The Todd L. Levitt Law Podcast
The Todd L. Levitt Law Podcast
Todd Levitt
Defense Attorney, Todd L. Levitt, and co-host in the mother ship, Craig Russell, bring you an exciting and informative show focused on global marijuana laws. Other topics include criminal law, the Constitution, and changes in laws that affect all of us, Sit back and enjoy!
What is The Federal Motor Carrier Clearing House? SAP, Return To Duty, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Todd's Big Brother Biker Bob
The Federal Motor Carrier Clearing House is an online database that gives employees and government agencies real-time access to information about CDL driver drug and alcohol program violations. Drivers who test positive, receive convictions, and other infractions are reported to the database. There are steps that must be followed through SAP and other procedures that a driver will have to complete to once again be licensed to operate with a CDL license.  Biker Bob, with more than 40 years of experience driving big rigs and other trucks joins Todd and Craig for an in-depth conversation about the Clearing House pros and cons. Informative episode  Please share and enjoy the other shows on all podcasting platforms
Feb 16
55 min
Detained at The Border Part 2. Legal Analysis From Attorney Mike Nichols, Todd L. Levitt, Toby Keith Tribute, Happy Birthday, Ashleigh
With the sad passing of Toby Keith we open the show this week with one of his songs that is a tribute to America and The Red White and Blue. Attorney Mike Nichols joins the show to provide his analysis from last weeks show whereby Ken and Barbie were detained at the border entering back into Detroit from Canada.  Ashleigh receives a surprise call for her birthday. Happy Birthday Ashliegh  RIP Toby Keith  
Feb 9
54 min
Ken and Barbie Detained at Detroit Border Entry, 3 Pieces of Fruit, What not to do when passing through a U.S. border entry, Huge Show! Enjoy
Ken and Barbie detained at Detroit Border after attempting to return from Windsor Ontario. Two of Todd's close friends after spending 3 days in Canada spent hours in custody at the Detroit Border Entry. The two come on this week's show detailing their experience.  Todd, sides with the border agents detailing what you should and should not do when entering a U.S. Border Entry. Fun, entertaining episode Please share and subscribe Todd & Craig
Feb 2
59 min
New Laws 2024, Todd's Biggest Complaint as a Former Lifeguard, Obstructing View, Attorney Todd L. Levitt
Minimum wage laws vary from state to state. Todd and Craig talk about a few of the states that have increased their wages. Snowmobile conditions are horrible across the region with warm weather and rain causing trail conditions to deteriate.  Todd gives a massive shout-out to all the outdoor sports shops in the region. Craig and Todd bring you the show of all shows Informative, fun show enjoy
Jan 26
54 min
Feds Release Marijuana Document Discussing Schedule III Recommendation Based on Accepted Medical Use, DUI on Snowmobile, Strain of the Week, FUN SHOW!!
A Lawyer filed a FOIA which resulted in The U.S. Government releasing hundreds of pages of documents relating to its ongoing review of marijuana's status under federal law. Todd & Craig discuss and read the letter that the HHS sent to the DEA.  DUI while operating a snowmobile under the ORV laws vs Motor Vehicle Code.  Craigs first slow dance to Billy Idol  Mac1 Strain of the week and so much more Enjoy this episode please share and post.  
Jan 18
1 hr 3 min
2024 Marijuana States Going Recreational, Strain of The Week, Speak Easy, Go Blue, Attorney, Todd L. Levitt
2024 brings another group of states considering legalizing recreational marijuana. Todd and Craig run down a list of which states are close to passing laws and which states just have zero movement. M66 Cannabis Company located in The Village of Barryton Michigan provides the strain of the week, Speak Easy, Fawn River Cultivation Company.  In this episode Todd provides a classic grocery store complaint you won't want to miss. Fun, informative, music filled episode. Facebook  M66 Cannabis Company  
Jan 12
56 min
Space Pony Moon Strain, M66 Cannabis Company Strain of The Week, Happy New Year, Federal Law aimed to Halt Drunk Drivers, HUGE SHOW!!
Happy New Year around Planet Earth as Todd & Craig kick off the first show with a badass marijuana strain of the week. Space Pony Moon Strain sponsored by M66 Cannabis Company Dispensary located in The Village of Barryton, Michigan. (  Federal Law which mandates car automakers to have passive technology installed by 2026-27 to curb drinking and driving. Are there constitutional issues?  My Ding a Ling an oldie but a goodie Fun, informative show to start 2024 Thank you for tuning in to the big show Todd & Craig   Thank you to our sponsors and M66     
Jan 5
1 hr 1 min
Detroit Lion, Jeff Chadwick, Legends Football Camp, J.C. Youth Foundation, New Year Show, Craig Sings National Anthem
Jeff Chadwick, #89 former Professional Football Player, Detroit Lions joins Todd and Craig for the last show of 2023. Jeff and Kristen run one of the top youth Football Camps in the country, Legends Football Camp, which takes place week after July 4th, in Clare, Michigan. Jeff and Kristen also run J. C. Youth Foundation. for more information on Legends Football Youth Camp Huge show as we welcome in 2024 Craig sings The National Anthem Happy New Year!!
Dec 29, 2023
57 min
WEED STRAINS FOR THE HOLIDAY'S, Mike Messina, M66 Cannabis Company, Recreational Dispensary, Happy Birthday Willie Nelson
The wait is over Michigan's most anticipated recreational dispensary is opening December 29th, 2023, Village of Barryton, Michigan. Located at 3023 (20) mile road. Todd and Craig are joined by general manager Mike Messina who announces the grand opening right here on the show of all shows.  What are some of the best Christmas Weed Strains?  What are cartridges?  What is a edible compared to flower rolled in paper? Mike talks about these topics and much more. Enjoy the show and be sure to visit M66 Cannabis Company, Recreational Dispensary.    
Dec 22, 2023
51 min
NO EQUAL JUSTICE IN THE COURT SYSTEM, Attorneys Mike & Wendy Nichols Joins Todd & Craig, DUI Charge reduced to Careless, HUGE SHOW!!
This episode brings the heat with two outstsnding lawyers Mike and Wendy Nichols joining Todd and Craig in The Mother-Ship. Topics include DUI reduced to careless driving. Why is it you get a different outcome depending on which judge you appear before and the prosecutor. Family law is touched on with Wendy discussing briefly custody issues. This episode will not disappoint the listener. Fun informative show ENJOY!!
Dec 15, 2023
51 min
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