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Loved it!
The time they spend on the audio production is evident because it has some top tier sound editing. There was some bad Spanish translations(wish they hired a VA who actually spoke Spanish fluently) in the first two seasons which made it difficult to listen to, but the horror and the story made me keep listening and I’m glad I did. Truly recommend!!!
This show really hits the horror vibe more than most things I’ve seen/heard. The acting is phenomenal and the story (so far that I’ve heard) just hits that spot. It hits even harder now that quarantine has happened and the big freeze in the south has happened. Thank you for making this show
Doctors of Doom
Wildly Entertaining
So happy I stumbled on fool and scholar. All of their related productions are fantastic and the white vault is no different
Honestly amazing
I don’t know how people can be this talented but holy smacks does this show blow my mind. I cannot recommend highly enough.
Top Notch
Writing and voice acting throughout the first and second seasons. A little uneven after that, but still very good.
Mr. Milord
Love this podcast!
I was drawn into this story immediately. Have suggested it to everyone. On pins and needles in anticipation of the next episode!
Best Podcast I ever listened to
I love this series so much! Ever since ep 1 I was hooked and I love Graham Kasner so much as a character and the others also! I can only recommend this
What a fun show
Creepy, interesting, cool stories. Great job!
One of the best horror podcasts out there!
Unique story and fantastic production quality. Fans of “The Thing” and “Alien” will love the themes of isolation and survival. The narrative will continually keep you guessing, and the masterful use of suspense will keep you invested. Those familiar with horror podcasts will recognize a few voices as well!
Absolutely amazing podcast, love the cast, writing and the way its presented. I have listened to season 1-3 four times already. Highly recommended!
Fantastic and atmospheric
Really great atmosphere. I love the locations that appear as settings - really overlooked as horror settings. I also really love how diverse the cast and characters are - the portions of the documents that are read in their native languages are super fun (and makes me feel sneaky when I understand them before the English translation kicks in). Pulls off the difficult thing of making me care so much for all the characters.
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Definitely recommend
Wonderful podcast- great cast + voice acting, engaging story, and the sound effects are amazing.
The following is my personal opinion of this incredible podcast - a well written and intriguing story with phenomenal voice actors- a mystery which will have you binge all of the older episodes and impatient for the new ones! A definite masterpiece!
Simply cannot wait for more!
I enjoyed Vast so much, I went looking for more by the same people. I was not disappointed. I think I’m enjoying The White Vault even more.
Graham's Voice Is WAY overdone
The story is compelling and some of the acting is pretty good but the character voice for Graham makes me want to stop listening at times. It's far too overdone to the point of being distracting. It's similar to Mr. Peterman from Seinfeld.
Fantastic slow burn horror
Omg I love Graham. One of my all time fav characters. The podcast is amazing and I can’t wait for new episodes!
Great story so far
I’m just about to start season three, so I’ll update when I’m completely done with the podcast. Great story so far. The main character, Graham, is a great character... but his actor is very cheesy, putting very dramatic pauses and accents on words in inappropriate places...
I’m obsessed
This is truly one of my favorite podcasts! The writing and sound design are PHENOMENAL I LOVE the diversity of the cast and all the different languages being used. The story is so unique and compelling and I cannot wait for more.
SUPERB horror podcast. Outstanding immersive sound design, acting, and original story. This is the standard - the slow burn of unfolding drama is gripping, creepy, disturbing - in the best way. Wish other horror podcasts managed this level of excellence, but either way, I’m fine with waiting between episodes because the payoff is amazing. The cliff hangers and language usage are clever and add to the whole experience. Enough of the different languages are translated that it’s clear what‘s going on - it’s not that complicated. I look forward to each installment - sooooo good. Bravo, Fool & Scholar Productions! ...more, please?
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Fantastic but a little slow
This and Old Gods of Appalachia have spoiled me for other horror podcasts. This is a great listen. Sound design, voice acting, suspense, and overall quality are all fantastic. The storytelling can be slow and even a little repetitive (seasons 1 and 3 feel similar). However, I’m always excited for the next episode! White Vault feels a little bit like cosmic horror so if you need clear resolutions and explanations this is not for you!
