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Amazing so far! (Just finished season 1)
I just finished listening to season 1. After looking for something to enjoy after finishing the Magnus archives, I wanted something that matched that feeling but went through so many “just ok” podcasts. This one is completely different. It not only feels similar to TMA in how they present their horror, but it does so in its own unique way. Not at all a copy, just beautifully well written horror! Thank you for creating a , so far, really enjoyable podcast!
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Interesting 🤔
So far enjoying the show. I heard this title via a Qcode podcast and thought I would give it a try. Very interesting storyline. Im on season one. I like the different languages. The animal audio I love! Graham Casner character I don’t like bcuz the person portraying him sounds like he’s struggling to talk and forcing the word out of his mouth. Over so far so good I probably will stick with it.
Movie in my ears!
Binging this daily - best fictional podcast to date! Amazing work, thank you Kaitlin Statz!!! Bravo!
Can’t wait for Season 5!
My only complaint is that there’s not more
My favorite podcast to date, such an interesting story coming together, I expect season 5 to end awesome, and I do not think it will disappoint!
Highly enjoyable but possibly disappointing
If you come into it expecting for things to go very wrong, then you’re good. Just a warning no to get too attached to anyone. But the story is great-good if you want to be a little scared. Don’t give up on it-the beginning of season three is a little confusing, but stick with it and it’ll be satisfying. At least I hope-still waiting for s5. But overall it’s a high recommendation. Now for the spoiler parts. DO NOT WORRY, I HAVE RESCUED WALTER HEATH at least sort of. I saved his last name and most of his personality. He was my fav, not just because he was British, just mostly because he was British. He deserved better. But overall, great story. CHARACTERS LIVES MATTER 🦷♥️☕️🤕😵‍💫😣😅 WHEN YOU SEE IT, IT SEES YOU TOO WHEN YOU HEAR IT, IT HEARS YOU TOO WHEN YOU FEEL IT, IT TOUCHES YOU WHEN IT CALLS YOU, IT HAS YOU
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lambo Bubu
Just finished season 1 holy cow this is thrilling stuff!!!
The voice acting, production, story, all of it is great! I can’t wait for season 5!
One of those stories you can’t stop thinking about
So this was my first INTENTIONAL horror experience… and I LOVED it. I have been unable to find something as awesome. This is one of those stories that you finish and just… CAN NOT stop thinking about.
Just Another Hannah
One of my favorite podcasts
This show has great production values that are followed up by an overarching plot that stitches together an intriguing story about what hides in those deep dark places.
Very well done
Excellent bit of audio horror/drama. The amount of talent involved is astounding. I’ve binged all four seasons in the last five days. The voice acting is excellent, the audio engineering and sound design is of the highest quality, and the storytelling is just plain spooky. Can’t wait for season five!
When it sees you…
Binged through all of this in a weekend. The first two seasons are so good!! Can’t wait for more!!
Great story, okay voice acting
The first two seasons pulled me in immediately with the mysterious discoveries but I noticed some of the voice acting seemed a bit forced at times. It became worse in seasons 3 and 4 and sometimes made it hard to tell if they were saying things with no emotion on purpose for story elements or if it was just poor acting. In seasons 3 and 4 I also struggled to keep up with my basic Spanish because not everything was translated like the earlier seasons and I don’t know why. I felt like I was missing parts of the story. BUT, the story has been good enough that it’s kept me listening and I’m excited to see how they wrap things up. The ending could make or break it.
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Probably THE best ear-movie out there
This podcast made me so scared I’ve slept with a baseball bat by my bed for a solid 3 months. And that was just season one!
You’ve Got My Vote!
