The Veterinary Pharmacy Podcast
The Veterinary Pharmacy Podcast
Natalie Young
Welcome to the Veterinary Pharmacy Podcast, where we talk everything veterinary pharmacy, from best practices and trends to proper compounding, regulations and more. Hosts Dr. Natalie Young and Coy Privette, co-Directors of Realo Veterinary Pharmacy, and their expert guests aim to dissect current trends, deliver on practical recommendations and elevate the discussion of all things related to medicating animals.
Ep 15: GFI 256
True to form, Natalie and Coy break down the current FDA Guidance for Industry surrounding compounding for animals using bulk ingredients.  Listen as they present the facts, the myths, and discuss the road forward for the veterinary community.
Sep 3
29 min
Ep 14: Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy
Natalie and Coy talk with Erik Clausen, COO of Golden Gate Pharmacy in the greater bay area of California. Listen as we discuss the evolution of veterinary pharmacy, regulations, and the vital role we play as the bridge between our veterinary partners and pet parents. Eric defines the tenants of community pharmacy for veterinary medicine- how they operate in a perpetual state of emergency with both pandemics and wildfires ever knocking at their doors but continue to do what they do with an open heart.
Aug 25
19 min
Ep 13: The Art of Medicine
Natalie and Coy journey to the city of brotherly love to discuss all things compounding with the top community pharmacy in Philly! Listen as they discuss PCAB accreditation, pandemic challenges, and expert veterinary support with Dr. Jack Korbutov, owner of The Art of Medicine. Jack, along with Dr. Young, serves as a fellow of the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists (ACVP).
Aug 20
21 min
Ep 12: How Behavioral Modification Compliments Medication
Natalie and Coy discuss total pet patient care with one of North Carolina's top dog trainers. Shane Gentry joins the conversation to discuss how to read canine behavior and how medicine works with training for the healthiest outcomes in our pets. Listen along to laugh and learn from a truly fresh perspective in the art of dog training!
Aug 18
26 min
Ep 11: Crash Course in USP 800
Dr. Natalie Young and Coy break down all you need to know to help protect your practice, yourself, and your personnel. Listen as we define what USP is, what drugs are considered hazardous in the workplace, and what practices need to do in order to handle them safely.
Aug 11
23 min
Ep 10: A Veterinarian's Perspective
Natalie and Coy discuss how pharmacy partnership can and does work with Dr. Page Wages, a multi-year Finalist for America's Favorite Veterinarian! Clinical assistance, the vital role pharmacies play in supporting veterinary hospitals during a pandemic, or key elements when choosing a pharmacy partner - Dr. Wages discusses it all.
Aug 10
19 min
Ep 9: Just Because You Can...
Just because you can compound a medication doesn't mean you should. In this episode, Coy and Natalie dig into some of the biggest problems they see when compounding various dosage forms for animals. They also touch on rules and regulations, drug availability, pharmacokinetics and best practices.
Jun 7
25 min
Ep 8: The Compounding Formula
In this podcast Natalie and Coy explore the different avenues to find formulations for compounded medications. Not all are the same. Join the team as they navigate through what to look for, where to turn for tried and true recipes, and the pitfalls to avoid when sourcing formulas for animal medications.
May 11
24 min
Ep 7: Component Considerations when Compounding
As we dive into what good compounding looks like, we start with a discussion on sourcing, finding, and deciding what ingredients to begin with. In order to provide quality medication to patients, starting ingredients matter immensely. Coy and Natalie break it all down for you.
May 11
20 min
Ep 6: Why Compounding is Needed in Veterinary Medicine
As the bridge between veterinary science and good pharmacy support, Dr. Young and Coy discuss why pharmacies that specialize in animal medicine are asked to compound preparations so often. They’ll also divulge some of the most interesting cases they have encountered over time.
May 10
21 min
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