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It’s no LCB but it’s pretty good
For the most part it’s a good entertaining listen but the two hosts do come across as liberal elitists who push political views constantly. But if you don’t care about that they give good breakdowns of shows
It’s faults have become more glaring as the years have gone on
Start listening when it was a part of the Grantland network. Enjoyed Chris, tolerated Andy,
listening with ears
A good *tap* listen *tap* for *tap* the most *tap*tap* part
I often look forward to hearing Chris and Andy's opinions on all that they cover and appreciate the insight they provide. But Andy hits the table as he speaks, not even just when punctuating a point, but constantly, and it's incredibly distracting. I'd love to listen to every episode and discover even more things to watch and/or read, but I skip episodes that are seemingly irrelevant to me because I just can't bear the tapping.
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Talk About Dave
Very Interested to see what you think of first season of Dave as well as the two new episodes of the second.
Great insight but…
I love the commentary on hacks except when you said that the back-and-forth about whether or not she should have reported the comedy club guy for sexual-harassment was like an op ed. That was so off-base. Unless you are a Fox News “lady,” that is not ever how it is. The two questions are, do you kill your career and report the person and help other women or do you soldier on and try to help other women in the background and continue to have a job. I don’t actually expect men to understand what goes on that they don’t see but do think it’s important to point out when I hear things like this that are so incredibly off-base. The choices women have to make whether or not to report bad behavior are very real and they are not black white like you characterized.Again, think you guys are great and would be open to understanding that it is absolutely not like you characterized. And the show got it wrong too. No character like Ava would have actually thought Jean Smart should have derailed her railed her career by reporting that guy back in the day. other than that the show was great!
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Would not recommend, ugh
Started listening to this after hearing commercial for it on DavidChang podcast (which I would Highly Recommend), to hear their TopChef reviews.. omg. Are these people who actually LIKE the show or no?? The 2 main hosts aren’t too fun to listen too, there seems to be intermittent unpleasant tension. & overall way too sardonic and negative (I’m sarcastic but this isn’t funny at all). Just tried to get through the 5/14 episode- was great example of listening to 2 spoiled/whiny Americans, embarrassing. Sounded like there was a guest host, didn’t like him At All. Together the 2 speakers gripes about how “the drama” of TopChef is gone (go watch RealHousewives then! By and large everyone is LOVING the camaraderie currently, very much like BritishBakeOff on Netflix), voiced their disgust about contestants being asked to use leftovers or ugly food (ugh newsflash: not everyone has access to beautiful produce all the time- & fyi fishhead soup or curry is actually a delicacy from the asian village my family hails from.. so open your eyes & get educated and more worldly, guys!!) & maybe consider paying better attention to show/taking notes?? The one guy repeatedly referred to what Maria made in most recent episode as “tamales.” Dude, they weren’t tamales- go watch the show please. Ick.. def unsubscribing. The ignorance & self righteousness was just way too much/intolerable tbh.
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CR is a king. He makes the show work even though Andy doesn’t watch anything anymore besides Top Chef. Best on the ringer imho.
Ok Andy we know you wrote a show
Andy has gone from reviewing shows to trying to break them down like a creative writer college professor. Andy, they didn’t do the show for your approval and an A grade. Chris still tells why he likes a show while Andy feels the need to grade it like a teacher. It’s annoying.
High Snob
Okay, I guess
Look, I enjoy the snooty high brow takes on things (as they’re often correct, even on the Marvel takes which I know burns) but for the love of Christ, I would really like to never hear either of you say, “Go off, king” again for the rest of my days. Please stop.
One Great Host One Pretentious Host
And that’s okay. Because the chemistry works. Just wish Andy watched more stuff lately and more commentary on things like Zero Zero Zero opposed to Marvel and Star Wars. My favorite part of this pod is learning new shows and the Marvel / Star Wars component seems to be overshadowing.
Great analysis too many bad jokes
Andy and Chris have great takes and I’ve listened for years but enough with the joke hypotheticals or what ifs. They constantly go to the well of imagining a person or movie doing something absurd or vaguely humorous and it is never funny. Fine once in a while but so much of the pod continues to be taken up by it.
Need to limit the corny inside jokes
I respect both Chris and Andy’s opinions and they are both very smart. However, I enjoy them far more when they are on separate podcasts. The first rule in college radio is “no inside jokes” and these two make way too many corny, inside jokes. They will start giggling about some obscure Philadelphia reference and it’s unlistenable. The key is to keep your finger on the 15 second skip button as soon as Andy launches into some lame tangent. If they had more discipline about keeping away from this, the podcast would be much improved.
