The Vince Del Monte Podcast Show
The Vince Del Monte Podcast Show
Vince Del Monte
Vince Del Monte is an entrepreneur, author, pro fitness model and has helped tens of thousands of men transform their bodies and lives through muscle, health and fitness. The goal of the Vince Del Monte Show is to share raw and real experiences, lessons and timeless principles every man needs to master the 5 M's of becoming a better man. By hearing conversations with legends such as Bedros Keuilian, Ryan Lee, Craig Ballantyne, Dan Lok, and Lewis Howes you'll build muscle faster, achieve a winners mindset, make more money, dominate your mission and go the distance with your marriage. Connect and follow Vinces daily content Instagram @vincedelmonte
⛰️ How to Handle the Hardest Conversations: With Love, Empathy and Respect  (ft. Ryan Tillman)
Today’s guest is Ryan Tillman.Both Adrian and I wanted to talk to Ryan because of the amount of disagreement and dissension we see in the world today. It’s hard to find a social or political issue that everyone feels good about where we’re at. But as a police officer from Southern California and with his organization, Breaking Barriers, Ryan actively works to bridge the gap between police and community. In issues that often divide and pull people apart, Ryan has embraced God’s calling for his life and is actively working to change the future. Show highlights include:Why Ryan was initially reluctantly to become a police officerWhat it means to “become all things to all people”How to decipher between a strong, core conviction versus just following cultural trendsWhy authenticity trumps experienceWhat it means to be Kingdom ManAnother excellent episode of Bedrock Mondays. Enjoy.LINKSJoin the Bedrock Weekly newsletter:’s Instagram:’s website: https://www.breakingbarriersunited.comBedrock’s Instagram:’s Instagram:
Mar 20
53 min
🔥 Without Relationships, Your Business Will Fail (ft.Diana Chaloux LaCerte and Micah LaCerte at Vision Day)
My guests today, Diana Chaloux LaCerte and Micah LaCerte are the powerhouse couple behind the legendary brand, Hitchfit. This is a couple that can truly boast of being O.Gs in the body transformation space. But more than that, this conversation taken from our last Vision Day, will reveal how Diana and Micah have built their brand and marriage on the things that matter most: joy, faith and relationships.Because of these, their lives continue to flourish. Here’s the highlights from today: Why “high touch” (and not systems and automation) must be the cornerstone of your coaching programsUsing vulnerability, deep sharing and personal intimacy to drive transformationThe character traits that coaches must embody in order to be in the game long-termHighly actionable tactics to ensure your business and family life can both thrive simultaneously Enjoy the conversation.LINKSGet your FREE ticket for our next Vision Day on March 27: on Instagram: on instagram: on Instagram: on YouTube: Http//
Mar 18
49 min
💰 It's NOT Your Job to Hold Your Clients Accountable (NO MORE BABYSITTING!)
Back in 2002 I paid an on-line coach $7500 for my first coaching program. At the time, I had to secretly take a loan because I couldn’t afford it and I was too embarrassed to ask my parents for the money…In exchange, they gave me 6 one-hour coaching calls and nothing else. But what they really gave me was skin in the game. I was so deeply invested that I had no choice but to make something happen. And I did. (that’s when I created the best-selling program of my career).So today I’m bringing you a powerful message about how to get the most out of your own coach as well as how to get the best results for your clients. And let me tell you: it’s not by asking/giving more and more and more… Enjoy.LINKSRegistration now open to Build Your Brand LIVE (April 28-30): Vince on Instagram:'s Website: http://vincedelmonte.caVince's Facebook:'s Youtube:
Mar 16
32 min
⛰️ Dealing with Death, Fit in Your 40s and Not Becoming a Burden on Your Family (ft. Dan Go)
Today’s guest is Dan Go.Dan is the #1 body transformation coach for entrepreneurs. He’s a father (with another one on the way), husband, and the founder of High Performance Founder, an online fitness coaching service for entrepreneurs. If you’ve ever seen Dan’s work on social media, you will know that he is also highly intelligent and deeply reflective. His writing places a higher calling on things like the necessity of fitness, processing pain and suffering, and how to truly prioritize what matters. Today we talk about:How Dan found a lasting “fire” inside himself after his mother’s sudden deathWhy being fit over 40 is a bigger status symbol than having an expensive carThe harmful paradox of the “sleep when I’m dead” mindsetPutting a burden on your family if you don’t prioritize your physical healthHow to maturely process grief and sadnessEnjoy the conversation.LINKSJoin the hundreds of men on the Men of Bedrock newsletter for weekly tips about getting fit, living on purpose and leading your family well: on Instagram: on Twitter: of Bedrock on Instagram: on Instagram:
Mar 13
55 min
🔥 How to Smash Your Limiting Beliefs (ft. Jessie Lee Ward at Vision Day)
