The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe
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Excellent Podcast about Labor Day!
Labor Day “Off the Wall” episode was an excellent episode. As someone who spent 4 years completing a degree because it was what I was supposed to do. I finished and still was unsure what to do so I went on to work on a master’s degree. After spending the first 2 years working part time on my masters degree and working full time at a white collar job, I managed to buy a house, turn a 160% profit doing all the work myself, and picked up another part time job doing trim carpentry on the nights and weekends. I worked hard developing that trade for 3 more years while I finished my master’s degree, (only because I committed to finishing and could pay for the classes without loans) and I was working as a job site superintendent for a major production home builder. I’ve now found myself making nearly 100k a year as a home inspector. The only required education for this trade is a single 90 hour course, a test, and state licensing. The best decision I’ve ever made. I can now spend time with my family while knowing I can provide for them. I didn’t know about the work ethic scholarship when I started my path toward the trades, but I’m thankful for the work ethic that my father, grandfather, and many others have taught me through the years. Thanks Mike, Chuck, and everybody at the Mike Rowe Works Foundation for all the great things you are doing for the skilled workforce!
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Homeslice Pdiddy gunit
Love this podcast
Refreshing and informational with a touch of storyteller’s prerogative. It’s true to Mike Rowe. Telling the story of the people who have made our lives what they are today: from musicians, inventors, historical periods, modern heroes, anti-villains and quiet do-gooders. These stories usually bring a smile to my face at the reveal. Keep up the good work Mike. UPDATE: With the new format that Mike has settled on, it is no longer billed for those with a “short attention span”, however the winding story telling of historical biography and mirrored autobiographical stories lends to those with short attention span holding on to the end. Mike has made a great podcast superb. UPDATE 2: Since I couldn’t rerate at a higher than 5 stars, I needed to come back to give an update on how amazing the episode “Han Shot First” was. Brilliant, fun, prescient. Perhaps the best podcast episode I’ve ever heard.
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Too long
I love Mike, and his old stories are remarkable. However, this podcast is no longer for curious minds with short attention spans. Instead, it is for people with dull minds with the attention span of an elephants. I liked being challenged to figure out the sixth sense puzzle in 10 minutes or less. I miss those short stories. I also love the older, “Occasionally” stories. My suggestion…make this show a hybrid podcast. Do a little of the longer “stories”, which are actually druid conversations, and do some short stories like Mike did in the past. Don’t lose the attention of those who loved the original purpose of the podcast! Thanks.
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Great episode with the Human Calculator
Great episode. It’s great to hear from someone from my neck of the woods in Central NY. I hope Scott is successful in his big endeavor in Herkimer.
Used to be great
I used to love the podcast. The 10 minute episodes were great little “mysteries” to break up the rest of my podcast feed. They were popular enough that Mike wrote a book about them. He then used that book to transition the show to just another hour long podcast interviewing someone, and frequently it’s his parents. Now it’s the same old thing as all the others.
Mike and Chuck as they relate to my unexplainable heart rate
I promised my husband if he would agree to buy a house with a pool, I would use it every day for exercise. Being a woman of my word, I’m now in that cement pond daily, Fitbit monitoring my every burnt calorie. This has not been as painful physically as one would imagine for this 64 year old broad, but the mind numbing repetitive music on my playlist required to keep my heart rate up was close to torture. Then one day, quite impetuously, I decided to forgo the over played workout song list and clicked on The Way I Heard It podcast . I would like to say this was a purely quality content driven choice, but the truth is I chose it because it was the only one of my podcast subscriptions that ran the required 60 minutes I needed to complete my daily water run requirement. Well no one was more surprised than I that Chuck, Mike and assorted guests of people I’ve never heard of, in their allotted 60 minutes, provided me a high enough heart rate to incinerate more calories than my Whitney/Stevie/BeeGees compilation. Not to mention my delight that my husband is still trying to figure out why I spontaneously burst out laughing every now and then during my up till then boring aqua-size. Keeping promises, getting in shape, endorphin boosts from hardy guffaws, learning a tidbit or two and keeping the hubs guessing- it’s all good. Thanks guys. Betty Kruszka
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Betty Kruszka
It’s okay
Mike seems to be enamored by his own ignorance to the point of thinking it’s equal to an expert being on the edge of knowledge and not knowing, but he is a master story teller. His false humility is trying, but overall worth listening to most of the time. Chuck is the real problem— inane commentary and desperate sucking up is nausea-inducing.
Big brother Gary
Mike, absolutely fantastic episode with Gary. You two seem cut from the same cloth. You should introduce your parents to his, maybe something there we should know about…. 😀
willy bruce
Keep it short
Have loved listening to your podcast. Still enjoy, but prefer the short 10-15 minute ones.
