The Tony Kornheiser Show
The Tony Kornheiser Show
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Just as the PTI show you can’t Waite for the new show to arrive
Tony gets good tables
Long time listener first time reviewer. Tony is is fun.
tommy in bakersfield
Nigel (the one with the fake accent)nthinks his buddy Tucker Carson is just swell
Tony is great Faboulous and funny Love his podcast Fred brubaker
brubaker RS
Short and sweet
Tony’s take on things always puts a smile on my face. Just his ability to take the ordinary and make it funny keeps me coming back day after day.
N Theo
Noj is mvpkm Hairy llop
The Greatest Show on Earth
Todays show was one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. The Wilbon segment was gold. The friendship between these two is magic. Listening to them discuss the games and how Wilbon was calling them before Tony saw them had me in stitches. That friendship is what makes PTI magic. I love these two guys and this podcast is the best on the airwaves. Long live Tony and Mike
The Tobes
Makes me feel old
My wife hates when I listen to this show. I like it but she says it’s just a bunch of old guys complaining like I do about our HOA
You had me at Wendy
I have treated and lost COVID patients in my ER job in the lost 2 years, have grieved my own loved ones, and yet I finally was able to shed tears listening to the amazing tribute to Wendy. I miss D.C., I miss my family, but listening to this podcast helps so very much. Thank you.
The class of DC pods
The BEST! Love all the crew.
Top Rack
5 Stars Oh yes, this is truly the Buffalo Nickel of sports podcasts. I enjoy the many knowledgeable guests that Tony has on the show. How can I get a $400 toaster for free?
Slice of Life
Elite podcast. Tony has a top 5 voice of all time, very well spoken. Extremely soothing. Talks sports and life from a rational calming and wise point of view. If you listen you will learn something, you will feel something, and you will be forced to think about something. Can’t recommend enough.
Joe Canter
Great Podcast
As a longtime fan of the PTI show, I was never a big podcast listener until I started listening to this one - mixes more than just sports with lots of great humor and insights - well worth the listen
My favorite podcast. Brings back memories of sitting with my dad watching pti every weekday at 5:30 on ESPN. Perfect blend of sports and general life topics. Guests are second to none with plenty of different topics but familiar voices that every listener can connect with.
Yo mama!!!634
Clown Show
You and Wilbon are the most washed, butt hurt old people. Retire already.
Back to ESPN
Tony Kornheiser Show
Boy o boy. The Mueller probe concluded. Could you please bring the intergalactic stooge back on the show so he can enjoy eating crow along with the other sycophants? Oh wait-i guess that requires some journalism and integrity to the truth. Tony, a suggestion- just keep the politics off your cast. Knowing Chuck Todd’s wife actually works for the DNC should tell you a bit about his opinion on anything political. I know they are on your team but let’s aim for facts and truth. Cheers
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Omaha flash
I’m done
I was a loyal little for 20+ years but I finally had to unsubscribe. Where there was once a great supporting cast there is now nothing but Michael and golf. Look, it’s Tony’s show and if he wants to shove his talentless son in front of a microphone every day that’s his call, but I’m done listening.
Tony Kornheiser show
This is by far the most enjoyable podcast that I have ever listen to. I've been following Toni on radio since his first show watch PTI almost every night but the podcast is just fantastic. Of course it helps if you have a brain and are just a little bit sarcastic Tony and I are the same ageI hope you never retires. FinallyHis son MichaelIs extremely well spoken especially on golf he should have his own show and perhaps one day he will.
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Albany State Lenny
Best on the air
Love to tune in daily to hear what is going on with the crew and sports. I just need to know one thing. How to I get Mr. Tony to sign my October, 1954 Playboy magazine with the centerfold as the one and only Miss November 1954, Edith Cillizza.
I have been listening for over 20 years and love everything Mr. Tony does. I’ve listened daily, watch PTI when I can and have read my copy of I’m Back For More Cash more times than I can remember. For the past two years I have been listening to the new pandemic format while I waited for the regulars to come back. Recently, TK announced that this is now the show and the carrot of the old crew returning is gone, he’s now doing the show with Michael. I’m sure Michael is a nice guy and Tony is proud of and enjoys doing the show with his son but Michael has no talent or ability to do this, he should not be heard on the air. He should teach English, coach golf, drive the team van but he is not good at this and I found myself skipping through the first segment as much as I do the commercials. It’s Tony’s show and he can do whatever he wants but I went from NEVER missing an episode to not listening since the announcement. I am very grateful to Tony for the years of entertainment and enjoyment he provided me and I will miss him very much.
