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Would Double ad revenue named as THinkin sideways
Thinking Sideways
These folks are from my town and I heard about this podcast from one of my favorite podcast hosts so I was really hoping to like the show. I realize it’s not on anymore but I have to say that the way they talk about people with substance use disorders is horrible. I really wonder if the drug epidemic has not affected them and they have developed some empathy… but it’s unfortunate that someone with a history of drug use or a loved one of a person who does has to listen to their judgement. Otherwise it’s a good show but I can’t listen. It’s too bad. Hopefully they have learned something since. Substance use can affect anyone.
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Go back to the old format of the show
The Car Barn Murders version of the podcast is dull. And will it ever end!? She’s gone on and on with a narrative that’s difficult to follow sometimes. She’d have been better off making this a book; it would be very successful. I’m on the episode after she’s handed it off to the listeners for a verdict. At this point I’m just listening to see how it ends. I lost interest in the case long ago. Why am I still listening? Curiosity mostly. I prefer the old format when she discussed her Jacksonville cases. I lived there for 20 years and I guarantee there are 20 years worth of podcasts with all the crime that happened there.
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History Buff AZ
Addictive and Suspenseful!
I’m a huge fan of true crime podcasts and this one is high on my list of favorites! I love how Karen unpacks the technical details but doesn’t forget to tell the story… and the story is so good! Completely hooked and can’t wait for more!
I miss the separate cases of her career
I’m not interested in old-time “Car Barn Murders.” It may be interesting for Karen because it involves her family but old mysteries are not my vibe. I really miss the stories she has experienced in her career. Those were interesting- that’s why I’m giving her two stars.
True Crime must listen
I’m obsessed with this podcast. When do you get a crime investigator researching to solve an old crime in their own family?! I wish this didn’t happen but I’m totally cheering Karen and her family on and hoping so much that this case comes to be solved by Karen in this podcast. I love the professionalism and the personal family connection that Karen brings to this story. Thank you for sharing with us! It’s so hard to wait for the episodes!
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Loving the Car Barn Murders on Shattered Souls
Though I love the whole podcast channel, I am obsessed with this Car Barn Murders season. It is by far my favorite, and look forward to Tuesdays. Karen Smith is a great storyteller and is sharing a pretty fantastic story. The fact that she has sifted through an almost century’s old case, and is keeping the story relevant and captivating is proof of her talents. Great podcast, and can’t wait to find out more ok this case!
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Everyone is raving about this on the other reviews, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I find both the story, and the cadence of her voice incredibly boring. I find myself tuning out over and over again and completely lost. I also feel like she draws conclusions about the evidence that I don’t agree with. She fails to be objective, IMO. Maybe I will try season 1. Still trying to see what everyone else seems to see in this show.
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bored housekeeper
Dodgey from the first episode
Blames everyone but her own family members. Dodgey at best from the start.
Obsessed 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Karen Smith has me on the edge of my seat in just the intro already. The intro literally gave me chills. She is so vivid in her findings, research, recollection/experiences that I feel like I’m experiencing everything, working the case with her. I am always eagerly awaiting the next part of the investigation each time an episode comes to a close. I highly recommend this podcast. You will not be disappointed!!!
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**Karen is an amazing story teller**
I met Karen at Crime-Con Seattle Crowdsolve in 2019 and her presentation as a detective, was great. She knows how to draw you in with her words and fantastic humor. I listened to season one of Shattered Souls, and now the Car Barn murders and I still can’t get enough of her stories! Keep doing what you’re doing, Karen!!
My Favorite Podcast!
I admit, I considered forensics for my career, but went in a different direction, so true crime documentaries and podcasts are how I get my fix, trying to put the puzzle pieces together as I listen. Shattered Souls is my favorite! Karen is an amazing storyteller. She balances sharing the science, the detective work, and her personal thoughts and feelings. When you get to the end of a case with her, you release a deep breath you didn’t know you were holding. Thank you, Karen, for sharing your stories!
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The commercials are too loud while the audio is also super quiet. It makes me jump when ever the commercials come blasting on. Not sure if its worth continuing.
I like how Karen doesn't seem to be reading from a script like some other true crime podcasts. I really enjoyed hearing how they re-created gunshot paths using string. Please Karen don't stop producing!!!
