CrimeCon Presents: Shattered Souls
CrimeCon Presents: Shattered Souls
Red Seat Ventures/Thinking Sideways
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I live the description of the cases. I’ve only listened to shattered souls episodes. Great show!
Inside perspective
It’s not often you hear from the forensic detectives on a crime scene. Okay so CSI tries to hype it up, but this is real world, not done in 53 minutes for television. Ret. Detective Smith does an amazing job of bringing the cases to life, while ensuring that the reverence for the victims and their families are maintained. Shattered Souls is a solid 5 stars. Can’t wait for season 2.
Holy sh*t, I can’t believe how much I love this podcast! I have been listening to true crime podcasts for almost 5 years, and this is one of my favorites already!
Dana Bailey
3 hosts talking over each other, distracting from the story and laughing at inappropriate times. So many better crime podcasts out there.
Shattered Souls
I discovered Shattered Souls from the excellent podcast “Women and Crime”. Each host named their favorite podcasts and Shattered Souls was one of them. Karen’s passion, integrity and empathy for all involved in the crimes makes this a binge worthy listen.
What happened to the show?!
If there is any show that was made for me it was this one...please bring it back!
Thinking Sideways was one of my favorite podcasts until Steve decided to move and break up the group. Then, after months of silence, I was pleasantly surprised with Shattered Souls. Karen is an excellent host and storyteller. I can’t wait for season 2.
That's Mr Dozer to you son
Truly one of the best True Crime Podcasts!
Karen has the unique perspective of being a Forensics investigator. She adds details that only someone who was there at the scene could provide. I truly cannot wait until the next season! It’s coming! Follow her on Facebook as she updates us on progress toward season 2. It’s coming soon and you won’t be disappointed!
Can’t wait for Season 2
When I first started listening I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I don’t actually listen to many podcasts from former police officers. Let me tell you, this was a fascinating and captivating season. I learned so much about what to look for at a crime scene. Something no one like me would ever naturally know. I cannot wait for Season 2. Having first hand experience and straight out of the “horses mouth” is truly something awesome. Thank you Karen for all your hard work. I’m on the Shattered Souls fb page and I’m so intrigued with all these hints you keep dropping.
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Love this show
I love this show! I have listened to Thinking Sideways for years and was sad to see it end, but I’m so happy Shattered Souls is on this feed! Every time I listen to SS, I end up going through A few TS backlog. It’s the best of both worlds….. A fresh new favorite and an old friend! Thanks to both for keeping me throughly entertained!
Looks like buying an audience didn’t help you much.
Love how Thinking Sideways had almost 300 episodes and Shattered Souls couldn’t even make it past 6 months and 15 episodes even after taking over what was once one of the most popular podcast in the US. 😂
Thank you!
Great podcast, Devon is perfect, and so glad this was recommended by one of the very smart ladies on Women & Crime!
Mimi Huynh
I discovered this podcast recently hosted by three hosts named Devin, Joe, and Steve. I think I came across this podcast from scrolling through my recommended list on Spotify, and let me tell you, I’m glad I did. This show has the topics I'm a sucker for, from unidentified objects and alien sightings to unsolved mysteries! The episodes were easy to listen to, so I listened to it doing little tasks throughout my day. The hosts were entertaining as well! Joe and Steve had some witty sarcasm that always seemed to counter some of Devin’s outside the box thinking. The humorous banter between the three of them were funny to listen to. The intro from the early episodes was also really good, although they changed it throughout the episodes and made is less captivating. I think the most memorable things I heard from the episodes. I think the most memorable episode I had listened to had to be the ‘Lake City Quiet Pills’ episode. The discoveries that they made, and the intricacies of their details made me want more by the end of the episode. These were the most fun to listen to as the humor and theories hooked me till the very end! The only critique I have for this show is that I wish they would spend more time discussing the actual story rather than the witty banter on the side- although I do love that! Every episode would just start off with 20 minutes of discussing some detail of the story without clearly discussing what the story was about. It through me for a loop for some of the episodes. One question I would like to ask Devin is how she thinks of such out of the box theories. She always had so much research and details and her theories always puzzled me on how she managed to come up with them. It’s a shame that Steve had to move away and end the podcast, otherwise, I would ask them to cover some more topics like the occult or things that have to do with suspicious government activities! I think that the three of them would have had a blast uncovering some of those stories. Overall, I give this podcast a 4 out of 5 stars. It was a great listen for people who are interested in the topic of unsolved mysteries.
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m huynh
Steve is so obnoxious
If he isn’t rattling on about improbable theories, he is talking in someone else’s voice.
Devon is the worst
She really is.
Separate the 2 podcasts
I don’t know why you have two different podcasts tied together here. One is very good (Shattered Souls), and the other is awful (Thinking Sideways).
There’s 2 podcasts listed under this title and they need to fix it
So there’s 2 podcasts “Shattered Souls” which is good and “Thinking Sideways” which I have not listened to yet. Mixing the 2 different podcasts under one title is very confusing and needs to be fixed. Minus one star for this technical error/laziness.
Ms. Smith is a wonderful story teller. She make you feel like you are right there with her the whole time. I’m so glad I found this. Definitely a favorite. No banter, just the story which is what I like. Thank you Ms. Smith.
Thank you for Sharing
I am not one to write a review, but I want to say that I appreciate the stories from a forensics account.
My new obsession
Such a great podcast! Love hearing the first hand stories
Like the presentation
I like how Karen doesn't seem to be reading from a script like some other true crime podcasts. I really enjoyed hearing how they re-created gunshot paths using string. Very intriguing without boring us
Love this podcast
Really appreciate the perspective. Haven’t had new episodes in a while but holding out hope more will come.
