may be somewhere in the middle. Always entertaining . In my car. On my iPad. Listening while I iron. With podcasts on my first technical device (outside of a smart tv or a desktop computer or a Trac phone rarely used) I still enjoy Ira. Thank you Ira for these stories by the thousands. I learn something with each listening, no matter what. BTW, the sound of your voice sends me!
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Something We Need To Hear
This season can be a tough listen at times for those of who are white but give it a chance. Sure opened my eyes how we might inadvertently plow through and separate ourselves over individuals of other ethnicities.
Started listening over a decade ago
What happened to the best thing on NPR? Was so good for so long. Now every story has a political agenda. Just realized I havn't heard a good story in over a year. Deleted.
hank the cowdog
Got Happiness
Greatest podcast in America
This podcast exposes you to the deep dirty beautiful gritty world of average Americans and other freedom loving people from around the world who share this human experience with us. This show is funny, political, light, and inspiring. MADE IN CHICAGO the city that never stops being great.
Nice White Parents
Amazing how in such a sensitive world that title was even approved... but it’s okay because “Nice White Parents” deserve to be slandered, made fun of and mocked for the years that other white people unfairly treated other races. Maybe I misunderstood the whole premise as to why the “Nice White Parents” came to the “diverse” school. Wasn’t it because they were vetted out due to the shrinking class sizes which would result in loss of school funding? So, the “Nice White Parents” were supposed to bring their children and money to the school and blend into the environment that they so obviously stood out in. I did go into listening to the episode with an open mind based off of the disclaimer of negative/positive reviews because of the title. However, the narrator/reporter for this episode was obviously bias towards diverse parents. It started with the acceptance of the reports attitude of the “diverse parents and teachers. For example the diverse students were “warned” about the new group of white kids coming to the school. If the tables were turned would it not be seen as a racist behavior to “warn” white students that a diverse group of kids would be coming to their school? The reporter goes on to explain how the diverse group of students felt about how the white students impacted the school. Then the report suggested that the white student came to the conclusion that the school was improved because of their attendance and the felt that way because the “Nice White Parents” put the thought into their heads. As I listened to the episode I also learned that the upon the vetting process of recruiting the “Nice White Parents” they were promised a French program. If you listen carefully the French program came with a condition from the Principle of the school that the “Nice White Parents” would have to find funding for the program. The reporter of this story then goes into how it’s unfair to the other diverse students to not have the option to have their own language taught at school. How ridiculous is that point. I was a white minority in a diverse school. I lived in the same neighborhood and had the same opportunities as the other students in school. The only language that was offered was Spanish. The Mexican students definitely had the upper hand and knew the language. The Mexican students served as a resource for help. Trust me those students laughed when other students messed up the words and accent of the Spanish language. Most of the time we laughed with them. I cannot remember one incident were the reporter described the diverse students having a negative opinion or problem with the French Program or the white students. The problem seems to come from the diverse parents and maybe the teachers. The “New White Parents” came into the school and did what they were required to do to make sure the one program they wanted was funded. What was disturbing about this episode was the question of whether any of the money raised by the “New White Parents” was used for other programs. Of course that question would be unanswered because if any of the money earned was actually helping the school the title might have to change and you wouldn’t have a story.
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Great podcast, however....
I am enjoying listening to this podcast. I appreciate the open discussion of the issues between private and public schools in urban areas. However, families that live in suburban areas in any income level are not given the option to select the public schools they would like their children to attend. Suburban families have no options. It’s either attend the public school in the district where they reside and accept the entire curriculum offered or make the monetary sacrifice to send their children to private schools where the curriculum offers the exposure of a diverse educational experience that celebrates cultural differences, race, religions etc. How do suburban public schools expect to instill in students and their families an appreciation and celebration of all?
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Long time listener
I’ve been listening to this show for almost 20 years. Great for a long road trip or while working from home. So thoughtful.
Awesome podcast
I LOVE This American Life. It’s a show with no lies, no biases, nothing. It truly a go-to show for me. If I could give it 6 or 10 or even 100 stars, I would. Oh, I would.