Mike~Take Me Away!!
Remember the commercial. “Calgon, Take me Away!”? That is how I feel about your podcast. Listening to you read chapters from your book, then telling a story related to the chapter, somehow takes me away, momentarily, from all of the responsibilities and craziness of life. I would enjoy hearing you read other books, like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and other literary classics; then discuss them with Chuck, your parents, or any other interesting person in your life. Thank you for what you do, Mike. May God bless you. Gindy V ( pronounced Jendy)
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Letter to Garcia episode
As the owner of a small business for the past 22 years I really enjoyed the “Letter to Garcia” episode. It has always been challenging to fill open positions with good people. But honestly, the post pandemic employee situation is awful. They don’t want to work, and that is if they even show up. They want to play on their phone and get paid $15/hour to do it! I’m selling my business and those jobs are going away. Keep fighting the good fight to to find people with a good work ethic, I’m done.
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Message to Garcia — And to America
Loved the “Message to Garcia” episode — Mr. Johnson sounds a lot like my younger sister, a local union officer for several years… reminds me of the 1917 Russian slogans… “Power to the People” (which always translates to “power to the people in charge”) 🇺🇸😜😜🇺🇸😜😜🇺🇸 🇺🇸😜😜🇺🇸😜😜🇺🇸 🇺🇸😜😜🇺🇸😜😜🇺🇸
Super informative, funny and educational!
Long version or short, best podcast EVER!
That’s how I heard it
Like the new format
Attacking Dylan and giving Trump a free ride?
In a recent podcast Mike Rowe attacked Bob Dylan and a “plagiarist” and a ”liar”. Oh really? And what evidence did he put forward to support these allegations? Exactly none, just venting his spleen in passing due to some grudge from probably decades past. Here’s some news Mike: Dylan hasn’t been controversial in years so why the attack? More to the point, there is a current figure who is the biggest liar in American history: Donald Trump. He lies just about every time he opens his mouth. Evidence? Neutral observers counted up 20,000 lies told during his disgraceful Presidency not to mention the outrageous lie that he actually won the 2020 election. This student of Hitler practices the Big Lie principle that if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. Come on, Mike let’s hear some of that outrage directed where it belongs — at (fortunately ex-President) Donald J. Trump.
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Always Fun
Mike has a down to earth, easy, interesting way of getting the most out of his guests. He keeps the show fun but he gets the guests to open up about a variety of interesting topics in each podcast. Thanks!
Mike, thanks for having Travis Mills on. Boy was that the best podcast yet!!! That guy is truly inspirational.
I have enjoyed the free association, it feels like a conversation with friends that take turns as it evolves.
Long time follower of you Mike and have always loved what Gary does for my fellow Service members. 17+ years in the Army, I was 3 days back from leave in S. Korea on that fateful day. It’s people like you two that help make my time in Iraq and Afghanistan have meaning. I know I’m late to this but I spend many of anniversaries like this and Memorial Day’s in reflection. Listening to you, even with the goosebumps I have I admire and respect every you do for those how have given most and those who gave all. While choking back this lump in my throat I simply want to say thank you.
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Grateful for What I Heard!
Fantastic interview. Great men doing great work! Thank you
Love this podcast
I've been listening since near the begining, love every episode. Can't believe how much work it was to get to the review process, though. Thought i could've done it from app i use to listen to the podcast. Anyway i love the stories, and the way he makes you think one way and then at the end, bam! Love hearing the recent shows with the interviews. And I love chuck. Keep up the good work.
Very Patriotic Show!!
Thank You Mr. Rowe for this podcast in the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and what a great guest to hear all the great things that you and Mr. Sinise do for the American people. Hope to cross paths sometime to shake your hand and maybe buy you a beer.
Awesome Labor Day
Thank you!
Blazing Asian
Gary Sineae
Just listened to your podcast with Gary Sinese and it was the best one yet. Mr Sinese is one of the most amazing people I know of. I was hanging on every word of the podcast. Thank you, Mike, for bringing that show to us, your fans and listeners. And Hi Chuck.
Listening to Gary and Mike talk got me thinking about my own family history in World War 2, its in our blood. Thanks for the reminder.
9-11 episode: Thank you.
L Wellin
Podcasts and Mom
Listening to your podcasts brightens my day. My wife loves it when your mom is on the show, as do I. Thanks for all you do. Tell Chuck we said hey.
