The Trauma Therapist
The Trauma Therapist
Guy Crawford Macpherson
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Best Podcast for Trauma Therapists
I have been in the field of trauma therapy for over 2 decades and this podcast was pivotal in keeping me up-to-date and engaged in the emerging science and innovative approaches to the treatment of trauma. I think it offers new providers and solid foundation in following the most cutting-edge approaches to the treatment of trauma and engages us in important questions about health and wellness.
All of them
Love the podcast.. great content and guests!
Yes, it’s me!
Dear Trauma Therapist Podcast supporters, I wanted to take a moment to address some recent negative reviews that have been left on my podcast (titled “Unethical” and “Platforming an Abuser.”) First, I want to speak to those who felt that I unfairly and “rudely” blocked them on Twitter. I want to make it clear that I take harassment, towards myself or my community, very seriously and will not tolerate any form of abuse, be it in person or on this or any other online platform. Blocking someone is a last resort, though sometimes it is necessary for the safety and well-being of those involved. In this case, myself! Second, I want to speak to the concerns raised about an alleged abuser and scammer being featured on my podcast. Let me be very clear: I would never knowingly invite someone on my podcast and “provide them with a platform” who has committed abusive behavior. To suggest so is ludicrous. I’ve been producing this podcast for several years and have conducted over 700 interviews with people who’ve dedicated their lives to helping those who’ve been impacted by trauma. This is my mission. This is what this podcast is about! To propose that I would do otherwise is absurd, and then to write a incorrect, negative, misinformed podcast review is not only misleading but it’s malicious. I welcome reviews. I enjoy the positive ones, of course. I’ll take the negative ones with an open ear and I will learn from them. However, when those reviews become vindictive and hostile and are not even addressing the actual podcast itself, then I will speak out. Thank you for your continued support. Guy
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Great interviewer!
Guy asks really thoughtful questions and approaches his guests with real care, genuine enthusiasm, and an authentic curiosity. I really enjoy it!
Guy was planning on bringing on a guest who was a very abusive person. Many of their victims reached out to guy for months, looking to have a respectful and informative conversation. The messages and emails were ignored. When we tried using social media to get his attention, he blocked many of us. He claimed we were “nagging” him and lied to us. He refused to take responsibility for his actions and blamed their victims instead. Not even remotely a trauma-informed approach. Truly awful to belittle survivors of abuse. I hope he learns to do better.
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Platforming an Abuser
As someone who suffers from PTSD, I am incredibly disheartened to see that the host of this podcast blocks those on Twitter who question if he still plans on having a scammer who has victimized multiple people on his podcast. This is not behavior I would expect from any therapist, especially one that is supposed to be “trauma-informed”. I would look elsewhere if it were me.
Working with Guy was an absolute pleasure! From our first email interactions till the end when appearing on the program he was warm, friendly, and professional. I would recommend this podcast go to those interested in being on it and those listening to it. Guy is a class act! Dr Mark M. McNear
Had a blast being on!
Guy was an amazing host, and I had a wonderful time talking about the future of mental health and how Journey Clinical is enabling licensed mental health professionals to incorporate ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in their practice.
Jonathan Sabbagh
Well worth the time!
It always refreshing to hear someone taking on an issue as serious as trauma and PTSD, who has a knack for illuminating relevant points. I’m refreshed. As a person living with PTSD it is good knowing Dr. Macpherson has committed so much of his time to provide service to others. As a person who has interviewed on his podcast, I’m particularly excited by the depth and authenticity of the questions he asked. I hope others take note and realize how important this work is, and, more importantly, how many people can benefit from what he’s doing.
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Chigo Nwagboso
Informative and impactful
This podcast has had over 700 interviews with so many varieties of clinicians and modalities and spiritual practices. As a survivor, it gives you hope to hear all the different healing vehicles available. As a mental health professional, it helps you learn from others in the field. Love this pod!
Interested party
Guest shares a lot of fascinating experiences and information, but Guy is an awful interviewer. Clearly SELF interested and not tuned in to when to press further and when to let the guest expound on his thoughts. Guy gives commands (“whoa”, “stop”, “wait”) disrespectfully, and betrays his SELF interest focus with a lot of “I” statements (“I want to know…”). He also seems very inexperienced and superficial with “that’s interesting…” (his interests paramount).
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Room to improve
Great content but loads of ad inserted at awkward moment. Sorry but nope. Can’t commit mentally.
Commercial Interruption
Listening to Episode 598 with Dr. McBride and really enjoying it! However, a commercial cuts her off mid-sentence towards the beginning of the episode. Quite jarring!
lacy blaine
Honored to be in your show!
I had an inspiring conversation with Guy! He’s is an amazing host and the conversation flowed so well! Way to go Guy!
