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Great Addition to My Podcasts
I was looking for a new podcast and realized I should listen to the Try Guys since I like their videos. I love that there is more content to follow in addition to the videos. Funny, entertaining, uplifting, and interesting. Recommended.
Loved it
I listen to this on my way to work
Every Thursday I look forward to listening to y’all on my way to work!! I drink my coffee and take the scenic route and it really helps set the tone for my day and wake me up. Thank you guys!!!
Love you guys!
Here’s my secret: When I was about 14, my dad had this expensive bottle of wine in the cabinet that he brought home from a trip to Niagara Falls. He was saving it for a special occasion. I got this great idea to open it and drink some. I didn’t know this would ruin it. Well my older adult brother (who is an alcoholic) lived with my dad at the time so when my dad went to actually open this bottle of wine and discovered it was ruined, he blamed my brother. I just went along with it because obviously I didn’t want to get in trouble! My brother actually said he probably did get into when he was drunk and just didn’t remember! So to this day, my dad and brother thinks it was him. 🙃
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Hooked but Unsatisfied
Loved this podcast, but…
Apparently the Try Guys have resorted to the “try whoever is around.” I adore this podcast and look forward to it, but I heard Keith say in an episode, “pigs are smart, but what are you gonna do?” Seriously? Umm, don’t eat them or abuse them. They have the intelligence of a three year old. Imagine taking Wes by the hand into a room where all of his friends are screaming in terror. Throw him in a bath of scalding water to burn his hair off while he screams and tries to get out. Then drag out his body, still crying, and stab him and hit him in the head until he stops. Then promoting dog rescue when Zack and Ned clearly bought pure breads is disgusting. Yeah, I get it. I went to Yale and have rescue pets, Ned. I don’t feel the need to tell everyone. Now the episode about vaccines?! Wow. Done.
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God I love this show
this pod is so so good. So funny, so silly, so perfectly random. I miss Eugene but everyone is doing a great job! Ned could maybe yell less 😉 and tbh Idk how anyone likes You Can Sit With Us better than this show 😂
I love the Try Guys, they are in my top 5 favorite youtube stars! With that said, I have one complaint that makes my rating lower than I would have hoped for. When I listen to this podcast on my weekly roadtrips I hate that in most of them you need to switch to the video version to see what's going on. In each episode they have to describe things for adio listeners and that makes it harder to enjoy their content. It's great hearing all these stories but I belive they need to remember that a lot of people listen to the podcast rather than watch it.
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Disappointed in these jablonskis
I have enjoyed everything the try guys have been put in front of me but this from like the first few minutes I heard of them and I just hated it and they don’t even have a cool hr song an example could Ben just hr you know what it is and it has a cool bun nan na tone and miles has to little presence along with Eugene who they are phasing out hoooooord
I was so excited when two of my favorite podcasts, The Trypod and And That's Why We Drink, were collaborating! I could listen to hours and hours of them talking and exchanging stories. Would love to see Em and Christine on the show again! I love The Trypod; work!keep up the great
My favorite podcasts combined!
I almost screamed this morning when I saw Em and Christine in the title of this podcast, both my worlds are coming together and I am here for it, LOVE this episode!!
I LOVE the trypod and I have to say, the Amir and Geoffrey episode was the BEST episode ever. They compliment the try guys’ energy SO well. If you don’t know the try guys, check out ALL their content. Zach carries the podcast and brings the youthful perspective (tysm), Keith is the glue that ties all the very different energies together (he’s the pro performer). Eugene is a masterful artist who brings a darkness that grounds the group. <3 and Ned is the grown up.
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More Rainie!
I’ve been a fan of the pod since it started, but these past few episodes with Rainie have been top tier! She made an already great podcast even more amazing!!
The obsession is REAL!
The Try Guys and Miles are hilarious. Such entertaining and sometimes informative content. The only podcast I’ve sacrificed music listening time for...and I am someone who believes music is essential to life.... Completely okay with looking crazy laughing to myself while walking/commuting/etc. Highly recommended listening! Seriously, the greatest podcast ever!
