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Stop interrupting
Andy filibusters on and on and on. Then, as soon as Chris starts talking, Andy interrupts.
I was todays years old when
I realized Chris and Andy are the opposite of who I’ve been imaging talking this whole time based on their podcast photo. I thought Andy was Chris and Chris Andy, mainly because Andy sounds like he wears glasses and Chris looks excited in their photo together.
HBO guy
Gets 5 stars
The “Delight In Our Own Intelligence Pod”
These guys might be the most intelligent, articulate, and witty pop-culture critics you’ll ever listen to. 80% of the show is them delighting in their own wit and banter, 20% is actual discussion of the topic/show. They’re clearly great friends and enjoying themselves, and you will enjoy with them if this is what you’re looking for. But if you want to listen to something that actually spends energy and time analyzing the media described, you may want to look elsewhere.
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Quit it w/ the excessive football talk
Great podcast, except for there being SO MUCH goddamn football talk. It’s annoying and, more problematic, it’s alienating to a good chunk of the audience, probably more so the women listeners than the men. If banter at the start of the podcast is part of your thing—fine, but please pick topics that are more inclusive.
I’m over the Philly sports suckfest
Used to enjoy this show, but it has become insufferable. Unsubscribe.
Mike Sandora
I tried.
Greenwald is a Great Value knockoff of Dennis Miller and Ryan is wandering around the food desert Walmart calling this trash gourmet.
Ok! This podcast is the best! These guys have such great rapport with each other. You can tell how much they truly enjoy what they do. Their commentary on different shows is always insightful. I truly value their opinion, and add shows to my watchlist that they are liking! Ending this review with the fact that I also am obsessed with Interpol.
The Watch
Great podcast!
Love this show
Chris and Andy are the highlight of my week, every week.
One of the top 14 podcasts on the Ringer! :) Andy and Chris’s chemistry is wonderful and make the tv shows I don’t watch sound interesting & entertaining . Baranskis4Lyfe
chad "egg nog" kultgen
They talk about shows I like, but Andy Greenwald grinds jokes to dust. The dude still says “Disney ploos “. It’s pretty unbearable.
Chris Ryan is boring!
Can we skip Esmail next year?
Guys, love this show so much. Look forward to it each week. It’s a joyful, curious, insightful show about two guys who really love a thing (tv) and love sharing it with each other. But listening to Esmail is like being on an excruciatingly bad online date: he’s a bully, he talks over everyone, and his arrogance and self-perceived singular brilliance takes all the air out of the room. Please no more.
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Kate Elle
I love the podcast but hate Sam Esmail
Please for the love of God never have Sam Esmail on again. He’s always awful but his last appearance was particularly unbearable. I couldn’t even finish the episode.
Get him off
Thus Sam ismail is such an ahole almost made episode unlistenable but love Andy and Chris
kristi history
It’s fine.
Like other Ringer pods too many ubiquitous, unnecessary sports analogies/references. Just discuss the shows and movies and stop making confusing references to sportsball games etc.
Adrian Marcado
Love the podcast - please get rid of Sam Esmail
This 1 star rating is for Sam Esmail, his grating voice, and his dumb takes for the top 10 shows of the year 2022. I love the hosts and the podcast otherwise!
Is this a holiday season thing ?
So many ringer pods decided to scrounge up the most miserable pretentious guests this week… 🙄from art Basel to Sicily and silver lake soccer. But Andy & Chris bat .850 every week, and that’s very good in baseball.
My fav pod
Chris + Andy are the best. They make me want to watch shows I have no interest in. lol. I wish they spoke about Umbrella Academy. My fav pod ever! Love you guys.
CR and Andy are kings. The best!! Cooking the bird!!!
Great content
Andy doesn’t listen. He waits for his turn to talk. It’s distracting and frustrating. Chris is fantastic.
Mixed Bag But Smart Guys
I love Chris Ryan and it pains me to ding his primary show with anything less than five stars. He is the literal highlight of every other Ringer show he appears on but he and Andy have a much different energy. For me, this show is too “insider baseball”, with what I consider to be extra filler about industry machinations. I also wish Andy would streamline his commentary. I think he’s obviously really smart and I appreciate his insights, but more matter less art, my dude. But at any rate, thanks for doing what you do, guys. I know how much work you put into this content.
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LB Jeffries
Please use character names!
I have my problems with Andy and his snobbish attitude but PLEASE stop only using the actors’ real names when speaking about a character on a show. Not all of us have memorized everyone’s real names and it makes me miss the point when I have no idea which character they are talking about. If you must use the actor’s name, at least also mention which character they play.
Good stuff
Thumbs up
i hate these guys…they only like tv with white men…
so sick of arrogant, entitled BORING white men…i have to admit, i’ve never gotten through a full podcast cuz they’re so annoying and i literally hate their voices… i listened to part of another episode just to make sure i still hated ‘em…I DO!
Chris & Sean need a show, get rid of Andy
Andy rambles on about nothing, and think it’s important enough to share with everyone listening. You don’t have to watch HOD at all, Andy, in fact please don’t, and quit this part time job. Saying seeing the childbirth is too much is so tone-deaf. Women go thru that everyday, the realities and horror of still births should be shown. Chris is patient and thoughtful about his takes and responses.. and he’s actually funny. I can’t even listen lately because it’s all Andy talking to hear himself speak.