Just voted for the People’s Choice Webby award, and I really hope you win! The high production value, talented voice actors, and rich storytelling you put into your podcasts deserves to be recognized. I can’t imagine how much work it really takes the two of you, but I applaud you both. I will keep listening and enjoying every minute 😃
Season 1 was absolutely terrific, kept me almost violently intrigued the entire time. Excellent job, and very creative use of voice acting. Started the second, wasn’t nearly as charmed. Tried to pull through bc sequels of literally anything have a hard time living up to expectations — but my mind did not change and I didn’t want to spoil my initial feelings about this podcast. These reviews make me doubtful of s3 too! Lol All in all, give it a listen, decide for yourself.
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eeyyoooo peepeepoo check
This podcast is amazing! Well written, production is solid and the story is so unique. I highly recommend. You won’t be able to stop listening.
Perfect horror!!
I started off with the Magnus Archives, Night Vale, Archive 81 etc. But when I got to the White Vault it really surprised me just how much it sucked me in!! I couldn’t really bring myself to re-listen to those other podcasts but this one just felt like a perfect story time & time again. The depth of the characters, the intricacy, the continuous intensity & action, I’m obsessed!! Sometimes I did have a difficult time keeping track of the setting descriptions but when you’re in it, you’re in it!! Thank you for the best podcast I’ve ever heard and one of the highlights of my covid quarantine ~
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If you like No Sleep & Creepy Pasta, this is for you!
So good! Excellent storytelling. As an avid fan of No Sleep and Creepy Pasta, how dare apple podcast not suggest this pod?!?!
HAD potential
I couldn’t keep listening after halfway through the third season. I recently finished the Magnus Archives podcast which was fantastic all the way through until the very last episode. So coming to this with high expectations, was alright (the voice acting is a little forced and sometimes down right difficult to get through) until that dreaded season three. I am sad to see such a strong beginning with so much potential turn into the rather repetitive and drawn out thing it turned into.
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Good Story, lots of profanity
The story is great. However, I was surprised and disappointed in the high volume of profanity, especially the f-word. I was especially surprised since is was not marked for explicit content.
Just great - well done and suspenseful
Families beware
I just finished season four and it was awesome! This is definitely a different kind of story compared to most. It took me a little while to get into it but now I’m hooked. I can’t wait to hear the conclusion in season five.
yh ooo
This show made me scared of the dark again!
I loovvveee horror stories, & this one HITS the mark! I've been sneakily listening to all 4 seasons while at work & now I'm eagerly awaiting the 5th! The writing is superb, the voice acting is great, the sound work is on point! I've honestly nothing to complain about. I thought I was bored with the 'found footage' stuff, but this is a nice twist on the trope, & the world building is magnificent to boot! Been telling all my pals to give it a listen!
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Loved it!
The time they spend on the audio production is evident because it has some top tier sound editing. There was some bad Spanish translations(wish they hired a VA who actually spoke Spanish fluently) in the first two seasons which made it difficult to listen to, but the horror and the story made me keep listening and I’m glad I did. Truly recommend!!!
This show really hits the horror vibe more than most things I’ve seen/heard. The acting is phenomenal and the story (so far that I’ve heard) just hits that spot. It hits even harder now that quarantine has happened and the big freeze in the south has happened. Thank you for making this show
Doctors of Doom
Wildly Entertaining
So happy I stumbled on fool and scholar. All of their related productions are fantastic and the white vault is no different
Honestly amazing
I don’t know how people can be this talented but holy smacks does this show blow my mind. I cannot recommend highly enough.
Top Notch
Writing and voice acting throughout the first and second seasons. A little uneven after that, but still very good.
Mr. Milord
Love this podcast!
I was drawn into this story immediately. Have suggested it to everyone. On pins and needles in anticipation of the next episode!
Best Podcast I ever listened to
I love this series so much! Ever since ep 1 I was hooked and I love Graham Kasner so much as a character and the others also! I can only recommend this
What a fun show
Creepy, interesting, cool stories. Great job!
One of the best horror podcasts out there!
