The Unregulated Podcast
The Unregulated Podcast
American Energy Alliance
The American Energy Alliance (AEA) is a not-for-profit organization that engages in grassroots public policy advocacy and debate concerning energy and environmental policies.
#125 Living and Dying (3/26/23)
#125 Living and Dying (3/26/23) Links: IRA: $1.2 trillion. Daily Caller: WSJ: EV Unit will lose $3B WSJ: EV Unit will lose $3B
Mar 26
52 min
#124: Running Out of Digits (3/17/23)
#124: Running Out of Digits (3/17/23)
Mar 17
1 hr 2 min
#123: Why Are Conservatives Bad Mommy? - Guest Gov. Mike Dunleavy (3/9/23)
#123: Why Are Conservatives Bad Mommy? - Guest Gov. Mike Dunleavy (3/9/23) Links: Pay to Play?: Vivek Ramaswamy/Stu Varney Djokovic Denied Waiver; Has Had Covid; DeSantis: Let him play covid-19-vaccine-waiver/ Majors Making a Comeback Shell coming out of its Shell. healthy#xj4y7vzkg Exxon: Don’t Mess with Oil and Gas Jalopnik: F-150 Making People Sick
Mar 9
1 hr 10 min
#122 Hug A Nurse(3/5/23)
#122 Hug A Nurse(3/5/23)
Mar 5
1 hr 13 min
#121: Recalibrating Our Radars (2/24/23)
#121: Recalibrating Our Radars (2/24/23) Links: Wholesale Electricity Prices in CA Democrat Peters: NEPA Equity: Get Rid of Honors Classes Vivek Ranaswamy enters the race. WSJ editorial: Tim Scott visits Iowa.
Feb 24
59 min
#120: A Powerful Tool (2/18/23)
#120: A Powerful Tool (2/18/23) Links: Italy: Europe ICE Ban a suicide. Only the Rich can Afford. Ford Halts Production of E F-150 Senator Kennedy Strikes Again: Climate 26001836799844356&currentTweetUser=SenJohnKennedy Nate Fischer - CEO of New Founding:
Feb 18
1 hr 22 min
#119: Red Balloons (2/8/23)
#119: Red Balloons (2/8/23) Links: House ESG Working Group: Meanwhile, Biden isn’t Getting Much Love: Dems say no on Joe: Chinese Spy Balloons: BP Scaling Back Renewables Free Beacon: Jobs, Doerr Podesta: This is Just the Beginning E&E News on Lithium:
Feb 8
1 hr 1 min
#118: February (2/3/23)
#118: February (2/3/23) Links: Gas Stoves Back Under Scrutiny With New US Limits Proposed: Manchin DeSantis: RNC Election: DC Crime/Metro/Fare Jumping:
Feb 3
53 min
#117: Iterations and Variations (1/27/23)
#117: Iterations and Variations (1/27/23)
Jan 27
1 hr
#116: Extraterrestrial (1/20/23)
#116: Extraterrestrial (1/20/23) Links: Kamala Climate: Momentum Debt Limit Summary: CNBC Fink: Oakland A’s?
Jan 20
1 hr 9 min
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