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It’s a show unlike any other that I know of. I do find it hard to listen all the time, because they cover so many shows and movies that I’ve honestly not even heard of. Also, top chef? Word? I’m kinda lost on that one.
MurphyStout AKA KlackUp
Handmaids Tale
Please cover handmaid‘s tale season four. This show is amazing
There are so many GREAT podcasts out there about Star Wars and the Marvel world, but this is NOT one of them. Two middle aged men who like to hear themselves talk in circles with no real direction or intent. The only reason I listen to this self pandering is if I can't fall every time!
Top chef
Thanks for doing top Chiefs. Shota about to win the season
It’s back
Love the Top Chef recaps hitting my podcast feed every Friday. Is it possible to love a cooking competition reality show this much?
Podcast Friends
I’ve listened to these guys for 8 years now. Chris went from taking his girlfriend to the Magic Castle to taking hos wife there. Andy has switched careers and had kids in that time. It’s like listening to a couple of friends because that’s what they are. One of my must listens.
Was a big fan but now totally burnt out
I see the term “elitist” a lot in the critical reviews I read about The Watch. I don’t know if that’s the correct term, but Andy and Chris often come across as talking down on people who enjoy TV and films they deem low brow. They try to remain objective, if only because they tell us they’re trying to be objective, but for months now they’ve just complained about the shows many of us enjoy. We get it, you’re better than us common folk who love Ted Lasso or Wandavision. We’re less because of our limited, small brains. We’re not welcome in hour club. I used to love this show. Lately, it just makes me feel bad about myself.
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This the show you all are looking for!
Snowfall is the new water cooler show
Love this pod and I don’t even watch TV
I don’t remember how I happened upon this pod, but the hosts are so funny and I love it. Thanks for keeping me company during the lonely times during this pandemic.
Watch the Chokepoints
A podcast in which Chris Ryan reviews golf YouTube content only, please.
Support the union. Stop it with outside contractors.
How can children whose father grew up in Philly not have a innate affection for Hockey? Do they not know Gritty?
Lost me
I was going to write more here but I could see from others recent reviews I don’t really need to. It went from being a podcast I really enjoyed to them coming off way to cocky and negative it’s sad to me what happened here.
Missed opportunity
The hosts are brilliant, sharp, witty, and funny. They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pop culture and so funny with their anecdotes. Unfortunately, as of late, they have become incredibly whiny and elitist about everything. They have also become very political and their commentary. I go to pop-culture to escape politics. I don’t understand why they have to push a left leaning ideology when talking about the MCU or other pop-culture items. It’s sad and it’s sick.
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Negative tone
Overly negative tone. I understand wanting to sound objective, but its so forced. Just enjoy and relax with these shows. They want to act like some prestigious content critics but in reality they are far from it.
Jawa bannn
You’ll strain your nevk looking at these two on their high horses
I’m convinced these two love the smell of their own excrement. Each week these two duel each other to see who can be more pithy about pop culture. It’s tiring.
Here’s my review:
Shut up Andrew. You manage to have the worst take on everything. Which is impressive considering you are the most hypocritical and ill-informed reviewer/analyst (you’d think you get it right once). Five stars. For Chris. Not you Andrew. You get no stars. But Chris gets ten stars. You do the math Andrew, or do you need a calculator where 2+2 equals “alright, I’m sorry, but I don’t get it”.
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Best around
Just a consistently fun listen. The pop culture talk is such a welcome break from the world twice a week. Getting me to read Lonesome Dove is the cherry on top.
ANDY IS GOOD. The other one is annoying.
I enjoy this podcast… But it’s only b/c Andy Greenwald has actual creative real-life experience and isn’t just a wannabe critic podcaster. The other one, Chris, is basic, defensively interrupt-y, presumptuously bragg-y about his own speculation being fact. But I keep coming back to hear Andy’s professional take on everything. If I could fast-fwd while Chris speaks, without missing anything, I would.
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Too safe
I have enjoyed listening to the Watch for years. However, over time I have noticed that these guys lack fresh takes or perspective. Their perspective and takes seem to be crafted to match the overall consensus in their field. Andy in particular seems to lack any fresh perspective. I don’t know these are their actual opinions, or if these guys are just super boring and have been neutered by the current environment. This makes the show a yawn....despite the great chemistry between the two friends.
