The Transfer Window
The Transfer Window
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The inside word on the biggest stories in world football.
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Ian please talk faster
Getting through one of his sentences is a battle of attrition. Talk faster or talk less please
I would recommend Romano’s podcast!
Spreading lies about Manchester United! I’m also a Mourinho admirer from a coaching point of view, but that doesn’t mean you go ranting about the club which sacked him.
They seem to get most of their listens from Manchester United fans but spend most of their shows bashing United from top to bottom. Not sustainable
Seems to be bias for and against certain teams and managers. Some of his “sources” seem made up as they are debunked in mainstream media. Like to sensationalize news to drive clicks and attention to his content. won’t be listening or reading his stuff and will recommend others to stay away.
If you’re not a Liverpool, Manchester United, or a fan of the older Big clubs in Europe they will take shots at a lot of clubs... I listened to them for about 2 months before unsubscribing. They can be very negative I recommend the OneFootball pod cast they’re more neutral and positive. Trash pod cast I gave 1 star
Biased propaganda
Biased propaganda.
Best football pod
Truly the thinking man’s football pod. Ian and Duncan give well thought out, unbiased and fully fleshed out analysis. I am a 20+ year Manchester United supporter and Duncan’s nearly unarguable points on my club are refreshing. This pod always goes to the top of my play queue.
Lampard should be the villain
Looking at the video floating on YouTube I see no reason why Klopp should be the villain, instead it should be disrespectful Frank Lampard
Love the show
I have learnt so much about the transfer market and how it works from listening to the podcast. Breaking news in almost every show.
Agenda-driven nonsense
This podcast has regressed into predictable agenda-driven nonsense that is a transparent vehicle for bolstering the hosts’ cronies (most notably Jose Mourinho) while engaging in borderline smearing and score-settling toward those the podcasters don’t like (Ole, Pogba, Ed Woodward and even Odion Ighalo, who some anonymous Watford “source”- according to Duncan - said was selfish and lazy as a Watford squad member). I also find Duncan’s emotionless monotone and Spock-like pedantry to be tiresome - as well as the obsession of the pod to rant endlessly about VAR. Lost my appetite for this podcast.
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Was exciting at first but Disappointed in the end.
The do a good job of providing insight on key transfers. However, the cynicism, bias and lack of objectivity is EXHAUSTING. Sometimes feel like they are paid to attack certain personalities (solskjaer, pogba, Zidane etc.) while defending others like Mourinho. They engage in repeated attacks, episode after episode to drive home inconsequential subject matter, aimed at destroying reputations, which is not the point of any sports conversation I want to listen to. Got disgusted in the end and now I’m finding my news elsewhere.
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Just the best behind the scenes football podcast out there!
The News Before It Becomes News
They call it “The News Before It Becomes News” and they’re right. True inside information before it becomes breaking news, and sound analysis of football-related events. Subscribe!
They Tell the News Before it Becomes the News 👏🏻
There are many Football Podcasts around, many of higher and exceptional quality, but no one comes closer to the Transfer Podcast, Ian and Duncan have done an excellent job, they bring the news before it becomes the news. Although their Fact based findings are harsh but they speak volumes in terms of Truth. Good Job guys 👍 keep on bringing the news.
Utd Skywalker
Reviewed too early, too anti-United for me
Loved this podcast at first, it’s my fault for believe they are unbiased. Also the level of cynicism is exhausting. The amount of time committed each episode to tearing Man United down is staggering and I simply can’t handle it anymore. Unsubscribed. Highly recommend this for Man City and LIverpool fans.
I. Whitmore
Great podcast, interesting insights, TMI on manu though
Duncan and his team provide insightful transfer news, club updates of all euro leagues. This is def. one of my fav. football podcasts available.
Can’t wait till Ole gets sack after Norwich Loss. Awesome podcast guys
Very detailed, super informative
One of most insightful pods on European football. Not a fan pod rather comprehensive and neutral perspective on the biz dealings of the sport
Tony from SF
Last episode
You guys are getting very “old man yells at cloud” on VAR. all you do is complain about VAR. it’s actually hilarious how you two, especially Duncan, are utter clowns on this. Every other major sport in the world uses video replay of some sort. You never seem to mention that. So you’re against it- fine. But be objective. You’re not. So wear the red nose, big shoes and orange wig- you two are CLOWNS
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Best podcast of its kind
A fan of European football living in NYC, I’ve listened to multiple podcasts of this kind. The transfer window consistently delivers insightful, articulate and engaging analyses with a level of clarity and smart perspective it it hard to find anywhere else. Both Duncan and Ian are excellent, with Duncan’s insider takes and backstory with respect to the events of the day (the Neymar transfer, for example) being particularly welcome and illuminating. These guys have original perspectives grounded in a coherent analysis of facts and don’t just repeat the hot takes and opinions you could hear elsewhere. Last weekends VAR controversy in the Man City - Tottenham match is a great recent instance of this - Duncan broke down how the recent handball law change was not, in fact, being correctly applied in terms of what was *actually* written in the new rule - he went back and read the current rule and explained how the EPL seems to be choosing to be going beyond the letter of the current rule. No other podcast that I listen to caught this (and I have sampled a number of others). For me it’s rapidly become the one I look forward to the most to know the story-behind-the-story. Well done. This may be the best football (soccer) podcast out there.
