The Working Experience
The Working Experience
John Brancaccio | Matt Kerr
If your job sucks, your boss is Michael Scott and your commute is a pure hell, you have found a home with The Working Experience podcast. John and Matt dissect the modern-day slavery of cubicle life in a self-deprecating humorous way like 2 soulless office drones…oh, and we also interview people who have lived through the madness of working a job…and some ironically enjoy the pain! Join us on our 40-year career journey as we put a soul deadening spotlight on the insanity of ‘work’
275. Hackers and Cyber Security
46 minutes Posted Dec 18, 2019 at 9:00 pm.
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    Matty K and John discuss Hackers, Cyber security, and privacy.  The Cyber security industry is growing fast with values expected to exceed 130 billion dollars by 2020. But why all the need? Are we doing this to ourselves with hackable cameras in our homes and banking online? Seems to be the new norm.