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The Waaagh Cast!
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Episode #66: 4th. Edition Campaign Boxes - The Grudge of Drong Pt. 1
Hey everyone, Thanks for joining us once more here at The Waaagh Cast for another fun filled Episode of Warhammer fun.  in this episode Ryan G. and myself talk about our first 4th Edition Campaign box The Grudge of Drong.  We go over the main story, the 1st scenario, our game and how it went and our recommendations for updating this thing to a more 8th edition setting.  Then at the end we talk a lot of hobby and what we've been up to lately before dropping off.  Please if you enjoy the show leave comment sand i-tunes reviews and e-mail us if you have any questions. Also for those looking; this link here are the pictures from the battle report. Enjoy the show! Download the show driectly from this link: Episode #66 Run Time: 1 Hour 24 Minutes 2 Seconds----
Jul 5, 2013
Episode #65: The Next Big Waaagh!
Hey everyone, I'm glad you're reading this post because I get to gladly announce that we're restarting the show although in a much more limited capacity than what you were previously used to.  The astout observor will have noticed that we've re-posted the iTunes button and Podcast RSS feeds on the website as well as have been re-listed on iTunes.  It gives me a lot of pleasure to kick the show back off, but in a completely different direction.  Instead of spioling it completely we'll let you listen to the show which should explain pretty much everything you'll either need or want to know about whats going on. In this episode we discuss the Mini Narrative 'Tree Campaign' from the Generals Compendium that Chuck and I played back in October of 2012.  As opposed to re-posting all of the infromation that we've mostly already gone over in previous blog posts I'll simply add some links below here to let you go and see the infromation yoursevles. I also want to apologize; apparently after two years I forgot a number of rules of recording etiquette and you'll hear quite a few bumps on the table and small noises in the background of this show.  Hopefully it doesn't throw you out too much. Regiments of Renown Rule Pack Mini Campaign : Afterthoughts Mini Campaign : The Written Story Chucks Warhammer Blog Hopefully you all enjoy the show and please, please let us know by leaving us feedback or e-mailing us your thoughts and opinions. Download the show directly: Episode 65 : Next Big Waaagh!----
Apr 29, 2013
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This is only a test.  Please ignore this post; it is reserved for future projects.----
Feb 28, 2013