The Wakeup
The Wakeup
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Breezy way to stay in the know
All the quick hits you need to stay up to date. Excellent format with catchy music.
Crucial Industry News, Super Fast
Everything you need to know for the day, in the time it takes you to brush your teeth & wash your face! Perfect industry podcast. Keep ‘em coming.
Sara Soto
Quick Bites
Great, quick way to get your daily entertainment industry news!
Perfectly snackable
If you’re in the biz, or just want to keep up with it, this podcast is for you
Best Daily Entertainment Podcast
All the best in entertainment news, headlines, business and streaming all delivered in a short and witty podcast. Highly recommended to stay on top news of a constantly changing industry.
Entertainment industry must
All the top industry headlines, news, and noteworthy events in under 10 minutes. Yes please.
Swifter than reading Variety
I'm pretty picky with podcasts, cuz: 1. There's too many. AND 2. Most of them are too long. This one is perfect. I get news I'd normally read in Variety (I'm in the industry) all in the time it takes to walk for my morning coffee. (Ten minutes or so. I understand you don't know my commute.) I highly recomend to anyone in the biz, or anyone who is less concerned about Hollywood gossip, and more interested in the moving/shaking of the biz.
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Christina Walkinshaw