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Allentown aka Buffalo, NY
I love listening to y’all every week and typically save your podcast to listen to on a long run to distract me with quality entertainment. I have to say though I had an extra burst of energy today listening to Ned talk about Josh Allen leading my Buffalo Bills to victory 👍🏼👌🏼💕 PS: we actually do have an Allentown neighborhood here
Ned, we care about football!
I’ve been listening to the podcast since the beginning and I’ve loved it the whole time. But now I love it for another reason because, NED LOVES THE BILLS MAFIA. Please keep talking about our lord and savior Josh Allen. He deserves all the recognition in the world. I’m genuinely interested in Ned’s thoughts on the NFL.
Too Politcial
I used to enjoy listening to this podcast; however, like just about everything else in the world, it’s become too political. I wasn’t listening to hear hot takes on politics, I was listening to escape the craziness in our country right now.
THOUGHTS THOUGHTS THOUGHTS keith is the best btw and miles is a close second
Hiya Try Guys! My name’s whatever you guys want it to be! Anything fish related is cool bc that’s my nickname anyways. Love everything yall do and always waiting for new Without a Recipe videos. I baited my friends into watching your videos by showing them an episode of your Without a Recipe Cookies episode. They loved it LOL. Anywhos, here’s something I’m going through. A friend of mine (any name is fine) told me that he could definitely see me with this one girl we’re both are close to. Coincidentally, I was interested and v attracted to this girl (any name is fine), I hit her up and we started talking and getting to know each other. She’s super awesome and we get along really well btw. Hopefully I can get her to watch you guys too. Funnily enough, my friend recently got turned down by a different friend of ours last week and he confessed to the girl I’ve been talking to (???!!!???). The girl’s also friends w the other girl he confessed to so she already knows he was rejected by her. The girl said that she’s getting to know me and that she’s serious about us, but my friend seems p persistent about trying to get her to give him a chance. He hasn’t told me about this whole thing, but since I’m talking to the girl and on the road to being more serious, she told me everything. She obviously feels really awkward knowing this dude was rejected and went for her right after and that he’s also my friend. Should I try bringing it up with the dude and tell him to stop? He keeps wanting to spend time w her, even though he knows she and I are talking and p “exclusive” to each other. I think he’s getting more desperate bc she told him that I confessed to her and that we’re “talking” to each other. Also, she likes me a lot and we’ve been very communicative of the whole situation so I don’t have any doubts or insecurities wahoo wahoo. SOOOO IDK THOUGHTS? Also Keith is the best and Miles is a close second. idk if this sounds super high school (it kinda does to me) but i’m actually 26 years old HAHAHA
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I LOVE this podcast!!! I normally watch it on YouTube but it’s awesome!!
Hi!! I’m a huge fan of the TryPods!! I wrote a review that I wrote back when I was 15, I’m 17 now! At the time of me writing the original review, I was dating a guy who was 16 at the time, and now I’m single and a gender-fluid lesbian. 😂😂🤣🤣
Falling down an elevator shaft
Hi! I was just listening to the podcast about planning Miles’ wedding and Zach talks about someone dying on Grey’s Anatomy by falling down an elevator shaft. I don’t remember that happening in that show, but that is how Joey’s character, Dr. Drake Ramorey, dies on Days of Our Lives in the show friends. (After he tells Soap Opera Digest he writes his own lines.)
Gloriously stupid
This podcast is my absolute FAV to listen to while running errands or studying or anything honestly. A much needed comedic relief from everyday life at the moment :)) nothing better than discussing eggs for 30 minutes to distract yourself!!!
rach!! :)
Scary secret (do they even read these anymore)
Ok so my family is really close to my brothers friends family. I like him and have liked him for a while and it’s kinda different bc I know him well he he knows me. They just redid their house and now they have a really big basement and his whole family minus him got covid and my whole family minus me got covid. So my family and theirs decided for me and him to basically live together in there basement since we both tested negative to try to keep us both covid free. So now I’m living with my crush in his basement but it doesn’t stop here so over the weekend we where watching Harry Potter and he said he was definitely Harry and we where on the 4th movie and I was talking about how I would be cho chang to go to the hall with Cedric. Through the whole movie it seemed like he was trying to flirt with me because during the 5th movie when cho and Harry kiss he was like so you want to kiss me. I was sitting next to him like well kinda but I’m not that dumb so I just laughed and made a uncomfortable joke through the time we have been stuck down in his basement it seems like he is trying to flirt with me and I don’t know what to do because he used to treat me like a little sister and he’s my brothers best friend.
