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More banter
I would listen to 3 hours a week of just Chris and Andy chatting.
Wayside Violet
Listening to The Watch
I’ve always found this podcast entertaining, even though the idea of waxing so intellectual about TV shows is pretty stupid (as is the Ringerverse itself as a whole), especially when one of the hosts pronounces “figure” as “figger.” However, lately the most annoying part is everything has to be constantly fit into a sweeping narrative about Hollywood, TV habits, or pop culture in general, especially when Andy G will go on and on gushing about the genius or cultural significance of a series after an episode of two (such as “Presumed Innocent” and the most recent season of “Fargo”) and then immediately change his tune with the next episode. They both need to relax and pause until after watching the full run before either lauding, dismissing, or historically placing a show. They set themselves up for disappointment by being so excessive in their praise and criticism at the beginning, and that leads to subsequent overreactions and unfair assessments going forward. It becomes too much blah blah blah with opinions that we then hear change dramatically the next week—and now fully expect will change, which devalues those views. It’s still an enjoyable pod for the chemistry between Chris R and Andy, though.
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Andy-STOP Talking
Please have Andy stop talking- especially about shows that he has already expressed he does not care about. He is clearly not on the intellectual or emotional level to handle shows like HOTD and more. You are losing viewers.
Great when they talk about TV
This podcast is excellent when they talk seriously about TV shows and I will be eternally grateful to them for introducing me to The Bureau. But when they talk about anything other than TV… Not great Bob.
Get to the subject…
Tuned in to listen to the Bear season 3 review. After 15 minutes of pointless banter between Andy and Chris I’d lost almost all interest. Once they finally got to their thoughts on the show I was zoned out. Every show starts in this manner with conversation completely unrelated to shows and that makes it hard to continue listening.
Stop laughing at yourselves for jokes that relate to no-one but your white irrelevant selves. Parenting and sports giggles for 20 minutes? No thanks. Remember that your job is to WATCH and discuss what you are WATCHING
5 stars for Chris, 1 for Andy
Why are you still discussing House of the Dragon ? Andy stated outright he won’t do the “labor” to watch it with enough interest to have an informed conversation.
Andy’s HOTD hate is obnoxious
I love this pod and typically their takes are spot on. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I’m sorry… when it comes to House of the Dragon, Andy is just flat out wrong. It’s really not that complicated or hard to figure out what is going on. Props to Chris for putting up with his nonsense and defending the show.
End the show
Hit or Miss
Half the episodes Andy just destroys the show being discussed and there is no actual discussion about the show or plot. Just Andy ripping the show to shreds and voicing his opinion. Ruins the episode every time because the plot and show don’t even get discussed.
jared wertz
Where is Andy?
No more Mina please
If she can’t take the time to say a character’s name correctly and question herself when the other podcaster is saying it differently and correctly, I can’t listen to whatever is coming out of her mouth. It’s SATO! Not Soda!
how old are these guys?
they have some really out of touch takes lol they seem too old to be commenting on pop culture
My go to
During the pandemic I got into the habit of listening to the watch regularly. I’m starting to go though old ones, the ok computer ep gave me nostalgia on nostalgia 💙
So tired of Andy hating everything
Subject explains it all
Golden age of podcasting
Formerly great podcast, now mainly about the streaming wars and media press releases.
Love these guys!
They just crack me up sometimes. I don’t agree with every take (for example, I’m a huge Cowboys fan), but I always look forward to listening. Andy’s BlackT impression is the best thing I’ve heard since CR’s Wayne Jenkins. I think they should do a special event charity podcast completely as those characters… I bet people would pay to listen!
Super Annoying
Is there ANYTHING more RIDICULOUS than listening to Chris Ryan go on a HIP HOP rant? When C.R tries to show how down he is, and how deep his knowledge of RAP is….. OMG it’s beyond comical!!! The WHITEST White Man in America teaching us all about 2024 Hip Hop is hilarious and BEYOND CRINGE!!!!
shoe on the other foot
It’s interesting to find C.R. on the opposite side of a co-host slowly beating a slightly amusing impression into the ground. The sincerity of his laugh diminishes in response to Andy’s Cosmo much like Bill’s has with his Wayne Jenkins.
