The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe
All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew -- from pop-culture to politics from Hollywood to History... The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe -- short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.
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Thanks Mike!
Rowe delivers a story in his very own unique way, it’s a pleasure to listen! ~Ulises
It does exactly what it says on the tin
Tl;dr 👍👍 I would like to say they reuploaded episodes with a lot of the prechat edited out. I was sad by that. While true it wasn’t relevant to the episode or, it may have been dated, it was still part of the original work and I enjoyed it very much.
Visiting hours
Very well done. God Bless the Soldiers.
Best podcast ever!
Thoughtful. Funny. Exquisite.
My name is Peyton. I listen to the podcast with my dad and on my iPhone. I am nine years old. My favorite episodes are mouse in the house,he really stuck with it,30 minutes of disappointing television,and all the ocationallys. Love ya! Keep doing what you do. Stay safe with the fire and COVID-19😷. Make it end!! Any way I just realized how long this comment is. Goodbye please read my comment
Visiting hours. Well done
Sometimes there is a need for why the story needs to be told. Sometimes there is a need for silence. This was well done.
Joel Hieber
It’s like Paul Harvey was reincarnated
Mike does a great job with these stories. Two thumbs up
Mike Rowe’s stories never fail. Whether a chuckle, a warm smile or a tear in your eye . . . he always draws out an emotion. Thank you Mike. Always an enjoyable listen!
Friggin awesome every single time!
Visiting hours
This had me crying at the end. Excellent story & so eloquently told. I’ve traveled a lot and Gettysburg was the most memorable. I wept looking at all the “unknown “ markers. So many, so young. Thank you Mike for another awesome episode!!!
An iconic voice
Mike Rowe has an iconic voice that’s up there with James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson and, Paul Harvey.
Orthodox Sling
Just Excellent
I’ve never heard Paul Harvey’s “The Rest Of The Story,” the podcast that served as an inspiration to Mike Rowe’s “The Way I Heard It.” But I can tell you that TWIHI is likely more than a match for it. Great twisty stories, just enough to get you thinking, and Mike’s storytelling is brilliant. This podcast has become part of my Tuesday. It’s just great!
Fink Middleton
Visiting Hours
Loved this episode. I’ve listened to all of them and they have been great, but this one was the best. Brought tears to my eyes.
Think think think
Amazing podcast!
Autism and me
Classic case of fear of cancel culture
I enjoy every podcast. But it does concern me that cities are burning and you are afraid to take a stand. Why is everyone afraid to speak out in what all are thinking? If Trump gets 50% of the black vote, will you get up your courage?
Freddie bag of donuts
A pleasure to listen to.
Thanks Mike, for the cranial efforts necessary for your end results, your delivery, and that million dollar voice. Thanks too for the mental challenge and reliving the fun of Paul Harvey’s “rest of the story”. I almost had a coronary when I accidentally deleted your entire podcast ( instead of an episode) from my library but finally found the search button and retrieved it. (Hey, I just turned seventy...what can you expect?) Please keep ‘em coming.
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How can you not love to listen to Mike Rowe? He makes everything better!
He is great at doing these
Oh my gosh his storytelling skills are so good
Human G. Person
The Rest of the Story
Mike Rowe and this podcast is reminiscent of Paul Harvey and The Rest of the Story. It’s always enjoyable and sneaky educational!
Great Show
I recently listened to episode 168, A Hooker You Can Trust, and I absolutely loved it. Two days later I was watching Season 1, Episode 4 (Alien Galaxies) of the show How the Universe Works, narrated by none other than Mike Rowe himself. Oddly enough, Rowe starts off the episode by mentioning Edwin Hubble and the 100-inch Hooker telescope on Mount Wilson in Los Angeles.
Morty Skaggs
So nice to listen to
Thanks to Mike Rowe for doing this podcast. Wholesome, American, Human, and very Manly. A little dose of this… goes a long way. Coming from a mid-30s guy in CT, trying his best just to survive socially.
Something’s missing
What happened to you talking about how you came to write about your stories? It feels like something’s missing when I listen now and it’s giving me anxiety. Don’t leave a girl hanging from a cliff😊
A Master Storyteller
Always interesting, ever calming, look forward to new episodes each week. Thanks, Mike!
