There Will Be Dungeons
There Will Be Dungeons
Scott Johnson
Custom weekly video and audio roleplaying games (using mostly Dungeons & Dragons rules) with Beau, Scott, Jon, Kristen and Kyle!
TWBD 128: Musical Shredding Damage
Time to take the bounty hunter task and find out the quickest way through his balls. Can Stanley do it with magic? Can Vorel with might? Can Hope with cunning? Or will it take an idiot like Nash to find the dragon's way? You will have to tune in and find out!
Nov 29
2 hr 44 min
TWBD 127: A Case of Malpractice
Our heroes immediately get themselves in some hot water and take on hoards of invaders with no end in site, only to have the 2nd worst elevator ride of their lives. Will they make it out? Will double haste work? And whatever happened to the demons?
Nov 22
2 hr 34 min
TWBD Bonus from 11-01-2020
TWBD Bonus from 11-01-2020
Nov 9
35 min
TWBD 126: Bow To The Fish Bird
Sometimes they say, don’t meet your Gods. Tonight is one of those nights. Take a deep breath and spend some time at the bottom of the lake with us.
Nov 8
2 hr 28 min
TWBD 125: No Floating Forks
More trying to get Nash to eat things, but then later, we have to make some really hard choices.
Nov 1
2 hr 55 min
TWBD 124: That's Ghost Water
Faced with a dragon-sized problem, the crew has some things to figure out. How do you move a 5 ton metal heart? Why do ghosts of the haunted hunting lodge make so much noise? Why does everyone want ghost food? Ghost food is bad. Never eat ghost food.
Oct 18
2 hr 40 min
TWBD 123: The Heart of The Matter
We thought there might just be gnarly mushrooms in that cave, but no, a long gone "friend" showed up and things got really hairy in there. We also crack open a long forgotten secret about Nash and his history, Stanley and his old room mate, and Hope learns how to be a pinball. Will Vorel save them all in the end? Maybe. You just have to tune in and find out!
Oct 11
2 hr 53 min
TWBD Bonus from 9-27-2020
TWBD Bonus from 9-27-2020
Oct 6
35 min
TWBD 122: Fly Like An Eagle
Stanley proves that birds came from dinosaurs. Nash proves that you should taste everything before making any major decisions. Vorel gets super hasty. Hope wants mushrooms. And the world wants our blood.
Sep 27
2 hr 45 min
TWBD 121: Put Out The Fish Fire
The hunt begins, with Vorel in the lead! Can we trust the Dildo we brought with us, or will he betray us? Also, what's with those talking rat things? Why does Nash want all the fish heads? And where the crap is the bear!
Sep 20
2 hr 49 min
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