So happy my favorite podcast is back!!
C Klein86
Amazing Podcast!!
I've only listened to one episode and I'm hooked! I kept going back over and over to relisten to the details. I can't wait to listen to more episodes!
Must listen!!
This podcast is just incredible. She is so detailed you can easily put yourself right in the moment with her. She also does an incredible job of respecting the victim(s) in the stories she tells. I found this while listening to Nancy Grace. You r were on the disappointed!
This podcast is so detailed. I can listen to it at work or in my car, it holds my attention so well. I’m fascinated at her ability to describe each crime scene in such detail, that I can picture myself right there with her. Hard to do when I should be driving, but I do it anyway. Guilty! Truly a fan!
You Inspire Me
Karen Smith you are my new true love!!!! This podcast is AMAZING. See Karen does this awesome job of telling us the facts and details of every case but she also does something else which I love: she tells us HER experience and how she was feeling which I think sets this podcast apart. The bonus episode with Kim Long where they talk about mental health in dealing with their jobs. WOW. It just shed light on some things I think many of us haven’t thought about. Thank you for making this podcast. I absolutely love it.
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Real life expert sharing fascinating real life experiences
I find the details and the real facts straight from the source so educational and fascinating. This podcast is amazing! Five stars for Shattered Souls and Karen Smith and her colleagues. Thank you for a podcast that makes you think not being told case facts by someone who did a Google search and decided to arm chair it lol I enjoy those podcasts of lay people analyzing too but real first hand facts and wild cases is way more interesting. 🏆👏🏻
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So good!
Smart. Good storytelling. Cannot wait for Season 2.
A real Forensic Investigator hosts!
Karen Smith knows her stuff. Listen, learn, enjoy.
Mom in Mass.
More PLEASE, Karen Smith
The BEST true crime podcast (and I’m subscribed to them all). Karen’s intimate knowledge of blood pattern forensics along with her raw, often lurid narratives make for quite a satisfying experience each episode. Karen, we are desperate for more!
Need more!
as a True Crime addict and a commuter I give this 5 stars plus! The feeling Karen has at these crime scenes come through in every word, you really feel transported to these scenes. I love these so much, while the stories are devastating Karen shares them with respect while still describing all the details perfectly. Can’t wait for season 2! I’ll bring the coffee :)
When can we have more Karen smith!!!!
so annoying
I love the fact that the host of "shattered souls" bought a popular podcast feed for her generic true crime copaganda.... and then goes into the reviews to complain about it! if you don't like the confusion don't buy someone else's listeners? anyway if you liked TSP The Shocking Details with Joe is excellent!
Madiiii :)
Host is Phenomenal!
Karen Smith, the host of this show does a really great job with this pod. You’ll quickly be able to tell she’s not one of these “pop-up” morons that decided to talk about past murders from their kitchen tables. This woman brings the heat! Intelligence, passion, and the perfect amount of empathy. She’s just real, and if you’re like me you can feel that in a show from the 1st minute of listening. This one has it! When I find a quality pod like this I figure the LEAST I can do is do my part and rate and review…so here I am! I’ve been looking for a LONG time now for a new show that “checks all the boxes” for me (story/host/production/intelligence/great detail) and this is one that certainly meets all those expectations and more. I’m currently binging on it now where I just discovered it, I have about 18 or so episodes I think to bask in! The only bad part as you fellow crime junkies know, is that soon I’ll catch up to date and have to wait for new episodes. That always stinks. Lol. But this is a great podcast. One that I would even consider sponsoring on Patreon once I’m caught up. I don’t send my money in to many shows, maybe a select 2 or 3, but this is that good! Trust me guys.
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I think shattered souls is one of the most intelligent analytical podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of listening to throughout the present crisis. I love your concept of examining different possible scenarios/theories for how events may have unfolded. I also appreciate the trouble you have taken to research many of these stories and have done a good job of sifting out spurious thoughts from more convincing ones . In doing so you have also alerted me to some ideas that had escaped my previous knowledge of those same mysteries I am familiar with. Even better I have rarely disagreed with your conclusions. It is a pity that you have retired for the moment, but fortunately your backlog is so extensive I have many hours of pleasurable listening left!
