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The Tony Kornheiser Show
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Interview w/ Mitch Albom
The Tuesday podcast with Mitch Albom was so well done and moving. I always loved Mitch and his writing but now I love you and your ability to do an outstanding podcast three days a week. I hope soon it goes back to five days. I see now why you two are good friends. Thanks for sharing a little of your friendship with the rest of us. Stephanie W.
Lay Back!
Tony you’ve gotta relax. Stepping all over The Showkiller was killing his poker triumph. Other people are allowed to talk. That’s such an only child trait.
The Best
The Best
Annie avocado
I will have a box of that
Fell into the pod a few years back and can’t stop. I feel like family now. There is no way to explain it really. I simply love it.
Feral RV's on my street
It's a show about nothing
It really is about nothing. It’s like they’ve given up trying to put a show together and just sit around uncle Benny’s table to discuss anything, none of which is all that interesting. It was entertaining and regularly had guests. It’s been a rough 18 months of Tony and his “Marketing Director” son cohosting the show. I held on because they talked about going into the studio again. Even if they wouldn’t, they hinted at guests. Months later, it’s still mostly Tony and the son (he’s so boring). I keep hanging on hoping it’ll return to the glory days. I’ll check back again in a few months to see if anything changes. Please go back to the former format.
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Tired of golf outings, pants, shirts, shoes, credit cards… stories. Tired of the monkey Australian accent guy whose only role is to be a laugh soundtrack. Tired of trust fund son and dog.
Pod Love
This is by far my favorite podcast. Its showcasing of “original music” is fantastic.
Tony Kornheiser is the best.
I’ve been watching Tony and listening to him for 20 years now. I absolutely love listening to him and Michael Wilbon talk on PTI. I always turn their show on every day and it makes me feel better. Tony and Michael Wilbon help keep me sane in this crazy time. Because it’s nice to know there are people out there who truly care.
Giving 5 stars because I will always listen and love the show but there is one glaring problem that is getting worse and worse. Remember when David Letterman let his son cohost even though he had no ability or talent? Me neither.
Join the Littles Nation
What’s not to like?
Love it
Yes I’m old but this is a nice mix of sports, human interest, and grumpy old man. I find it a nice respite from the divisive politics and endless sports talk “experts”.
I have been listening to the show since the days of Tony and Andy Polan. Can’t think of a time where I have not loved the show. I am a true little in every sense of the word.
Brother Alvin
Love this show
Another loyal little for 20+ years!!
I love this Stink
I look forward to and enjoy the show every time….every time….tremendous.
heinz watch
Loyal little
Been listening to Tony since 1994. I really enjoy the show. It is a major week.
Fox Swim Club
At the top of his game
Been listening to Tony Kornheiser since 1999 and he has never been better. Can’t wait for the team to get back into the studio!
The Best
Tony’s podcast is the best podcast for sports fans who also read books and appreciate intelligent commentary and conversation, not just highlight clips and hot takes.
Serious DCM
Tony gets good tables
Long time listener first time reviewer. Tony is is fun.
tommy in bakersfield
Downhill slide
I've listened to Tony since before there was a podcast and, once it became a podcast, the show had really hit it's stride. Since the pandemic, however, it's really gone to the dogs. Dropping all of the 'regulars' was probably necessary until everyone got vaccinated but they're still not back and we're left with only Tony's son, Michael, as an everyday co-host. Unfortunately, Michael is not as witty as his father and has the personality of a wet paper sack as he drones on about the golf swing of some little-known pro golfer. The only reason I listen is to hear the football picks of Chuck Todd, Jeff Ma and Reginald and to hear Jason LaCanfora. I fast forward through everything else.
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The Dog
I love this show but what is with the dog barking constantly? Tony has hung up on guests for far less. Put the dog outside for the one hour they record the show. It’s totally ridiculous.
The show still stinks!
In response to recent 1 star reviews critical of Michael and Chessy: I love Michael’s participation and Chessy’s barking makes me smile. Keep up the good work. This is the only podcast I play immediately when it posts.
TONY 2024
Mr Tony back for more cash
Loyal little for at least decade and a half. Listened live in DC, on my way to, during and in between classes at law school. Tony is so naturally hilarious he makes the show stink. Those around him are fine, but he is a star and was not allowed to shine on Mnf. Glad he is carrying on in podcast form. Love you sir. PS: Whitney vs Babs is actually a tight one, but Mahalia tops them all.
i break bread, ribs...
Great Podcast.
Have loved Tony’s work as a print journalist, radio and TV host and podcaster. He has a great supporting cast and great guests. I was really impressed by Booger McFarland. However, I hate Chuck Todd. Awful journalist and awful NFL prognosticator. (Still gave five stars). I hate Chuck Todd. Miss Tim Russert, a real journalist.
Deep ETX
Please get this guy off
One Night in Queens!
Must watch for childhood Mets fan Mr Tony, the latest 30 for 30, One Night in Queens about the 84-86 Mets.
Enough of Team Mask/Team Virus
Tony - Have been a loyal listener of PTI since inception in October of 2001. Have also been a listener of ESPN Radio show and Podcast for years. Your vaccinated. My mother is older than you, is vaccinated and is out and about with no mask. Stop this Team Virus stuff, get back in PTI studio where you belong with Wilbon for the chemistry.
