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The White Vault
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Great show
I found this show a few days ago and can’t stop listening . Really loving it.
Not too bad, if wooden
Acting was pretty wooden throughout. I’m only on season 2 right now. It’s nice to listen to when I want to zone out. But I’m very curious about something. I think it’s cool the writers included people speaking their native languages on here, and they went really heavy with that in season 2. I speak Spanish, so I had no trouble following the story but I feel like people who don’t speak Spanish would find it incredibly confusing as the actors speak a mixture of both and definitely don’t translate everything they say into English afterwards. And thus important plot points might be lost to some. Just something that’s been bothering me.
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I never want this show to end! Simply amazing production, acting, and story.
A.J. Dvorak
First two seasons are good
Once I got to season 3 I could barely listen. Most of the “actors” are just stoically reading from a piece of paper. I tried a few times to see if the storyline would capture me enough to get over the terrible lack of acting in season 3 but I gave up. Maybe I’ll try again another time.
What a fantastic surprise
This story truly was a fantastic surprise.First off the story telling is intriguing. It took a minute to get used to but once you do it makes the story that much more enjoyable. The story itself is phenomenal and so different then anything else out there. Even how the creators used so many different nationalities and how they would start their monologue in their native language and slowly transition to English was unexpected and fun. I don’t want to say too much, I think it would be more fun not knowing these aspects going in on your first time around. They all play into the experience of what makes this story stand out. I’d love to see this story on film told in the exact same way. Highly recommended…
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Truly phenomenal
Absolutely fantastic fiction podcast. I rarely write reviews, but this show warranted one. It was enthralling to the last episode. I hope they really do decide to continue this show. It came to a conclusion but has so much more room to expand. I binged this in a matter of days and was left wanting more vault. Please continue. Y’all are the first podcast I’ve donated to and its because of the product and my desire for more. Please make more
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Enjoyed it!
Good story. Engaging characters. Excellent production quality.
Wild ride
Found this podcast after season 5 was completed and listened to almost the whole thing in a road trip. Great writing keeps you at the edge of your seat. Can’t wait to see what else this story turns into.
Another great podcast ruined by REALM!!!
Ruined by REALM, pay for play! Good bye!
White Vault
Love the writing. It’s not complicated writing, but nice and fun to listen to! Love the show!
Best acting I’ve heard on a podcast
I have listened to A LOT of fiction podcasts. The story for the White Vault is good, it’s compelling and well written, but that’s not what makes it stand out. The acting is phenomenal. Honestly, by the end of the show I was completely blown away by the performances.
Well Acted
Have you guys tried acting cuz I really felt like was there omg best acting ever
First 2 seasons great. Then stop!
Seasons 1 and 2 are gripping. Then I slogged through the third and gave up halfway through the fourth. The story writers seem to have suffered the same predicament. The beaten motif would’ve caught some fire with inspired voice acting, but the voice work was painfully robotic and stilted starting with season 3. Stop at the end of season 2, and it’ll stay great.
I cannot stop listening to this show.
I DEVOURED your show. It has come in second for my favorite (I’m sorry “Old Gods of Appalachia” is number one in my heart.) My biggest thing is I want more. They leave the end of season 5 (the “final” season) open. WAY open. But I don’t want to tell/ruin it for anyone. I truly hope they continue the story. I want to know more about this world. About the sites around the world. Where is the site in the US? Is there a site in Australia? If you LOVE creature/horror films where the cast has to discover what is hunting them, then this is the podcast for you. It’s twisted and detailed and amazing. Just be prepared to become quickly obsessed.
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Great story. Dave and the others did a fabulous job. I only single him out because of No Sleep podcast. I’m good at recognizing voices. Lol his is easy though. Ok ok back to this wonderful story. Loved the dramnazations and sounds. I did find it a bit hard to keep up with some of the people in it but I’m old and the memory isn’t what it used to be. Still can’t wait to hear more from these authors,directors, actors and anyone else who worked on this. Really loved it and appreciate them taking me out of my world and into theirs.
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Loved the show. Ending was a bit flat but destination didn’t kill the journey. [Spoiler] Dragona’s breakdown in 5.10 got to me.
The best
I’m not a critic but in my opinion this is truly a masterpiece in audio dramatization. I couldn’t have enjoyed this anymore than I did. If I was able to give it more stars I would. Share this with anyone who appreciates fine works of art . Character development and mental landscapes bring you into an entirely new world I promise you won’t want to miss out on. Listen!!!!!
Easy ATLien
Season 5….of course!
If there was a crossover that the first 4 seasons should have foreshadowed, it should have been Antigone Fun! I have enjoyed every minute of this so far, and the addition of Beth Eyre can only enhance it!
