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So funny and more of the tryguys out of YouTube
Love listening as a podcast and get more of the guys when I’m not on youtube. Also love miles. He is living his best life and should thrive
Xiaomi Air
Love the podcast
Love the podcast can’t wait to hear what you all have to say next ! 💙
We’ve all known a Miles
Miles reminds me of that guy in the coffee shop who loudly complains about all coffee because he wants you to know that he has a vastly superior palette; all the while playing that one “Death Cab for Cutie” song that he only kind of knows on the ukulele (because guitars are “too mainstream”). Miles, you’re trying too hard. It’s off-putting.
I get out of school on 22
bridget the bad
Love it <3
Exactly as the title says, lol
biased cuz i love the try guys
so i’ve been a casual fan of the try guys ever since the first “guys try on lingerie” video and this podcast is pretty great! maybe it’s the parasocial element but i really enjoy getting a glimpse into their convos. i don’t always agree with their takes, but it’s always a fun listen(or watch!) milesnation forever!!!
Always Good
I listen to this podcast all the time, when driving, when walking to work, when doing dishes. I’ve been a fan of the try guys for years but I’ve shared the podcast with people who have never watched them and they really enjoy it. These guys can make any topic entertaining and it’s a joy to listen to.
Toxic Masculinity
Listen guys, I love the Try Guys. I love the TryPod. I’ve been listening every week since day one. But lately, the episodes seem to be leaning into some toxic masculinity. Now I know they aren’t actively engaging in aggressive conversation, but I feel like all the recent episodes, they always talk about/make a comment that’s just a little too far. Things like “groping a boob” and what it’s like to run with a boner are not really what I want to hear. I just think they need to refocus on their audience, less on what they just want to talk casually about. A lot of young girls listen to this podcast, please be more mindful.
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To Keith!!
I love you guys, y’all keep me laughing! Keith you’re my favorite!!!!
tatertot 88
Love you guys but Zach, stop interrupting! You don’t need to talk every 5 seconds or make a joke. Let the other guys get their point across.
My boys
Couldn’t love them more. Always a good belly laugh and get to learn more about each of the try guys. PLUS bonus amazing Miles the Tub Lord!
Ep 106 Defending Our Controversial Opinions
DON’T BOIL STOCK!!! Always simmer. Start with cold water. Skim frequently. Store properly. Don’t season your stock until you decide to use it. I love the TryPod, been watching you guys since Try Guys @ Buzzfeed. And my favorite is Without a Recipe! My boyfriend and I love Kieth & his love for his daddy. That is all! ❤️
Great podcast
This podcast is amazing! Their conversations always make me feel better! This has gotten me through some tough times! Has so many jokes and has great plots! Love It and I totally recommend!
Super funny
It makes my day every day,I love the try guys
Gets me through work
My online handle is HesitantCorgi and I love the TryPod, listen to it while working at a well known casual Italian dining establishment known for soups and salads. My secret is that I’m high school I was a volunteer firefighter/jr. firefighter and we got a palette each of diet dr. Pepper and diet Mountain Dew donated. The other firefighters didn’t want it so I inherited ALL OF IT and it sat in my dining room for storage. Every day I would pack a case worth into a second backpack for school and sell them for $1 each. This money paid for many a shenanigan and my school never found out.
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adult wiggles
The Try guys are like, a pastel, very adult version of The Wiggles. I’m a fan. - Deep Toot
I love it!
I watch the try guys on the Buzzfeed app and when there were no more episodes, I found them on YouTube. I haven’t started yet, but I have a good feeling about this Podcast.
Episode 106 threw me for a loop
My name is Mackenzie and I love this podcast so much😂 and when the guys did a skit about someone named Mackenzie I’m not going to lie it was so off putting to hear my name said so many times😂💕 love you guys keep up the good work😭
Miles needs to go - but the rest of show is awesome!
Other than Miles and his pointless and strange advice at the end of the show (that I now just skip) the show is awesome! The guys are always able to make me laugh and I also learn some new things along the way and it’s a fun bonus to listening to the podcast. Keep up the good work guys!
Best Podcast Collective
I have been a fan of the try guys for years and this podcast has only added to the experience. They always mange to make me smile, laugh, and feel included. Every one of these guys: Eugene, Ned, Keith, and Zach bring something special, interesting, and sometimes even necessary to the table. Love them. Great group and I am really proud to be a fan of theirs.
i’m asking for it. i’m dying for it.
A MILES ONLY PODCAST PLEASE love y’all sm xxxx
My favorite show
Listening to the try guys truly makes the world feel like a better place, I always feel like I’m in a better head space after an episode. Thank y’all!
Please make a video of Keith and Miles playing basketball!
Sun Sneezing
I’m in nursing school and it’s called A.C.H.O.O. syndrome. Your pupils can’t constrict fast enough to adjust to bright light so your body makes you sneeze so your eyes close to give your pupils an extra second to adjust. If you have slow adjusting pupils then you’ll be a sun sneezer (love you guys)
Fav + an idea
This podcast is so funny I am so glade that I was able to learn. So also something that I think would be fun is if you guys and your spouse switch so for one episode Maggie is there not Zach and Ariel is there not Ned also Keith and Becky would switch and Eugene and Matt could switch (if you could convince him) . On the other pod “You can sit with us “ They could switch to Zach is there not Maggie and Ned is there not Arial also Keith and Becky would switch . This is just a idea I thought would be fun.
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The truth teller 😛
Thank you❣️
For a long time the only thing that brought me so much joy was the try guys and everything they do. when they started a podcast it was amazing it was watching their videos but through just audio. their friendship brings me so much laughter and miles producing the podcast is *chefs kiss*.