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Season 2?
Just wondering what happened to season 2. I just finished season 1 and you mentioned season 2 a couple of times. However, it’s been over a year since your last episode and I don’t see any episodes from season 2.
Excellent podcast
Karen’s storytelling is captivating and moving. Easy to get hooked and appreciate her deep knowledge behind true crime.
Not for me
Dijutal assassin
I read the podcast description and I swear I didn’t see snarky judgmental host, wasting more time on eye rolling than discussing the case or victim(s).
So good!!
This podcast is absolutely fantastic! I’m into all the podcasts about cold cases and current cases. I was caught up on all and looking for something new. Karen tells amazing stories about her experiences. They are absolutely mind blowing, full of all the crazy details. I can’t get enough of this podcast! Keep it up!!
Shattered souls with Nancy Grace
Love this podcast .. Nancy Grace is awesome .. hope there’s more with Nancy …
Hooked on this podcast
Please tell me there are more episodes to come. This has been my favorite podcast to date. Her storytelling is amazing. I highly recommended this podcast to anyone that enjoys true crime.
Too much negative…but can’t stop listening
Torn btwn 3-5 🌟😂🙃 Turns me off - comes across as anti-immigration, blue before all else (cop can’t be wrong), and kinda arrogant. But stories were so interesting. And all real life!
Louder voice
Fantastic please do a season 2!!
Karen is nothing short of amazing. This is without a doubt one of the best if not the best true crime podcast. But why the Thinking Sideways podcast is attached to this makes no sense and should be separate. As someone who works in criminal defense I appreciate the work people like Karen do so much more now. And her story telling is compelling. I binged the entire season in one day. This is so freaking good, please please please come back!!!!
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Where are the episodes about babies found in a river??
These guys seem to enjoy talking about victims as “stories.”. Their facts are wrong and they like making fun of victims’ names. Seriously unlistenable.
Excellent show!
This is exceptional telling of these cases by a professional in her field. You can tell that she did her job with professionalism and care for the victims. Awesome podcast! Can’t wait for the next season!
Very Interesting and Different, But...
This podcast is intriguing and the storytelling is great. Hearing these cases from the inside perspective is new and different. The only thing is, I would suggest you remove or separate the Thinking Sideways episodes into a different pod. It’s very confusing since they are two different shows. I’ve never seen this happen before. Many people will scroll to start at the very first episode and then be confused by what they are listening to.
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Karen is a great storyteller!
Love SHATTERED SOULS podcast. I want more! A little confusion with another podcast on here, but Shattered Souls is pure gold.
Shattered Souls is the absolute best podcast
Love love love how Karen tells her story. This podcast should be number 1.
Shattered Souls is fantastic!
I heard about this through Women and Crime and Maggie Freleng. I’ve been hooked for two days straight and listen any chance I get. The stories are terrifying, heartbreaking and so informative regarding real life detective work and what their days and nights look like. Great insight and story telling by Karen! This is at the top of my best true crime podcasts. Can’t wait for Season 2!
kerrbear 81
Must listen!
I was brought here by Murder in Alliance (also a must listen) and I am so grateful I was!! Incredible story telling that gets down to the nitty gritty. Most podcasts give a ton of backstory on the killer(s), which is fine, but it’s not often we get to learn forensically how the case was solved. Great job and I can’t wait for season 2!
Why two podcasts?!
I LOVE Shattered Souls. I would love more of that pod. Super bugged that the other podcast is on here. Super confusing and not at all what I’m looking for.
I live the description of the cases. I’ve only listened to shattered souls episodes. Great show!
Inside perspective
It’s not often you hear from the forensic detectives on a crime scene. Okay so CSI tries to hype it up, but this is real world, not done in 53 minutes for television. Ret. Detective Smith does an amazing job of bringing the cases to life, while ensuring that the reverence for the victims and their families are maintained. Shattered Souls is a solid 5 stars. Can’t wait for season 2.
Holy sh*t, I can’t believe how much I love this podcast! I have been listening to true crime podcasts for almost 5 years, and this is one of my favorites already!
Dana Bailey
3 hosts talking over each other, distracting from the story and laughing at inappropriate times. So many better crime podcasts out there.
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