Try guys forever
I have been following the try guys since BuzzFeed and there is nothing that they have released that I haven’t loved. Please keep doing what you’re doing, it always brightens my day in one way or another! 💖💙💜💚
More Milezz
I love this podcast. Been listening since the beginning. I’m slightly annoyed that the Try Guys have yet to figure out that we literally just want more miles. The mans carries the comedy of this pod on his back. Love you Bath Boy. The rest of you are okay too. Xx
Can Zach stop flirting
Not sure if it’s just because he needs to be hip with the youth, but Zach flirting with the new chick nonstop these last few episodes is uncomfortable.
Liz P 07
My absolute favorite podcast
You guys are so hilarious. Thursdays are 1,000 times better because of your podcast. If you want to laugh check this podcast out! #milesnation P.S. never let Rainie leave. She's amazing!
Oh lord…
Man I love this podcast so much! I’ve been a listener since the beginning! However, the past two months or so the episodes have been so boring and just bland all around. I don’t know if it’s because Eugene is taking a little hiatus, since he’s usually the one to kind of get the guys back on track and focus. It’s like every episode, they have a plan of what they want to do and everything gets thrown out because everyone gets distracted. Miles, I love you so much, but the advice for Miles segment has got to go…unless, the advice actually gets better…
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Fine, but nothing special
I listened for a while, but I eventually got turned off from the podcast. If you like the Try Guys a lot and enjoy listening to a bunch of guys sitting around and talking about whatever, this will be your jam. Frankly, for me, I got bored with it and had to unsubscribe. I was fast forwarding through a lot of the episodes and wasn’t enjoying it a whole lot. Every episode is an hour (plus) and I wasn’t getting a whole lot out of it, except it’s a bunch of dudes sitting around and not doing a whole lot. I have only so much time in my day to listen to podcasts and this wasn’t what I wanted to fill that time. I guess it’s entertaining, if this is your jam, but I don’t miss listening to this podcast at all.
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S. F. Gunther
So funny and more of the tryguys out of YouTube
Love listening as a podcast and get more of the guys when I’m not on youtube. Also love miles. He is living his best life and should thrive
Xiaomi Air
Love the podcast
Love the podcast can’t wait to hear what you all have to say next ! 💙
We’ve all known a Miles
Miles reminds me of that guy in the coffee shop who loudly complains about all coffee because he wants you to know that he has a vastly superior palette; all the while playing that one “Death Cab for Cutie” song that he only kind of knows on the ukulele (because guitars are “too mainstream”). Miles, you’re trying too hard. It’s off-putting.
I get out of school on 22
bridget the bad
Love it <3
Exactly as the title says, lol
biased cuz i love the try guys
so i’ve been a casual fan of the try guys ever since the first “guys try on lingerie” video and this podcast is pretty great! maybe it’s the parasocial element but i really enjoy getting a glimpse into their convos. i don’t always agree with their takes, but it’s always a fun listen(or watch!) milesnation forever!!!
Always Good
I listen to this podcast all the time, when driving, when walking to work, when doing dishes. I’ve been a fan of the try guys for years but I’ve shared the podcast with people who have never watched them and they really enjoy it. These guys can make any topic entertaining and it’s a joy to listen to.
Toxic Masculinity
Listen guys, I love the Try Guys. I love the TryPod. I’ve been listening every week since day one. But lately, the episodes seem to be leaning into some toxic masculinity. Now I know they aren’t actively engaging in aggressive conversation, but I feel like all the recent episodes, they always talk about/make a comment that’s just a little too far. Things like “groping a boob” and what it’s like to run with a boner are not really what I want to hear. I just think they need to refocus on their audience, less on what they just want to talk casually about. A lot of young girls listen to this podcast, please be more mindful.
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To Keith!!
I love you guys, y’all keep me laughing! Keith you’re my favorite!!!!
tatertot 88
Love you guys but Zach, stop interrupting! You don’t need to talk every 5 seconds or make a joke. Let the other guys get their point across.
My boys
Couldn’t love them more. Always a good belly laugh and get to learn more about each of the try guys. PLUS bonus amazing Miles the Tub Lord!
