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Liberal Garbage
Snooty white liberals giving political takes no one asks for.
Better with Beats
Chris and Andy, I’m listening to your witty repartee with my new Beats 🎧 on. Questions/comments: 1. Am I hearing things, or are one of you doing the podcast from your front porch? There have been three or four cars going by before you get into “Wanda” 2. Ok... you guys are freaking me out. I just heard one of you push out their chair!!! 3. I try to have a more mainstream sensibility’s than you seem to carry... although I do appreciate your passions. I had gotten through 47 years of my life without watching one second of reality television. I dipped my toe into the “Top Chef” universe... so, thanks? 4. What about “Your Honor”? I have found it to be some tasty pop culture junk food. It has done the difficult job of creating real empathy for some heels. Side note: I would bet the over on the 1.5 times per episode that you close your eyes and think “Walter White? Is that you?” 5. Just slogged through “Wonder Woman:1984”. Should I like this movie? Maybe it’s the home viewing experience, but a 2 1/2 hour long movie is a bit tough to not only get through in less than four sittings, it is also tough to keep everything on the movie plot timeline straight. 6. Andy : can you please stop banging your microphone for emphasis? Thanks. 7. It’s 4:06 in the morning? Yikes... “The Watch” deep dive over.
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Call of Duty?
Are you guys really shilling for the above, a game that glorifies sexual violence against women? Shocked that you would sign up for this.
Can't get enough
We need more and longer episodes!
CR Heads
The lord CR is the voice of the people.
Jeff D'Angelo
An ounce of pretension...
“An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.” -Steel Magnolias I’m only here for The Mandalorian and will unsubscribe as soon as it’s over. The hosts are oh so pleased with themselves and their gloriously large brains.
Favorite Pod
Have been listening since they first reviewed The Killing. Wish they talked more music and books and less about superhero movies
Very old episode but Bill was wrong about Sopranos
Im 22 and I know tons of people who have binged and loved the Sopranos and barely anyone has seen the Wire it’s annoying
Fun Pod
Oh man their last pod with Mallory going deep into Star Wars lore and the incredible Clone Wars series at a hundred miles an hour, and while Chris and Andy could just nod along was just great. Big fan of the pod (although I like many other listeners only listen to certain parts of certain podcasts).
Publius MMXX
One of the best!
Their rapport is so enjoyable that sometimes I listen to them talking about shows I don’t care about and will never watch
These guys always make me laugh, and even though I might not watch or read everything they talk about, I’m always entertained and like to hear what they think. I always hear Chris Ryan shouting this review title when I watch the Mandalorian, and I like their jokes and how they play off each other, you can tell they’re good friends. Justice for Mindhunter!
Chris Ryan remove
Chris Ryan has an obnoxious voice. And anytime he is on the Rewatchables it’s almost unbearable to listen to it. I think both of these men are intelligent. I’ve been listening to them since Hollywood perspective but Ryan is the weak link. He’s just too Beta simp.
Alfred Gonzales
Blue chip podcast, I’ll never unsubscribe
Been listening to these guys since “Hollywood Prospectus.” Come for the smart takes on the industry and cultural criticism, stay for the long-running bits and their lived-in, real relationship. This is a show that rewards steady listening, and even if I don’t care about the specific show being discussed, I always get something out of it.
Please stop
Seriously, if they don’t stop saying “ploos” I’m going to have to stop listening. It’s literally the weird kid in the class who would scrape his nails on the chalkboard because he thought it was funny to make people cringe. It’s gone from dumb but who cares to utterly sad these guys think this is funny and insist on annoying their listeners. Will boost my rating if you stop. For the love of on-demand content please stop. Really, just stop. I’m begging you ... stop. *sobbing* please st-stoooppp!!
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Difficult to stomach. These guys clearly believe that pop culture references are a substitute for intelligence. It is not. Improve the quality of your life by NOT wasting it on this fluff.
Trust me lite
Here for my guy’s niche sugar fish jokes.
