The Working Experience
The Working Experience
John Brancaccio | Matt Kerr
If your job sucks, your boss is Michael Scott and your commute is a pure hell, you have found a home with The Working Experience podcast. John and Matt dissect the modern-day slavery of cubicle life in a self-deprecating humorous way like 2 soulless office drones…oh, and we also interview people who have lived through the madness of working a job…and some ironically enjoy the pain! Join us on our 40-year career journey as we put a soul deadening spotlight on the insanity of ‘work’
255. Navigating the Modern Workplace
41 minutes Posted Nov 15, 2019 at 2:00 am.
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    Is everyone your best buddy or is everyone out to slit your throat at work?  Matty K and John go deep into office politics and spit out some wisdom on how to navigate the modern-day workplace.