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terrible takes
fake progressive sellouts
Such a disappointment
The difference between TYT and MSNBC is they feel the need feign progressivism every quarter as opposed to after each election.
Martial Arts Student
What frauds
What frauds
not a persuadeable
Pretty terrible, worse than expected
When I started the show I knew to expect bad, I’m conservative and I wanted to know how they sound, but I did NOT expect the absolute and sheer dishonesty and willful ignorance of the facts, President Trump never said he won’t concede, and to lump all republicans in with the radicals who attacked the capitol, reeks of dishonesty, republicans see the democrats moving left but do not lump them in with the “squad”. Terrible show. Root of disunity in our country, Ana saying she’s afraid of the 70m Americans who voted for Trump is lumping us all together. Horrible and I can’t say it enough. Horrible. Poor Cenk, grew up a republican but something happened and the dude flipped!
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It’s gone down hill
I use to be a regular listener and even donated to TYT. But they started letting go the best people on the show. Jordan Chariton, Jimmy Dore, Graham Elwood are all gone and it seems like they took all the integrity with them. I stopped listening right after the 2016 election when TYT went into the Russiagate coverage & its seemed to go even further down hill from there. Now they don’t even support a floor vote for Medicare for all. What kind of progressive show doesn’t support the highest polling progressives policy? And recently they started all the twitter smears against others who are more progressive than them and if I want that I’ll listen to Fox or MSNBC. Thank god there are other better options for progressive media.
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Sold out
Clearly have a platform, why punch left? Telling time is now, the Dems must be forced to pass m4a, green new deal, defund police... Will TYT pressure Dems or bend the knee.
The New Staus Quo
TYT is a successful business model that does well for themselves while promoting the staus quo. This network has a negative effect on the lives of young people. Cenk should know better and Ana Maddow just doesn't care.
Michigan Reviewer 2.
New to TYT
One star.. Started listening within the last month with the hopes of broadening my knowledge on progressive issues. However this show talks little about progressive news and issues and instead does more commentary bashing the opposing side. Cenk starting each episode saying they are independent media proves to be blatantly false when he starts speaking. He clearly has an agenda, similar to every other MSM source, which is disappointing as I was hoping to hear from an actual independent source talking about progressive issues.
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Sell Outs!!!
JIMMY DORE is right about you people. Bye TYT. I also can’t watch another video of Cenk rambling about coffee n t shirts while fake laughing about how cool emojis are. It’s over TYT, it’s over. So sad especially after how proud I was working for Wolf Pac on a campaign.
It’s like Night Court in it’s fifth season, lame. The programming and hosts sound more like MSNBC, than independent media.
They come from the ideology that if you don’t agree with them they don’t want you to have a voice. It’s simple, having a conversation or a disagreement with someone who listens to this kind of station will present their side of the argument. Now a couple things can happen here, if you intelligently try to counter by using facts and or reasonable talking points you’ll instantly be labeled a racist, sexist, a bigot, or a homophobe. Or you can say nothing and let them feel self righteous in their self destructive pursuit of social justice. It’s a shame you’re trying to divide a great country with this pathetic charade.
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capecod 89
Not honest news
Jimmy Dore showed them to be liars
Been a big fan for years
I love that TYT is independent and not manipulated by some Murdochian wrinkle demon behind the scenes. Progressive and intelligent and free. Like media should be.
The actual Left
Screw those right-wing corporatist Democrats, this is the actual left and home of true Progressives!
Communist propaganda
They lie, deliberately take out of context, and fabricate to serve their communist overlords and the foreign caliphate that funds them. Don’t believe a word you hear on this garbage show.
Real progressive
If you are looking for a podcast that has the most tds you have found it listen and enjoy
Progressive 321
They present the left and don’t really worry about the facts.
Too legit to quit
You guys “woke” me around 6 years ago Thank you
Stereo dreams
Texas AG
Texas AG fishing for a Trump pardon...
KC comrade
Ana Kasparian is a gd super hero!!
bernie beeeetch
Absolute trash! Don’t waste your time.
The Truth
The only news show which tells the truth.
Progressive! In the same sense that a termite thinks what it is doing is progressive.
Negative, anti-American propaganda.
Quincy BJJ
3rd grade level politics
If you want a dumbed down look at the US left wing of politics, this show is for you
Not mj
What a joke
Young Turk is a joke. I do believe he called the election a month ago. Trump will win again.
Angrymantown, USA
More women and queer hosts please!
IFL you guys I don't know what I would do without this podcast
Opening guitar rif has got to go
I start my workday with a string of podcasts. While TYT isn’t daily, I always appreciate the dialog and passion with which you all attack your topics. But for the love of all that is holy in this world, drop the opening guitar rif. I get that you need to have a signature but I’ve actually skipped episodes out of sheer reaction to not wanting the opening rif to blow my Bluetooth speaker. It’s not pleasant, you don’t need it and it would be tremendously appreciated if you changed it.