Ep 106 Defending Our Controversial Opinions
DON’T BOIL STOCK!!! Always simmer. Start with cold water. Skim frequently. Store properly. Don’t season your stock until you decide to use it. I love the TryPod, been watching you guys since Try Guys @ Buzzfeed. And my favorite is Without a Recipe! My boyfriend and I love Kieth & his love for his daddy. That is all! ❤️
Great podcast
This podcast is amazing! Their conversations always make me feel better! This has gotten me through some tough times! Has so many jokes and has great plots! Love It and I totally recommend!
Super funny
It makes my day every day,I love the try guys
Gets me through work
My online handle is HesitantCorgi and I love the TryPod, listen to it while working at a well known casual Italian dining establishment known for soups and salads. My secret is that I’m high school I was a volunteer firefighter/jr. firefighter and we got a palette each of diet dr. Pepper and diet Mountain Dew donated. The other firefighters didn’t want it so I inherited ALL OF IT and it sat in my dining room for storage. Every day I would pack a case worth into a second backpack for school and sell them for $1 each. This money paid for many a shenanigan and my school never found out.
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adult wiggles
The Try guys are like, a pastel, very adult version of The Wiggles. I’m a fan. - Deep Toot
I love it!
I watch the try guys on the Buzzfeed app and when there were no more episodes, I found them on YouTube. I haven’t started yet, but I have a good feeling about this Podcast.
Episode 106 threw me for a loop
My name is Mackenzie and I love this podcast so much😂 and when the guys did a skit about someone named Mackenzie I’m not going to lie it was so off putting to hear my name said so many times😂💕 love you guys keep up the good work😭
Miles needs to go - but the rest of show is awesome!
Other than Miles and his pointless and strange advice at the end of the show (that I now just skip) the show is awesome! The guys are always able to make me laugh and I also learn some new things along the way and it’s a fun bonus to listening to the podcast. Keep up the good work guys!
Best Podcast Collective
I have been a fan of the try guys for years and this podcast has only added to the experience. They always mange to make me smile, laugh, and feel included. Every one of these guys: Eugene, Ned, Keith, and Zach bring something special, interesting, and sometimes even necessary to the table. Love them. Great group and I am really proud to be a fan of theirs.
i’m asking for it. i’m dying for it.
A MILES ONLY PODCAST PLEASE love y’all sm xxxx
My favorite show
Listening to the try guys truly makes the world feel like a better place, I always feel like I’m in a better head space after an episode. Thank y’all!
Please make a video of Keith and Miles playing basketball!
Sun Sneezing
I’m in nursing school and it’s called A.C.H.O.O. syndrome. Your pupils can’t constrict fast enough to adjust to bright light so your body makes you sneeze so your eyes close to give your pupils an extra second to adjust. If you have slow adjusting pupils then you’ll be a sun sneezer (love you guys)
Fav + an idea
This podcast is so funny I am so glade that I was able to learn. So also something that I think would be fun is if you guys and your spouse switch so for one episode Maggie is there not Zach and Ariel is there not Ned also Keith and Becky would switch and Eugene and Matt could switch (if you could convince him) . On the other pod “You can sit with us “ They could switch to Zach is there not Maggie and Ned is there not Arial also Keith and Becky would switch . This is just a idea I thought would be fun.
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The truth teller 😛
Thank you❣️
For a long time the only thing that brought me so much joy was the try guys and everything they do. when they started a podcast it was amazing it was watching their videos but through just audio. their friendship brings me so much laughter and miles producing the podcast is *chefs kiss*.
The best tree
Is it me or are there an insane amount of ads?
tangerine ferguson
Brightens every Thursday!
I love the TryGuys, they just continuously bring me joy, they are such positive forces
Love everything y’all do!
Just wanted to leave a 5 star review because I love y’all and think y’all are awesome! I’m always ready for a new trypod episode. I appreciate how the conversations can go from something silly like eggs and baths to more serious stuff like politics and important issues. I feel like y’all are able to be more yourself on the podcast than on YouTube and I like seeing that side of y’all. Anyways thanks for doing what you do, keep up the hard work! PS, Go Miles nation!
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Love this pod
This pod is so fun and entertaining. Really funny, adult, and light hearted. The perspectives they bring are from thirty year olds just talking about living their lives in what is more or less suburban bliss. So nice. So calming.
gina lucille m.
Them ads are sure intrusive on this week's episode And it pains to hear you guys advertising something by saying it's environmentally friendly while churning out new merch every few months
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