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Chicago Bears Fan
Great podcast but one suggestion
Hey guys. Great podcast and as always informative and fun. One thing I’ve noticed is the time that each segment begins is 1 min ahead of when it actually begins. For example game of throne news supposed to happen at 27 min but actually occurs at 28 min. It’s usually not a big deal but some times I fall behind shows and then I accidentally get a big spoiler when trying to skip that segment!
Been listening for years and they feel like my friends
Truly the mark of a good pod.
Best Show!!
Dan and Gards.. best duo.. give them a raise!!
Liberal Garbage
Snooty white liberals giving political takes no one asks for.
Better with Beats
Chris and Andy, I’m listening to your witty repartee with my new Beats 🎧 on. Questions/comments: 1. Am I hearing things, or are one of you doing the podcast from your front porch? There have been three or four cars going by before you get into “Wanda” 2. Ok... you guys are freaking me out. I just heard one of you push out their chair!!! 3. I try to have a more mainstream sensibility’s than you seem to carry... although I do appreciate your passions. I had gotten through 47 years of my life without watching one second of reality television. I dipped my toe into the “Top Chef” universe... so, thanks? 4. What about “Your Honor”? I have found it to be some tasty pop culture junk food. It has done the difficult job of creating real empathy for some heels. Side note: I would bet the over on the 1.5 times per episode that you close your eyes and think “Walter White? Is that you?” 5. Just slogged through “Wonder Woman:1984”. Should I like this movie? Maybe it’s the home viewing experience, but a 2 1/2 hour long movie is a bit tough to not only get through in less than four sittings, it is also tough to keep everything on the movie plot timeline straight. 6. Andy : can you please stop banging your microphone for emphasis? Thanks. 7. It’s 4:06 in the morning? Yikes... “The Watch” deep dive over.
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Call of Duty?
Are you guys really shilling for the above, a game that glorifies sexual violence against women? Shocked that you would sign up for this.
Can't get enough
We need more and longer episodes!
CR Heads
The lord CR is the voice of the people.
Jeff D'Angelo
An ounce of pretension...
“An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.” -Steel Magnolias I’m only here for The Mandalorian and will unsubscribe as soon as it’s over. The hosts are oh so pleased with themselves and their gloriously large brains.
Favorite Pod
Have been listening since they first reviewed The Killing. Wish they talked more music and books and less about superhero movies
Very old episode but Bill was wrong about Sopranos
Im 22 and I know tons of people who have binged and loved the Sopranos and barely anyone has seen the Wire it’s annoying
Fun Pod
Oh man their last pod with Mallory going deep into Star Wars lore and the incredible Clone Wars series at a hundred miles an hour, and while Chris and Andy could just nod along was just great. Big fan of the pod (although I like many other listeners only listen to certain parts of certain podcasts).
Publius MMXX
One of the best!
Their rapport is so enjoyable that sometimes I listen to them talking about shows I don’t care about and will never watch
These guys always make me laugh, and even though I might not watch or read everything they talk about, I’m always entertained and like to hear what they think. I always hear Chris Ryan shouting this review title when I watch the Mandalorian, and I like their jokes and how they play off each other, you can tell they’re good friends. Justice for Mindhunter!
Chris Ryan remove
Chris Ryan has an obnoxious voice. And anytime he is on the Rewatchables it’s almost unbearable to listen to it. I think both of these men are intelligent. I’ve been listening to them since Hollywood perspective but Ryan is the weak link. He’s just too Beta simp.
Alfred Gonzales
Blue chip podcast, I’ll never unsubscribe
Been listening to these guys since “Hollywood Prospectus.” Come for the smart takes on the industry and cultural criticism, stay for the long-running bits and their lived-in, real relationship. This is a show that rewards steady listening, and even if I don’t care about the specific show being discussed, I always get something out of it.
Please stop
Seriously, if they don’t stop saying “ploos” I’m going to have to stop listening. It’s literally the weird kid in the class who would scrape his nails on the chalkboard because he thought it was funny to make people cringe. It’s gone from dumb but who cares to utterly sad these guys think this is funny and insist on annoying their listeners. Will boost my rating if you stop. For the love of on-demand content please stop. Really, just stop. I’m begging you ... stop. *sobbing* please st-stoooppp!!
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Difficult to stomach. These guys clearly believe that pop culture references are a substitute for intelligence. It is not. Improve the quality of your life by NOT wasting it on this fluff.
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