Bria L. Taylor
The truth hurts
I’m a long time TAL listener and there have been so many outstanding shows over the years that have really stuck with me. Nice White Parents is going to be one of those. As a white parent myself, engaged in communities with racial and economic diversity, it’s so easy to get caught up in our good intentions and acting quickly without taking the time to understand what has come before and the perspectives of BIPOC. I can see myself and my friends in Rob, with his good intentions, good connections, and strong drive to help and how we can steamroll the good that was already there but that looks different from what we are used to. It’s these seemingly tiny unintentional moments that root systemic racism so deeply in America.
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“Nice White Parents” is super smart and necessary listening!
I’m learning a lot from listening to “Nice White Parents.” Thank you for using your resources to expose the insidious - and powerful- relationship between class power and whiteness.
Devoted in Hawaii
Foregone Conclusions
Why do you focus on only the race aspect when the socio-economic is so huge? To drum up hate against white parents? As a single white dad who has worked hard to scrape by while being an ally you are ignoring the complexity here, “white” is less about race than a group of racist trying to form a new race from a hodgepodge of people who have fought, killed and committed great atrocities against each other over millennia. If our allies in the broader American community also insist “white” people are evil they are part of the group shoving potential friends into a box with the racists. Why use the platform like that? Address the true despicableness of racism and push to detangle the power abuse so we do not allow the system to simply put a new “better race” above others. The story itself is a needed perspective on injustice in the New York school system, we need that! We need to seek social justice! Why market the story simply as to why white parents are ruining things? I get the goal but this was done poorly.
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I never rate and review podcasts. But this is so RAW and like I dunno great at looking at American Life at the roots and how we misunderstand each other from our own perspectives WOW. Just WOW.
Thank you
Just finished listening to “Remind in Mexico” episode and all I can say is that you. It physically hurts to listen, to know what is happening but without you I wouldn’t have known. Thank you so much for this story. .
Nati Pea
Nice White Parents - AMAZING
Thank you for this episode and I’m excited to listen to the others. I am a teacher and a white woman and this seems spot on. I live in another city that is hugely segregated in its schools, and I can see first hand how white families with wealth have created this reality for current children in the public school system.
One of my favorite listens. I always look fwd. to new episodes.
I consider myself a very liberal person. I support BLM and am against any kind of discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or whatever. Lately, it seems that it’s acceptable to disparage “white people” simply for being white. It’s okay to call authors, playwrights or the framers of the US Constitution “old white guys.” Perfectly acceptable to disparage “white parents.” Discrimination based on race - ANY RACE - is wrong! Don’t compound the wrongs of past racism against people of color by supporting this new, apparently politically correct form of racism. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
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Risking taking part in the conversation
I guess I’m not surprised that the series Nice, White Parents is so controversial. As a white person who unintentionally has made her share of racially insensitive comments/suggestions, I always go back to the first thing I learned in systematic theology in seminary: “When people from the dominant culture want to be involved in anti-racist, liberation movements, they must close their mouths and GET BEHIND the leadership of the oppressed; otherwise, they are perpetuating the pattern of dominance. The voices of the oppressed MUST set the agenda; other allies MUST be the listeners, supporters and followers.” I haven’t yet read the book White Fragility, which apparently some Black reviewers have called into question. But I think the title captures perfectly this moment in history. White people, we need to get over ourselves; first listen and learn. The conversation must begin with us in the back seat. That’s why I love this bold new series from This American Life. (Kudos to Ima, Maurice, Susan, and even Rob, who I hope will welcome his role in this vital learning curve, and others. Great reporting! Can’t wait to hear episode 2.) P.S. By no means do I hate my country or think supporting BLM and being patriotic are mutually exclusive - that’s a tired argument. I love that we can wade carefully into delicate and difficult conversations in this country, be self-reflective, criticize our leaders and not shy away from that other “national deficit” of late: critical thinking.
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Kristina Natale
Stay woke, truth hurts
I have heard some of these podcasts in the last few weeks. The racial exposure is the best thing. Possibly foreign to some or most listeners because you will not understand that ever and be glad you don't but you should know. Knowledge is power even if it makes you uncomfortable. And as one reviewer mentioned that there is a hate towards America in these podcasts, i don't think thats the case, its just the truth and sometimes truth hurts, don't it? Im just glad that these things are being brought to the light, about time. From a salvadoreña from south central Los Angeles.
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Racist garbage
I remember when gross generalizations of a group of people based on the color of their skin was racist. Apparently now it’s “anti-racist” and “woke.” This kind of semantic overload looks like the beginning of an Orwellian dystopia. Good luck world.
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