The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe
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Liked the “Short Attention Span”
Mike - read the book and really liked your “short Attention Span” best. Love the wolverine boots, and what your foundation does for skill trades. But l am not an hour discussion listener. If you decide to go back to your Way I heard it let me know. “Oldeguy” in Alabama
Sad to go
In today’s society it is very dangerous to make certain claims- why not yell fire in a crowded theatre, it would cause less damage
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Shorter versions were much better How many times can Mike say juxtaposition
Just plan great!
Mama say mama saw mamacusa...
Lionel Ritchie- All Night Long You guys are great!
Episode 183
One of the best not only of yours but of any podcast I’ve heard…to date… Thanks!
Volunteer Listener
Live Mike Rowe
Great podcast. Always interesting and funny. I did like the shorter versions, but zi can always drop off ... keep them coming
Mary Nagelvoort
Loved the podcast with you mom!
Your mom cracked me up! I haven’t laughed like that for a while. Perhaps I could relate a little and she reminded me of my own mother’s little bit. 😁
Just as riveting for those with a short attention span
I was initially disappointed that the short form podcast was giving way to a longer podcast (who has the time!) but Mike’s longer form is equally engaging, hilarious, and informative. His mom is simply a gem—I could hear here again!!! (Note to Mine and Chuck: just don’t overuse Mom). I can’t stop listening!
Locksley of Nottingham
Extended Content!
I love the longer formats! I’m not opposed to the shorter ones, but often times I feel like I’m left wanting more! But that’s also sometimes the sweetest part of the whole podcast! Either way, I’m a fan of both, and would highly recommend putting your headphones in and just letting it play! Love this podcast!
Mike Rowe & Tim The Tool Guy 👀🤯💨
Been thinking what a show this would be with both of you on. Your both witty n adorable n funny are great combination ✨✨👀✨🤣✨🤯💨💯Will blow your mind in a good way that’s much needed. Munch 💜🤔💭
What Do the Simple Folk Do
I think the only reason why I listen to you is because your mother isn’t on more. Otherwise I just be listening to her. She’s a hoot. Just kidding of course.
kill communism
Mother Talks Best!
Loved listening to you & your mom talk and to you quietly laughing as she spoke. OMG! I do the same thing with my mom, lol. She’s quite the conversationalist! Hope you have her on again.
Your mother does know best!
I am a relatively new listener to your podcast. I have enjoyed your shows and look forward to watching 6°. Your mother makes me smile! I wasn’t bored I was thoroughly entertained by the two of you and you’re honest and fun discussion!
Great show!
Just started listening not long ago. Especially loved the episode with Mike's mother... Very sweet. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Thanks for that Mike. Reminded me of talking to my mom. She passed in 2019 and I miss our conversations Thanks again Roger Baker
RW from Gods country
Mike’s Mom
Mother Knows Best is by far my Favorite episode so far. Peggy Rowe ROCKS!
Loved mom!!
Loved listening to you and your mom, laughed the whole time. Makes me miss my mom.
Marinedad rambo
Talking to your Mother
Loved this! Really enjoyed your conversation with her. You both have a gift!
Always engaging and entertaining
I always love your method of telling a story. I’ve been enjoying your work for decades.
Awesome Show
I just recently found your podcast so I am trying to get caught up. I love trying to figure out who or what it is going to be before the end. It truly does remind me of Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story. Something I have missed these many years and your show fits the niche nicely. I just listened to 162 and was very impressed by the way you read it. Felt like I could have been there. You are quite the orator.
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Great podcast!
I love the longer podcast! I’m glad you decided to change it.
I lost my home as small silversmithing business in the Paradise Campfire back in November 2018. Everything I knew, owned and cherished was lost in that fire. Listening to my favorite music on Pandora while while fabrications jewelry was an important tool in my work day, I thought it made the mood right and help me build better jewelry. I’m temporarily in Lake Almanor, in an old cabin building jewelry once again with my new tools but this time, my mood music is Mikes voice, I’ve left Pandora and downloaded Mikes Pod Casts. He’s got a way with schmoozing with that charming voice and has made me feel good about life again. Mike, Thank you for your words, your conversations are some that I dream of sitting across from you at a table and spending hours talking. You are the man!!!
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Momma bird sings
Mike Rowe is very engaging. Always interesting stories
Road trip
Thanks for your great twist on these stories, Mike. My husband and I enjoyed listening to all of them during a long road trip recently. Keep them coming. 😊 Update: go back to the short version, please. It’s lost its charm being longer.
Mike Rowe is the man!
Awesome podcast from an awesome man.
Not a fan of longer format
I have always loved this show and been a big fan of Mike Rowe in general. One thing I loved about the podcast was the brevity and the cleverness of the storytelling. I’m not a fan of the switch to almost hour-long episodes. Wish the short form would come back! Still love the show though. Interesting stories but I’m less likely to listen consistently now.