Author David Richman
Free self promo for trauma ‘experts’ selling books & workshops. No wonder they welcome interviews from a one-trick phony. Sad to see new therapists pay subscriptions to learn how to work with PTSD from a *coach* who doesn’t have license 🪪 to practice or requisite experience as therapist. His advice is vacuous. Reputable trauma informed programs exist: Trauma Research Foundation, EMDRIA, IFS, SE, NICABM. Please look elsewhere for your training. Your complex PTSD clients will thank you later.
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Better than some trauma related podcasts
The podcast is a little flash, a little too commercial, a little too cis, straight, white male focused in its guests. Some guests are quite toxic and out-dated in their language around trauma, therapy, etc.
Highly Impactful and Insightful
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
Good content, less good quality
The way that the sponsored ads are cut in is wildly disruptive. Also, the quality of the sound is a distraction. If you can get past those, the content is good and guests are interesting.
I highly recommend!
I like this podcast and I highly recommend it! it's very interesting to learn from others' experiences, PLUS it's so calming to listen to!
Health_ Coach
Approachable, thought provoking and actionable
I appreciate this resource and the warm and approachable delivery of the host and his guests.
Thank you to the Trauma Therapist Dr Macpherson
I love your topics and speakers. Thank you for adding to my understanding as a therapist for 2 decades utilizing EMDR and other tools.
Ad heavy content
I feel that he has a lot of great content, but too many ads and I got tired of fast forwarding the recording.
Great for learning humbleness
I’m a therapist-in-training and I’m a trauma survivor and sometimes I worry if my own healing would get in the way of my future clients. Hearing a lot of these experienced clinicians talk about their personal issues and how to deal with vicarious trauma has really been beneficial to me. It helps me know that I’m right where I need to be in terms of my profession.
cant find a proper nickname
Do we really care?!?!?
Do you really think we care about the guest’s background and how many kids they have?!?! If you want our interest, skip all that boasting. With your podcast, I have to skip to at least midway to get any substance. So most of your shows are a waste.
Info we all need to know!
I am a therapist and first learned of the Trauma Therapist podcast from a client who resonated with one of the episodes. I’ve now listened to every single episode and can say I highly recommend this podcast for anyone interested in the field or already in the field and working with ANY type of mental health issues. Trauma is something that touches us all in one way or another, whether or not we realize it. Research on the impact of trauma and best practices for treatment has rapidly advanced over the past few decades. These episodes shed light on topics we all (new therapists, experienced therapists, clients, and the world as a whole) need to be aware of so we can help heal trauma rather than prolong its effects. Guy and his guests are friendly, open, honest, and forthcoming in sharing their experiences and wisdom, making it not only full of helpful advice and information, but fun and interesting to listen to.
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How do I find season one
This seems like a very interesting podcast. I’m just wondering how I can start listening from the very first episode?
A wealth of insight
I couldn't be more thankful for the wealth of advice on this podcast. I'm currently a student, and I think this podcast fills in some of that gap between book learning and experiential learning. A huge theme is the importance of being, not just knowing, and of the therapeutic relationship, not just therapeutic technique. Therapists share important realizations they had early on in their careers. Listening to this podcast is like getting to have coffee with hundreds of therapists and glean their wisdom. So awesome. I've learned so much important information that will help me to be a more effective therapist early on.
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the yellow pineapple
Thank you for this podcast! Just found this and am an Associate MFT and this is so valuable.
On my journey in becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker morning appreciate the sharing of experiences, challenges, and resources. I’ve found interest and wanting to learn more about trauma. One of your interviews stated, everyone has some level of trauma-I totally agree. Thank you again.
Appreciate the help
For anyone who’d like to learn a bit more about infinitely complex human nature and, more importantly, its potential to transform and heal, I highly recommend this podcast! I love the set of questions that every guest gets to answer, and the sense of hope that comes from hearing their stories and warm and wise voices. Thank you Guy for creating such an awe-inspiring introduction to the field of trauma and its healing.
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Empowering, insightful and nourishing! 🙏
Whether you’re already deep into your journey of healing trauma, or just getting started unpacking the layers of your past - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Guy does an incredible job leading conversations that cover the entire range of mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural challenges we all face learning to navigate the transition to an integrated life that nourishes your soul. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Helping Victim Advocates Also!
Thank you for your authentic and informative podcast! I really appreciate your trauma therapist 2.0 introduction - it is how I feel! I am brand new to advocating for victim's and your content has been deeply helpful! Blessings to you!
A favorite podcast
I went from agency work to running a therapy-based non profit and I’m currently opening a private practice. Guy’s podcast has been truly inspirational as I’m making this transition and feeling unprepared and, at times, inadequate. Thank you Guy for the inciteful guests, the informative content, and putting yourself out there so others can continue to learn!
Truly helpful!