Bittersweet is the only word I can think of about this show right now. I really enjoyed this show up until the 5th season. I really enjoyed the audio drama nature of this podcast. The characters area amazing and fleshed out. They each have their own motivations. In the beginning, it's very Lost like, which is awesome. Lost did one of the best shows with mystery and intrigue, and this followed similar lines. And that's where my problem lies. For 5 whole seasons the world was setup in which we learned little details that made us speculate and ask questions. Most of the other Fool and Scholar productions, unless I missed one, have an end to their stories. Lost even gives enough clues to come to a fulfilling end. Not specifically, but eggnog to draw conclusions and think intelligently about it. The White Vault does not have an end. To start this series means you will be listening to a lot of speculation and intrigue without any real answers to have a conclusion. To be lead for five seasons and waiting for answers only to be told that "hey, this universe is continuing in October with (new stuff to avoid spoilers)." It's the implementation that I have a problem with. I felt robbed by the end of this show. I don't expect to know everything. Undefined mystery and intrigue make good stories. But the suspense and even internal speculation of what's going on is the only constant in this show. The writers made it clear they only want to drag you along with enticing ideas, and while I still want to know, I'm not sure I'm going to give the next entry a chance.
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matt the aggravated
It starts off GREAT…
Where I was HOOKED the first two seasons, it all seemed to just unravel from there. I feel like the actors even lost their momentum as it went. No matter what character or twist they attempted to inject into the blood stream of this cast or story could revive it. At times it even became comedic at how over-the-top and repetitive it all became, but then complete it all with dull, phoned in lines from the cast, and by the last season it became more like “The White Noise” in the background of my life rather than the intriguing distraction from it that “The White Vault” started out as.
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Lady Coco Disco
Incredibly unsettling, 100% satisfying.
I got into WV just a few weeks ago by chance and was lucky to finish up today - I WILL be listening to the related mini-series and am VERY excited to see what drops next. As a serious narrative podcast consumer (I work with my hands and can chew through 6-8 hours of content a day at times) I found myself savoring this one and mulling it over after every twist and season finale. Season 1 literally was so creepy and tense it made me want to cry (my benchmark for good horror. Yes, I’m weird.) during season 3 I vague-posted about it so many times I had friends messaging me just to find out WHAT was sending me around the bend so they could listen to it too. (Greatest hit for s3 was “guys if there is a [redacted] monster in these caves I will simply pass away, goodbye”)
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Kinda cool kinda creepy
We’ll written and voice acted. I like mysterious and creepy stories.
Better for listening
I stumbled upon this show in its first season and it had been fun, thrilling and just flat out enjoyable. I am sad that it is coming to an end but all good things…
Best. Podcast.
Seriously. The story gripped me and I binged it in a week. The international language detail is so unique and the sound effects are stellar. Give it a listen besties.
Emma Eubank
Great show!
I’ve enjoyed all the shows these folks have put out. This one is my favorite pod cast I’ve ever listened to!
Excellent show!
I look forward to every episode. The cast has been amazing and I’m not going to lie, I will be a wreck when it’s over. Thank you for such a wonderful immersive experience.
The Imagination and attention to detail is un surpassed. I find myself excitedly awaiting each episode as they become available. I have never been so dedicated to a story!
I believe in UFOs
I am picky, and this is exceptional.
This story has been eating my mind. Lovecraft-esque, and where is more?
Comically bad voice acting
Once they hit the “we’re making this up as we go” stage of storytelling in season 2, the flaws in the production really start piling up.
Dropped off, but still listen worthy.
The first four seasons are excellent, engaging and spooky. However season five has felt halted, like they’ve been releasing the episodes and writing the scripts without much forethought. The suspense, and action have been lacking in the fifth season, it has been a drastic shift to mostly long conversations between characters. This is STILL well worth the listen, but be forewarned that season five feels drastically different than the previous seasons.
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Top Notch!
I started listening to Fool & Scholar via their Dark Dice 5e actual play, as that is my main avenue for podcasting entertainment. This show is PHENOMENAL!! It builds perfectly slow, then crescendo epically! Cheers Fool & Scholar. Cheers.
I cannot believe the brain child this masterpiece is. The writing is superb! I have been dying to find something like this that explore ancient unknowns for so long, this tickled that so much, and it’s EXCELLENT! I binged the entire thing in two days! This may be the best thing I have ever listened to in an audio drama format. Well done to the writer, and the actors, and the sound people.
Shanna Samul
The acting is genuinely so impressive. Even more so when you know that half of the cast are debuting in it.
One of the best horror podcasts out there
I first heard about the White Vault from an ad on another podcast and immediately got hooked. I love that they use an international cast (who are all fantastic, by the way). This was the first podcast that I ever listened to from the very beginning. The last season has got me on the edge of my seat!