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Rony K
So great to hear Bernie‼️
You all are amazing! Thank you for keeping us sane 😘
Stupid show
This shouldn’t get any stars. This show is so stupid that they have to put up fake reviews to make it seem like this show has a higher rating than it does. They are such arrogant disgusting people. To the person who complained about people not liking this show calling them “bogus reviewers”. Some of us have morals. They defended that disgusting movie “cuties”. They are sick. Look up Ben the Baptist on YouTube. He talks about it.
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Bogus “Reviews”
Listen, no one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to take various steps to listen to the podcasts. Quit your whining about how Trump is being “hated” on and go back to whatever hole you crawled out of. Offended? Simple, don’t listen!!! Just because you believe what that loser says doesn’t mean everyone else does. Some of us a have functional brain cells.
Tired of Trump Supporters
3500 ratings. 4.0. As long as you’ve been around that’s pretty pathetic. The 3500 I mean. It must be embarrassing. Especially how you beg for money for up to 25 minutes sometimes. I’ll never get that time back. You have nothing to offer. It’s hard to believe any of your glowing posts are actual humans. One star. Reprehensible.
chunk uygur
Wow consider myself liberal and listening to u guys is just painful grow up
Incorrect description of podcast
On more than one occasion I have gone into the TYT podcast and press to play and the Staying Home podcast starts to play instead under Apple’s podcast app. Happened for 9/22/2020 episode and others over the past couple months. If there isn’t one for TYT then the episode description is not correct, if there is one with Ana and Cenk then the wrong podcast is being uploaded.
Too much yelling! Poor sound quality only makes it worse. Relax, speak slowly and in a normal voice. It will make this pod better
Great job
Great job. Love the forum
Cenk, why did you fire your employees that wanted to unionize???? Ana, do you care at all about the Black woman that Jacob Blake repeatedly raped? Do you care about their Black children that Jacob was putting in danger when he decided to rape her again in front of them? Do you care at all about the police putting their lives in danger to do their jobs to arrest a man they had an active warrant for? OF COURSE NOT, YOU DONT CARE ABOUT FACTS! Last I checked we don’t let people with active warrants for violent sex crimes drive off with a car full of children, you sicko! CANNOT WAIT FOR THE DAY YOU GUYS ARE NO LONGER “SUSTAINABLE”!!!!!!
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Thankful for this podcast
I am very thankful for this form since i dont have money to subscribe but still able to get good information. Thinking abt subscribing when I get my job back.
Everything offends these people it’s hard to listen to people who let there emotions control there politics, weeeh weeh weeeeeeh
You’re kidding, right?!
I have tried time and time again to tune in and here the view point from another side but this is unlistenable! The mental gymnastics done at tyt are astounding. The disingenuous and intellectually dishonest viewpoints from this leftist outlet are just sad. God bless!
Cenk what happened?
Cenk use to be a personal hero until he changed after the Trump election. He became blind by rage. He can’t admit when the other side is right anymore. There will be times when the right and left screw up and Cenk doesn’t see that. He only calls out the left when they are not extreme or left enough and he will never admit the right is correct about anything unless it’s “they are good at being bullies and that wins”. This is so eye rolling and transparent what you are doing. He has turned against his moderate fans.
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I used to love TYT until I woke up. They have an agenda that distorts the truth. Nothing unbiased here.
True Progressives
I love the hosts and their co-hosts. They speak truth about this horrible administration and our complaint democratic leadership.
I tried...
I make a point to listen and watch those With whom I disagree. Ironically, I agree with 99% of the ideas and views on TYT. However to say that taxing someone at 60% is not radical or controversial is nuts. To say investment bankers sit around and do nothing for their money in silly.
Trump Bash
Wow, I just listened to about twenty minutes. It was Ana Kasparian and her single digit IQ guest just blathering about Trump bla bla bla, she doesn’t have an original thought in her head. Ugh
Mental oaf
Great news source
Support Socialism
The shows hosts and guests blatantly support socialism and left wing extremist violence. The goal of these so called progressives is to destroy the establishment system and rebuild a “socially” just replacement. It is obvious from the commentary their vision for the future includes big government and authoritarian policies. It is disappointing the left wing has been radicalized to this extent. Listeners should be aware progressives rarely work to solve any of these problems they are so enraged about themselves, which is why they insist on using the government to force others to do the hard work for them. Don’t be fooled. True leaders ask you to join them in working on a solution, not to gather in an angry mob and hit people with bike locks or intimidate them into silence. These people are power hungry manipulators and not worthy of your attention.
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Love scene and TYT
No show is more responsible for my awakening... THANK YOU
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