The Woody Allen Retrospective Podcast
The Woody Allen Retrospective Podcast
Don Wunder of Planet Tyro
Cinema loving schlubs watch, discuss, review and debate the finer points of EVERY Woody Allen production and even some adjacent inspired works we find relevant for great film conversation
Woody Adjacent - Josh Radnor, Elizabeth Olsen - 2012: Liberal Arts
Continuing our Woody Allen Adjacent project our next conversation will be about...   2012's - Liberal Arts  |  Josh Radnor, Elizabeth Olsen   Follow James D. Walsh on Manic Expression and find his works on the following links   __________________ Please find the direct link to our Podcast Page on -  Contact us Via Twitter: @planettyro
Nov 28
55 min
Woody Adjacent - Louis CK - 2017: I Love You, Daddy
As part of the Woody Allen Retrospective Podcast we now move into our next phase of the project that i have been planning for well over a year now. Woody has completed his 50 movie run and still running strong but in the meantime there are a WHOLE lot of films that imitate, pay homage and remind of us of Woodys filmography and we want to now discuss them as we feel these conversations can be relivant to this project and even shine a lighgt on some great movies... and also some questionable ones I personally think there is alot to be had pursuing this new angle and i am more than excited to do this with a new co-host to add to the conversation.... You have certainly heard him before on some of our more recent Wood Discussions - Author, Content Creator and founder of popular community website Manic Expression, James Daniel Walsh will be joining me on these discussions ....and we begin our new venture with Louis CK's Disastrous shelved Film   2017's  -  I Love You, Daddy It's a LONG conversation and after reading Woodys memoir it was hard to ignore this one Please check the youtube information card for the links mentioned in the discussion James Review of Stardust Memories - __________________ CONTACT US VIA TWITTER: @PLANETTYRO
Oct 28
1 hr 6 min
Ep 65: 2020 - Apropos of Nothing Memoir Discussion
As promised we are BACK again with more Woody Allen content, this time having a thoughtful discussion focusing on Woodys recently released memoir: Apropos of Nothing (2020) We are joined here once again by James Walsh, Author, Content Creator and founder of popular community website Manic Expression - It's quite possible you've heard us talk about Woody a few years ago, contemplating his 'final chapter' ...and since then, Soooo much has happened to the filmmaker  This conversation could also be considered a general catchup on Woodys life / career up to the time of this recording. Personally, I (Don Wunder) really enjoyed putting this one together.. and if you stay tuned to the end you might even hear some very exciting news about the future of this project ;) Thanks for listening and supporting us folks! _________ James Walsh's YT Channel James Walsh Books (Amazon Link) __________ SPECIAL NOTE - On this episode we mentioned a few outside references I want to note  below for you to follow up on - we think these were all pretty interesting indeed!  1. Rick Worleys - By The Way Woody Allen Is Innocent 2. Alec Baldwin Intervies Woody Allen (June 2020) 3. Is Ronan Farrow Too Good to Be True? (err yeah lol) _____________ SPECIAL THANKS to The Woody Allen Pages & The Woody Allen Subreddit _______________ *BONUS* Join Don Wunder and the crew on the sister podcasting project - THE VOICE OF MAIL PODCAST! - The open discussion podcast where you can actively become part of the discourse - as we talk politics, geek entertainment, pop culture and trending news REMINDER - You can.. of course, also find a full playlist containing every single Woody Allen discussion we've ever had using the following link - HTTP://WOODYALLEN.SITE
Jun 22
1 hr 35 min
Ep 64: 2019 - A Rainy Day In New York #WoodyAllenRetro
After a long hiatus.. we finally get to have this discussion about the extremely elusive and somewhat controversial release by Woody Allen in the midst of this ongoing global PANDEMIC and so much behind the scenes crap you guys probably don't wanna hear about.. this show must go on.. so at long last.. let's discuss 2019's - A Rainy Day In New York ....a movie we even have a hard time pinning a release date on since it had such a staggered kind of distribution. Anyway, this recording is just a little bit more relaxed and curt as firstly.. we didn't have the best experience with this one.. we had a few drinks before the recording.. and honestly we were just not as excited to pull out all the stops for this discussion so we apologise if its not exactly the review you were waiting for The guest we have on here is also pretty useless lol but hey he wouldn't shut up so we gave him a mic too :P Okay so following from this recording we do have 2 other discussions coming up focusing on Woodys Autobiography (which is excellent btw) and then maybe later down the year we can start the Woody-Like project I've hinted at... hmm.. we'll see.. anyway - thanks for your patience, we really appreciate the people who enjoy the podcast for what it IS and not what they think it SHOULD be ;)  CONTACT US VIA TWITTER: @SIMEON_RAD @DONTYRO @PLANETTYRO
Jun 3
40 min
Ep 63B: 2019 - The Woody Allen LIKE Movie Search
YOUTUBE VIDEO VERSION HERE > For those of you who follow the podcast and like myself want to continue the conversation about great movies like what Woody has produced i wanted to let you guys know i am doing a hunt for great movies that follow in the footsteps of Woody Allen and i want your help and recommendations I recently made a post in the woody allen subreddit about this and i got some good feedback - i want you guys to check out that post for clarification This is something i, Don Wunder will be working on in the background up til the end of the year for a 2020 launch. Let me know what you think. your recommendations and the like This is an experiment and i'm not exactly expecting much feedback in the long run but i'd thought i'd throw this out there and see if there are any takers Thanks as always for the support!
