The Working Songwriter
The Working Songwriter
Joe Pug
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My favorite podcast!
A fantastic interviewer with some amazing interviewees!
Jon Beyle
Song, Story, and Conversation
As far as I’m concerned, Joe Pug won the pandemic.
My personal favorite
The Working Songwriter is my personal favorite songwriting podcast. The most literate and enjoyable conversations I’ve heard about songwriting and life on the road.
Easy Hero
Interesting convos
Joe does a great job picking the brains of songwriters and musicians. I find myself not only being entertained by the stories and anecdotes these artist’s tell about being on the road and in the studio, but also gleaning little tidbits of wisdom to inject into my own music career. One of my fave pods. Highly recommend.
Great conversations
Thanks Joe for bringing music to us during the pandemic.
Great Listen
A who’s who of people interviewed I would want to hear from in any context. But Joe’s interview style and “insider knowledge” make for great interviews from even the artists with whom I wasn’t previously familiar.
Asheville Matt
Love this podcast
I enjoy his interviewing style and how thoughtful he is about including background material and other art to enhance the experience. Thanks for all the hard work, Joe!
Great Podcast
First, I love Joe Pug's music. He is a great songwriter and performer (and funny dude). The Working Songwriter podcast is excellent. As an independent singer/songwriter, I love hearing the stories and insights from the guests of the show. Keep up the good work Joe.
Bro Chunky
Hands down one of the best music podcasts “.”
Love Joe’s music already but once I found this podcast it placed him on a whole new level. Really can’t say enough good things about his interview style, approach, focus, voice and of course the guests (also a fellow MD native so I'm kinda bias)
Feldt Music
Joe Pug is killing it with this excellent podcast! In each episode he sits down with an accomplished singer/songwriter and plucks wisdom and interesting anecdotes from their past
Fantastic podcast for songwriters, musicians, and music lovers
Joe Pug’s guests and interviews provide insight into the process and business of writing and performing music. The personal stories are great for anyone who appreciates singer-songwriters. Joe’s comments and style add to the episodes as well.
Crazy ice creams
If your in the music business, or trying to be, or just a fan of those who are, every episode has something that will resonate for you.
Bar None
Joe Pug is a phenomenal songwriter, and an absolutely unrivaled champion of other songwriters. My favorite podcast by far.
One of the Best!
Joe Pug just may have the best songwriters pod cast around. Certainly one that no aspiring writers should miss!
Love everything about this podcast
Worth the investment
Valuable information for writers and musicians, entertaining and just plain stocked with a list of talented artists. I’m pretty amazed that Joe puts the effort into this songwriting podcast for free. I’ve learned a bunch and love to jump over to pull up the artists music if I haven’t heard them before . All The Working Songwriter listeners should go over to Patreon and give Joe at least a couple of bucks! It’s the first time I did but I would like him to keep going with this!.. Andrea in Alaska
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The Best
Always entertaining and informative. Listen to them all!
Always top notch
I love listening to Joe interview many of my favorite artists. Through his conversations and thoughtful questions I get to learn so much about the people and process behind the music I cherish
jim's opinion
Joe is an amazing host. Thoughtful transitions, great questions, and inspiring guests. I love this podcast.
One of the best
Simply put this podcast is beautiful for anyone seeking inspiration as an artist or from artists. Joe is not just a musician but a polished and professional host and interviewer. He remains a sincere voice who gives his guests the room to be the center of the conversation while still commanding the flow. That’s a skill that not everyone has. I host a radio show in my small home town interviewing musicians and I take notes from Joe on his format and style. I’ve learned a lot from him and his guests without feeling like I had to compare myself to the guests as a success or failure, some music podcasts subtly create that self critical vibe. But not this one, pure inspiration just in the stories of the guests. Thanks Joe for sharing this with all of us!
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Great podcast!
Many great episodes with insightful information. Whether you are a musician or just love music, this is a great podcast for all.
All Knowing McGill
One of the most insightful and honest songwriting podcasts I've listened to.
The title says it all, this podcast is probably the best podcast for musicians out there. It is honest, insightful and just features such real and down to earth personalities and showcases the heart of what it means to work in music. Joe pug is an incredible host and a great musician.
A must-hear for creatives
I absolutely love this, every episode has GOLD in it.
Gerbron James
New to the Show
I came across this one a few months back. I'm listening from the first show, so I have a lot to catch up to. I like Joe's style and that he is talking with songwriters who may not have "hits", but who plug along honestly and relentlessly. There's good and inspiring stuff here. Thanks Joe. I'll keep an eye out for a Cleveland gig...
Every time I listen to this podcast, I realize there are good people in this world doing good things and putting out great music.
Great Podcast
Great interviews with great guests. Joe Pug has a soothing voice that is sure to put you at ease.
My favorite podcast
I absolutely love this podcast. Joe Pug is a wonderful interviewer. The conversations with guests are all engaging, comfortable, well paced and consistently interesting. Joe breaks up each show with occasional reflections on the content of the days discussion and will read segments of poetry further illuminating the meaning and substance of the artists perspective. I love the pace, tone, goodness, truth, humor and experience of each episode. This podcast is treasure.
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Backyard Werewolf
Todd Snider & then Hayes Carll are the two I’ve listened to first. So cool. And yes - i use it as an excuse to not write. Thanks Joe! Off to listen to your stuff. Cheers
vegas rock fan
Well put together
Joe Pug does a great job.
