The Unregulated Podcast
The Unregulated Podcast
American Energy Alliance
The American Energy Alliance (AEA) is a not-for-profit organization that engages in grassroots public policy advocacy and debate concerning energy and environmental policies.
#155: We Take it Very Seriously (11/4/23)
#155: We Take it Very Seriously (11/4/23) Links: Carbon Taxes Trudeau: Subsidized Housing and Food The Birds Iran/UN Shot: Chaser UN
Nov 4
1 hr 9 min
#154: Over the Falls in a Barrel (10/26/23)
#154: Over the Falls in a Barrel (10/26/23) Links: Spookflation Washington Times RTO Insider: Phillips Addresses Status Politico Pro: Dems urge White House to reconsider ‘Bidenomics’ as it lands flat with voters: Haas Paper on EV Preferences
Oct 26
50 min
#153: I Eat "No" For Breakfast (10/20/23)
#153: I Eat "No" For Breakfast (10/20/23) Links: Unusual Whales: Washington Post: U.S. to Ease Sanctions on Venezuela Gill Gates: Reuters: Automakers blast US plan to hike fuel efficiency rules. WSJ: Ford considers cutting shift at F-150 Lightning Plant Virginia. WSJ Editorial:
Oct 20
1 hr 6 min
#152: Speaker for a Day (10/13/23)
#152: Speaker for a Day (10/13/23) Donate to AEA: Links: Harvard student groups: Special K Moves Out of His Lane: Jennifer Rubin: Economy: consumers buckle Walmart CEO warns: Biden: You Get More Legs Energy: Renewables aren’t profitable in Europe: EVs: Treasury Guidance Climate: Survivor Might Not Survive because Climate Change
Oct 13
1 hr 2 min
#151: Bold Moves (10-6-23)
#151: Bold Moves (10-6-23) Links: Electric buses don’t work, again: Germany brings back coal: The New “California” Senator:
Oct 6
56 min
#150: Gold Bars Get The Job Done (9/29/23)
#150: Gold Bars Get The Job Done (9/29/23) Donate to AEA: Links: Ford Pauses Work on EV Battery Plant: Lego Needs Oil: Carbon Offsets Are Junk: NY Robot Cops:
Sep 29
53 min
#149: A Rooster, A Duck, And A Sheep (9/19/23)
#149: A Rooster, A Duck, And A Sheep (9/19/23) Donate to AEA: Links: Americans Can Barely Afford Homes a-problem-for-biden/70892582007/ Hunter Biden Sues McKenna: Al Gore / Nobody Voted for Net Zero zero/?utm_source=subscriber&utm_medium=boomtrain&utm_campaign=cheryl_chumley&bt_ee=2ZwVFa %2BofFYKtEdju0dN9JaIkemkg9zM4g6ZxzZoF%2BQ%3D&bt_ts=1694814622191 More Proof They Want to Take Away Your Cars Biden: Trump Wants to Destroy the Nation Fetterman Rule: Kennedy Jumps the Shark
Sep 19
49 min
#148: Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier(9/15/23)
#148: Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier (9/15/23) Support AEA: Links: Post and Times Get the Memo Ignatious / Douthat CNN “Story” About WH Letter on Impeachment SAVE OUR CARS Dumb Iowa Article Freedom Molecules: IEA: Granholm EV Trip Form Hell: hoarding-charging-station/ Lions Win: Libertarians file for conservatorship of Biden/McConnell…
Sep 15
1 hr 4 min
#147: 200 Years Too Late (9/8/23)
#147: 200 Years Too Late (9/8/23) Donate to AEA: LInks: Suarez is Out Delinquencies Rise for Car Loans: Lyin’ Biden: Blinken Ukraine: Reuters: $12 Billion for the autos: offers-12-billion-automakers-suppliers-make-advanced-vehicles-2023-08-31/ Utility Dive: negative- outlook/692822/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Issue:%202023- 09-06%20Utility%20Dive%20Newsletter%20%5Bissue:54239%5D&utm_term=Utility%20Dive
Sep 8
1 hr 36 min
#146: Beyond Capable (8/30/23)
#146: Beyond Capable (8/30/23) Links: The Daily Grill on Connecticut Avenue is now closed. Kerry: The Cult China’s EV Graveyards Bloomberg: Cars Sitting at U.S. Dealerships Insider Newsletter: Rivian CEO ESG Reuters: blackrock-cuts-support-shareholder-items-climate-social-issues-2023-08-28/ Slim Shady is Mad at Vivek skinny-Vivek-Ramaswamy-cease-desist-letter-demanding-stop-rapping-music-campaign- trail.html Update on the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) Cameras:
Aug 30
1 hr 3 min
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