Think Again – a Big Think Podcast
Think Again – a Big Think Podcast
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No Black guests? Think again.
Scintillating Conversations!
Stumbling onto these podcasts has been a breath of fresh air to me! The conversations are insightful, informative and all over the sphere of what it means to be human. They have taken me ‘home’ to where I used to be studying Anthropology for my undergrad, before things in life distracted me from the things I enjoy to ponder. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jason!
Excellent podcast!
I've been listening to this show from the start. Jason just keeps getting deeper and deeper with these podcasts. The incredible conversation with Jennifer Doudna is worth listening to for everyone. I've been sharing this particular episode with friends and family. 2020 review update: This podcast keeps getting deeper! The new format provides much more relevant prompts for conversation. Thank you!
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Greg Wright Colorado
Great Podcast
Think Again delivers smart, engaging, often funny interviews with people I’d mostly never heard of before, but am now glad I have. I’ve found some of my favorite books, movies, and podcasts by listening to Jason Gots’s interviews and then following up with the interviewees’ original works. If you are looking for something that will both spark your intellectual curiosity and engage you emotionally, look no further. It’s clear that Jason reads, watches, and listens to his subjects’ material closely in order to generate exceedingly smart, dynamic conversations. Awesome. My personal favorites (in no particular order, and keep in mind I’ve missed many of Think Again’s first year of interviews): Karen Armstrong (theologian) Reginal Dwayne Betts (poet) Etgar Keret (author) Marlon James (author) Christopher Wylie (Cambridge Analytica whistleblower) Jill Lepore (Historian) Jeffery Israel (political philosopher) Eve Ensler (author of The Apology) Wesley Yang (author of The Souls of Yellow Folk) Jonathan Safran Foer (on factory farming)
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Curious and Interested
Great conversations with people
I’ve been listening to this show for many years and has truly been a wonderful experience. This show has kept me up to date with the world and how to think about issues we face today. It has inspired me to keep reading and writing. I hope to continue to listen to this show for many years to come
Profoundly beautiful show.
A treat every time, deep interviews with some incredible guests Thank you !!
peter dodo
Refreshingly Smart
One of my weekly must not miss podcasts. Love the books I discover from my listening. Thank you Adam.
Your Podcasts are truly enlightening
I wish I had more time to listen to all the previous podcast episodes. Just today discovered them. And listening to the 4th now. Just such high quality themes and discussions. A real treat for my brain and soul 😘. Thank you 🙏 Will share Angelika
A terrific podcast. Very interesting guests and topics. Thanks.
clint wolf
Gets my brain moving
My favorite of the cerebral podcasts, although I really like “Philosophize This!” too. Jason keeps it humble and pulls it apart with great questions posed to excellent guests.
The new logo...
Is sooooo ugly, it makes me so sad and uncomfortable :(
Diverse and interesting guests interviewed by a thoroughly-prepared host whose inciteful questions drive an informative discussion.
The conversations I'd iike to have
Jason speaks to some really amazing people and has wonderful conversation, just the kind I dream of having if I had the chance to talk to the same people. And the introduction of video clips is genius, it's stears the conversations into some unexpected and always interesting directions. Jason is guy who seems very easy to talk to , honest and sincere who doesn't interview so much as communicates in a disarming way to bring out the real person.
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Great pod, keep it going!
Love the pod and the host’s genuineness and open mindedness. Only losing one star because something feels off about the part where your guests listen to random clips and give their take. AWESOME IDEA, but unfortunately what seems to happen is I like and respect the guest more and more for the first half, then when this random response half comes up I find most of these guests being cocky (and wrong) with their responses, making me lose the respect they earned. And since neither of you are total experts in what gets brought up, this part is frustrating since the best and deepest perspectives surrounding the topic don’t get airtime. Not sure what you can do about this.
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Lem Kenada
Good for thinking
Mr. Gots could use some editing for his laughter--distracting--though I realize that This American Life thought it a good idea, so now everyone has to do it. Ugh. But, I love that he has so many women on and I like the "think on your feet" part at the end. Makes for some interesting connections.
This is so great. Especially love the scientists
Great escape to “real” people
Jason makes difficult topics relevant and easy to consume
Fantastic podcast. Can’t wait for more content.
trev mb
One of my favorite podcasts!