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The show is dying a slow death. I’ve tried to stay loyal to Tony, but I’ve had it with Cillizza.
Have been a loyal little in Va beach for more than 20 years. Love this show.
Bkinkin 12
Charming, Funny, and Insightful
I grew up watching PTI on ESPN, and was always a fan of both hosts. It was through PTI that I heard of this podcast and sought it out. I was always most glad to listen on Mondays, when Wilbon and Tony spoke outside the guise of a television studio. I was unsurprised to learn that I genuinely enjoyed both their real personalities. Since then, the podcast’s other segments as well. Whether it be Greg Garcia, Chuck Todd, Reginald the Monkey, or any of the other bigs, I am always interested to hear their take. Writing this, I realize it is more of a recounting of personal experience—not a review of a stellar podcast. So I will bid this review adieu, and try to give the podcast the highest praise I can muster… this show STINKS!
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Lia Thomas
While I appreciated Brook Forde’s gracious statement on Lia Thomas. And was very interested in Pat Forde’s position which he shared by saying “it was not a level playing field.” I was disappointed that Tony danced around the issue without taking any position at all. Come on TK. You used to be a columnist and you are generously compensated to give your opinions on PTI. Take a position and defend it with your words.
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Great show about nothing ( sorry Seinfeld )
Love this show sports and comedy with great guests.
Good, but not as good.
I love Tony. I do. I just can’t take his son Michael any longer. He just doesn’t have the skills to be interesting. He also inserts lines about his kids constantly. The golf is also too much. I get Tony is trying to help him but maybe Michael could read more or be a little less entitled. The old format had its challenges with people talking over one another but at least there were people that offered perspective. Wilbon is so angry and seems to have forgotten his objectivity. I still like him but the yelling is wearing thin. Listen much less now but can’t unsubscribe.
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March Madness
Tournament week is awful. Narrow it down to 2 maybe 3 people picking.
Count Rager 16
Always entertaining, usually informative
I look forward to this podcast for the humor and the background information about sports and current events. Never miss an episode. My Mets fan brother and I, a Nats fan, love to discuss Tony’s rants, especially about the Nats bullpen.
Smart humor and great info + weather from 20036
This is always a fun listen…smart humor…. Sports… culture… it’s like TK’s old columns turned into audio content for today’s podcast audience. Awesome guests all made possible by Subaru.
Downhill slide
I've been a listener since 1999 (when Feinstein gave his phone number out during the internet part of the show), and by any objective measure, the show is not nearly what it used to be. None of the bad parts are as bad as Michael, though. His ability to sound pretentious while commenting on *ANY* topic is almost impressive. His forcing his perspective upon participants in conversation by speaking almost entirely in the second person is much less endearing.
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pod todd
Do love the podcast, but I really, really wish Satchmo would no longer dedicate one of six weekly interviews to the wilbon clown show. The most exciting NBA playoffs ever. Really, ever? Bird Magic finals, I think they’ll go down as just slightly more exciting. Plus, the Belmont will always draw more interest than this NBA product.
pcaater 44111
Missing the Studio
I have been following Tony’s contributions as a sports writer, radio and podcast host, and TV personality for many years from my Northern Virginia homes. He is exceptional in identifying top stories and analyzing the key factors about them. I must admit, recently I have listened less often to his podcast, which suffers from not being in the studio, a fact Tony recently acknowledged on his podcasts. The intellectual exchange with his talented co-hosts is missing. It is also my opinion that having Michael Wilbon so often on the podcast does not advance the conversation much, I skip the Wilbon segment. I would also add the Wilbon input on PTI is less desirable than it used to be, my wife watches the show but knows little about sports, notes Wilbon’s PTI input is angry, tells entities to “shut up”, too emotional, and I will add from a tough background perspective, Wilbon often comes across as some neighborhood tough guy want-to-be who is reaching back to what is presumably his tough Chicago neighborhood. Wilbon makes important contributions but brings too many negatives along with them, I suggest his time be curtailed on both shows.