Today's guest is Jessie Lee Ward.Jessie is the #1 network marketer in the world, multiple seven figure annual earner, investor, podcaster and business coach. By every metric-- followers, downloads, income and impact-- there are very few people like her in the world.In this conversation taken from our last Vision Day, Jessie attacks the limiting beliefs that many entrepreneurs often use when things don’t go as they hoped.Here’s my favorites:Stop running from pain: it’s necessaryStop blaming the system: take actionStop thinking ads are the problem: form relationshipsStop cursing the algorithm: make better contentStop letting your emotions hijack you progress: focusJessie doesn’t hold anything back. She’s raw, real and brings the hammer.Enjoy.LINKSRegistration now open to Build Your Brand LIVE: Website: on Instagram: on Instagram: on YouTube: Http//'s Facebook: 
Mar 11
1 hr
💰 5 More Doubts that All Entrepreneurs Have (Part 2)
I've never cried on a podcast before.  But you're going to get a little bit of that today as I unpack  five more doubts that all entrepreneurs face: Am I smart enough for this?Do I have enough skills for this?Are my friends judging me?Am I completely alone?Is this truly God's path for me? Let's be honest: entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. It has and continues to test me emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Maybe that's why it was so raw for me today. But I hope this speaks to you wherever you are.Enjoy.LINKSRegistration now open to Build Your Brand LIVE (April 28-30): Vince on Instagram:'s Website: http://vincedelmonte.caVince's Facebook:'s Youtube: 
Mar 9
31 min
⛰️ A Beautiful Chaos: How to Make Time for Everything that Matters (ft. Brendan Wall)
Today’s guest is Brendan Wall, host of the Dad the Man podcast.Ever since we started following Brendan we were curious: how does this guy get such high level guests, including celebrities, professional athletes and spiritual leaders on his podcast?  But when we learned that Brendan is also a full time accountant, fully engaged husband and father of four (including two recently adopted babies) it kind of took it to the next level. This is what we unpack in this episode: how does a dad with so many responsibilities make time for everything that matters? Show Highlights Include:What it means to do a time auditHow Brendan and his wife have created a “beautiful chaos” for their family to thrive inHow to close the door to your “emotional inbox” from work pressuresHow the pandemic lockdowns allowed Brendan to realign his values and give his full attention to his familyThe practical strategies Brendan has use to land epic podcast guestsEnjoy.LINKSBrendan on Instagram: the Man Podcast: of Bedrock on Instagram: the Men of Bedrock WAITLIST Now: on Instagram:
Mar 6
51 min
🔥  Exposing the BS: My Rant on Why You Don't Need 50k/Mo, Being Authentic, Scaling is Overrated and More
Welcome inside the 7FM coaching community.What you're going to listen to is our weekly "Get Unstuck" call for the students inside our program. Although we didn't originally plan on releasing this as a podcast, my team encouraged me to share it widely. It's full of breakthrough insights and ideas that will keep you moving forward with your business. LINKSRegistration now open to Build Your Brand LIVE: Vince on Instagram:'s Website: http://vincedelmonte.caVince's Facebook:
Mar 4
1 hr 2 min
💰 5 Doubts that All Entrepreneurs Have (Part 1)
Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone; it's flippin hard.  And this has been probably the hardest year of my life. In this episode, I get raw and real about five big challenges that all entrepreneurs face: Will anyone like this?  Will anyone buy this?  Am I ripped enough to do this? Am I a hypocrite? Am I going to burnout? I hope this episode speaks to you wherever you're at on this journey. The darkness may be upon you, but there is light if you're brave enough to keep seeking it. LINKSVince on Instagram:'s Website: http://vincedelmonte.caVince's Facebook:'s Youtube: 
Mar 2
34 min
🏔 How to Stop Schools From Killing Your Childrens' Love of Learning  (ft. Matt Beaudreau)
Today’s guest is Matt Beaudreau.We’ve been following Matt’s work for a while, especially since Adrian has been a teacher for 15 years. Matt is the founder of hundreds of schools around the world that resist the typical education model. Rather than rely on systems and programs that strip young heroes of their sovereignty and ability to truly learn, Matt’s schools focus on independent thought, self-awareness and authentic character growth. It’s what every parent wants for their child and it’s exactly what we get into today. Here are the highlights:How the education system creates fear of failure, unilateral control and loss of critical thinkingHow parents can teach their children to “play the game” while they’re at schoolWhy all classrooms should remove marks, grade levels, and authoritative control structuresWhy education must change its language (e.g. heroes versus students; exhibitions versus testing; mentros versus teachers; and studios versus classrooms)How we often hold our own children back from how “wildly capable” they areThis conversation will leave with so much to think about. Reach out to us or to Matt to share your thoughts. LINKSMatt on Instagram:’s Mentorship Program for Young Men: on Instagram: of Bedrock on Instagram: the Men of Bedrock WAITLIST Now:
Feb 27
1 hr 13 min
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