Skip right to minute 15
The mindless bro chatter is annoying. Nerds yukking it up in gym class while waiting to be picked last. Get to the context of the show. They change to articulate and thoughtful after their chatter. Producer note: keep small talk to minimum and get to it.
Long time fan
Been a fan since Grantland. Andy continues to be a tough hang, incredibly unfunny and full of random tangents….But CR is the goat and listening to best friends talk is cathartic. Also they're erudite and have taste. 5stars cause I’m loyal but Andy needs a rebrand lol
Love these guys
We must have CR as Wayne Jenkins and Andy as Blackthorne doing a whole pod. You guys are awesome!
More Cosmo
A whole episode in Cosmo plz.
More twin peaks talk?! Yes please !!
Do it
they’re jaded and have completely lost their fastball
been listening to these two since Grantland / HP days. have always enjoyed their banter and familiarity with each other. in 2022 they’re so jaded by the subjects they pretend to cover like they used to when the show was cooking that it’s become near unlistenable. they are broken as of 2024, upon review. this show has an end date.
Mostly here for the banter
I only watch about half the shows they talk about but the beginning of the podcast is my favorite part. They’re both hilarious and clearly also really good friends. It’s delightful and always look forward to listening to a new episode. Just keep doing what you’re doing.
Waste of time
These guys need to be more prepared. Just boring to listen to 2 guys yapping and meandering. Boring and waste of time.
Love it
Saw some recent hate over this show, especially following the True Detective NC finale review. Figured I needed to get around to rating and offering up some love. Been a long time listener, as typically my views and critiques align with what CR and AG see. Tune in each week for their insights and suggestions, and rarely bored or disappointed. That said, I was a little taken aback by their high praise of TD NC at the start of the season. Given Issa Lopez was a guest host, I figured it only made sense they gave her the benefit of the doubt. What I loved was how honest the reviews were as things progressed. They didn’t cow down like most other critics, but told it like it is. Which means they pointed out the many flaws, but also the strengths. Exactly what you’d expect from a pod like this. Well done
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CR = yes…the other guy = no
Gave this a listen for their take on True Detective 4 finale’ Love C.R. But the other guy is a boring,tool that doesn’t know the difference between a fire hydrant & a fire extinguisher…also I hate oranges
ANDY IS GOOD. The other one is annoying.
I used to enjoy this podcast… now they just seem to know nothing about every show. It’s like, why do you listen to a podcast? Maybe for smart answers? Instead, these guys haven’t even put as much creative thought into it, as you are. You better off going on YouTube and checking out theory videos there.
Used to be great like 5 years ago
Used to be great but Lost all credibility with their takes on Fleebag. Clearly stopped giving real their opinions and recommend garbage shows for other reasons.
Robert Henry Holtz
Full of Themselves
These guys have become pretentious too high on themselves talking heads. I went from a loyal Ringer listener to now finding most of them very annoying.
Hard to listen to. Unfunny inside jokes. Tedious, strained and intrusive banter. The hosts obscure real insights with their forced attempts at humor and “hip” asides.
All episodes
Enjoy the show for the most part very much. My one pushback is that when one of the two hosts starts a story or monologue the other one doesn’t HAVE to interrupt them to interject a witty(?) observation/call back every single time. They could just let the speaker finish his thought/story. Maybe? Methinks thou doth digress too much
Too many sport’s references. BroFlakes watch shows, apparently with the sound and or visuals off because they miss a LOT of things. If you want March Madness like drafts about prestigious TV, or need to know the GOAT of something - than this is the place for you. wannabe jocks discussing tv and film they barely seem to understand. SUPER BORING 😴
Put on subtitles
Love your podcast and all your takes. But you have to watch shows like True Detective with the subtitles on. You’re missing 1/3 very very very important information, if you’re not.
Women make TV too, guys.
I have enjoyed this podcast over the years, but am so tired of the almost singular emphasis on male talent and creators. It’s frustrating to listen to long, drawn out critiques with such fawning adoration for the men and such little acknowledgment of women’s contributions in the same project. Please try to do better in this regard.
