Theology Refresh
Theology Refresh
Desiring God
Theology Refresh is a podcast for Christian leaders hosted by David Mathis, executive editor for John Piper and Desiring God. The podcast aims to refresh and sharpen spiritual leaders on key aspects of Christian theology for application to everyday ministry.
Well Done, Good Servant: Jerry Bridges on Perseverance
March 6 is the first anniversary of Jerry Bridges’s death. He loved the truth that God preserves us, while we participate in his process.
Mar 5, 2017
Mission to North America
Nov 28, 2014
14 min
Definite Atonement
Oct 17, 2014
13 min
Kent Hughes discussed Christian generosity
Aug 22, 2014
14 min
Ministry Idolatry
Jared Wilson on the subtle danger of ministry idolatry
Jul 23, 2014
11 min
Michael Horton discusses the stunning doctrine of glorification.
Jun 27, 2014
12 min
Youth Athletics
Ed Uszynski discusses the peril and potential of youth athletics.
May 29, 2014
19 min
The Holy Spirit: Jesus’s Closest Companion
Sinclair Ferguson on the mysterious third person of the Trinity.
Apr 24, 2014
12 min
Preach the Gospel to Yourself
Paul Tripp talks frankly about the vital discipline of preaching the gospel to ourselves.
Apr 4, 2014
12 min
Randy Alcorn discusses going deep with God during seasons of depression.
Mar 13, 2014
9 min
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