The best tree
Is it me or are there an insane amount of ads?
tangerine ferguson
Brightens every Thursday!
I love the TryGuys, they just continuously bring me joy, they are such positive forces
Love everything y’all do!
Just wanted to leave a 5 star review because I love y’all and think y’all are awesome! I’m always ready for a new trypod episode. I appreciate how the conversations can go from something silly like eggs and baths to more serious stuff like politics and important issues. I feel like y’all are able to be more yourself on the podcast than on YouTube and I like seeing that side of y’all. Anyways thanks for doing what you do, keep up the hard work! PS, Go Miles nation!
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Love this pod
This pod is so fun and entertaining. Really funny, adult, and light hearted. The perspectives they bring are from thirty year olds just talking about living their lives in what is more or less suburban bliss. So nice. So calming.
gina lucille m.
Them ads are sure intrusive on this week's episode And it pains to hear you guys advertising something by saying it's environmentally friendly while churning out new merch every few months
Every left leaning podcast
I am a centrist when it comes to politics and every left leaning show I listen to seems to think they have to discuss it in some way. I come for entertainment and to escape all the noise from the world. I have been unsubscribing to many different podcasts and unfortunately this is now in that category. I wish the try guys good luck but I’m so over all the agenda pushing.
Love it
Hearing these guys talk about eggs and bubble baths brings me joy every week
Best Podcast!
I love the Try Guys! Been a fan since Buzzfeed days! They make me feel so happy. They mentioned in a podcast to put a secret so- I drink gravy in coffee cups. I thought I was the only one until Keith drank gravy during the Eat the Menu for Jollibee ! Keep up the great content!
avery jones 38
Amazing Spectacular Show Stopping
Please never stop this podcast
Just the best
This podcast is literally about nothing, but it couldn’t be better. I always enjoy what the guys have to say, and I love how they also use their platform to talk about real issues as well.
Too funny
These guys are too funny
i love listening to this show so much! this group of guys are amazing and listening to them just chat and laugh is something that i love to listen to while doing chores around the house!!
Episode Interruptions
The number of ad breaks now is incredibly annoying! Come on guys.
The best day of the week
I have been here since episode one and it’s been something I look forward to every Thursday. Thank you for always brightening my day, boys.💙❤️💚💜
love these guys so much!
love the pod! (with secret)
absolutely love your podcast! also I’m in love with one of my best friends we’ve been friends since we were 11 (am 17 now) but he dated one of my friends and you guys know how girl code works anyways basically just wanted to get that out there so yay :)
pickles doodlebug
Actually taking Miles’ advice
Hi from the 904 (@Ned)! My name is (insert fake name) and I am currently a full time Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student, full time Microbiologist, and dog mom. My secret is that I’m actually going to take some advice that goes for Miles and buy my boyfriend a present...a big one. He is an international student and he’s just gotten his first big boy job! At the moment we only have one car so, per Miles advice, I am going to get him a gift. Secretly I have been saving up small amounts of money to be able to buy him (or at least contribute a lot) a car! It’s a big secret and I had to tell someone, so why not my favorite YouTubers/Podcasters/movie stars/world tour performers?! I love you guys so much and I hope you all have a wonderful day. Ps: Miles keep up the good advice:)
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I have watched videos of Try Guys off and on since the Buzz feed days and lately have been doing deep dives into different series on the channel. Just finished the book and now am listening to the podcast. It’s a fun upbeat, positive, progressive group that leaves me laughing. I have to laugh at the early episodes and the teens and tweens sending emails. I worry I might not be the target audience as a 47 year old woman, or maybe I’m just immature. But if I met you in person, I would probably fangirl
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Love this podcast!!
I’ve been listening to the podcast since quarantine started the first time and it seriously got me through!! It’s so funny and always a good time, I’m constantly listening to these pods over and over. It’s great, love these guys!
Mount Rushmore!
I havent really listened to the podcast yet but an automatic 4/5 for the amazing creativity of the cover looking like MOUNT RUSHMORE!
Try Guys Gateway Drug
I knew of the Try Guys before I started listening, but the podcast has really become the gateway drug to my obsession with these ridiculous humans. They are just so genuine. Even after one episode you feel like you know everything about them. I love listening to it on drives or walks and I seriously laugh out loud during every episode. LOVE THESE BOYS!!!
Ned! I love science but also entertained by horoscopes! Interesting fact about psychology- saying out loud that you are something, makes you more likely to fulfill those characteristics. For example, next time Wes gives baby Finn a hug you say- Wes you’re such a caring older brother! That makes him more likely to continue to be caring. In the same way, when horoscopes tell people they are a certain way, they’re more likely to be that way!
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Secret hidden from myself
Late to the game but so grateful for Try Guys and the whole Trypod family for keeping me company during quarantine. My secret is hidden so deep, I don’t even know what it is! For as long as I can remember, I get extremely anxious watching Snow White. As an adult, I mentioned this to my therapist who attempted various techniques to extract the info and allow me to process using PTSD therapy. Instead, I pass out when confronted with whatever truth is in there. 😱
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So fun to hear from the partners of You Can Sit With Us
I’ve been listening to this podcast since it first got released to the public (not on Patreon, sorry ☹️) and I just realized I haven’t reviewed it here yet! It’s a good time, y’all. Yes, the ads are annoying. But, newsflash: you can skip the ads when you hear the little ad break music! Each ad seems to run about a minute, so just skip a minute ahead! Love the content!
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