The Woodworking Morning Show (Audio)
The Woodworking Morning Show (Audio)
The Wood Whisperer
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Despite frequently blowing the answers to common questions (how deep to insert a router bit? “I feel like a third” of what? There are much better answers if you had researched it) the emphasis of this podcast is some woman laughing goofily at his jokes and constantly trying to hawk his books and other crap. Why it’s not mainly about woodworking, why he doesn’t research his answers, why an I wasting my time with this? But the book? Update: it got worse; reread my review - it is so on-point …there are better podcasts, hereI go! Unsubscribed!
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Rough World
Great show!
Great show, thanks for what you do. You all are a bright spot in my week. Keep up the good work.
Great idea I appreciate this
Thank you for doing the podcast version bc I have less and less time to watch it and when i hear something I want more info I can pull up in you tube to optimize my time. Thank you again and keep up the good work 👍🏼🤠👍🏼
Loving the podcast version
Thank you so much for making a podcast version. Work and family life no longer permit me to watch the shows so I’m so happy to be back in the swing of things!
Matthew Wiswell
My favorite podcast.
Very entertaining and informative. Mark and Nicole are a great duo. Never a dull moment, and I learn something every show.