Unique story and fantastic production quality. Fans of “The Thing” and “Alien” will love the themes of isolation and survival. The narrative will continually keep you guessing, and the masterful use of suspense will keep you invested. Those familiar with horror podcasts will recognize a few voices as well!
Absolutely amazing podcast, love the cast, writing and the way its presented. I have listened to season 1-3 four times already. Highly recommended!
Fantastic and atmospheric
Really great atmosphere. I love the locations that appear as settings - really overlooked as horror settings. I also really love how diverse the cast and characters are - the portions of the documents that are read in their native languages are super fun (and makes me feel sneaky when I understand them before the English translation kicks in). Pulls off the difficult thing of making me care so much for all the characters.
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Definitely recommend
Wonderful podcast- great cast + voice acting, engaging story, and the sound effects are amazing.
The following is my personal opinion of this incredible podcast - a well written and intriguing story with phenomenal voice actors- a mystery which will have you binge all of the older episodes and impatient for the new ones! A definite masterpiece!
Simply cannot wait for more!
I enjoyed Vast so much, I went looking for more by the same people. I was not disappointed. I think I’m enjoying The White Vault even more.
Graham's Voice Is WAY overdone
The story is compelling and some of the acting is pretty good but the character voice for Graham makes me want to stop listening at times. It's far too overdone to the point of being distracting. It's similar to Mr. Peterman from Seinfeld.
Fantastic slow burn horror
Omg I love Graham. One of my all time fav characters. The podcast is amazing and I can’t wait for new episodes!
Great story so far
I’m just about to start season three, so I’ll update when I’m completely done with the podcast. Great story so far. The main character, Graham, is a great character... but his actor is very cheesy, putting very dramatic pauses and accents on words in inappropriate places...
I’m obsessed
This is truly one of my favorite podcasts! The writing and sound design are PHENOMENAL I LOVE the diversity of the cast and all the different languages being used. The story is so unique and compelling and I cannot wait for more.
SUPERB horror podcast. Outstanding immersive sound design, acting, and original story. This is the standard - the slow burn of unfolding drama is gripping, creepy, disturbing - in the best way. Wish other horror podcasts managed this level of excellence, but either way, I’m fine with waiting between episodes because the payoff is amazing. The cliff hangers and language usage are clever and add to the whole experience. Enough of the different languages are translated that it’s clear what‘s going on - it’s not that complicated. I look forward to each installment - sooooo good. Bravo, Fool & Scholar Productions! ...more, please?
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Fantastic but a little slow
This and Old Gods of Appalachia have spoiled me for other horror podcasts. This is a great listen. Sound design, voice acting, suspense, and overall quality are all fantastic. The storytelling can be slow and even a little repetitive (seasons 1 and 3 feel similar). However, I’m always excited for the next episode! White Vault feels a little bit like cosmic horror so if you need clear resolutions and explanations this is not for you!
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A well done slow burn
Never before has a slow burn been able to hook me this much. This show is great, and I am excited to keep listening.
Movie Fan 📽
Amazing writing...however
This is one of my favorite podcasts I listen to old episodes repeatedly. However the episodes are way too short and the release schedule is spotty
One of the greatest audio dramas out there!
I’ve listened to a ton of audio dramas and this one is right up at the top of the list. The voice acting is awesome and the plot enticing. Always look forward to the next episode. Give this one a listen and it’ll only take a few episodes for you to be hooked too!
Fristed is way better than Camp Piedra
The first two seasons are absolutely fantastic. However it goes downhill during season 3. The story doesn’t expand on the first, just a similar thing in a different place, but much muddier and hard to follow. And I feel like I need to understand Spanish to understand a lot of it. Not everything is translated, unlike in the first two seasons. I’m a bit disappointed because I loved the first two seasons so much.
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Binged and Binged again...
Relistening from the beginning while j wait for the next episode. This is the perfect distraction from all the crazy. The sounds are AMAZING! (Listening with surround sound, noise canceling headphones is a MUST!)
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