The Yo Show! On The Stoop Radio Network
The Yo Show! On The Stoop Radio Network
The Yo Show
The Yo Show!, hosted by Jeff "The Shark" Porrini and Jewel Teti, showcases guests from Music, Movies, Television, Sports and so much more every week for our listeners. Coming from Philly, bringing you the world. You can e-mail us at
Episode 193, The Yo Show. Jeffs Birthday With Special Guest Christina Chriss
The Yo Show was on fire Tuesday April 26th!! The gorgeous and mega-talented Miss Christina Chriss, lead singer of the awesome band Kaliedo, was the special guest! It was Jeffs birthday, and talk about THE PERFECT gift! She was cool, fun and sanf Happy Birthday to our host! Check it out now!!!  Dont forget the website!
May 2, 2022
2 hr 27 min
Episode 192 The Yo Show with Jess Paul!
Another thrilling ride, its The Yo Show back for another amazing episode! One of the most super talented people ever, Miss Jess Paul sits down with Jeff and Jewel to talk about her career, her dreams and whats up next!
Apr 14, 2022
2 hr 7 min
Episode 187 The Yo Show with singer ShaLeah Nikole!
The Yo Show, a Top 50 Show as voted by the LA and New York Weekly Times, is back with another awesome episode, as we welcome singer/songwriter ShaLeah Nikole. Shes out with a brand new song and we play it here. A chat about her career and future plus her work with Kanye, Beyonce, Elton John and more. A fun and uplifting episode right here! Check it out!
Mar 9, 2022
2 hr 1 min
Episode 186 The Yo Show with singer/actor Questa!
The Yo Show, Philadelphias Number 1 show is back with another terrific episode! We are thrilled to be joined by an amazing singer, and multi-talented actor the amazing Questa! Fresh off of his new hit song "Feedin" we will discuss his upcoming EP, and his career. Voted a Top 50 Show in the world by the LA and New York Weekly Times, get to know The Yo Show!
Mar 3, 2022
1 hr 37 min
Episode 185, The Yo Show with singer Harrison Barnes!
ANother outstanding episode of The Yo Show is coming at you! National Margarita Day, 2-22-22 day, and the amazing singer, dancer Mr Harrison Barnes make this a sensational episode! We talk about his brand new red hot single TLC, his musci and career. We also come back with a bran new #LetsArgue segment, whos your favorite Batman? Hot Topics, Top 5 list and more great fun as Jeff Porrini and Jewel Teti present The Yo Show!
Feb 23, 2022
1 hr 57 min
Episode 180 The Yo Show with metal band Sepsiss
WE ARE BACK! Another amazing episode from Tuesday January 18th as Jeff and Jewel got a chance to chat with singer Melissa Wolfe and guitarist Cam Loud from the red hot band Sepsiss! We talked about their music, career and so much more! We talk Top 5 List (top 5 New England Bands), Hot Topics and more! Fun, laughs and lots more. Voted a Top 50 Show by the New York and Los Angeles Weekly Times, The Yo Show!
Jan 19, 2022
2 hr 4 min
Yo! 2.0 with Philly musician Rachel Bello!
The Yo Show and its NEW sister show Yo! 2.0 is a wild ride of chat, hot topics and amazing guest. This episode is no excepetion as we get to chat with Miss Rachel Bello, an extraordinary bass player who is as cool as the other side of the pillow! A true artist with her eyes on the prize! Give a listen as Jeff and guest co-host Angela have a blast with this talented artist.
Jan 14, 2022
2 hr 26 min
Episode 159 The Yo Show with Mike Skill from The Romantics!
Another awesome episode of The Yo Show for your enjoyment! From The Romantics, guitarist Mike Skill joins us. With hits like What I Like About You, Talking In Your Sleep and One In A Million, Mike is filled with grat music nostalgia and some modern stuff with a red hot solo career. An excellent interview and awesome episode right here! Check it out!
Jul 7, 2021
2 hr 1 min
Episode 158 The Yo Show with actress Connie Giordano of Mare Of Easttown
Join us for another amazing episode of The Yo Show as Jeff The Shark Porrini and Jewel Teti welcome the awesome actress Connie Giordano from the hit HBO Series Mare Of Easttown. They will dig deep into the making of the show nad its amazing success. Also discuss Connies upcoming projects! Plus brand new Top 5 list, Man Cave Scores, Meme Me segment and lots more! Certain to be an excellent episode so tune in and enjoy!
Jun 29, 2021
2 hr 6 min
Episode 157, The Yo Show with Mixi Demner of the band Stitched Up Heart
The Yo Show is back at Blog Talk Radio and they are coming back strrong! Jeff and Jewel welcom the incredible rock singer Mixi Demner from the band Stitched Up Heart to the show! Mixi talks about her upcoming concert tour of England with Fozzy! Upcoming festivals featuring Rob Zombie Marilyn Manson Slipknot and more! Plus a great new Top 5 List, Lets Argue Segment, Man Cave Scores and lots more! Voted a Top 50 Show of 2020 by The New York and Los Angeles Weekly Times, see what all the hype is about on The Yo Show! Watch it anytime on YouTube at The Yo Show!
Jun 24, 2021
2 hr 29 min
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