Politics and stupid dad jokes
I wanted a podcast about movies, tv, music, etc. These two will force politics into any discussion, if it fits or not, and continue to beat to death the same dad jokes that stopped being funny over a year ago(Apple or Disney pluus, hahaha, insert eye roll).
Awesome show
Love listening to Andy and Chris talk about shows they’re watching, movies they love, and all the tangents in-between.
Two best friends
Came to write my first podcast review because of “long time fans” complaining about Andy and Chris’ pop culture tangents. Um, yeah maybe this isn’t the right podcast for you.
Update: Props to Andy for Upping his Game
Update: 🙏🙏🙏 Andy is back on it. Enjoy my now outdated, disgruntled review below. Original review: I'm a long-time listener, here for the solid recommendations and discussion (I never would have tried The Outsider or Devs without them)--but DEAR GOD Andy is beyond insufferable these days. First off, watching shows seems like a chore for him these days. Dude we get that you have a wife and kids, that's wonderful. We all have lives outside of work. But if you can't keep up with your job, maybe find another one. (I'm also on the anti-Briar Patch side. I agree it's interesting to hear some behind the scenes talk but it's often way too much of Andy going on and on.) Also making a joke about how talking about your running routine is boring, doesn't make it any more interesting. Please make it stop. Chris Ryan is a goddamn gem. Please please please give him a partner worthy of his knowledge.
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k8er pot8er
Fun Listen
Their long friendship makes this a really enjoyable podcast.
Informative, but overly pretentious
Chris and Andy have great conversations about television, which I love. When i first stumbled upon the podcast, I thought I had hit the jackpot. But their constant need to remind everyone of their love for pretentious books and television is almost too much to take. If I have to hear about French television or their love of books that no one in their right mind would care about one more time, I may stop listening. And hearing “your boy” 50 times per episode. 🙄🙄🙄 PS, everyone hates the Phillies.
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Not what it once was
I’ve been listening since 2017, enjoyed their take on Pop culture (more than just a TV podcast), but it’s veering too far from the path it once trod. The latest started as a Twitter watch for the death of the President, then transitioned into a rant about the President not taking Covid seriously, to Netflix cancelling shows because they took Covid too seriously. It becomes hard to listen if you are desiring just Pop culture analysis. I loved this podcast, but they are telling me to go elsewhere with their new focus and content. Definitely your mileage may vary, and I will still pop in, but no longer “must listen” any more.
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Just the best
I love Chris and Andy. Their ability to feed of each other and their relationship are exactly the thing we need to carry us through this pandemic. I carry mail and whenever this podcast comes on when I’m out and about I probably look like the biggest doofus with the smile they give me.
Chris Ryan is great...
...season 4 of Fargo is not.
18 min of Briarpatch
Long winded and unnerving hysterical laughter. Not worth it. Unsubscribe!
FF 10 mins
Once they start talking about the highlighted subject it’s much better. I’m just not as interested in the banter about their personal lives. 2-3 mins ok, but the show doesn’t start in Ernest for almost 15 minutes
Zingerman’s/The Watch Crossover
I really enjoy the podcast. But words can not describe the thrill I got when I saw that on the Zingerman’s website, Chris Ryan’s quote about their pimento cheese can be found! Two things, I love (could be three, I haven’t tried the pimento cheese) coming together!
Good listen
These are very smart people. I like listening to people that are smarter than me. It makes me feel like I’m learning something just by listening.
The Dove
Great to have Lonesome Dove rewatch. Wish it was stand alone podcast
All in for a Lonesome Dove deep dive
I have a few all-time favorite ‘mini-series’ and this is at the top. So thankful y’all are bringing it back! It’s classic. All-star cast. Incredible.
Dear Chris and Andy
You guys are doing great! Fun, entertaining, and way more relevant then the big picture pod (sorry Sean...movies are no longer the primo story telling medium... ie: Sean doing drafts for content right now). The pod talks about the tv industry and a random assortment of shows most likely picked by Andy’s 2 hours he has to watch tv after he leaves dadington island for the day. Great pod for new show ideas and cultural impact of tv. free ad- Recommend the switch to Spotify for any ringer pod. Ps: I apologize to Chris for spamming your dms, I blame the multiple seltzer’s
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My favorite podcast
My husband is actually jealous that I take Chris and Andy show/movie recs more readily than I take his 😂 thanks for making me laugh every episode! Great job, Baranskis!