Love this podcast, always interesting!
Love this podcast, always interesting! Mike Rowe has a great voice and the story selection is from a wide variety. Really enjoyable, highly recommend. Love it, could listen to Mike read the phonebook.
Robert Henry Holtz
Mike Rowe
Thank You!❤️🇺🇸💯
LA Liberty
Just a question
Mike, Is “Safety Third” found in a podcast? I’ve heard you speak of it, but alas I cannot find it. So help if you can. Thanks, Terry Johnson
Just a great story teller
Was looking to see if there were any recorded radio broadcasts of Paul Harvey podcasts and I found you instead! I had no idea you admired him as well. You’re a great story teller just like he was! So glad I found your podcast it’s wonderful.
Love the stories, but the ads have started being longer or just as long as the actual story now. Didn’t use to be that way
Just Awesome
Hi Mike Such a talented, well spoken man who just gets it. The stories are extremely well thought out and witty. #Rowe2024!
Always thought provoking
It always keeps me guessing on who the story is about it is wonderfully done love Mike inflections in his voice Who is very eloquent in the telling of all stories
(Good sigh)
Very good. Relief.
No complaints!
Title of the review says it all. Well done! Big fan anxiously awaiting more. The adds don’t bother me. Make your money from your sponsors. It is well deserved. I just hit skip 30s until I hear the illustrious guitar riff. That’s the way I review it.
ADHD perfect
I appreciate a show where I can learn and find interest within my understood limits. This is fascinating without bloviation.
If you’re fortunate enough to have ever heard & loved Paul Harvey you’LLC love this!!
Short n sweet
Paul Harvey would be so proud that Mike is doing a similar show with such class. So freakin interesting! Always fascinating stories. I always learn stuff from his stories. And try to guess who it is before he reveals it at the end. Mikes self effacing humor is such a breath of fresh air.
Dude really
Ok so I love this show but you need to get on a schedule like one or two a week
Naomi .G
Just perfect
T in Albany
Paul Harvey with a beer
You’re welcome.
So enjoy
Love this podcast. Read Mikes book and his Moms book. Both so fun to read.
charl for this
Ads about to make me unsubscribe
4.5 min of ad for 4 min episode? Getting worse. I like Mike, but can only take so much ad time.
Reminds me of “The Rest of the Story”
I grew up listening to the great Paul Harvey. I still finding myself tuning into The Rest of the Story at 4:10pm. Since finding The Way I Heard It I put on every day at 4:10. Great job Mike Rowe
I’ve only just begun
I am fairly new to listening to these podcasts. Read the book, reading it again. Watched the podcasts on YouTube and now listening to them. My brain is in a scramble. So many interesting stories and facts to know. However do you come up with this stuff. It’s absolutely refreshing to listen to and beats what’s on TV. I look forward to them every week and need to binge listen and get caught up. Thank you!
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Well done!
Once again, I feel a bit smarter for learning something new and even more so being able solve your mystery guest. Doesn’t happen too often, so the victory dance in my mind is going wild. Can’t wait until the next story. Inquiring minds want to know more.
Used to be good
It used to be a good podcast. Then around episode 150 it turned into 50% podcast, 50% ad. And once in a while he’d throw in a nonsensical episode to subtly promote his right-wing politics, all while claiming to be non-political. There are better podcasts out there now.
The Best Podcast!
Mike Rowe is great!! I love this podcast!
Amazing idea
Mike has the best voice! Awesome topics. Perfect time frame and delivers each episode!
Awesome but needs work
I so enjoy these episodes and how Mike puts them together.
Short little attention span!
Great voice to fall asleep to. Yes I do have a short little attention span. Sometimes I have to listen 3 or 4 times before I get to the punch line. Sometimes I just have to listen in the morning. Thanks for keeping me off sleeping pills. Great stories.
Love these stories!!
I love this podcast. I have been through all of them. And now I am caught up...I can’t wait for the next one! I was a big Paul Harvey fan, and Mike Rowe is right up there with him in my book! In the meantime, I think I will check out his Mom’s sounds like a hoot!!!
Absolutely love the stories and your voice! Best podcast I’ve heard. Beyond 100 stars
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