Them Christian Boys
Them Christian Boys
Them Christian Boys
Just some Christian boys talking about real stuff. Tune in weekly to get a dose of the world through the lens of 3 Christian boys and some of their friends who are doing their best to figure out how to interact with faith, films, friendships and the future.
THEM CHRISTIAN BOYS EP4//:: Generation Wars + Ok, Boomer! James fights Joe, Casey watches Disney Plus. We talk about Millennials.
On this episode of Them Christian Boys, the Boys talk about the hottest topics like Disney Plus, Dragon Ball Z, and the new phrase, OK BOOMER. Specifically , they dive into the generational war that has plagued the church for years and how we can bridge the gaps between all generations.
Nov 19, 2019
50 min
THEM CHRISTIAN BOYS EP3//:: RING RING, This is Your Calling Calling & Taylor Swift
On the third episode of Them Christian Boys, the boys talk about the idea of being called? Is it a one time thing? Can we miss the calling of God on our life? What does it even mean to be called when you don't answer any spam calls? They talk experiences, they talk practicals, they also talk a little about their own calling.
Nov 8, 2019
39 min
THEM CHRISTIAN BOYS EP2//: The Enneagram or the EnneaSHAM? (ft. Julia Rensink and Power Outage)
On the second episode of Them Christian Boys Podcast, them boys recap some of the juicy Kanye news and talk about the culture emerging in Christendom over the Enneagram! Could it all just be an EnneaSHAM? Let's talk about. Plus, Spoopy season is coming to an end, let's celebrate with a POWER OUTAGE. We bring Julia Rensink to whisper about the Enneagram. We also recap some Kanye and shows some Kan-love. Love y'all. Follow us on all platforms.
Nov 1, 2019
52 min