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The Tony Kornheiser Show
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National ??? Day
Poetic justice - the “Bootster’s” birthday falls on national fairy day. A chip off the old block - not to mention grandpa.
sick of dc libs
After 15 plus years, had to pull the plug. If Gary and the gang come back I’ll give it a try again. It’s a shame it used to be THE absolute best. I feel kind of bad about saying it, but man, Michael is unbearable. I don’t want to say he completely ruined the show, but, come on man, what we doin out there man? Gotta be a tough way to go through life being so unlikeable on pretty much every level. Lots of good memories though, and no real animosity (well maybe a little towards Michael), nothing lasts forever; thanks for the laughs Uncle Tony!
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Decreased in quality
I’ve been listening for over a decade and would call myself a loyal little. But to be honest, the show has been on a downward trajectory for a few years. Micheal is brutal. I skip ahead the second he starts in on golf (or anything else for that matter). Just so much golf talk. Why?!? The show is worse off without Kip imo. I find him a great addition when he was on. There’s too many gambling segments during football season. I gamble on games and I still think it’s too much. I liked it when the show was more of an adult program that mixed in sports. Maybe I’m being too sentimental but it’s nowhere near must listen that it used to be when Tony was at the radio station.
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John in OH
Michael Kornheiser
Won’t use the code because of the son.
Pod Love
I get it now
I came here to write a review to complain that the show is not what it used to be, but reading the existing reviews I can see why. The show used to be varied — sports analysis, news analysis, a television critic, a film critic, Liz as a sometimes music critic, and Tony in the center, the proverbial old man yelling at the clouds. (I’m kidding there — his old-man bit concealed the heart of a newspaper veteran, and episodes like his analysis of how the WFT harassment story got vetted are my favorites.) Now, the TV critic is gone, the whole film industry might as well be gone, and the news analysis is sporadic at best and polarizing to the people who can’t stand to listen to reason. I’ve deleted the podcast after fifteen years of real enjoyment, not out of animosity, but just because the things I liked about it mostly can’t be fed under quarantine or can’t find oxygen in this political climate. But I will still download individual episodes and will come back when and if the old team (Jeanne, David, and above all, the G Man) are back at the microphones.
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Well done!
Loyal listener for YEARS NOW!
Politics and Pros
Came across this show about 9 years ago and it’s changed my life. Smart, funny and a downright great listen. Tony has no ego when it comes to politics. Y’all need to be practical. He speaks to what he see’s and he’s the best. I’m a 30 year old and I love this show. #LaCheeserie
X in Austin
A highlight in life
Easily a bright spot in life! Love the community feel with regulars like Jeanne (pronounce the ‘e’) and Gary Braun. Miss the Howard Fineman days; haven’t missed self-righteous Tori Clarke.
Who dunnit?
Ducking the situation
Wow!!!! The voice of the D.C. elites, and now the cat has your tongue? So disappointed when I listened to how you weren’t going to talk about what happened. Boo as well as shame on you! You helped elect him and now you don’t spend a show disowning him. Lame
Still fantastic...
... I'm sorry that it took a certain radio host leaving ESPN for me to embrace the brave new world of podcasts but I was ecstatic to find that I had access to your show. I said those many years ago, when you were replaced by Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio, that you had the best voice on radio and that fact hasn't diminished one bit in these many years. Being a huge PTI fan, you were never completely out of my conciousness but it is great to hear your radio voice again.
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Political cancer
I’ve listened to Mr Tony for years now. I love his ramblings on the most random topics, he has a comforting feel about him. However the political spewing from guests has ruined the podcast for me. We get it, all your guests are democrats and hate trump. I’m pretty Apolitical but it has made me cringe more and more. I honestly think Tony is a rare popular figure that plays his leanings personal, but the guests I feel taint the podcast. His son is insufferable. I wish the podcast was only Tony talking about anything. I’ll miss the podcast as it was. I also don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to write a review on iTunes in my life.
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Jeannie and Liz
Jerzyxplorer It’s funny how people complain about Tony’s political views. He doesn’t slurp Trump so people are complaining. Chuck and Chris give you some inside stuff that you wouldn’t be accustomed to. I’m glad people are leaving. It shows loyalty. And people stay loyalty only when it benefits them. Tony stop talking trash about superhero movies. You dope. Tony you dope
You have saved your show!