Mid-level pro here-wrote one hit as a young kid and then it’s been almost all failures and empty tour venues. Amazing to hear people working on the craft and remember it’s not all hits and internet stars. It keeps me remembering not to quit and maybe sometimes keeps me waking up in the morning.
Current Favorite Podcast — Honesty, Compassion and Humor
One of the best podcasts I've heard — in terms of both production and content. But especially content. Joe gets into the nitty-gritty of being a...working songwriter (hence the title!). These are the kinds of details I always wanted to know — about the business, about the process, how to manage your time, you name it. While that may sound tedious, Joe and his guests make it extremely interesting. I daresay a non-songwriter would enjoy the banter here. But not only that, as others have remarked upon, you just feel like you're hanging out with Joe and his guest — which is an especially welcome feeling in the difficult COVID era. Thank you Joe, and thank you to everyone who has taken time to be a part of this. I appreciate the honesty, compassion and humor you'll find here.
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Definitely my favorite podcast
I feel personally attacked every time he says that thing about finding an excuse not to write........ which I deserve
Traveling With My Tribe
I listen to this on my morning walks & it feels like strolling with a couple of friends. Joe is an excellent interviewer. He leaves the space for the full answer & he’s not afraid to ask the questions we all want to know. I’ve found it extremely uplifting, encouraging, inspiring and helpful!
Always good
Joe is a phenomenal interviewer, musician and podcaster. Always look forward to new eps m
Such a great podcast
The mood is always perfect, it never gets boring and Joe does a fantastic job interviewing and selecting some of my favorite songwriters in the world. Thank for doing what you do, Joe (:
Andy R. I.
Fantastic discourse
Joe’s interview style is top notch, his banter with other musicians makes you feel like you’re listening in on a secret conversation between two old friends, who just happen to be speaking about something you are extremely interested in.
Superb host, guests and conversation.
I am not a working musician or songwriter, rather a former wannabe, both. I am a music fan. Joe Pug is among the best interviewers in music-podcast land. His guests are many of my favorite artists (Todd Snider, Steve Earle) and I have heard them on multiple interviews shows. Joe’s super-prepared, empathetic interview style leads to numerous, previously untold, interesting comments and stories from these music legends. Sorry I didn’t discover this sooner...grateful I have a new Pod to binge!
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Love it!
I love his interview style and his guests he gets. It helps me as a struggling songwriter to understand their process. Such a great way to spend the weekends as I listen to this podcast!
Will Hoge episode!
Joe, I really enjoy your interview style — particularly when you chat with my heroes. Will is one of them. So is Todd Snider. I’ve scoured the internet in search of them talking about their relationship with each other, but had never found it... until now! I figured they knew each other and probably got along, but it was awesome to hear Will shed some light on their history together. Thanks for doing these!
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Rick Shanley
Need to Interview
How is it that you have not interviewed Gary Lightbody? Not only is he the master poet of Snow Patrol but also has been doing Saturday Song Writes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Once a week his IG followers give him chords and 4 pages worth of lyrics. He takes an hour or two, then comes back on IG with a 3-verse song and chorus using fan suggestions. It’s brilliant and an EP and full album will be the result. He is a brilliant writer and his interviews are honest, funny and touching. Book him! (please)
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As an amateur musician and songwriter, this podcast helps me keep the dream alive and hear the everyday struggles and victories of people out there doing it. Many times the artists featured on the show are new to me, and I have a blast exploring their catalogue armed with the knowledge of their personal story and perspective. Joe is a gifted host and often hones in with the exact questions I’m already wondering myself. Thanks for the inspiration Joe and all of your great guests! The weekly rhythm has been just what I need.
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Cory from Iowa
Come for the Clever Bandzoogle Ads, Stay for the Conversation
Especially during this pandemic, Joe Pug’s podcast has been part of a calming ritual: morning coffee and a quiet breakfast while listening to Joe’s interviews. Entertaining, rewarding, and ultimately inspiring- everyone, songwriter or not, could find something to take away.
Paul Faith
Joe Pug rocks
Joe Pug’s introductions of the artists he interviews are enough reason to listen to this podcast. They’re eloquent and thoughtful. And then there’s his sense of humor, his questions and the way he draws out and supports other songwriters. It’s a podcast for music listeners, writers, songwriters, musicians and more.
Indispensable Advice
The fact that it is Joe Pug, a gigantic talent in his own right, interviewing other fantastic songwriters lends unfathomable credence to this podcast. Joe is doing a tremendous service to songwriters everywhere: young and old, road-worn and wet-behind-the-ears.
Rusty Cotton
Joe has a way with his words and knows the art of interviewing that makes this podcast so enjoyable. Poetic, insightful, inspiring etc... A great listen and very well done
Great podcast
I look forward to this podcast every month hearing from a range of voices working as songwriters today.
Great interviews
love the music and songwriting centered conversation.
Todd Snider
Really amazing conversation
ridley eliot
A go-to podcast for me
This podcast is one that lifts me. To be a song writer/poet/artist is to internalize, analyze, and then express them through their passion. This podcast achieves that. It’s designed to feature the art of songwriting, and, in doing so, has become art itself.
Awesome interviews!!!
Joe is a very passionate and well researched interviewer!!!
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