Great sports personality
Love TK he tells it like it is. Good intake !!!
La cheeserie!
Best podcast on the radio! Great host, best most insightful interviews and incredible music to come back from the breaks. Thank you Mr. Tony!
What have I been waiting for?!?!?
I can’t believe I haven’t dived into this podcast sooner. I’ve been watching PTI since the early 00s and I love this guy. Tell my wife all the time I don’t know what I’m gonna do when these guys call it quits. More Tony on the daily. Yes please!
o iamZ3R0 o
Dan Byrne is a brutal listen
Love the show but Dan Byrne’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard. And his lyrics are anything but “brilliant.”
This show doesn’t stink
Have been a fan of Mr. Kornheiser for decades. I watched the early PTI shows after work with my baby son (he is now a 19 year old sophomore) and have always enjoyed the cynicism and the sharp commentary he brings to all kinds of issues. The podcast is terrific, and it is great to hear Nigel, Jeannie and even Cilizza. Also really cool that his son Michael is on the podcast. Keep this going…your long time listeners do appreciate you!
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Still the best
I’ve read/watched listened to Tony for many years and it’s still the best show/podcast out there. Great intelligent discussions on sports entertainment current events it just has everything. Has it changed? Maybe some but still a great show. And I’m an old white Jewish guy originally from DC so maybe I have a better appreciation for the show from that point of view. And by the way the guy who accused the show of being racist is so off base. The criticisms are leveled equally at all athletes who deserve it. Keep it up Tony. You got us through the worst of the pandemic lockdown and continue to brighten our days.
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US Open Tennis
So Tony hates Djokovic who is might do something that hasn’t been done since Laver did it. Wilbon sees racism everywhere. And poor Liz has to report on the US Open. She does suffer. And finally when Namoi isn’t happy that’s the only big news. You can’t be serious. It’s not this show stinks it’s this show shouldn’t be on the air.
Once great show, probably never will be again.
I’ve been a Tony listener for decades. Prior to the pandemic, Kornheiser’s show was still going strong. The new format with only Tony, Michael and guests on the phone just doesn’t work out. Way too much golf talk. So much it’s unbearable. The hope is the return of football brings better shows. But unless regulars like Gary, David, Chris and Jeannie return; I just don’t see it happening.
I listen and it brings me cheer
Remember when PTI had the five good minutes segment? Like that, except 1000 times better. Kornheiser is a national treasure.
Eyephart lawdly
This week’s shows…
Any idea why this week’s shows aren’t showing up in iTunes? Nigel?!
Big Sky Giant
Is Tony a Jew?
This old racist is very subtle in his racism. He never misses an opportunity to castigate black athletes (Kyrie/Cam) etc. any time you are interested, guaranteed there is a clip somewhere of this racist talking down on black men. Meanwhile every Jewish guest on the show is presented as the best thing ever. When old people like this die the world will be the same because they have children.
Used to be great, now just meh anytime it slides from sports
This show *slightly stinks now. Used to be driven by sports but now is driven by whatever partisan news crawl is on TV that morning after Tony walks the dog. Biggest example of this is an episode where they had a sportswriter come on to criticize energy policy/infrastructure in Texas. If I wanted the CNN/DNC line I’d just check Cillizza’s Twitter feed. Sports talk is still great (TK is a professional for a reason) but any time it goes away from that just skip ahead, it’s not a useful listening experience.
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Long time little
The show has been a place of comfort for years now. Started with PTI and made my way to the world of podcasts and guess who was my first channel followed. Thank you for the hours of joy you provide every week from the big time stories to the complaints of water bills. Truly thank you
Tony Also
dog barking
Favorite show, long time little, but c’mon with the dog barking, I can’t take it much longer…can someone reach TK (i.e. Michael)?
Tony is the best.
Take a walk Mike Buchanan
Tony, thanks for a great show. It’s been a spot of normalcy during these trying times. For those who don’t like the show, turn on Fox News, don your MAGA hat, and have a nice uninformed life.
Mike Buchanan
I just listened to two absolute clueless men who were discussing Afghanistan. Neither one has any clue what they are speaking about. Nobody debates the fact that we need to leave that country, the focus should have been on the way this complete fool who is in the White House handled the withdraw. It has been a total disaster and shouldn’t surprise anyone with a brain. Neither of these two gentlemen on the podcast have ever sacrificed for this country, nor have they any common sense.
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Miss the Studio
Love the podcast! I miss the gang in-studio. Glad Tony is incorporating them back into the remote show. Gary’s winter weather forecast is always the best show of the year!
Littles Lebowski
I understand cynicism
Thanks for the shout out of The Tar Heels available at Love the show almost as much as the listeners will love this book!
chapel hill UNC
If you don’t like the show…
Give yourself a TK salute and go back to barstool sports
midn!ght marauder
This guy is not just old, he’s as lame as lame gets. Don’t waste your time. Boring!
Stahp the barking, stahp the barking!
I been listening since AM days but that dog has got to stahp barking!!!!
Dr Chilldare
The dog….come on guys.
You’d never let an interviewee pull that.
Marc to the P
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