More pods please
Love the new format and everyone is due some rest, but your listeners are growing antsy for more material!!
My favorite podcast, can share with my kids
I grew up listening to the radio with my dad, and I have fond memories of Click and Clack and Paul Harvey and the discussions that my dad and I would have after those shows. My kids grew up as little ones on Dirty Jobs and we love Mike’s spirit and personality. We’ve been listening since the beginning of the podcast and now that they’re teenagers, we’re having the kinds of discussions I remember having with my dad. We’re all entertained, we learn something and we grow closer because we spend a little more time as a family. We still love Mike and are excited about the longer format. I hope for many more years of this spectacular podcast!
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Don’t forget the premise
I understand the issues you are having with the podcast but it sounds like you need to use one of your advertisers Indeed to bring in some additional writers. With network television punting to reality shows and game shows there has to be a large number of out of work writers. This is a great thing. Let the voice tell the stories of others instead of writing them all yourself
Ok I’m an idiot
I’m late to the party.....but better late than ever, right? I love this pod. Of course I know Mr. Rowe from Deadliest Catch. This pod, however, is a treasure. Just the right time, just the right vibe. The ever present twist ending keeps me on the edge. Yes, whether I’m walking a dog, driving, shaving, dropping a deuce or, well, living my life when I’m busy making other plans ....I love it! Mike - can a 50 yr apply for a scholarship on your site? Do tell. *****Update*****Just no to the new format. I have a short attention span. What was I typing about? Oh yeah, just no to the new format.
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Red Tube Bar
Love the new format
I absolutely love Mike Rowe. Look forward each week. Thanks you for keeping things going through this pandemic. These podcasts have been part of keeping the hope!
Will Mike Rowe Jump the Shark - Well,the Way I Heard It
Mike - The Way I Heard It is a masterpiece as is. By changing it and you are jumping the shark. If you want to explore the long format podcast, create a new podcast. Expand the brand if you want, but don't mess with perfection. So, you are too busy to write the episodes? There are plenty of quality candidates which can help you write on Zip Recruiter. Go check it out. That's
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A Must Listen
This podcast is not only entertaining, it leaves you with a lot to think about. What can be better than that? always finish with a smile [or a tear]. Thanks, Mike.
Great Podcast
Mike Rowe is a gifted writer and storyteller. His ability to draw the listener in is unmatched.
New format works
Just like all your successes (I’m not keen on the failures) this new podcast format has me hooked. Can’t wait for the new series in 2021. Best of luck Mike.
New format
I do NOT like the new longer format at all. I liked your stories and story telling skills. I really don’t want to listen to chit chat, at least not more than a few minutes. I’m unsubscribing but will check back at a later date to see if you’ve modified it again.
Bruce JM
A must listen
I look forward to each new episode. Mike is a great story teller. Paul Harvey would be proud.
TV show not NCIS
Just a minor point, but Wm Petersen was on CSI Las Vegas not NCIS. Love your shows! I’m encouraging my grandson to check out Mike Rowe Works!!
Short was great long is too long
I signed out too much Ya da ya da.
Space is gone
A sell out
My wife and I bought our first home before of Mike and the realtor show in Maryland.
new life for me
Too long and sold out
I always love Mike’s podcasts,tv shows,writing. I liked his podcasts because they were concise but now they seem to ramble some. I don’t mind that but the last straw was shilling for the American Petroleum Institute. Sadly I’ll be dropping this podcast.
Fred Furd
How is a podcast like a pie crust?
The key ingredient is shortening. My podcast playlist is sorted from shortest to longest. First thing every morning, I listen to Word of the Day, 60 Second Science, and StarDate. The longer ones are at the bottom of the list. If I don’t get around to listening to them today, they’ll be pushed down by tomorrow’s fresh, short episodes. I have some three-hour episodes that are months old, that just haven’t gotten to the top of the list yet. Bottom line: if you (and your sponsors) feel strongly that I ought to listen to your podcast frequently and promptly, keep it short.
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Short attention span Jeff
Good job
Mike, I’m enjoying the new format!
This fan hates to go
I miss the shorter length of the show. My life is very busy so short it worked out fine. I really liked the show and will miss it.
Love it
These episodes are crafted just as cleverly as anything Paul Harvey ever did but I like these stories better
Short attention span
Too long to be as enjoyable. Love the stories not the banter
Mike is a good story teller...
Great guy, doesn’t shove political rhetoric down your throat. Just somebody who knows right from wrong, doesn’t take life too seriously while taking it seriously.
Short Attention Span
Loved the relatively short podcasts. Best wishes with the new longer podcast format, but it’s cost you at least one long time follower. I just want to know the time, not how to build a watch.
This is one of my favorite podcasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me the great podcasts
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