Rosa F01
So carelessly done
Get your own podcast. They bout the “thinking sideways podcast” Lame
Hm bad research
Came here for the Kris & Lisanne case and I gotta admit: you didn‘t research well. Many questions ended up being answered with: ‚Oh, I don‘t know.‘ There is so much information out (also translated into English). I‘ve watched all Youtube videos to this topic and read a lot of articles online. There is definetely something wrong with this case eventhough I neither know the full truth about it. For the presentation: All the ‚like like you know like...‘ of the lady in the group was pretty annoying to listen to. Unfortunately a no for me but this case itself is pretty interesting!
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I love this pod takeover
Not familiar with podcast feed takeovers, but this one is so good. I feel lucky to hear this detective’s work and feelings simultaneously. It’s inspiring and can’t wait for more
Love this show told with such empathy
Lisa Ducey
Low rent Nancy Grace. Not that there’s a high rent one but you know....
Could be good if the host went so dramatic.
PW from GR
Love love love this...very well told with great empathy!!!! My favorite pod cast!
Keysha Green
Love this Podcast!
Smart, sensitive, and well done. From a crime stories with Nancy to a Shattered Sleuth with WOMEN warriors.
Make this a tv show!
A real and honest inside look at crime scene investigation. Details I never considered. Karen shows grit, heart and compassion. I always come out of the episodes with empathy for the victim. This reminds me of the old Dr. G tv show. I would love to see karen host a show
New favorite podcast!
Omg! Plz keep these coming!!
Definitely recommend
Absolutely love this podcast. Karen keeps it real and makes you feel like you are there. Can’t wait for the next season.
Patiently waiting for season two
I love this podcast ! Can’t wait for season 2!!
Steph Dorsett
I really enjoy how this podcast includes the emotions, experiences and feelings of the investigators. It’s obvious they cared about the victims and did their best to gather evidence and get justice from the victims.
Amazing podcast
Karen is a truly amazing person and I am sure she was a great police officer as the respect comes through as she talks about these cases. I love her style and honesty as she discusses the cases.
Go Go ZX
I miss TS
I miss you, Team Sideways!
Karen has a wonderful voice for podcasting and I really appreciate how she doesn’t hold back on any actual emotion she may be feeling. This means she truly has the victim in her heart and because of that she is a truthful voice for them, and is giving to us, the listeners, a deep insightful feel into the heart and soul of the victims story. I just finished listening to quite a few chapters and the one about Moussa Maeda’s mother in such unbearable gut wrenching pain unknowingly scrapped her fingernails down your neck as she wept, had my heart grieving and tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing your stories and being a voice for the victim and doing so in such a compassionate and respectful way. Wonderful podcast you have and I will be listening in from here on out!
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Creative Arts Director
Crime Junkie
I have lots of crime podcasts can’t get enough does that make me Found you through Nancy Grace was glad to hear the second season is on it’s way soon. 😁
Looking forward to season 2
I really enjoy this podcast. I listen to several true crime shows and this one is one of my favorites.
Reagan Piper Rose
Surfer dude
Oh man, kept thinking about the movie 🍿 Your impersonation was spot on🤣🤣🤣🤣
Forever Eden
The Best!
Just keeps getting better! Love it!
Interesting and thorough
It is extremely interesting to hear the details of crimes from a forensic perspective, which is something we don’t often get in true crime podcasts. I just finished the Moussa Maida episodes, and my only issue is the last few minutes of the last episode. Up until that point the emotional impact that law enforcement officers must deal with when working murder cases meshed well with the otherwise fact-based narrative. The editorializing on the commutation of the death penalty to like without parole didn’t fit the tone of the rest of the episode for me. I’m not sure if I have adequately explained it. Otherwise, I have been enjoying the podcast and look forward to the rest of the episodes.
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Great show
Love it, it’s very interesting, to get the inside story from crime scene investigator. I can’t wait for the next episodes
Very Interesting
My only complaint is that Hoof and Mouth disease is a livestock disease and “Hand, Foot, and Mouth” disease is a human disease. They are using the terms interchangeably and it’s not the same thing at all in terms of species effected or seriousness of infection. I only know this because I caught Hand, Foot, and Mouth as a teenager and it was an obnoxious yet completely survivable affliction that many children get if they walk barefoot outside when you live in the country. I am not trying to be a jerk, but it’s important to be precise with the words you are using if you want to be taken seriously. Especially when you are discussing diseases, as we all know too well now.
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Shattered Souls: Good, except for Nancy Grace
Shattered Souls: I've really appreciated the empathy and passion that has gone into this podcast ... which has been greatly eroded by a loving guest appearance by Nancy freaking Grace. I'm really disappointed in that episode. Thinking Sideways: Five stars - - My in-retrospect-ironic review: I love these guys. From familiar topics to stuff I've never heard of, it's just fun to listen to these three take apart what's out there and wander through the possibilities. Long may they record!
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Shattered Souls
not a fan of how Thinking Sideways sold its feed to a new podcast, why not just start a new one
My Nickname
Great Podcast!
I like the narration and I like how each case is broken down into two episodes; one giving detail on the crime committed and the second giving detail on the court side.
Just finished the Kim Dorsey case yesterday and then I saw Karen Smith on Dateline! I was so impressed with Karen not only on this podcast but on Dateline. She is an amazing specialist and woman!!
The narrators style of reading certain parts with personal intensity is off putting to the point I will quit listening. The stories are good if someone else would read.
Tinker Bell54
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