Mar 12, 2019
9 min
Ep 63: 2018 - Woody Allen's Final Chapter?
We are back here on the Woody Allen retrospective in 2018 to see no feature film release by Woody Allen for us to talk about so instead we are going to run through what has actually kept Woody away from making movies Don Wunder this time is joined by James Walsh another content creator and also the founder of popular community blogging website site Manic Expression - Big shoutout to The Woody Allen Pages Website & The Woody Allen Sub-reddit for all the interaction and support ...and that's it Ladies and Gentlemen ....we will see you on the NEXT recording :)
Dec 18, 2018
1 hr 13 min
fter completing a FULL conversational retrospective on Woody Allen's entire filmography.. arguing about which films were our personal favourites and debating the variables for our final video... in this phase of the retrospective we thought we would do a bit more of a GENERIC top 10 favourites list to cash in on all the SEO potential (lol) no, really, this will probably be more accessible to those wondering what we consider the best of the best... nd it has been one hell of a ride getting to this point REMINDER - You can, of course, find a full playlist of every Woody discussion we have ever had in the following link if you want to go in even more depth on what we skim over in this video Big shoutout to The Woody Allen Pages Website & The Woody Allen Sub-reddit for all the interaction and support ...and that's it Ladies and Gentlemen ....we will see you on the NEXT recording.. that will come at some point :)
Sep 24, 2018
19 min
Ep 61: Woody Allen's Best / Worst / Underrated Discussion #WoodyAllenRetro
After our 2 year long project of watching EVERY Woody Allen live action production we could find up to March 2018. Your esteemed hosts decided to battle it out and have a long running conversation debating each others picks on the BEST, WORST & MOST UNDERRATED picks from Woody's filmography We also had some good banter about our thoughts on the movies individually and if things have changed since our earlier recordings We will be following up from this discussion with a more generic WOODY ALLEN TOP 10 channel video in a few weeks just to make things alot shorter for curious casuals... So this discussion was actually quite useful for us to make the final list that is soon to come! We want to take this time to thank everyone for watching, listening and following along, whether you just round our retrospective or have been following along since the inception. Your support and feedback has meant alot ...and boy are we FINALLY glad we have caught up and got all this out of our system!
Sep 17, 2018
1 hr 47 min
Ep 60: 2017 - Wonder Wheel #WoodyAllenRetro
At this point in our retrospective we have finally caught up with Woody's movie releases and so that brings us to this romantic-drama set on the beautiful boardwalk of Coney Island... let's talk about 2017's - WONDER WHEEL ....even though this is the last in our current review discussions, you may very well want to hang around as our hosts have got some perspective after all these reviews and want to put those thoughts in some final wrap up recordings to end this part of the project STAY TUNED ;)
Sep 11, 2018
53 min
Ep 59: 2016 - Crisis In Six Scenes #WoodyAllenRetro
At this point in Woody Allen's career he is making films with online streaming giant Amazon Studios and since they know him to be such an accomplished director they asked him to put on a new hat as a television series director to bolister their lineup of exclusive television shows ...So, on this discussion we debate the results of said project... hoping for the best of results but coming away... not so positive :(   At this point in Woody's career he is making films for Amazon Studios and since they know him to be such an accomplished director they asked him to put on a new hat as a television series director and were hoping for good results..   ....ANND just in case people think we are HATING on this out of nowhere with no sense of open critizism - why don't you read Woody's own thoughts on the project in the link we will share with you below (yes we know Woody always talks smack about his own work) WOODY REACTION TO MAKING CISC -
Sep 3, 2018
34 min
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