As a loyal little for over 20 years, I am heartily pleased that you’ve returned to the format involving the old gang… Twice in the past three months I have almost unsubscribed because of the maudlin, insipid, and completely depressing tone that you produced on the show by yourself… by welcoming back the old gang, you have righted the ship… keep calm and carry on!
My favorite podcast
I absolutely love Tony K. He’s hilarious.
5 stars, contingent on Michael leaving
I love this show and still listen even though I (and the majority of others if you read comments) cannot stand to hear Michael’s take on anything. He brings the show way down. I even have to fast forward over his annoyingly fake radio voice during advertisement reads. I’d rather listen to a Mr. Tony monologue for an hour straight. It’s not personal and I’d hate to offend Tony, just honest feedback from a listener who is close to turning away from this show due to the increase in Michael’s air time.
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Loyal Little 6
More sports and Chessie...less politics
Listening to left wing political guys not funny or fun. Let’s talk about sports, the safe way and the dog. No politics. Please. Cillizza is the worst. Chick todd...almost as bad.
Tired lefty politics from a group of elistist.
Thanks Tony
Thanks for all the hours, Tony. I don’t know what all these DOPES leaving bad reviews about the rest of the cast are on about. This show stinks.
Miss the Studio
Love the podcast! I miss the gang in-studio. Glad Tony is incorporating them back into the remote show. Gary’s winter weather forecast is always the best show of the year!
Littles Lebowski
This show stinks!
I love it sooooo much!
Great podcast
Creative mix of everyday topics and sports... Kornheiser is smart and funny... Great guests and some fun local D.C. info... Great use of bumper music amd audience participation
This Show Stinks
nee jersey
You still ain’t s... hu
Old crusty man
After many years of listening, slowly but surely Im finally done. The crusty old man should get out of the district and see how the real world works. He's scared to death of a virus that is less harmful than a common flu. Tony, your losing weight and look like a stick man because thats what really old people do. Also, put on some socks, nobody likes to look at old wrinkly veined ankles. You should of retired 10+ years ago, your old and stale.
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Hunter "crook" Biden
The LaConforna Show
Rating of three stars simply because of Jason’s once a week appearance. Why LaConforna doesn’t have his own daily show Fox Sports is a mystery for the ages. And I still usually enjoy Tony, but that is getting more difficult. Outside of Nats baseball, he has no more expertise in any sport than the average Sportscenter viewer. Tonys general charm and wit make up for his lack of sports research, but then there’s Michael.... Michaels weaknesses have been highlighted in a hundred reviews before mine, and yet he’s still there front and center almost every day. He’s fine as a limited bit player, but otherwise he has no feel for the audience that Tony has attracted over the decades. Sorry Michael but your overly dulcet tone and Ivy League hyper-sensibilities go completely against the grain of all that is pleasurable about your dad. Good god man, just read some reviews. They’re not all mean-spirited hater mail. Many are actually trying to provide some constructive criticism. Get to the back of the bus or get your own pod where you can go into great detail with your three subscribers about spin rates, the joy of a great fitting pant, or the perfect amount of time to allow your rib eye to rest before serving.
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Love Mr. Tony I Just can’t stand wilbon Sometimes I don’t listen to Monday’s show cause of him ugh
Covid be gone
Can’t wait for the regulars to get back. They compliment Tony and Nigel so well.
Pandemic oasis
Watch PTI religiously but new to podcasts as my age, like Tony’s, allows me to be technologically illiterate. Favorites are new music, although not always my taste but occasionally fabulous, emails, always hilarious, and reoccurring jokes from episode to episode. Like seeing the non-political side of Chuck Todd, a regular guy who likes to put down real $ on an occasional game, like myself. This show gives me some of the only real laughs during such dark days.
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Brownie's kid
I’m Done
Being a fan since the early radio show on 570 I’ve also accepted Mr Tony’s political leanings but it has gotten worse and unfortunately I’m done. Interesting that the very few times he had a conservative voice on the show he got many people outraged 😂😂. I’ll miss the show but I’ve finally realized it’s time.
