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The Work From Anywhere Podcast
Christian Martin
Use the power of marketing to build a life you don't need a vacation from.
Can You Really Make $500/Day With a Chatbot Agency?
In this episode, the host explains how to start a profitable chatbot agency that can generate recurring monthly income.Key Points:Agency work allows you to make money quickly by getting clients, but requires ongoing work each month.Chatbot agencies are a hybrid model - easier to get clients than a SaaS, but generate recurring revenue.Offer free 2-week trials of your chatbot service in exchange for a testimonial. Charge $100/month after.Use the www.Chatstorm.AI software to easily build and train chatbots for clients.Install chatbot on client website and tweak based on feedback. Get video testimonial.Charge $500 setup fee, keep $100/month recurring revenue per client. Compounds over time.Learn the skills to run this business in 1 day. Rely on AI to do the heavy lifting.Clients want you to handle the AI complexity. Easy passive income stream.Key Quotes:"You can learn all the skills that you need to do it in one day, in 24 hours, and by tomorrow, you can have a new company that's up and running.""We just built a chatbot software just for you because you guys were saying, we want to make money faster.""If we start advertising, we start reinvesting into our business, into our marketing, and getting more and more people set up on our chatbots, we could be at $36,000 a month or more."Action Steps:Sign up for www.Chatstorm.AIOffer free trials for testimonialsCharge monthly feeScale with marketing
Nov 21, 2023
8 min
I Tried 3 Futuristic AI Tools to Create My Logo in Minutes - The Results Shocked Me
Could AI Be the Secret Weapon For Non-Designer Entrepreneurs?Learn how 3 mind-blowing new tools allow you to pump out professional logos, YouTube thumbnails, and product images in seconds - even if you flunked art class.Have a million-dollar business idea but no design skills? We reveal how AI is leveling the playing field so you can bring your vision to life visually - without waiting around for a designer.Tired of paying a fortune for freelancers and agencies? Now you can access endless on-demand graphic design capabilities instantly.Thought you had to choose between speed and quality? These futuristic AI tools deliver stunning visuals at warp speed. The days of compromising are over.You won't believe what's possible now. In minutes, you can have a world-class logo, social media graphics, and product images that look like you spent a fortune.Curious how non-designers are using AI create assets that convert browsers into buyers? We're pulling back the curtain on the fascinating technology making great design effortless.Join us as we explore how AI is empowering entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality overnight - without needing an art degree or hiring a team of designers.The future is here and it's leveling the playing field. Tune in to discover how these brilliant AI tools can help you bring your business vision to life, fast.Ready to wield the groundbreaking technology that's shaking up industries overnight? Dive into this eye-opening episode to unlock the power of AI for your business.
Nov 9, 2023
8 min
His Business Was Failing For Years But He Ignored The Obvious Fix (could this be you?)
Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Want in Business (And What to Do About It)Have you tried everything to grow your business but it feels stuck? Are you endlessly seeking solutions but not seeing progress?I totally get it. I had a crazy health issue that I just couldn’t crack. For years I tried eliminating foods, purifying the air, anything I could think of. But nothing worked.It wasn’t until I got an unexpected diagnosis that I realized I’d been looking in all the wrong places.In this episode, I share my story and what it taught me about solving problems in business.You’ll discover:Why you may not be able to see your own core issueWhen to seek outside help (and what to look for)How to find the courage to make big, necessary changesI’ll teach you how to break through plateaus, get to the root of problems, and push past fear to get the results you want.This episode shares a simple framework that could transform your business. Don’t miss it!Hit play now to start learning how to diagnose issues and find real solutions. Let’s get you growing again!
Nov 6, 2023
10 min
Why You're Closer to The Success You Want Than You Think
Why You May Be CLOSE to a Business Breakthrough (And How to Push Through)Have you worked for years trying to grow your business without the BIG payoff? Do you feel like you’re doing everything right but not seeing major results?You’re not alone. In this episode, I share the perfect analogy to explain what’s going on (and how to finally get over the finish line).I explain:Why progress is often slow and invisible at firstHow close you may actually be to “melting the ice cube”Why quitting right before the finish line is so tempting (and why you must resist)How to infuse your unique personality to find your niche “podium”This episode provides an empowering new perspective on the journey to business success. You’ll learn how to stick it out through the toughest part to finally reach your own medal stand.Are you ready to (finally) breakthrough? Hit play on this gamechanging episode now!