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A well done slow burn
Never before has a slow burn been able to hook me this much. This show is great, and I am excited to keep listening.
Movie Fan 📽
Slow But Steady Decline
It’s such a shame that this storyline has ground to a halt, with such long breaks between episodes, then incredibly boring episodes. I loved the Svalbard stories, and the action was well-paced. Now it’s just the same episode over and over again. I’d rather have a shorter season with juicier episodes, where the story progresses each time and leaves you breathless for more. Still a fan of Kaitlin and Travis so I won’t give up, but please reconsider the pace!
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Amazing writing...however
This is one of my favorite podcasts I listen to old episodes repeatedly. However the episodes are way too short and the release schedule is spotty
One of the greatest audio dramas out there!
I’ve listened to a ton of audio dramas and this one is right up at the top of the list. The voice acting is awesome and the plot enticing. Always look forward to the next episode. Give this one a listen and it’ll only take a few episodes for you to be hooked too!
Fristed is way better than Camp Piedra
The first two seasons are absolutely fantastic. However it goes downhill during season 3. The story doesn’t expand on the first, just a similar thing in a different place, but much muddier and hard to follow. And I feel like I need to understand Spanish to understand a lot of it. Not everything is translated, unlike in the first two seasons. I’m a bit disappointed because I loved the first two seasons so much.
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Binged and Binged again...
Relistening from the beginning while j wait for the next episode. This is the perfect distraction from all the crazy. The sounds are AMAZING! (Listening with surround sound, noise canceling headphones is a MUST!)
Creepy and perfect for Winter
I actually liked this one more than the Left Right Game. It’s creepy and easy to follow/understand.
Excellent, but...
This podcast is really good. I loved the first season and I’m burrowing through the second season now. However, I’m having a difficult time listening to the second season, as they present several characters that speak in their own first languages and often without translation. Sometimes they translate, sometimes they don’t. In a podcast where I would LIKE to hang onto every word to catch the clues and secrets of the mystery, it’s very frustrating to have to bust out google translate in three or four different languages.
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A surprise to be sure
I have never before enjoyed horror, but the White Vault is an outstanding exception. The story, setting, voices, and sound effects are all strung together so elegently, and by the second episode I was fully hooked. If you both want to have your skin crawl and not want to stop listening, try out the White Vault. (tysm Katlyn and Travis)
Ta box
The most addictive podcast I’ve ever listened to. Amazing depth, suspense, and characters. I keep thinking: “Stephen King meets HP Lovecraft “ Thank you for your hard work.
Surprised and pleased
I didn’t really expect to get us hooked on this as I did but I will say I am totally hooked. I generally like more narrative podcast so when it’s more like a radio play I generally steer away from it but I really really like that it’s done really well in the story very interesting
Excellent and engaging writing
I came across this on a whim and am so glad! I was immediately invested and interested in the story and have enjoyed following the mystery and horrors of Outpost Fristed and Base Camp Piedre. The diversity of the cast is also really cool and, to me, elevates the “found footage” aspect. Makes the whole endeavor feel more real as so many people from all over the world are pulled into it. I binged Season 1-3 in a week or two and now have caught up in 4. I’m on the edge of my seat, eagerly awaiting the next update!
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Scary stuff!
A nice, slow build generates a whole lot of tension that will keep you on the edge of your seat! This arctic horror audio drama is a must-listen.
Brilliant horror podcast
The White Vault is pretty much the metric I weigh all horror podcasts against. I’ve listened to other ones than have been scary, but none of them have been as consistently well-written and well-designed. Without a doubt, this is my favorite podcast. (I did also listen to the three White Vault related miniseries on their Patreon, and those are also all very well done! If you listen to the podcast and enjoy it I’d suggest donating to listen to the miniseries too, it’s worth it!)