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wobble winker
Hi, Thank you for your all of your content. I’m a queer female and met my current boyfriend three months ago. We’ve been having s*x for a while but I recently got a UTI from it. Ended up going to urgent care, getting antibiotics, and later throwing up because of them. We’re in a college dorm and he stayed up with me all night (12am-3am) until I went to the emergency room. He won’t let me do anything to thank him. What should I do? I feel so bad he was up all night and I want to make up for it. Also, what do couples do for Valentine’s Day? I was thinking maybe I could do something special then (as long as it’s covid safe).
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Almost as amazing as You Can Sit With Us
I mean their videos are usually very funny, but I appreciate the balance between funny and serious topics on the podcast.
A secret from a galaxy far far away
A few years ago, some friends of mine discovered that I hadn’t seen the all the Star Wars movies. Though I had seen a few when I was a kid, they were so excited about this that I decided to try and convince them that I had genuinely never seen ANY of the movies. This went well. I decided to keep the ruse up, and eventually convinced them that I thought Luke and Leia were lovers instead of siblings. They took the bait and decided to show me the Star Wars films starting at Episode 1(apparently a very controversial choice??). When the time came in episode three that Luke and Leia are revealed to be the twins, I gave the performance of a lifetime. I think I even made myself cry. They were thoroughly entertained and I still think it was worth the deception. PS-I started listening to the podcast from the first episode last week and I have absolutely NO idea if you guys still read these reviews. Either way, love the show and I’m excited to keep listening.
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Kailee Fullmer
My Favorite Podcast
Absolutely love the Try Guys and everything they do. This podcast allows you to kind of get a glimpse of them and get to know them a little more personally. This only allows you to understand their humor and dedication to the 2nd Try their production company. Love all the laughs and insights! Looking forward to all the fun in 2021! :)
Love everything about it
I don’t have a secret but I miss the secrets. I also would love some more movie pitches or pitches along the lines of big bugs. I’ve listened to those episodes at least 5 times. Highly recommend anyone listen to this bunch of boys. But maybe do not take miles’ advice too seriously.
Gcg gymnast
The obsession is REAL!
The Try Guys and Miles are hilarious. Such entertaining and sometimes informative content. The only podcast I’ve sacrificed music listening time for...and I am someone who believes music is essential to life.... Completely okay with looking crazy laughing to myself while walking/commuting/etc. Highly recommended listening!
i love the try guys
i love them they’re so funny and i watch them on youtube too they’re HILARIOUS and i love advice that will go for Miles
It really good
Aquarium of the Pacific
First of all I love you guys so much. You’re incredible and I’m excited for the premier of your documentary. I also wanted to ask if you could look into the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. They are struggling during the pandemic and are looking for donations to continue education, rescuing and conserving.
Remi Bemi
I spent half of my year listening to you guys, watching your videos & have not learned anything (kidding) BUT I have laughed and cried and enjoyed this!! Can’t wait to keep listening in 2021 🥂
rly great
love the pod !! i love this podcast and listen to it whenever when i'm working ! just wanted to correct one thing for ppl since the way it was said is unclear -- harry doesn't label his sexuality and he's not het <3 love these guys !
Always the most and hardest ill laugh all week
These guys are freaking hilarious and i love hearing the rambles that come out of their mouths each week. They have a great youtube channel and now a podcast that is just as great!
Geology/ geography appreciation
Hey guys! Every time I listen and y’all geek out about geology and geography I get super happy. I majored in both in undergrad at UConn. I was even the President of the UConn Geology Club. One of only two Geoscience gals in my graduating class. I would highly recommend an affiliate membership to the Geological Society of America because they have a lot of dope publications and events. I presented my research in soil physics at the Northeast GSA section two years ago! Anyway, great show as always! -Kelly
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Try these guys!
Love the Try Guys. I listen to the pod while I work and it’s making WFH pretty excellent. Thanks guys/gals!
Thoughts on caves? (Ps I love this podcast)
This is one of my fave podcasts and I love it but I can’t believe y’all didn’t talk about how cool cave systems are in the thanksgiving episode😭. Just wondering what your thoughts on them were. They have everything! Erosion, BATS, cool species, and the endless void 😎. Main reason why I decided to go to school for geology
toni tromboni
You guys make the pandemic so much more tolerable. I appreciate your insights into things and, of course, Miles Nation! You are the sunshine in these dark times (besides Biden winning). Thank you so much for everything!
All the eggs. While I love the politics, we need space for self care up on here. And nothing is better than random ramblings like the early days of this podcast. I adore content like The Egg Ramble from the episode on 11/12/2020.
Enjoyable listening
I love and recommend the podcast I listen every week. Unfortunately I don’t enjoy Miles section, so just stop it there. I do realize it is just my taste, I know loads love him and the section. SORRY, I could just happily live without it.