Excellent show all around
The White Vault is hands-down one of the best audio dramas I’ve ever listened to (and I’ve listened to many!). Phenomenal writing and sound design, thoughtfully created storyline, captivating characters, and I love the many languages used throughout the seasons. We’ve all seen shows/movies set in far-off places where everyone has a generic British accent for no reason, so to have actors who actually speak some of these languages adds so much depth to the characters. The sound design really captures what I imagine it must be like on Svalbard or in Patagonia, and the small sound design details (the wind getting louder when doors are opened, microphones or body cams rustling against garments) put you right in the action. On top of all this, having the documentarian and these recordings as the framing device for how these records have reached our ears is just brilliant. Brava, Fool
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Best audio drama
Honestly never thought I’d be into podcasts but checked out dark dice and then the white vault. Let’s just say I’m officially hooked and look forward to listening to all podcasts by this group and even the other podcasts they have suggested.
Good podcast
Fool and Scholar productions does great things. Keeps me up at night. Thanks for the amazing tale!
Seamless Loop
Fool and Scholar does some really good work...but this may be their best. It's one of those shows that you think about at random times when you're not listening to it. It's difficult to find an audio drama that can be legitimately scary, which makes sense to me. There are so many pieces that need to come together just right for it to work. This one manages to not only do so...but it does it so well. The opening literally gives me goosebumps every single time. Just a phenomenal and captivating story.
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Worthy of multiple listens
In the last season, and I cannot WAIT for the conclusion! Almost wish I hadn’t discovered this until I could binge the whole series…almost. Now I’ve gone through everything Fool and Scholar has made and seriously enjoyed the ride. Hard to find any other audio dramas that hold my interest; maybe I’ve been spoiled? Really looking forward to Don’t Mind since everything else they’ve created has been amazing, well-thought out, researched, and original. Please keep creating, you guys are my favorite!
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Love it except for the Intro
Especially when bingeing, can we cut that ?
When you hear it, it hears you too.
Binged through all of this in a weekend. The first two seasons are so good!!
Super immersive, excellent sound design. Love the way they use many languages in the script. Very original storyline. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts of all time
Fantastic and complex
This is one of my favorite podcasts ever: I’ve listened to all 5 seasons and joined their Patreon to get the 4 other related series, which are solid as well and worth every penny to fully experience the White Vault universe!
One of My Favorite Podcasts of All Time!
If you haven't heard The White Vault Podcast from beginning to end, GO BACK AND LISTEN TO IT IN ORDER FROM OLDEST TO NEWEST NOW! I promise, you will not be disappointed. It challenges your mind and tugs at your heart. You’ll bite your nails and not be able to fall asleep. If you’ve never binged a Podcast, you will now. The White Vault is a serialized, white-knuckle ride that is addictive and leaves never a dull moment. Meticulously historically researched with a gripping storyline, amazing voice actors selected from the culture that they represent in the storyline and make it authentic. Couple that with impeccable production from music composed specifically for each pinochle part of each episode, great sound quality, well timed credible foley, and smooth editing. The same can be said of their other acclaimed Podcasts and spin-offs such as “VAST” and “Liberty”. The “White Vault” is an award winning Podcast that will keep you guessing and Jonesing for more as you wait with baited breath for the next Episode. An impeccable production of each story series podcasts produced by Fool and Scholar are 5-Star. (NOTE: In all honesty I cannot offer an opinion on their D&D styled RPG “Dark Dice”. I have never had an interest in D&D and it’s variations. However, knowing the enthralling quality of their other works and your into RPG then I suggest you give a listen to Dark Dice which is played out by quality voice actors, including Jeff Goldblum.!)
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That Satisfying Slow Burn!
This show does a great job with the slow burn suspense. It balances reality and mystery well. Keeps you interested without the need for the overly dramatic. Really enjoyed the plot development, pacing, and characters who acted like real people.
Lovecraftian isolation horror
This podcast quickly became my favorite as soon as I started listening to it. The isolation, paranoia, and wind noise just do it for me. If you like Tanis or Dark Dice, this will probably scratch the same itch for you. Peter Joseph Lewis sounds like he could use a throat lozenge, but his delivery fits the character, so it’s not distracting. Carla García has an amazing voice and delivery that I could listen to all day long. She would be a perfect narrator for an ASMR provoking history podcast. The plot is kind of all over the place, but in a good way that draws you in to the mystery and feels authentic, and the characters are well drawn and feel real. I found myself feeling sympathy for a couple of them as they got into situations they couldn’t handle and started to fall apart emotionally. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys atmospheric horror, suspense, H.P. Lovecraft, very good voice acting, well written characters, spooky wind noises, or frequent references to coffee (There has to be something in the coffee!).
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Not interested
Not interested in woke agenda talking points in my fiction podcasts.
The suspense and how real the voice actors come across really captures your attention
Never A Dull Moment
I honestly think this podcast has to be one of the best, if not the best, audio drama/thriller series on here. Audio is phenomenal as well, and the narration is the best I’ve come across. You have to listen to this!!
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