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Great insight, I listen to this everyday
Quite frankly these are professionals in every sense of the word. In brief, Sky is my go to source for tactical action insight, I ho to this pod to Aquire knowledge primarily related to the economics of Football, the markets, contract law and transfer negotiations. Full of substance
Great Pod
Hey Guys, Big fan of the pod. Great for a listen at work or in gym. Great conversations and fantastic guests.
This podcast is literally the best there is on football. The hosts have great insight, knowledge and contacts! Brilliant
Excellent transfer news
My favorite and the best transfer podcast out.
Joey Tabor
Mr James Friley
Need tp find windows. 7 to download here on the iPad then transfer to my laptop in Hd display
The best analysis on the planet
This isn't just a couple of guys gassing about the beautiful game. This is the best in-depth analysis, PERIOD! It is almost academic.
goodbye mr mackenzie
A must listen pod
I enjoy hearing the latest rumors and expert analysis each episode. While it’s clear the hosts aren’t pro Liverpool, they are generally fair minded and I appreciate their honesty about how they evaluate the strength of the league and the general level of play. Highly recommended.
Mshadri aka Docshadroc
Are we sure Plato wasn’t a Brazilian who played for Milan?
As a Liverpool fan I routinely get annoyed at the opinions, and they are just that, about them this season. But the opinions are rational and logical so I accept them. I imagine it’s the same situation for fans of other teams as all three cast members don’t sugarcoat anything. They give credit where credit is due as well. They are all three highly informative and enjoyable to listen too. There has been only one argument that I just can’t accept. Even as an American I have on occasion been able to enjoy a Bounty candy bar. Chocolate and Coconut is a delicious combination ! That’s just a fact!
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Great and informative. Love listening to every episode.
Great Pod!
The Transfer Window is so good! I listen to a bunch of football pods. I typically manually sort the Transfer Window right to the top of the queue. Insightful, interesting, thoughtful, and always entertaining. Keep up the strong work fellas. Cheers from Colorado for all the great work and entertainment.
Most comprehensive football podcast available
I listen to several different football podcasts and The Transfer Window is by far the most interesting and comprehensive podcast available! It is incredibly interesting and the depth of discussion puts all the other football podcasts to shame! Keep up the great work!
Bearcat baller
Greedy insight and coverage
Love Pod and really enjoy the interaction of the panel. More like friends in the know then bland news. Really digging the change to three times a week. I follow all the guys on twitter and love their insight and knowledge. Keep up the great work guys!
Not afraid to go against the tide
In the world of football journalism it seems the pundits know more than the professionals and analysis is based opinion rather than fact. Context is ignored and pundits tend to focus everything in to a narrow prism with the sole purpose of it fitting their narrative and thus increasing their own self worth. This trend seems to have become more universal which is why "The Transfer Window" is so enjoyable & refreshing. Besides having EXCEPTIONAL insight on transfers due to their connections with teams & agents, it's the analysis that is enjoyable because it's honest. It's not based on emotion & whether if you have a soft spot for a team or someone you'll view them in a more favorable light but it's FULLY analyzing EVERYTHING & including the context to provide analysis based on intelligence & logic while also allowing the listener to make their own analysis. That's the long story. The short one is it's one of the BEST football podcasts out, the guys know their stuff and is a MUST listen for ANY fan of the sport. -Tony Cargo
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Tony Cargo
Interesting Listen
Typically fair, unbiased and expansive dialogue. Interesting to listen to for an occasional inside look at inner club goings-on
Great pod
Very informative from professional that have deep connections.
Best football podcast around
This is by far, my favorite and in my opinion, is the best football podcast there is around. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would.
Mourinho Propaganda Machine
At first I thought this was a pro-Man Utd podcast, but that’s not the case. It’s obvious after listening to this junk for 15 minutes that they are nothing more than soldiers in Jose Mourinho’s propaganda battle to create excuse after excuse for why he is failing (again) to succeed despite spending obscene amounts of money. Mou is living off success over 10 years ago when it was a different game. Modern football has passed him by.
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Brad 13 13 13
The Defense of Mourinho podcast
I challenge anyone to listen to this podcast and not find the most biased pro Mourinho ‘insight.’ It’s comically bad.
Chris Hughes 23
This podcast shows clear bias
This podcast should essentially be renamed the “Jose Mourinho Fan Club Show”. By extension, their reporting and opinions are always skewed in favour of Manchester United. They also seem to take every opportunity to disparage Chelsea and undermine their achievements. None of their reporting seems to be based on fact. Poor.
Galaxy Boss
What an entertain. big respect from korea!
Duncan castles, his name is now hotter than any journalists in korea. and well known even in korea! and his works on even japan's biggest website 'yahoo jp'. he is one of the biggest name in football world. and this podcast, what an amazign job from this crew. deserve to listen. no need any word or praise. just listen! if you start to listen? you all gone, binging and addictive. if you are football fan, you must open this window, sir.
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korean friend!
Best Football Transfer Podcast
They’ve got Fred and Dalot right so far this window. They know stuff and are the best
Duncan Castles is Crap
This guy knows nothing. His Anti-Conte agenda is so transparent. If Conte is still at Chelsea next year, this guy should be banned from publicly making statements about football. In the Christmas List episode he implies Conte would leave Chelsea to go back to the Italy national job - when Italy will not have a competitive match for maybe 18 months, so that makes a lot of sense - he also implies he wont go back to the Italian league because they wont pay him enough money and the league is not competitive enough... odd to think he would then leave Chelsea right? His pro Jose perspective is equally lame and possibly not surprising... the
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