Best podcast 😤✊🏻
Hello to my favorite group of guys. First off I wanted to say thank you for getting me through many difficult times. You’ve always been a source of happiness for me and I cannot thank you all enough. My secret is that I have no idea what my sexuality is. I’ve been telling people I’m bi for years and now I’m sitting here thinking well actually I have no idea, all I know is I’m not straight. If you have any words of advice that would be amazing. Keep being amazing and doing what you’re doing! Love you guys!!
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Joy on the Ride to School
As a teacher who has come to dread going to work during a pandemic, this podcast makes my rides in so light. It puts me in a better mood by the time I arrive at school, and I'm distracted enough to get through the days. Well, not so distracted that I can't do my know what I mean. Just wanted to say thank you and make you aware of how many lives your are touching.
Thanksgiving ep 🔥
This episode was so good and so funny. This was a better “happiness” or “feel good” episode than the one they tried to do a couple weeks ago that felt really forced and kinda turned into a downer anyways. This one was authentic and y’all were vibing for sure 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 ps. Loved the 30 minutes of egg talk a couple eps back. I love listening to people talk about food especially when they offer new ideas or tips. Also learned how to make a bomb runny egg, thanks Keith
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Great comedy podcast
I really enjoy that they’ve been so consistent and creative content creators. Their three podcasts have certainly added to my life in quarantine!
Fangirl in Florida waiting for the DOC to DROP!!!!!!
I LOVE you guys just started listening and watching the videos this year which has made the pandemic easier to get through. I just purchased tix for the documentary and was fortunate to get one of the copies of the DVD/blue ray so looking forward to that later this month, many congrats on the movie!!!! It’s been so great to listen to you guys on so many topics. You guys make me smile and laugh. I used to listen to you while I was at work (healthcare) but now I wait til I get home so I can have a treat to look forward to. It’s really meant a lot to me to listen to your political views because I’m very much of the same political leanings as you all very liberal but it’s been hard for me because all my friends who are of the same political persuasion as I am live far away from me all my friends in Tampa either didn’t vote or didn’t care about politics so I only had my parents and my brother to talk to about politics so listening to your podcasts made me feel less isolated and now of course I’m relieved that Biden won! Eugene, you’re so beautiful inside and out. I saw your coming out video via my friends’ social media prior to seeing Try Guys videos and it meant so much having so many loved ones who are LGBTQ+ I love your Cappy vibes. I also love Keith & Ned Gems of Geminis and Zach warm fuzzy Leo & Miles too I think a Virgo like me? Your videos and podcasts have been one of the best things to happen to me this year and to have a documentary on top is the sweetest thing that could’ve happened. Thanks for everything love you guys XOXO payal
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My fave bois
I love these idiots so much.
love love this pod just wish they would make one big ad break instead of 900 lil ones! my secret is that Im sad all the time but i haven't been big mean to myself in almost 3 years!
can i have some more of this
Posting as a response to the person complaining about to much Covid talk.
Yea. We have to keep talking about it. People still aren’t listening. Rates in my state (Florida) are still rising. People are dying. So yes. We do. Love you guys. Even the gremlin Miles.
Zack - be quiet and let others talk!
Zack! Stop interrupting everyone and hijacking the conversation!!!
Erin Schmerin
hello try guys and podcast gremlin!!! Today I shall tell you a tale of great secrecy. On November 15 I turned 18 and I decided I wanted to get myself my dream pet, a little ball python, the only problem with this is that my parents refused to ever let me have one in the house because my mom is afraid of snakes. It was easy to get his supplies into the house because I already have a gecko and said it was just some upgrades for his tank but the problem was sneaking the lil wiggly noodle in without my parents finding him. So how was I to sneak my new little buddy into my room? I simply tucked him away in my sports bra. Thankfully he seemed to enjoy the warmth and didn't fight to get out and my bigger bust and love of baggy shirts made it easier to conceal the reptile without my parents noticing something was off. So basically I walked in and sat and talked to my parents for 15-20 minutes and they had no idea there was a snake safely resting in the warmth of my boobs. It has been almost 3 weeks and my mom and dad still don’t know he is in my room.