Less Politic Stuff
Rust Belt
Since covid, the show struggles. I still enjoy Tony but grow weary of Michael’s analysis. The arrogance of interrupting Steve Sands is quite astounding. It is apparent the show’s long-term success will be dependent on how quickly the regulars return.
Boner in sweat pants
North Dakota Littlw
A 20+ year listener. I still enjoy the show. Has it changed? Absolutely, but still a wonderful listen. I enjoy The Father/son aspect of the show. How wonderful it must be for a father to share these experiences with his son. I’ll continue to listen and adapt to any other changes.
Well done
Enjoy having Micheal still on the show. Great father son banter, Miss the other regulars, including the old Friday shows with Gary, Jean, and Anne Horniday
West Virginia Tony
Long time, First time (w Covid considerations)
I'm a 12+ year Tony listener. I love his fun, sometimes irreverent take on sports, politics and culture. In normal times this is a 5+ star show and daily listen; however, these are not normal times. Obvious and necessary sacrifices have been made - everybody understands that. My only criticism, with consideration to these obvious and necessary sacrifices, is the amount of time Michael is given on the show. I am of the same mind as many other recent reviews - avoiding the sorta privileged, ivy league, Millennial take on things cultural and sport is *exactly* why I (and others, it sounds) have tuned into Tony for so long. I can appreciate why Tony (or any father, for that matter) would want to have their son involved a project or business, but in this case I think that involvement should return below the line, when "normal" production is possible. Again, the Tony show is an everyday/5-star listen; the Tony/Michael show is not.
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Love the show and Tony, not a fan of Michael
I’ve been listening for over 20 years and will listen to Tony for as long as he has a show. However, I don’t enjoy Michael’s analysis of golf but more than that, Michael seems like a spoiled kid who insults the man who gave him everything. I just can’t imagine speaking to my father that way and it would break my heart if my son spoke to me that way. Obviously, it’s none of my business how their relationship works but it’s unpleasant for me to hear. He just seems like an unlikable person that thinks he’s way more interesting than he actually is. Once COVID ends and the rest of the crew comes back I hope Michael will stop being heard on the show.
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Done with Chuck
Listened to the self-congratulatory purveyor of everything BIG for over 25 years. Thought I was in on the joke, for the most part. Many things have been going south for years, but the pandemic has left Mr Tony stuck with Chick Todd and his inane assessment of life and sports. Big Russ would be ashamed. This guys urinates on us and tells us it’s raining, in politics and sports. Sorry, I don’t even bother if Chuck Todd is listed in the preview.
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Golfing in minute detail.
Listened for 15 years, finally said “ Enough”. It’s now the golf channel, starring Michael. Snore.
This show stinks (in a great way)
Tony and his cast are great. Well except Gary Braun. Chris cilizza is a great guest. Always look forward to the winter weather forecast every year!
never miss podcast
Thanks Tony and Team, your podcast is a staple of my listening; keep it up!
Joe from Seattle WA
Tony Kornheiser
Discovered during the pandemic and something I look forward to every day.
You ask for reviews, so here goes. I’ve listened to Tony’s shows/podcast for something like 15 years. I’ve generally enjoyed them and listed to every show/podcast. Started to listen to a show today and asked myself “Why am I listening to this?” Turned to a re-run of your boy Nate Bargatze’s podcast. Would rather rehear his show than listen to a new one of yours. This podcast has jumped the shark. I get it that it can’t be the same because of covid, but it is just not good anymore. It’s the same old thing all the time. Same guests, same line about uncle benny’s table. Same overwrought, overly detailed golf analysis from Michael that even Golf Channel viewers wouldn’t want to hear. It’s particularly obnoxious during football season. Chuck Todd is horrible at his real job and worse than that as a tout. Having him make NFL picks was maybe funny/interesting at the beginning but it is beyond stale now. And a monkey making picks? That wasn’t funny from the beginning. That bit is played. If I want or hear monotone Bet the Process valet boys picks, why wouldn’t I just listen to his podcast? Pointless to make picks anyway. Don’t you know how it works? Long term the best you will do is 50% against the spread. Waste of time. The show is like a lazy comedian who doesn’t develop new material and just keeps on doing the old stuff. It’s hack. Wilbon has gone stale. We know what his take is or what he is going to say before he says it. Jason LaConfora is good and a worthwhile guest. You need more diverse guests. Get back to Gary, Jeannie and Liz on a regular rotation. I’d bite my arm off for a great guest like Bob Ryan. I don’t like Tori at all but I’d take her over your current guest line up. Where’s David Aldridge? He’s great. Running off (I know you said you parted ways amicably but face it, you ran him off) Howard Fineman was a huge mistake. Goes without saying that Chris Cilliza is worse than how I described Chuck Todd. How he got on CNN or worse yet, this show is beyond me. I wish he’d ask you “Hows it going?” so you would ban him! I guess that’s enough. Let me know if you need more of a review.