Maximus Betamus Chingamus
What is Butt Cheerful
Mike and Chuck, listened to the podcast 216 today, which by the way was a great story. Mike, the story you told was ringing loud bells for those of us who busted our chops working 3 jobs simultaneously during our lives. I admit I loved all of them. At 69 I get to say that I was blessed to be able to work in the fields of EMS, Law Enforcement and Education in both topics. I loved going to work every day. It wasn’t until age 64, when I was disappointed that I had to work vs going paddle boarding with friends, that I knew it was time to retire. Mike if I were still teaching, I would request the SWEAT curriculum so I could take it to every technical college in Wisconsin. It is so much how we live here; except for a few picky pronoun cities. Thank you for the ‘wide swathe’ comment to my fellow listener. I have met so many people that believe one cannot have different views on many subjects in spite of voting preferences. Why is it all or nothing with some people? So as to the title of my review……go back and listen to the segment where you were talking about your Scout Leader, and the pledge you took as a scout. You said how could anyone be anything ‘but cheerful’……I was in traffic in Minn. and kept waiting for you to go back and run away with that…. Thanks for keeping me hopeful that I don’t have to keep watching youtube videos to re plumb my house with PEX, seal the sky lights, and patch my driveway. Hopefully skilled workers will be come fashionable again.
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Love this podcast so much!!
Thank you so much for this podcast. It’s exactly what is needed in this world. It transcends politics & culture and just speaks to the values that, in my opinion, we all need to be reminded of.
Bejeweled crazy
Mike for President
Love what you are doing for the skilled trades. One of my must listen to podcasts.
I Hear You Mike!
I really enjoy this podcast. Mike’s easy to listen to and his podcast and stories are always informative and entertaining. I also appreciate Mike’s passion for helping young people get the training they need to make a decent living.
Thank you
I appreciate the open candor, the historical context, and the dialogue. A refreshing break from the black and white rhetoric that permeates almost everything else in today’s popular culture. This podcast is an important part of my week. Thank you!
Aging Tomboy
Labor Day
Thanks for making me think again.
the Smiling Cowboy
Need more like this
Love Mikes philosophies. Need more people like him to stand up and speak out.
hardwork is good
Long time listener first time reviewer!
Your Labor Day show hit a special cord. My grandpa helped liberate Dachau. In his military souvenirs there is a copy of a “ Message to Garcia” along with “The man without a country”, “ I am not a Virginian but an American”, “ The sayings of poor Richard”,” The Monroe doctrine”,”Woodrow Wilson, Franklin K. Lane, Theodore Roosevelt on Americanism”, “ John Adams inaugural address”and “ Abraham Lincoln‘s second inaugural address” all printed and issued by the veterans of Foreign Wars. How much better off would we all be if it were required reading for us all?
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David G. Hicks
Inspiration? Cannot be given.
Female here. Walked to wash dishes for a year plus, sold shoes my senior year of HS (as the 19 year old’s were all late to work ,because daylight savings as an excuse). Watched my fellow graduates put off ‘growing up’ to go to college. First real job : 2 weeks out of HS as a receptionist at a Cabinet Shop. Went on to grow a business or two with love. Work Ethic… Cannot be given.
Ample Warning Given
Gentlemen, I’m a recently retired USMC Col who has lived in Japan for a number of years. First, you both are spot on. In the book, Tennozan, Feifer estimates that 25% of the Japanese population would have died and almost every town of any significance destroyed. Second, in addition to the leaflet warnings, we dropped additional leaflets telling the Japanese that we had nuclear bomb technology…even gave some details and a list of prominent Japanese scientists that had the education background to verify the information as factual. You can see it all in the Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki, a place few foreigners visit. All of those warnings were ignored. Would the Japanese have warned us if the tables had been turned? No…inconceivable and impossible. Grace and humanitarian gestures of this magnitude, like our Constitution and the principles enshrined there in , could have emanated only from a Christian people.
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This podcast speaks to me
I didn’t realize this podcast was exactly what I’ve been missing. I find something in each one that I can relate to and occasionally hits me right where it hurts! Just want to add I had an impression of what This podcast would be, I was wonderfully wrong! I love it!
Entertaining, witty, and funny!
1 star for the guys, and 4 more for Mike’s Mom. I finally know where Mike gets his charm. He inherited just a small fraction from his Mom. Seriously, she is a jewel!
John in North Texas
A Message to Garcia!
