The Weather Talk Podcast
The Weather Talk Podcast
Tony Pann
From big storms to seasonal trends, all weather and science topics are covered in depth each week! Weather Talk is the place to go for Weather Geeks to have some fun! WBAL TV/Radio Meteorologist Tony Pann covers all the bases.
Bill Vanko, weather folklore and news coverage of tornadoes
Bill Vanko returns!!!! We talk about weather folklore and how tornadoes are handled on the news.
Sep 8
23 min
What is a dew point? Meteor showers! Fred! And...aliens?
On the latest edition, we talk about dew point, meteor showers, Fred and...aliens?
Aug 12
21 min
Thunder & Lightning
Tony and Dave talk THUNDER & LIGHTNING - what causes it and how to say safe from it.
Jul 23
28 min
Weather Talk returns as Elsa approaches
After 16 LONG months the boys are back! Weather Talk returns in time to talk about Elsa and how the storm may impact Ocean City.
Jul 7
20 min
WE ARE BACK! Thoughts on hurricane season and early winter predictions
Weather Talk is BACK! Tony, Dave Ava & Taylor return via Zoom! We get into what's been going on with the Hurricane season and early winter predictions
Oct 15, 2020
27 min
Thunder Graupel, Super WORM Moon, And More Alien Talk
Thunder Graupel, Super WORM Moon and are the aliens among us? A special Monday edition of Weather Talk!
Mar 11, 2020
20 min
Tornado Safety, Twitter And The Next Step In Television Technology
This week we talk about tornado safety. Tony gets schooled by Twitter and Dave learns about the next step in television technology.
Mar 5, 2020
19 min
Whats With No Snow February And Spring Folklore
With only 3 days left Tony brings us the update on "No Snow February" It's Spring folklore time! We get into our favorite Spring folklores. Does the frog croak in the bog? We answer that burning question!
Feb 26, 2020
21 min
Spring Forecast, Cherry Blossoms And Will It Ever Snow Again?
It's our spring forecast. Will it snow this winter? We talk Cherry Blossoms. Chad Merrill from the Hagerstown Almanac joins.
Feb 19, 2020
21 min
Odd February Weather And Life In A RV
February tornadoes and no snow? Want to find winter? Get an RV! Lauren Davis and Mike Scarpignato join us to talk about what it's like to live in an RV
Feb 12, 2020
19 min
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