I listen to a number of podcasts during my commute to work and this is one of my favorites. It provides a good balance of information, insight and entertainment.
Don't waste your time
Jason Gots has interesting people on the show but you wouldn't know it by his poor interview skills.
RaFa my dogs name
Great guests!
Smart, entertaining, important
I love that the host and guest do not know what they will talk about, for half the show, and that they rise to the interesting challenges and often speak to a higher degree because of that fact.
Kate Porter writer
Love this show.
You had me at Mr. Kaku.
Even among the many excellent podcasts featuring interviews with major thinkers, artists, politicians, and the like, Big Think stands out as THE one I can’t afford to miss each week.
Well worth the time
Love the surprise video clips
Fun entertaining
And insightful! I feel like I raise my iq every time I listen in. Thanks for the informative show.
Excellent discussion!
Love the Show!
Each episode offers a unique perspective on a subject that I typically don’t know anything about. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for the next episode!
Best guests of any podcast
I've heard so many of my favorite contemporary minds discuss a huge variety of topics. Great host, Great guests, and the best podcast out there. I've never learned so much washing dishes.
Great topics, awesome host
This is a great conversation podcast; intelligent, intellectual, and thought provoking. I personally love deep conversations like these about interesting and deep topics. The host is relaxed yet well spoken and asks very good questions, and allows his guests to speak without inturrupting them every two seconds. It doesn't have that ADHD, hyper edited feel that a lot of other podcasts have.
Chris improv fan
New ideas from interesting people
I this makes me stretch my brain and examine my ideas. Fun to listen in on a relatable intelligent conversation.
Very good. But one thing....
It's an interesting format. Fun, informative etc. But the host (I forgot his name) needs to stop saying "kinda like" or "like" every other word. It's makes him sound like a dumb/nervous teenage girl. Still a good podcast with interesting guest
Certainly gives you a lot to think about!
What I love about this podcast is that it celebrates interesting people and not just interesting topics. Experts, like the guests that come on this show, are inevitably fascinating in ways that they don't get to reveal when they're restricted to their typical bylines. These interviews tease out the human characters behind the accomplishments. Jason Gots does a commendable job handling the diversity of personalities, though as expected, the chemistry works better with some guests than others. I wish Margaret Atwood didn't get top billing in the podcast description because I had to skip her episode after enduring her interrupting the host too many times with her longwinded tangents.
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Great format, meh host
The format is wonderful. You get to hear great and interesting minds discuss topics that you would never otherwise hear them talk about. It's combinatorial magic. But the host feels somewhat flat to me. His demure and slightly awkward nature is distracting and it feels like there are many lost opportunities in the conversations.
I think the topics and interviewing have been on point, yet seems to get better every episode
Informative and entertaining!
Interesting guests, interesting & wide-ranging discussions, and an intelligent & thoughtful host. Currently addicted
Awesome show
Informative and entertaining
Need to listen!
The lessons in the talks can be applied to all aspects of life. I find myself sharing some of the themes with my wife, friends and coworkers. Keep it up!
Amazing Host!
Jason is an inquisitive guy with a great laugh! He talks with leading divergent thinkers to talk about their expertise. Listeners of podcasts such as Smart Drugs Smarts will be intrigued!
Great host, he even wants to talk to his listeners! Great guests. Always worth a listen.
terrible interviewer
the whole point of being an interviewer is hearing the GUEST'S responses...he keeps interrupting and not listening!
Excellent casual listening!
Playing random clips opens up the conversational arena far more than interview questions about a guest's work can. It's an opportunity to listen in on what is often an interesting and thoughtful conversation.
Selectively Worthwhile
I support this project in principle. In practice, it lacks the structure and even editing, including audio, that would make it more useful. More people with different skill sets need to be involved in the production.
Fabulous listen.
My new go to show.
Great podcast!
Always walk away more information 👍
Going downhill
This podcast used to be a favorite. Recently, the guest selection has been off, as Jason has chosen some people who are not interesting. He used to have relatable people on the show, like Bill Nye or Jesse Ventura, who discussed ideas that impact everyone. Lately, I feel like I am at an exclusive conference when I listen, and I need some sort of insider knowledge or "secret code" to understand. And I have a Ph.D., so....
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Great show just now
I write a review every time I'm blown away by this podcast. Scroll down to see all the times my mind was blown. :)
A must listen
Always an interesting listen.
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