Mike, I have listened to nearly all of your episodes and I will rank this one the best!! I had not heard of this story, but could not help but see just how insightful, and dare I say, prophetic his words are. A very creative way to bring about ‘water cooler’ discussions about the pros and cons of socialism! I nearly jumped out of my seat when you mentioned “The Cremation Of Sam McGee.” A dear friend, who has sensed died and oddly enough was cremated…had memorized that poem and recited it for us on several occasions. It brought back incredible memories!! An oratory delivery of that poem would be my request!! Thank you for sharing your wit and wisdom with all of us and may America seek to Bless God!! Kurt SWFLA
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Message to Garcia
Fabulous message, still relevant today! Thanks!
We need more people like you in the world!!
Excellent excellent podcast! Gets you thinking & hopefully wakes this world up to appreciating other people’s points of view & opinions.
mama wadds
Message to Garcia
Do I dare say best episode to date? Loved all of them so far but this was at least top 5 of the best.
Big guy Todd
A message for Garcia
Mike thank you for another great podcast. Unfortunately there are a lot of Tim Johnson’s in this world now. My questions to guys like that is, when’s the last time a poor man ever give you a job. Companies have to do several things to keep the business going and the doors open. I myself had hours and pay cut but I’m still employed. I worked while fellow employees were furloughed and now making double the monthly pay that I am sitting at home. Unfortunately guys like Tim will never understand the sacrifice employees make for their companies just to keep the doors open. Thanks again Mike and Chuck for another Great Podcast. Yours Truly Todd Dupuis
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Jesse instagram @ lanes.and.creamery
Episode 216 Brilliant like you said every hundred years all new people. And if we don’t learn from the wisdom of the people who came before us we are forever doomed to have to relearn it every hundred years. As for Mr. Johnson. There’s not a red team, blue team, and a white team. Those are factions of the red, white, and blue team. And if we all don’t start acting as if we’re all on the same team. Just like a football team that has an offense, a defense, and special teams Unit we will rip ourselves apart and never win no matter how much talent we have. The offense has the score points. the defense has to prevent points from being scored. and both offenses and defense of players come together on special teams to set the other one up for success on the next series of downs. Written by a financial peace University baby who is also a Rush baby I’m 38 years old love dirty jobs thanks Mike. Hard work pays off
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lanes end farm
Last 2 podcasts
Loved your Labor Day podcast. Will get printed version of “Message to Garcia” and read it closely. I am retired. In my career, I hired many accountants right out of school. Two young men of whom I am most proud were Eagle Scouts. I was never in scouts as a kid. My son was in Scouts, a senior parol leader and of course an Eagle Scout. That experience did wonders for a shy, reclusive boy who now is a spectacular young man. Scouts is a great experience for a boy. But unfortunately not many get that opportunity. Your scholarship program is a great help. I wish there were more of these programs. SWEAT is what American youth need. Not all but most. I listened to all of “who shot first” and “message to Garcia” both were excellent. Mike, you tend to explain a sensible conservative viewpoint without pissing off anybody. I wish DJT had that knack. Anyway, keep it up. I commute regularly between a get-a-way place on Kent Island and my permanent home in Towson, MD. Not far from your home location, Hon. I grew up in Northeast Baltomore in Little Flower parish. My dad had a 2nd grade education and made a decent living for himself and his family in a specialty construction trade. I worked for him, summers while in high school and college, accounting degree. I worked hard, beer money in college. What it taught me was to stay in school and get my degree. That way I wouldn’t have to work in a “Dirty Job” the rest of my life. Too long of a remark but I love your work. Keep it up.
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Skip 1945
Message to Gracia
Appreciate the conversation about what was once called positive work ethic. I’ve tried to reinforce to my son the importance of this concept. Thank you for continuing to provide thought provoking episodes.
Excellent Show
I have a 45 mile drive to work and of course back home. One episode usually is good one way. I have read, or rather listened to the book because what better way to hear a book by Mile Rowe than to hear Mike Rowe read, easily the best narrator of our time and maybe all time l, although Edward Herrmann certainly gave you a run for the money. Since I have heard the stories I really enjoy the banter between Mike and Chuck or another guest. I find myself laughing out loud listening to two friends telling stories and playing off each other. Your show was my first foray into Podcasts and i am so happy i started. I think you are both national treasures and really look forward to each weeks episode. Keep up the good work and i look forward to the next chapter once you hvae completed the book. And that’s the rest of the story.
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5* for Mike and Chuck
Five stars for the non-binary Mike Rowe and Chuck Klausmeyer (sp)!
Love this new direction
Mike is definitely someone I could listen to all day, and during heavy house cleaning days I have! PLEASE will you have Sharon McMahon from ‘Sharon says so’, on your show! You two would be epic together! Chuck will you look into this please?! Trust me, it wouldn’t disappoint! She has the best community out there, but you will see that when you start looking into her!
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