Guy and the trauma therapists he interviews are incredibly helpful to this grad student and Counselor Intern, both personally and professionally. Each interviewee brings unique insights, backgrounds and presence in empowering healing to clients with trauma. Thank you, Guy, for your heart and service to help others! Keep up the good work!
The Trauma Therapist Podcast
I am writing to thank your for your trauma therapist podcast. I've been listening since last spring and have learned a great deal. I was not familiar with Mark Walsh until I heard your interview with him the other day, and was surprised and pleased to hear his connection with Paul Linden. I met Paul 12 or so years ago at a weekend workshop for male sexual abuse survivors where he was a facilitator. That weekend was one of the sparks that started me on a healing path that led me to changing careers from physics and medicine to working towards a masters in clinical mental health counseling. I made the choice to take that leap a year and a half ago when I realized how comfortable I had become in my body and decided to work towards an understanding how that had happened, and how I can help other people in their healing. Hearing Paul Linden mentioned in your podcast was a wonderful reminder and sign that I'm on my path. I'm working as an intern now at an outpatient treatment center, and as a volunteer group leader for male sexual abuse survivors. Thanks for putting your podcast and your self out there!
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Thank you!
Guy, I appreciate this podcast so much! I got out of grad school a year ago. I am one of those young, new trauma clinicians you refer to often. I love working with trauma, but in my short time doing this work I learned we can not do it without support. Your podcast has helped guide me to information, knowledge and growth. At first I was feeling hopeless seeing supervisors burnt out, not consistent and not engaged. However, your podcast has revitalized my energy and restored my hope that there are great trauma clinicians out there and support along the way. It has given me confidence to advocate for my clients and myself. Please keep the part where you ask the guest “what advice would you give to a new clinician” ( that part is awesome). Thank you!
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Professional Inspiration!
Guy’s podcast (and the world it introduced me to) was a significant source of motivation fueling my decision to get licensed and start a private traumatic grief and bereavement practice (Wisdom Counseling - Baltimore LLC). I thank him for all that he does to educate, affirm, and, motivate!
Doctor Grayman-Simpson
This podcast amazes me. Each episode stands alone and seems to have its own hidden gem. It has helped me tremendously understand my own trauma and hope of healing.
Succinct Please
Dear Host, Please condense your question to a thoughtful and respectful level of one’s time, especially that of the guest.
They talk to fast
This would be listenable if he didn’t talk so fast.
Guy is an outstanding host, guiding the conversations gently and giving space for his guests to tell their stories and explain their methodologies. I'm in grad school for trauma therapy and have learned so much from this podcast. There is a genuine love and compassion conveyed throughout the discussions that is inspiring. It's so encouraging to hear about how my colleagues have paved the way for me as I'm on this new path!
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Excellent info on trauma for survivor or therapist !
adruey xu
A Goldmine of Information!!
If I could give Guy's podcast 10 stars, I would. The content is outstanding!! The interviews are so rich, format is concise, relevant, and compelling. You’ll feel like you've been given a backstage pass to the most amazing VIP party with the most inspiring pioneers and veterans in the field of trauma and psychotherapy. I am a mid-age MSW student, and eager to get my career off the ground and learn as much as possible in the quickest amount of time. This podcast is INVALUABLE to me and better than LinkedIn, FB, and IG combined for networking and learning about who's who and what's new in the field. Guy's guest, Linda Curran, was featured - and discovering she lived less than 5 miles from me, I reached out, bought her a large coffee from WaWa (inside joke if you're from Philly), and I now consider her one of my greatest mentors! Become a groupie, GET THIS PODCAST and share it with your colleagues, professors, students, and supervisors!!
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Outstanding Information
I’m a survivor, not a therapist, but be learned more about my CPTSD from Guy’s podcast than from all my therapists combined!
Sound issues
I was excited to hear this podcast however with the volume all he way up, I cannot hear the person he’s interviewing. It’s muffled and staticy.
Incredibly informative
I started to listen to this podcast as a trauma survivor. Guy has such a soothing voice. I’m working on going to grad school to pursue a degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus in trauma, and I can see how valuable this podcast will be during my studies and beyond. Thank you, Guy!
Great Content but Not Free
I loved this podcast when it was a real podcast. Now, you get 5 minutes and then you are directed to the website to pay $1 an interview or $39 a month. The pay to listen option is not described in the clip.
I find some of these new ‘clips’ you’ve been doing very interesting. But I’m confused. Are these clips of full interviews? Are they stand alone clips? Tried searching on the website and no luck there.
A invaluable tool for new trauma therapists
I started listening to this podcast during my graduate program internship. I continue to listen to it as I work with trauma survivors in private practice. I am so thankful for the work that Guy does to get interviews from thought leaders in the field of trauma. He is asking all of the questions we are! It is so insightful, helpful and a regular go-to for me.
Brain Injury Survivor
Listening is helping in many ways Thank you!
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