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Used to be 5 stars
Seasons 1 and 2 were fantastic. As a previous NoSleep listener Peter Lewis’ voice didn’t even bother me at all! But after that... putrid skunk vomit. I really like the creators. They seem like nice people and their ideas are interesting and fun and I get at least a little excited when I hear they’re working on something new. But I’ve decided the problem is they’re always working on something new. It seems like just when a project finds its feet they’re changing it up or moving on to something else. If I’m not mistaken it’s basically a 2 person team trying to corral all these shows together. The lacking quality is the result. So, pull your d**ks out of all these side hos and focus. Find more show runners. Get good help. Idk. I’m tired of long episode wait times for declining quality work. There’s a great deal of potential in these podcasts but we’ll never see them shine if you can’t show them the love and attention they deserve.
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Awesome Winter Podcast
This is the perfect podcast to listen to on a dark winter night. Production quality is top notch, voice actors are phenomenal, and the storyline itself is perfectly paced. Amazing audio drama.
Immersive but repetitive
The first story was incredible and I binged all of it in a day. However, I’m a few episodes in to the second story and it feels like a sane story, different people and place. The characters are pulled together, go to a secluded camp, get stranded by a storm, the team makes some incredible discovery, something happens to someone and they die then all the other characters die off. I enjoy The Lucky Die Actual Play Podcast (Hem and Eyþor and Travis) so I gave the podcast a try, but it’s not nearly as good. Sorry guys, but I don’t think I’ll come back to this one.
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love the suspense
I’m on season 4 by now and still can’t wait for the next episode. If you are just starting this podcast series, you may think season 1 starts a little show, but Trust me its building the suspense and it is worth the wait - Season 1 is actually my favorite season so far because of how they set it up.
I’m not that far through this podcast but I just wanna say. This is T E R R I F Y I N G. It makes me anxious. And that’s a good thing! Usually horror podcasts don’t have that affect on me. Please don’t listen to this before bed. I made that mistake 😅
Complete chills
The story is a fantastic horror adventure. I love it. Have listened 2X to piece things together. Please keep up the amazing work. I appreciate the story telling & narration too. Excellent.
Literally the best audio drama I’ve ever listened to
Their commitment to an authentic and an immersive experience is really is what hits this one out of the park. Each episode gives just enough to keep you hooked.
Great Story!
I wait on each episode with bated breath! The voice acting is great. The story is intriguing. And the mystery? I have a lot of theories, but I can’t wait for it all to come together. Give it a listen. But at home. Nowadays, travel is not advised.
Love it!!!
I’m hooked!!!
Kinda disappointed
Listened to the first two seasons on bated breath, the end got a little loose and so many unanswered questions. Love the start of the third season the setting and the characters are great. Just kind of tired of all the dialects it’s just too much fluff for an already overly intelligent dialog. I’m just not that smart for all this.
The Better DrMG
Blew it all on the first two seasons
What on earth happened with season 3? Its impossible to follow or care about anyone in it or anything they’re doing. What a disappointment.
Great sound design and story telling
I Love listening to this show. The sound design is first rate in my opinion. Eager to catch up with the rest of the seasons.
Simmering in-a-dark-place spookiness
A slow-burner in a creepy, out of the way place...
Needs Consistent release schedule
I really love this pod cast but the releases are inconsistent. And if I have to wait almost a month for a new episode I’ll def end up forgetting about it.
Worth it
Regarding the language and translation concerns. Everything of note in all seasons (currently 1-3 and 2 episodes of 4) is translated into English. The none English speaking parts that are not translated are mostly flavor text to enrich the audio. Most of the none translation parts are easily understood using context clues. The untranlated sections are mosty Spanish, a language most Americans hear everyday so I believe simple phrased such as “si” and “por favor” are easy to understand for Americans though it maybe lost on others. While small snippets of language maybe not be understood, the untranslated sections do not detract from the enjoyment of the podcasts. The White Vault is a wonderful and beautiful crafted podcats that deserves your attention. The inclusion of other languages should not be a deterrent .
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So over this story!
At the beginning I was really into the story. NOW....I am so OVER IT! It has become repetitive! The same thing over and over and over!!! Every episode is the same!!!!!!!! Small snippets of recordings of Explorers searching, hearing something mysterious, seeing something vague, something trying to kill them off. Now it’s going on season 3 or 4? ENOUGH ALREADY! SUCH A WASTE OF TIME!!!!
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