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The Tony Kornheiser Show
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Tony is funny but the involvement of the execrable Chris Cilizza renders the show unlistenable.
Easy 5 stars
How does this show only have a 4.7 rating? What’s wrong with you people?
Eat it Cilliza
Hope everyone can get back together soon.
Always fantastic
Been listening for years, always great for a laugh Always the BEST guests!
Over the shark we go
This show jumped the shark when Tony had tom cotton on as a guest. I used to love the show but it’s become a village of the old, the grumpy and the privileged.
GJ 77
Enough of Team Mask/Team Virus
Tony - Have been a loyal listener of PTI since inception in October of 2001. Have also been a listener of ESPN Radio show and Podcast for years. Your vaccinated. My mother is older than you, is vaccinated and is out and about with no mask. Stop this Team Virus stuff, get back in PTI studio where you belong with Wilbon for the chemistry.
Great easy listen
Love this podcast. Only thing I’d recommend is toning back the email reads. Fine to have the last segment be that but the episodes where his also reads emails in the opening segment, it’s too much.
It’s Tony so it’s entertaining
You have to love Tony, even when he lets the pitch go by. The guest are usually very good, Chris Gary, Jeanne, Liz, avocado Tim, Mark “Nigel” holds it all together. I just don’t think the show is as strong with Michael as co-host. I get it, he’s Tony’s kid so family first, even if it hurts the product a bit. Thanks for the laughs, be well Tony and crew.
unlistenable with michael as co-host
i get it, you want to support your son. but man...
Nude collector
Outstanding tribute to a legend, Tom Boswell
Huge kudos to Tony, Barry & Tim for sharing their eloquent stories & heartfelt tributes to the legendary Tom Boswell preceding his impending retirement after 52 years of his extraordinary work writing for the Washington Post. Like so many listeners I grew up reading Boz since my days in middle school in the 70s & have rarely missed one of his countless stories in the decades since. While his stellar columns & insight will be sorely missed may Mr. Boswell enjoy his well deserved retirement & may he enjoy MANY years of leisure filled with good health, unsurpassed happiness & great memories to be made. No sportswriter ever deserved it more!
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J Palumbo
Nigel reset the board to Zero!
Best pod out there, more than us littles deserves. How to make it better? NO MORE Cillizza! Other than that such a fun take on sports and the world at large!
Funny and informative
Tony and the game are hilarious! They manage to make me laugh every episode all while giving well thought out opinions on a variety of topics
My favorite podcast. Witty and intelligent and entertaining banter. I am neutral on the music but appreciate the opportunity afforded lesser known musicians.
Nigels new segment
Jerzyxplorer Hey. Great show. I love Nigeks new segment. Robots, palm scan. It was hilariously funny. Keep it up. Dr Grandpa
Tony is washed now
It’s sad to say but he just doesn’t have it anymore. Only sports he watches is Redzone NFL, the Nats, and golf. And he doesn’t watch new TV shows or movies and doesn’t want to engage in politics, so his show no longer has the variety it used to. And even worse, he’s now co-hosting with his son instead of having the regulars on. Doesn’t want to pay everyone else and would rather give his son all the money. What a disgrace this show has become.
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Free gifts inside!
Now that I have Tony’s attention, I would like to say that we (wifey and I) have enjoyed listening for years. Keep up the good work. Cheers!
I stopped listening to this show when he stared bashing progressive Democrats. It makes his 1% bit not as funny.
jungles from east st paul guy
Is this CNN
Left as it gets. You can’t talk about one thing and not mention others. Accountability for all.
BemoreBoston NotLA
Out of touch
Still waiting for Cillizza, Todd and really old grumpy Jew boy to chat about their boy Cuomo, and how NY killed so many of Korn-Holes peeps. Please retire Korn-Hole-hieser, your out of touch with what happens outside of the crap hole DC.
Hunter "crook" Biden
Still love it
So fun to read some of these review, and im now glad that I have not grown tired of the show, or Michael, or analysis of golf tournaments I don’t watch, or any of it. For those that think this show is too lefty, check out Chapo Trap House, much better sensibilities, and they’d surely have Tom Cotton on more than once. Hoping they return to a daily show, but he’s an old man, so I get it.
UWS Ranch Hand
A Great Show
I have been a “little” for years. The show is smart and a great place to have grown up conversations. They do it for the kids😉. Plus, you get real conversations about sports, politics, food, and Subarus. Tune and learn!!
Bart R. Thompson
Your son needs a job.
Show is going downhill because Michael is now a central figure. You can have the usual cast on the show. You proved it. You don't.
J Carl Hatfield
Where are Wednesdays and Friday’s shows??!!
Love the show.
More shows
Mr Tony said when sports came back he would do a daily show again. Mr T, you have spoke the words, “sports are back.”
Purple Line Update?
My go to podcast for news about the Purple Line. Information for life, even if you live in Florida :-)
Talking Baseball and The Godfather.Thank you Mr. Tony.
Old cow hand,73
Best Podcast
By far my favorite podcast by a billion miles. So entertaining, funny, & great guests.
Amber DFW_Girl
Amazing !!
Happy Passover to you and the entire family.. Thank you for the BEST two shows ever produced(PTI and Tony K podcast) .. I just wanted to tell you your AMAZING and Thank you ..
I just love listening to Tony et al. The whole gang feels lovely and cozy to me. I love the news, the sports, the degenerate gambling, and all the chit chat. I wish for an appearance from Sally every episode. Forgot to say how much I love bracket week. Phil’s mom is my inspiration every year I fill out my own.