Hot Tip
If you want to listen at 1.25 speed.. first pump it up to 1.5 for 47 seconds… then reduce to 1.25 and you’re right on.
Two pallid, decaying middle aged white men use tv as a vehicle to discuss their favorite topic: themselves. Additionally like all Ringer pods in the Spotify era pure industry lickspittles who’ve never come across an executive rear end they are unwilling to kiss. Soulless ghouls.
Andy Heidecker
Greenwald would be bearable if he could simply invest his limited comic ambitions in a nice, inviting improv class in Pasadena—far apart from the audience at home. He is frantic flop-sweat personified and his bona fides as a mid music critic back in like 2002 don’t make his ironic detachment any less insufferable. Briarpatch was an unmitigated calamitous dud, but that doesn’t mean he should feel compelled to keep launching ballistic missiles of desperate dad jokes at unsuspecting listeners. Just dismal.
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Great pod!
Love Andy and Chris. They’re insightful, smart and provide great analysis. Just one pet peeve: when you recommend new shows, like in the latest episode, it would be really helpful to find the list in the episode summary, or maybe provide us a link to go check it out. Thannk you for all the great content!
1.75x speed
Been a fan of Chris and Andy since their Thrones recaps. Love to hear from them to recap and relive some of my favorite shows, as well as to get quality recommendations on new shows. Best listened to on 1.75x speed
Respect no more
Prior to listening to the the discussion of the show Lessons in Chemistry I had a lot of respect for this show. All things must come to an end. It is clear after listening to the two shows discussing lessons that both of these gentlemen have lost the the plot .(Actually they never gave the show a chance reach its self and where it was going) On further reflection, these people revealed themselves to be products of a particular West LA, Hip male mindset that is dismissive of certain types of storytelling that is female focused. The commentary about the issues of race in Lessons of Chemistry was both short sighted and dismissive. While this show is has been very supportive of shows like Andor, blind sports are undeniable, sexist and appalling.
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The middle aged white male opinions we absolutely need
If you’re interested in listening to 2 middle aged white men center their narrow minded opinions of what makes good content, deluding themselves into thinking they should be considered authorities on this topic without a diverse set of voices informing those opinions then omg is this the podcast for you!!
Just another left wing podcast….same old
Tuned into this podcast to escape from things but this is simply more of the same. Even to the point where they will review shows and movies based on the race, sexual orientation and political slant of the content and the actors. They sound like two talented guys but are just more of the same. Democrats good, Republicans bad blah blah blah.
The show could be great if the hosts took it seriously. I love the inside baseball about Hollywood and their critical analysis of what makes a hit and why movies or shows failed. What drives me nuts is they seem intent on turning their nose up on anything that isn’t an art house film. “Why do you think we aren’t getting lots of original content these days?” they constantly ask, while dumping on everything that isn’t quite as good as White Lotus or The Bear. It actually makes me very sad, I’m not sure they can enjoy “fun” movies any more. If it’s not a 3 hour long meditation on climate change, it’s unfathomable to these hosts how the general population might enjoy the latest B-tier movie
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I. C. Weeener
can zoomer not take gluten??
can zoomer not take gluten??
Smallbini Albini
Longtime listener that has come to find Andy insufferable
Andy is a really tough hang. I can’t follow his train of thought most of the time and I am pretty sure it’s because he’s just generating word salads. Chris is the best thing on the Ringer but Chris with Andy has become my least favorite version of him.
He who shall remain nameless
Longtime listeners know
Television the brush, and Hollywood the canvas for Chris and Andy’s subtle pastiche about male friendship in the 21st century. Episode to episode they explore what it’s like to work together, to move across the country together, and deftly confront the tension between best buds when only one of them has chooses to have children. 5 stars, it’s impossible not to root for these gen-x co-protagonists.
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Best TV podcasters in the biz
Chris and Andy regularly guide my watch list. Not only are the recs amazing, the experience of watching them and then hearing these two discuss the show the next day brings me such joy. Chris is probably the best podcaster I’ve ever heard and I just love Andy
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