The Unexplained World
The Unexplained World
A broadcast about the Supernatural & Paranormal with the ' The Unexplained World ' of different subjects pertaining to the supernatural, paranormal and the unknown with guests covering the various topics of interest, callers and once in awhile psychic/medium readings. The show's hosts are Edward Shanahan, a Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium, Paranormal Explorer, Author and received the award 'Best Chicago Psychic' plus Annette, she is a Pagan Truth Seeker and involved in the Spiritual field for over 30 yrs.
Ian Wilson is the guest speaking about Lucid Dreaming and Sleepers Paralysis.
Join The Unexplained World as our returning guest is Mr. Ian Wilson the dreaming expert of what can be accomplished with dreaming.  The discussions will be about Lucid Dreaming and the perks and benefits it provides for the creative side. We also will talk about Sleepers Paralysis and finally the results of Edward Shanahan's Sleep Testing you heard him rant about in the last broadcast. Join Annette and Edward Shanahan with their popular guest Ian Wilson on the broadcast of The Unexplained World. Edward Shanahan website.
Nov 24, 2019
44 min
Star People, Sleep Study, David Kump and The Unexplained World.
On this broadcast of The Unexplained World podcast, David Kump joins us. A discussion about Star People on this broadcast. How did the recent Paranormal Night go that was held at the Haunted Historic Senator John Humphrey House? Who is the one that just had a Sleep Study the night before, and will they rant about it? And more with Annette and Edward Shanahan. Paranormal Nights and Psychic Readings and Spirit Communication Sessions in the Chicago land area. Information at:
Nov 10, 2019
1 hr 2 min
Pot Luck Broadcast with Annette and Edward Shanahan
Days of the Dead and more for this last broadcast of The Unexplained Worl before Halloween with Annette and Edward Shanahan.
Oct 20, 2019
41 min
Paranormal Investigator and Producer Charles WIliams joins Annette and Edward
Join us as our guest is Charles Williams. It will be interesting as Annette has been a long time resident of the Indiana Dunes area and has done a video a few years back about 'Diana of the Dunes' before most others were talking about it. From Mr. Williams: I have been a paranormal investigator since the 1990's.  I am most currently with two groups; Dale Kaczmarek's Ghost Research Society out of Chicago, and Jc Rositas's Heartland Hauntings out of NW Indiana.   I started Independent filmmaking roughly 6 years ago and have made 3 features; "A Thousand Words...", is the story of Judy Huff's iconic Spirit Photograph taken at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery over 25 years ago now.  She was featured on Zak Bagans "Aftershocks" program, People are still arguing over the authenticity of this photo. "The Science of Mediumship", focuses on Dr. Chuck Kennedy's Project Psi, which includes a group of psychics who center on missing people, especially children, and have thus far helped law enforcement bring back over 50 children. "The Day The Circus DIDN'T Come To Town", is the story of the Hagenbeck-Wallace circus train wreck in Gary, IN in 1918. 86 killed, over 125 injured.  Victims are buried in a mass grave in Forest Park, IL- Woodlawn Cemetery.   "In Search Of... Diana's Driftwood", (Working Title), is the story of Diana of the Dunes. Alice Mable Gray was found when fishermen noticed a nude woman swimming in Lake Michigan at the Indiana Dunes. Here are 2 links to Facebook pages, one for the circus, one for the new Doc on Diana of the Dunes:,
Oct 6, 2019
54 min
Mr. David Kump returns with new song - Paranormal dates and Readings.
Join Annette and Edward as Mr. David Kump returns with his new song - Wovoka Ghost Dance and information about upcoming paranormal and public reading dates. Wovoka Ghost Dance –  song about raising the dead spirits of Native Americans to rise up and re-claim their land and culture from colonists motivated by greed and the brainwashed religious concept of Manifest Destiny. Introduction by William Buchholtz Allison's haunting piano playing of his 'Song for My Ancestors'. After two years of research , reading and meeting with Native Americans, I was compelled to release a truer version than what you were taught in school about the Wounded Knee incident. You can also find the song at - Website for Edward Shanahan
Sep 8, 2019
59 min
Starting on a pagan /craft path.