Nov 2, 2023
8 min
How to Make Your Business "Unbreakable" Using These 5 A.I. Strategies ( Used by 7-Figure CEOs)
What if you could 10x your business growth without hiring a single new employee?It sounds impossible, but AI may hold the key. Listen in to uncover the mind-blowing business growth hack that top entrepreneurs are using to scale their companies faster than ever before.Do you constantly feel overwhelmed and buried under your workload? Have you tried hiring more people, only to find yourself bogged down managing them? You're not alone.In this episode, you'll discover a simple 5-step formula for identifying the biggest bottlenecks in your business. Fix just one weak area and you could see your revenue skyrocket exponentially.Curious what an AI-powered business looks like? We reveal the fascinating chatbots and automated tools that top CEOs are quietly integrating to liberate their schedules and 10x their company's growth.You won't believe how easy it can be to build an AI assistant that delivers 24/7 customer support and funnels happy buyers your way. The profits and freedom this creates might just blow your mind.Join us as we peek inside the playbooks of serial entrepreneurs who are leveraging artificial intelligence to build seven-figure empires...without the headaches of hiring and managing a huge team. This episode might just change the way you think about growing a business forever.Think outsourcing the busywork to an AI assistant sounds too good to be true? We're pulling back the curtain on how everyday entrepreneurs are using AI to crush their competition and achieve rapid growth. You won't want to miss the fascinating real-world examples and profitable growth strategies we reveal.Curious now? Tune in to uncover the secrets to unlocking AI's limitless business growth potential today. The future is here - let's discuss how you can use it to reach new heights of business freedom and profitability.
Oct 30, 2023
9 min
Heart Attack Grill: A Moral Inversion Case Study for Effective Marketing Hooks
Have you ever wondered how to create a business hook so strong that it continues to attract new customers for years to come? On this podcast, Christian shares a story about the Heart Attack Grill, a restaurant known for its ultra-unhealthy menu that could actually cause a heart attack. Instead of denying or apologizing for this fact, the owner doubled down on it by renaming the restaurant and advertising that the food may kill you. They took an unpopular stance and created a "moral inversion" that grabbed people's attention. Now people flock to the restaurant to experience the outrageous atmosphere of wearing hospital gowns and seeing their weight displayed on a scoreboard. If you're over 430 pounds, you even eat for free! Christian explains that creating a unique moral inversion like this can set your business apart from the crowd and attract loads of interest. Are you ready to flip the script on a popular stance and drive hordes of new customers to your offers? Tune in to hear Christian's strategies for crafting an attention-grabbing business hook using this technique.
Sep 12, 2023
8 min
Proof AI Will Destroy Reality as We Know It
What you're seeing isn't really there, what you're hearing never happened. Ai is about to obliterate trust in society. What do you think will happen next? if you want to ride the wave to the top instead of getting wiped out come check out 
Apr 25, 2023
8 min
5 AI Tools To Grow Your Business
👉Get our best money-making AI recipes at👉 Use these AI tools to Grow Your Business:1. ChatGPT - ElevenLabs - Captions App - ClickFunnels 2.0 - -👉Underground A.i. training to get clients and scale to 7-figures:👉Follow me on Instagram: 👉Work with us - 👉Listen to the podcast -👉Free "work from anywhere" training - *The 3-Step Process I Used To Get Paid $9,000/Month For One Social Media Post With No Prior Experience👉Free training - How I used "The Hollywood Method" to sell $5+ Million of online courses... even when I didn't know what course to create, what topic to choose or how to teach before I started -👉Scaling to 7-Figures - The 3-Step Process I Used To Get 100 New Clients/Month For My Business Using A Simple One-Minute Youtube Ad -👉Join the Free Facebook Group:👉Want a two-week free trial to the software I use to make 10x as much in half the time? -👉Get Clickfunnels here:👉Become a Clickfunnels Affiliate Here:👉***GOD MODE*** Want us to build a $9,000/Month business for you?   --- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mar 27, 2023
6 min
The future of AI is here: Here's what GPT-4 can do
GPT-4 was just released. Here's what it can do
Mar 15, 2023
11 min
Ai is taking over the world. Here's how to prepare
Ai is taking over the world. Here's how to prepare Join Money Toaster Monthly >>https://www.moneytoastermonthly.comWatch the free Ai for Entrepreneurs training >> Join the paid program >> 
Feb 6, 2023
18 min
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