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This is the way to escape the crappy world
Awesome podcast you guys are the best, super funny, and still keep everyone aware about the world! Keep it up!
member of the miles nation
Must we keep going back to covid
I’m a fan, and a cautious citizen when it come to COVID. I understand bringing it up even now in November but spending this much time on it? We see this info on the news and social media constantly. I just think this was a bit much on this week’s show, sorry
secret: people pleasing and anxiety :/
There are so many people here saying that the try guys have gotten too political... I don’t know what’s wrong with them or how privileged they are, but I’m here to say all they’ve done is talk about human rights, voting, and getting trump out of office!!! I’ve been hyper fixated on the try guys for a while now, so their podcast is my go-to when I’m about to embroider, draw, or just get time to myself. My secret though. I’m a big people pleaser I guess, as most of the population is, but it’s gotten me into situations and experiences I was really not ready for. I hate saying how I feel if I think it’s not what the other person wants to hear, but I don’t want to lie anymore because that’s ruined many of my relationships once I opened up about it later on. However, I’m also afraid of saying what’s on my mind and coming off as a crappy person or a terrible, selfish friend. All of this is a big problem for me, making relationships with others in general is a problem. I’ve never had a friend longer than two years, and that just makes me feel bad because I’m always hearing about friends who grew up with each other and stayed close. Instead, I grew up with anxiety and paranoia, diagnosed at 12, and my meds still don’t help me much (they’re more for depression). I’m worried this will never change, and I’ll just be an anxious ball of fear for the rest of my life, pushing people close to me away because I’ve gotten too attached and can’t take that. I’m only 15, I know that’s an age people just feel terrible all the time, but I have genuinely no hope left. I’m also trans, so it just makes everything, especially at this age, a million times worse. I don’t get a normality, and no matter how many people say that no teenager feels normal, I can never forget how different I am from everyone just because of the way I was born. Anyways, I love your show! Sorry for being a mess! 1000000/10 🏳️‍🌈 biden and kamala won!!!
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One of my favorites!
It would be cool if you talked about Steven crowder or John doyle
So I love the podcast when your not talking about politics because I disagree with 80% of what you say politically also your being over dramatic with COVID first of there’s a 99% chance you’ll live second off the people that died to COVID had very bad health conditions third off just look at Sweden they didn’t lock down and had barley any cases fourth off the people that got COVID twice were four people and one of those people the virus made his immune system better and finally we have a vaccine now that’s makes it so there’s a 95% chance you won’t get it also can you talk about those people I would like to hear your opinion on them especially John Doyle because he’s a smaller channel who is a great American and even though I disagree with guys almost all the time on politics I still love the podcast it’s my favorite so If there’s the slim chance you see this can you maybe talk about them if you want
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Lj waffles
Love it but
did I miss an explanation why they insist on reading the end of the ads together? Not a fan of that, but still five stars.
Liz P 07
I really really like this podcast, i really enjoy it, i listen to it every week, however i really dislike that in the first 5 sec I get hit in the face with an add. Dont get me wrong, i dont mind the add, everyone has to eat, but i would really like it if you put it like 5 min in. Thanks
Yawn yawn
One of the most boring and yet similar to all the other podcasts out there. Nothing new here folks
Hi! I love your podcast, by the way, but here’s my secret: when I was like 7, I was riding my razor scooter and fell off and broke my wrist. I was scared my mom would yell at me for breaking it so I hid it from her for a week. eventually she noticed, and she yelled at me. a lot. so that was fun.
Used to love these guys, but it’s gotten too political
The title of this review says it all. I used to live the comedy of this podcast and found it a refuge from all the chaos in the world. But the Try Guys have gotten increasingly political and serious, so I no longer enjoy listening. It’s not fun anymore. Maybe, once things calm down, they’ll have more comedy. But until then, this gives me more stress that joy, so I’m taking a break.
Miles Nation Represent
Love the Pod, especially the complete BANGERZ the Advice that will go for Miles keeps putting out. When will we get a full album, Miles?
Nachos are GOOD bby
Dying a little inside😅😭
So I just recently started listening to the try pod and I just got to the episodes from the beginning of 2020....and let me tell you, I am DYING over some of the little things you guys have mentioned pre-covid, that are COVID RELATED , for example: how excited y’all were for everything you had planned for the year , how some of you love going to movies, and when Eugene was sick and y’all made him wear a mask and someone said something like “what if we wore these all the time” 😷....there are SOOO MANY MORE covid related quips and every time something was brought up about the upcoming year , I have yelled at my phone in despair CUZ I NEW WHAT YOU GUYS HAD IN STORE FOR YOU AND YOU HAD NO IDEA. It hit hard, I gotta say. Well, anyhow, I love the podcast and your videos SOO MUCH. you guys are my current “bad day” show (when the depression or anxiety or combination hit hard and I need some happiness in my life) and I just wanna say thanks for helping me out on those days.
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best podcast ever no joke
i love these dorks so much. this podcast and their other amazing content is pretty much what has gotten me through quarantine and made this whole pandemic situation a lot easier to bear 😊
love it
here's my secret! i am gay🏳️‍🌈
office_ obsessed
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