Annette has praticed her Pagan life much longer then I have known her and that is nearly 20 years. On this broadcast we will discuss the how's and why's along with the possible benifets. Annette will ansers questions that many have asked her through the years and being a Spiritual Pagan Guide for many. We hope to bring knowledge to those seeking it. Tune in to the podcast with Annette and I as you never know what else will be brought up at the start of the show. Enjoy the show, Edward
Aug 25, 2019
1 hr 4 min
Live Spirit Activity attempt with callers and Seance.
It will be attempted on The Unexplained World podcast with callers, Annette and me. A few years ago, I had succeeded in doing a version of my Circle of Energy Seance on the podcast. We did receive responses from people who had experienced the supernatural during the podcast. I received an internal message to do it again and this time raise the bar. The way it will be done now, is I will allow two different individuals per show that it is attempted, to call in and participate as I attempt to provide them an experience with a loved one who passed away. You can have as many as you would like to be with you during this. I would need you to be able to communicate on your phone during this - either with speakerphone, blue tooth or anyway it will work for you. If you have others with you during this, they can listen in on the website or by way of your speakerphone as the show does have a delay. Also, I suggest some way for you to record or better yet, record to catch possible EVP's on your end. You can listen to the show at any time after the podcast. I would want your room to be dark and just a candle burning, and if you have paranormal equipment, you can use it. If you are interested in participating in this on a Sunday eve, then 'message me from my website' and let me know that there is an interest on your part. Let's hear what happens with this attempt. Also those listening in, things may happen with you while your listening. Do the same set-up as stated above and see what happens.
Aug 11, 2019
55 min
Rick Hale Chicago Paranormal Investigator, author and Speaker is the guest.
Rick Hale, a Chicago Paranormal Investigator, author, and speaker, is the guest on The Unexplained World with Annette and Edward Shanahan. One of the things discussed on this broadcast will be: 'Paranormal Unity' folklore or reality? Rick Hale has been interested in the paranormal since encountering a spirit at an early age. Rick is the author of The Geek's Guide To The Strange and Unusual: Poltergeists, Ghosts & Demons and Behold Shocking True Tales Of Terror...and Some Other Spooky Stuff. Rick is the deputy editor of as well as appearing in Ghost Tapes 2 and Ghost Tapes: The Series found on YouTube.  Also on the broadcast new music from Daljit Kundi and Ludvig Cimbrelius. Enjoy!
Jul 28, 2019
1 hr 8 min
Everett Salyer took what was negative and changing it to positive.
Everett Salyer spent years in the commercial media production world where he was surrounded with stories and advertisements that presented a negative example to their viewers. Everett believes that the negative approach lessens the quality of life for those with daily exposure. He made a life-changing decision to leave that environment and started his own company which vows to spread only positive messages. The company is Root Sky Productions. Everett will give us his thoughts on how media bends us into negative thinking and tell us what he is doing to "be the change" in how information in the media is expressed. Join Edward and Annette for this broadcast. Mr. Everett Salyer website - Root Sky Productions.
Jun 30, 2019
1 hr 2 min
Summer Solstice "Litha" - Paranormal - Psychic - Thoughts with Annette & Edward
The broadcast is a rare experience as it is a broadcast of thoughts with just Annette and Edward, no guests on this broadcast. Annette plans on covering the Summer Solstice "Litha". Edward Shanahan will cover subjects about the paranormal field and also the psychic field. Annette finishes the show with a short dark story. It will be an interesting show and the subject matters covered by Edward, time will tell as he is keeping it clost to his chest for this broadcast. Join Edward and Annette for the broadcast. Edward Shanahan's website.
Jun 16, 2019
47 min
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