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Randy DF
Glad this podcast exists for us littles..and it still "stinks"
Update (3/2/22): I finally unsubscribed today, after hearing Tony talk on his 2/28 podcast about not wanting to go back to the "classic" format. He said he is comfortable with the format they've done the last 2 years, meaning he's let his COVID paranoia overwhelm the neurotic personality that made him listenable in his radio and earlier podcast days. I hung on since 2020 hoping he'd get back to the panel of regulars that made the show so engaging; left only to his pretentious, know-it-all son, it's in a rut and rapidly declining. Sorry, Tony; it was a good ride for a lot of years, but it's over. (Original review - 11/2016): I've been a big fan of Tony Kornheiser on radio for years now, but had a harder time listening (or finding time to listen) when it became strictly DC-based. So I'm thrilled that this podcast still exists. It simply encapsulates everything that was great about him on radio, but now condensed to 60-80 minutes and much more accessible on the iTunes podcast platform. The conversations are always interesting and develop naturally, wandering from topic to topic - not always sports - and full of quick wit. A full and hearty "La Cheeserie" to Tony!
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Too much Michael
Used to love this show. Now as Mr. Tony has says "it's not for me." The Michael character has ruined this show. I had no need to learn how to use the skip button until Michael joined the show. He makes me miss obnoxious Gary. Where did he go? Way too much golf talk.
Get rid of Wilbon
What a whiner. Tony is self deprecating about his complaining but Wilbon is so arrogant about it. He has lost it. Not entertaining. Find a new friend. Love most of the rest of the show. Funny how Podcasts are the ultimate nepotism plan. Trump must be ready to start one.
I HATE Wilbon! Listening to him defend Juwan Howard punching another coach in the handshake line is terrible! As far as he's concerned violence is the perfect response to disappointment. I find him loathsome.
Informed Listener2
This show stinks
*TK salute*
My MUST listen
I NEVER miss an episode of this show and listen from start to finish. Great content, great humor, great guests!!!
Enjoy the pod greatly,but could it be recorded or broadcast at a higher volume?
No Problem. Ugh
Uncle Tony
Hysterical, smart and informative!
No way This Show Stinks.
1:05 of Mr. Tony. Need I say more?
Great show
Long time listener and watcher PTI and also love TK podcast !
Here for the hilariously bad sports takes
Wilbon bc he’s a sociopath, I expect to righteously subject us to his incessant phlegm smacking and phlegm gulping directly into the mic. I’ve never heard him not do so on a radio or podcast appearance. But Tony’s son Michael, he is young enough to know better. Bad already he uses that pretentious style of speaking many snobs try to perfect by softening every hard syllable, but to EVERY time he starts to speak have a bubble of phlegm in his throat and keep speaking while we endure hearing it rattling around. 🤮 Advice- LISTEN TO AN EP OF YOUR OWN SHOW once to hear yourselves, and improve your performances. Feck.
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TK salute
The gang here never fails to make me laugh and make me think, but not think hard. It’s information for life.
TK Is the man
Way too many old white guys (todd, carville, the glasses guy from cnn, lacanfora). I miss Jeanne, Liz, Tori.
Fun show.
Sillier than the Tony you see on PTI. Enjoyable way to spend an hour.
Bring back the Team
Love the show, but without the crew , it seems to be the same show over and over . Gotta get the crew back ...I miss Braun and Cillizza and the Clarks and McManus and Aldridge .
A top ten podcast
While nominally a sports podcast, this amazing show also covers music, current events, entertainment, politics, and the day-to-day events in Tony Kornheiser’s fascinating life. I have been reading TK’s Washington Post columns, watching him on PTI, and/or listening to him on the radio and podcasts, for over 40 years. Tony is razor sharp, witty, and never boring. He makes listeners feel that they are a part of his life, and his famous guests are always worth listening to. Five stars is completely inadequate to express how good this show is. Give it a week, and the odds are high that you will join the multitude of TJ fans proud to call themselves Tony’s “littles.”
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I sure miss the old crew!
I really miss Jeanne, Gary, Liz, and David. Please bring them back ASAP!
Slippery slope
I have listened since his podcast began. It used to funny with his regular crew on site. It has been in a slow decline for a year and s half. Way too much football and football betting talk- one episode per week would be fine. Regular appearances from Todd, Jeff Ma(spelling?), Reginald and Carvill, coupled with McFarland and LaConfora just get so predictable and boring. The occasional emails regarding “David Aldridge moments” were charming at first. They are now a regular part of the pod. They certainly give TK a nice measure of the reach of the podcast, but to the regular listeners they have become tiresome. The pod needs more of TK’s personal paranoia.
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