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JPC in Chicago
Michael’s forced fake radio voice is AWFUL
#1 top priority, PLEASE MORE LOCAL TALK! PLEASE MORE JINGLES, PLEASE LESS AMATEUR MUSIC! GUESTS CAN BE PLAYED IN BY JINGLES. These, some how, undiscovered scrubs aren’t fans at all. The Littles that put forth love, time and effort to homage the greatest show ever are leaps and bounds more worthy of having their songs played. (Above shot at Michael “Pant” Kornheiser is true but also due to my jealousy over the fact the we’re the same age and my dad isn’t paying for my cellphone and unbelievably has never once paid my phone bill. Outrageous!) P.S. Mr. Tony, please consider adopting me. I will always call you on my wife’s birthday and would never let that (redacted) steal your wine, because, excuse me women, that’s the only thing we pay for!?! We kid because we love.
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Luca 13rasi
Bring back the old show
I am not feeling the “new“ format.It is simply not very interesting to listen to Michael and Tony riff about their family dramas.As a result i usually skip over the first 15 minutes or don’t listen at all. If Michael was my son or son-in-law I would be exceptionally proud of him. However as a podcast host he’s exceptionally boring. I wish he would pursue a tenure track English professor position at an Ivy League college and bring back the old crew.Tori’s ‘chatter on books’ has been able to figure out how to have multiple people on simultaneously, I wish Tony would follow their lead.
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Expat Pats Fan
The Best
Thank you Mr Tony you and your crew are truly the Best .. Love Love starting my day listing to PTI and this podcast ..True entertainment ..
Thank you
How do I say it? Thank you Dr Mr Anthony Kornheiser.? Seriously thank all of you. I owe all of you a free round of golf.
Clean and funny
It’s great to hear good humor without the vulgarity in so much of it these days. It’s also great to hear someone do something they love is obviously Tony Kornheiser loves being on the podcast
The best
It is the best
One of the voices in my life
Thankful that Mr. Tony continues to broadcast. My ears have been hearing his voice for the last couple of decades and I look forward to hearing him each time the PODCAST app updates a new episode. Stay healthy TK and keep on podcasting
Love the show, but...
I need Howard Fineman to tell me what I should think/feel about the world. Please bring back Howard. Enough with picking games.
10 year Listener
I have been a fan of this show for over 10 years. I usually listen while traveling for work. With the onset of COVID19 I was 4 months behind. I have now caught up and am amazed at how wrong Tony and his guests have been about everything. Big 10 is the smartest football conference and will not play this season Fans can’t wait to watch the NBA We need a national policy for COVID19. The mayor of Chicago is doing a great job Keith Olbermann is one of the greatest sportscasters ever. He is a clown. Regarding the politics, please stop. When Chuck Todd is on, I can listen to the show in 20 minutes because I fast forward thru him and the monkey. I don’t listen to your show for liberal politics. Look at the NBA. A concerned listener
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VT Rusty
It's a show about nothing
I used to really enjoy the podcast. It was one of the first podcasts that I’d listen to but now rarely makes the top five. I miss the days of the guests that were a constant. Nigel, Gary and Cillizza added good banter with Tony. The show has devolved into Tony complaining about not understanding the internet with failed attempts at buying shoes and shirts. It’s become about the most boring topics on earth. Michael (the son)- nobody likes Michael’s voice more than he does. He constantly interrupts, goes on and on about golf or complains about getting the leftovers of the free stuff. I still listen but after all others have been played.
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