The VICE Guide to Right Now
The VICE Guide to Right Now
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I’d love to see more podcast on Kratom and so would many of my friends who are Kratom users. Maybe touch up on the controversy going on around it. It’s always changing. States are always battling to make it illegal. And it’s also saved mine and many other peoples lives so we need real news on it. Not just big media telling us that it’s bad and will kill you.
Cake th cat
Astrology? Really?
I was going to give a five star review because this show has a lot of great episodes, until I saw that Vice is now covering astrology like it’s a legitimate news topic (or a legitimate topic at all). Why pretend like you’re a serious news organization if you’re going to give credence to pseudoscience?
AirPods eps. makes this Podcast a click bait
The jurnalist that trashed the AirPods has NEVER used the product. Her article is a click bait and low hanging fruit targeting Apple to get more readers. Shame on you VICE for promoting her dirty work.
Fantastic podcast!
Always covers something new and interesting
Leftist media
Just your far left social justice warrior garbage coverage
Nowhere Near The Quality I Expect From Vice
The polar opposite of what I expect from the same brand the brings you Vice News. Laughable at best, mind-blowingly awful on most occasions.
So good!!!!!!
So good!!!!!
ry fyi
Incredible podcast
Absolutely amazing