Habibis! Thanks for stepping up. Mashallah
Esmail CAN'T be happy...
Some podcasts managed to raise the level of their content during quarantine. Others dedicated themselves to Top Chef :/
Bum Chucket
You’re killing me.
Please stop talking about top chef 🤣
fantasy football dweebs
I almost feel bad for these guys because it’s pretty clear they have no life outside of watching sports. Most of their chat relies on sports metaphors in sad, groping attempts to communicate simple ideas that don’t actually relate to sports at all. In short, these guys obviously didn’t make the cut for a career at ESPN and they’re still VERY angry about it.
Where’s the irish accent?!?!?
I love this podcast and take your recommendations to heart. HOWEVER, I can’t believed Paul Mescal BEGGED you to hear your Irish accent and you didn’t do it! So close and yet so far...
Can’t Recommend Enough
Started listening to The Watch in college and it has been a constant companion to me as I transitioned to adult life. Chris and Andy always find new and interesting ways to talk about TV - ways that make you want to watch the shows but also understand and connect with them on deeper and more intellectual levels. Can’t count the number of great recommendations they’ve given me. In the past week, I’ve watched all of Normal People and ZeroZeroZero - two shows so different the only thing that could link them is The Watch. Really thankful that this podcast exists and I endorse it whole-heartedly.
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Listen to The Watch
It’s great.
Eee Em Bee
Love It
Listen to this all the time! Great show.
The Western Front Drew
I found it completely disappointing that you review and discuss all movies across the board, but when it came to “I still believe” a Christian movie, you had complete disregard for it and the people who watched it. I was hoping to get into another movie podcast with this one, but definitely won’t after that. We all have our own opinions but really shouldn’t force it on others as I felt it was done here.
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gg photo
Ignore the hater reviews
Anyone who criticizes Andy and Chris for discussing Briarpatch is missing the point so badly, I don’t know why you seek out this type of content in the first place. 1. Andy has spent much of his career analyzing other people’s TV shows with dedication, professionalism and intelligence. 2. For him to get his own pilot to series and be a showrunner, a million to one shot, is a massively big deal. Whether the show succeeds or fails, he is in the top 1%. He has earned to right to talk about his show for a couple of months. I’m not a huge fan of the series but I live this podcast and vigorously defend the content creators right to share their own experience. 3. Anyone who is actually interested in TV should be FASCINATED by getting to hear the perspective of a TV journalistic turned TV creator, and all the ins and outs of his experience in bringing a show to the screen. So if you are actually reading reviews to decide if you wanna give this podcast a try, ignore the haters and give it shot. You’ll be hard pressed to find two more insightful, intelligent, and funny TV analysts anywhere in the media.
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The Sidewinder Three-Thousand
J hill
Is a cancer. One star unsubscribe should be her nickname
Too Woke
Knowledgeable for sure, but tend to try to hard to put a political, altruistic spin on all matters.
Mike Tulo
Good Hang
I’d listen to these people talk about anything.
William from Arkansas
Way too much Briarpatch
The Watch forcing Briarpatch down their audience’s throat has been awful. It’s a show no one is watching. Can we just move on? Andy can want to be involved in making a show but he then cannot be in the media using his platform to advance his agenda. It’s really bad optics and a clear conflict of journalistic integrity
Process or Die 69
Daddington forever
These guys have great chemistry and I share their tastes in content. Best on the ringer imho.
A couple questions
1) How do you select the shows to talk about? There are a few you never mention, like War of the Worlds on Epic most recently. 2) Why do Chris and Andy pronounce Disney as if it were French?
I try... I really do.
I try 2-3 times a month to like Andy & it just doesn’t work. He’s that drama kid in high school that didn’t get the lead & would write “I’ll show them all!!!!!” over & over again in his marble notebook.
Ja smooth
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