I don't listen nearly as much as I used to
I'm tired of the Grandkids, Michael, Uncle Bennie's table ,and the dog !!! Good gosh ! And what does Michael K. do for a living ? I hope Braun and Cilizza get sent out to pasture. Have Kevin Sheehan on a lot more. Despite all of that ....I will always be a Tony K. fan.
Awesome show!
Great show from a shrinking bald man! It’s a strange thing when people complain about something that is free!
Got to drop micheal
Dude is painfully pretentious. I’m sure he’s a nice guy in real life but he certainly ain’t fun to listen to on the pod.
Information for life...
I enjoy listening to this podcast very much as all new shows get bumped to the top of my playlist. While I don’t agree with everything, it is always interesting to hear another perspective. I probably wouldn’t listen if I agreed with everything because that is boring and this show is never boring. - Steve from Chattanooga, formerly Harrison (Safety Inspector)
Festus Gerber
God, it’s amusing to read the “reviews” by the delicate right-wingers who are canceling Tony because they are offended by his politics or his son or his guests. 😭 And screw you people who don’t like bracket week.
Very entertaining show, but please remember that Republicans buy shoes too...
Loyal Little
I love Michael’s sensibility balance added to the usual cast of wonderful goofballs. The chemistry is what keeps me coming back.
Mike from Milford
Love this show
Best week of the year I love bracket week.
West Virginia Tony
Worse and worse
These guys no longer care about what might interest an audience. They simply want to hear themselves talk. Tony, Michael, McManus, and Cilliza have massive egos to satisfy. And poor Nigel just sits in the background and chuckles to save his job. Stop with the brackets and replace Michael with Spike Braun.
Late finding this gem! A true believer, keep it up.
Updated (3/21) - Long time, First time (w Covid considerations)
As much as it pains this long-time Mr. Tony fan, I’ve unsubscribed to the pod. While I completely understand a Dad’s urge to do what’s best by his children and to provide them every opportunity he can, I am in agreement with so many of my fellow listeners. The featuring of Michael K. and his particular point of view have made this pod virtually unlistenable. I will check-in periodically and plan to continue my daily listen when/if he regular cast of characters make their return. Until then, best to you Mr. T...and eat it, Cillizza. —— I'm a 12+ year Tony listener. I love his fun, sometimes irreverent take on sports, politics and culture. In normal times this is a 5+ star show and daily listen; however, these are not normal times. Obvious and necessary sacrifices have been made - everybody understands that. My only criticism, with consideration to these obvious and necessary sacrifices, is the amount of time Michael is given on the show. I am of the same mind as many other recent reviews - avoiding the sorta privileged, ivy league, Millennial take on things cultural and sport is *exactly* why I (and others, it sounds) have tuned into Tony for so long. I can appreciate why Tony (or any father, for that matter) would want to have their son involved a project or business, but in this case I think that involvement should return below the line, when "normal" production is possible. Again, the Tony show is an everyday/5-star listen; the Tony/Michael show is not.
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Why is Kornhauser’s kid on this show? Somebody needs to put a sock or better yet a fist in his snarky mouth.
sick of dc libs
Brackets Blow
I love this show, but whole shows devoted to people going through March Madness brackets is so dull and lacks any entertainment value. I urge all of you to skip this week.
I think I have listened to every episode. I enjoy listening to the show.
Bad Adze 1776
Still got it!
Great Pod. Listening to this in the morning gets me by until I can watch or listing to PTI.
Original Programming
I’ve been a fan since 2003. The show has always entertained. But it’s not as fun as it used to be. I keep coming back to try it again and hope it has regained its footing, IMO. What happened to Gary? Was he replaced by Michael K?
Great show, love tony and the crew. Minus the son.
Show was five stars before Tony’s kid became a bigger part. Annoying trust fund kid.
Mr Tony back for more cash
Loyal little for at least decade and a half. Listened live in DC, on my way to, during and in between classes at law school. Tony is so naturally hilarious he makes the show. Those around him are fine, but he is a star and was not allowed to sign on Mnf. Glad he is carrying on in podcast form. Love you my dude.
i break bread, ribs...
Great pod
Great show. COVID has had its impact on all of us including this show. Way too much Michael! His golf analysis and ancient literature quotes are next level annoying. Hopefully as pandemic eases we will have more outside guest and a lot less Michael.
Very good
Very good show.
Cowards. Why listen to crickets
So 2 days after the Jan 6th inserruction. Tony opens up the show and says. “I think the people should be held responsible. I think everyone knows how I feel. But we’re not going to talk about that” So 2 days after people died. And 2 days after an attempted coup. What did the great Tony kornheiser discuss??? Condiments. This is the biggest story in the world on Jan 8th and once again he dodges it. But I find it ironic. That a few days after lady Gaga dogs was kidnapped and her dog walker shot. The great Tony kornheiser yells out. That’s domestic terrorisim. Wow the coward actually calls out domestic terrorisim for a dog. But refuses to acknowledge an attempted coup. And don’t give me this jazz about well we don’t talk politics here. Well he bragged about the fact that they do talk politics? When? Because anything regarding race this guy is clueless. I’ve written this show about it many times and not a peep. Crickets. Black guys arrested for using the bathroom at Starbucks. But wait at this time this is the biggest story in the world. Hey Tony what’s the topic? Barbara Bush. Amazing. Story being discussed in the UK. China. Every major newspaper in the country front page story is Starbucks. But we get barbara bush. Amazing. Hey wait what about George Floyd? Well I don’t know what to say. Cmon you’re a coward. And it’s comical to hear you shout to the top of your lungs about a dog and not hear a peep about people who died trying to protect the capital.
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