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Stick with TV - prounouns are imaginary
Can’t believe this podcast has gotten so bad that they felt the need to apologize for offending someone’s imagination. A girl is a girl, a boy is a boy. Podcast hosts shouldn’t acknowledge, yet alone apologize for crazy people wanting to be crazy. I remember the good old days of The Watch podcast when we just complained about Andy being a boring nerd or self righteous snob with bad tales on TV shows
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annoyed phillies fan
The OG TV podcast
Know actor pronouns
I’ve listened to this show on and off for years. I was shocked by BOTH Andy & Chris failing to use they/them pronouns when speaking about Emma D’Arcy and NEITHER of them correcting one another. You are covering (begrudgingly) HotD every week. HOW do you not know that Emma is non-binary? I sincerely hope that you both apologize.
Two clueless dudes mansplaining a show. Pass.
CR is the goat but the other guy…
guy makes a bad show himself yet has insufferable, pompous opinions about other shows. Loves to hear himself talk. Terrible combo for a podcaster
Andy Has Lost Touch
Andy’s complaints of HotD are literally giving away that he’s not watching the show. I’m not even mad that he doesn’t like the show, I’m mad that his complaints all have answers if he’d paid attention at all. It’s time to for Andy to stop doing the pod if he’s not paying attention to the shows they discuss
Steven Asian Smith
Time to move on
This once cool podcast has devolved into Andy Greenwald, the show runner of Briarpatch - the most boring show of all time (despite being an adaptation of an amazing book), mansplaining why the movies and shows that everyone else loves are actually terrible. Loved the newest MCU movie? Enjoying the highest rated TV show in the country? Andy will explain why you have terrible taste. Do yourself a favor, move on and find Chris Ryan on one of his other shows.
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Andy, Please get it together.
I think we need to pass the baton to the other guest hosts of this show, because these two! Not even sure what shows they review anymore. It’s exhausting to listen to these two go on about nothing. Andy needs to stick to television writing, and Chris, I don’t know what’s happening there. Honestly couldn’t listen to this show for more than 15 minutes. A bunch of tv snobs talking about themselves and have become such elitists and their point of view on shows beyond HBO is non-existent, either discussing succession the Duplass brothers and now industry . Occasionally they insert shows like Atlanta to hit the diversity quota but 🌚I miss the 2018 version of this show. I know there’s too much television but at least try, Or just pass on the show to the wonderful guest hosts who seem to know more about the state of the television landscape. I really liked this show before, I mean really really like it
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I wish they would decide a slate of shows up top and how they are covering. Instead they seem to have dropped off shows. Particularly troubling that they have been female centered (I guess using their love of Abbot Elementary and sticking with Atlanta despite acknowledging not getting the first half of the new season). But jumping off a show after a few episodes or midstream just comes off as childish and churlish, especially the way Andy handles. It is unfair to judge a piece of work before and deem it unworthy before it is actually completed, especially when folks behind the scenes are women, thinking about Sue-Hulk (woman show runner) and HotD (many women writing and directing the episodes). One way around this is to pick a slate and stick with it, even if they aren’t loving the middle. Where they end up in the end would at least seem like a fair criticism of a complete work. Otherwise they come off as the middle aged dude bros of podcasting — not my speed.
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Changed the way I watch TV
When Abbot Elementary has a Bluey plot line, is that not the most Andy Greenwald crossover moment ever 🥰 so much love for these men and the shows they have introduced me to
Not enough stars
I wish I could rate 10 stars. Love these guys. So funny. So snarky. So genuine.
they’re jaded and have completely lost their fastball
been listening to these two since Grantland / HP days. have always enjoyed their banter and familiarity with each other. in 2022 they’re so jaded by the subjects they pretend to cover like they used to when the show was cooking that it’s become near unlistenable. they are obviously too close to the industries they cover now and the show has kinda of broken them as useful
Well Done
This one is one of the gold standards of good TV and movie analysis. The only other in this vein and quality level is Taking It Down, but this one can’t be beat.
Not good.
When a host criticizes a show without understanding the premise of the show, it’s much too frustrating to listen to. One star.
Andy and Chris have an easy chemistry and compelling insight into television and pop culture. Always listen to their takes on the shows I love. Was there an advertisement for Rings of Power scripted to sound like part of the show at the beginning of the last episode? If not I apologize for mentioning it. Show is great otherwise.
Show is getting worse
Andy lost it
Andy Andy Andy
Andy greenwald has nothing to say
Tony Gilroy & Andor-!!
A great, fun, informative episode. Industry veterans and long-time critics open up a can of fan boy on Tony Gilroy, who graciously accepts it, returns the love, and provides real insight into his approach to story telling in general, and within the confines of a well-trod IP universe. Not to be missed. (Came back to iTunes just to rave about this episode.)
The Only TV Pod
Great job Beranskis!
Too much liberal snark …. Couldn’t listen more than 7 minutes. A leftist circle jerk
Stronger Than All
🏠🐉 Episode 2
You all mentioned the King’s injury on his finger came from his “growth” on his back. I thought it was from when he cut that finger when he was sitting on the iron throne talking to Daemon at the end of the first episode. Love this Podcast, my must listen each week.
Niño 1727
Skip the GOT coverage on this show.
These guys are a great listen when it comes to shows based on real life situations like your Better Call Saul and Succession but don’t have any business weighing in on fantasy genre. They sound less like critics and more like two people being forced to talk about something they are not interested in. Greenwald literally says in this episode that he wishes someone would tell him the ending so he could save his time watching it. I love the Ringer but there are plenty of GOT coverage out there and these guys are only interesting to listen to when they are discussing shows that interest them, weather they are being critical of it or not.
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The Gold Standard
This is my favorite pod and has been since before it was called The Watch. These guys have such amazing chemistry from years of friendship and such funny and thoughtful commentary that I listen even when they cover shows I’m not interested in. If you love prestige tv, or just want to listen to an entertaining conversation about it I highly recommend.
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