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The Top Dog Show
Emma McPherson
Two K9 handlers living on opposite sides of the world join together to unite working dog handlers around the world in a fun yet insightful way. Mark is a Police K9 Sergeant with the Alpharetta Police Department in the USA alongside his working dog K9 Mattis who is a dual purpose Police K9. Emma is a law enforcement K9 handler in Australia but brings a different K9 perspective to the show by introducing her own private working dog K9 Ayla who is a trained Truffle detection K9. Join Mark & Emma on their journey around the world as they have fun battling time zones, accents and 'Dog Offs' on The Top Dog Show YouTube channel and meeting new friends on the Podcast that doesn’t take itself to serious..
The Top Dog Show - Jared & K9 Odin
Join The Top Dog Show team as they welcome Jared a K9 handler for a Police Department in the Bay Area, California USA. Jared works alongside K9 Odin who is a dual purpose Police K9. They are a fun new team filled with enthusiasm, passion and inspiration for the job they love. Don't forget to watch the 'Dog Off' on YouTube as K9 Odin goes head to head with K9 Ayla. You can find us at or on Instagram @thetopdogshow @the_muddy_pawz_fit_dog @adps_k9_mattis @k9_.odin
May 8
27 min
The Top Dog Show Chris & K9 Kleio
Tune in to The Top Dog Show and meet Chris Beltz a K9 handler for the Stevens County Sheriffs Dept in Kansas USA. Chris works alongside his partner K9 Kleio aka "Hell Bitch" and he brings 20 years K9 experience to his Department. Chis is a knowledgeable yet super fun guy to talk to as we chat about his life before and during K9, the dogs he has worked with and loved along his journey and so much more. HAVE YOU WATCHED THE TOP DOG SHOW YOUTUBE CHANNEL.. WATCH NOW TO SEE THE 'DOG OFF'!! You can find us and all the links at or on Instagram @thetopdogshow @the_muddy_pawz_fit_dog @adps_k9_mattis @k9kleio
Apr 17
25 min
The Top Dog Show - Melanie & K9 Bert
Join The Top Dog Show as they welcome Melanie, a K9 Handler for the Harper County Sheriffs Dept. in Kansas USA working alongside her K9 partner Bert who is a single purpose narcotics detection dog. Melanie is an inspirational human doing so much for others. She works hard at everything she does and achieves great results whilst performing so many different emergency service jobs and more. Listen in to find out all about Melanie and K9 Bert and all the amazing things they give to this world! HAVE YOU WATCHED THE TOP DOG SHOW YOUTUBE CHANNEL.. WATCH NOW TO SEE THE 'DOG OFF'!! You can find us and all the links at or on Instagram @thetopdogshow @the_muddy_pawz_fit_dog @adps_k9_mattis @k9_bert
Apr 3
24 min
The Top Dog Show - Xena & K9 Piper
Get ready to laugh at this fun episode with Xena Lamp! Xena is not your average dog lady and comes on the show to discuss everything from dog training, her new ventures in dog handling with new dog K9 Piper and life as a Marine. Xena is a talented dog trainer and a great person with a sense of humor that has Mark and Emma falling off their seats. Join the crew and laugh along with the banter in this great episode. If you're not part of Xenas pack, you're going to want to be after this! Head to her page and join her pack. Also check out her training on YouTube You can find us at or on Instagram @thetopdogshow @the_muddy_pawz_fit_dog @adps_k9_mattis @xenaspack
Feb 21
38 min
The Top Dog Show - Scott & K9 Loki
Welcome back to the first episode of 2020! The Top Dog Show is super excited to bring to you a great team from Kent County Sheriffs Office in the USA. Please join us in welcoming Scott and K9 Loki to the show! K9 Loki is a narcotics and tracking dog. Scott is a passionate K9 handler and law enforcement officer with a very interesting background. A great guy doing great things! Get to know the handler behind the leash on The Top Dog Show.
Feb 7
27 min
The Top Dog Show - K9 Lando/K9 Trooper & Molly
Welcome to the last episode of 2019 and the crew have a very special guest on this episode. Officer Molly Groce who is well known for her fun videos and charitable work on Instagram as well as for being a super tough K9 cop! Molly talks to Mark & Emma about her Police work, how she came to be who she is today and where to from here with her not for profit endeavors. Don't forget to watch the 'Dog Off' on YouTube as K9 Trooper blows our minds with a new odor and goes head to head with K9 Ayla. You can find us at or on Instagram @thetopdogshow @the_muddy_pawz_fit_dog @adps_k9_mattis @k9_obi_wan
Dec 23, 2019
37 min
The Top Dog Show - K9 Bolton & Jo
Mark and Emma talk to dog handler, Jo, who is in Maine, USA. Jo started off as an unpaid intern during college with Merrill's Detector Dog Service and was then hired right after. She talks about how she worked her way up from being a kennel hand, to a bed bug dog handler, and now holds a Department of Defense certification in explosives. She has trained 10+ dogs in bed bug, explosive, and narcotics detection and she is only 24 years old! Listen to this episode to hear how she caught the bug for dog handling.. PUN INTENDED!!
Dec 6, 2019
29 min
The Top Dog Show - K9 Riggs & Vince
This week the team speak with Vince from the Lackawanna County District Attorneys Office in Pennsylvania. Vince is a narcotics detection K9 handler working along side K9 Riggs. Vince talks about his K9 training, some exciting calls he has attended with Riggs as well as fundraising programs he supports. Don't forget to watch the 'Dog Off' on YouTube as K9 Riggs goes head to head with K9 Mattis. You can find us at or on Instagram @thetopdogshow @the_muddy_pawz_fit_dog @adps_k9_mattis @13k9_riggs & Vince supports @southerntierpolicek9 who give shelter dogs a second chance by training them and giving them a job!
Nov 22, 2019
27 min
The Top Dog Show - K9 Tabitha & John
Join the crew as they talk with John who works with K9 Tabitha in New York USA. John is a retired NYPD Police Officer who now works for a private industry company as an explosives detection handler. K9 Tabitha is a famous Doberman who not only sniffs for bombs but also stars in commercials and in music videos. This dog team are doing great things for the Doberman community so listen in and learn from John, the expert.
Nov 8, 2019
16 min
The Top Dog Show - K9 Callie & Rudy
Join Mark & Emma as they talk to Master Sergeant Rudy Parsons who is a Pararescueman in the US Air Force. Rudy is pioneering the Search and Rescue K9 capability within his current role with K9 Callie. This is a brand new initiative that Rudy is working hard to achieve so that the US Air Force can work smarter and faster to save lives. Listen in and learn all about K9 Callie and Rudy's exciting adventures of jumping out of planes, how they do it and so much more in with the exciting capability.
Oct 25, 2019
24 min
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