The Todd Barry Podcast
The Todd Barry Podcast
Todd Barry
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Great podcast
I always love hearing what Todd's up to, and the interaction with his guests is entertaining. Come back Todd. Where did you go?
Kaiser Soso
jeremy dermen
a shy guy, but so beautiful - fun personality !!!
you heard it correctly folks, this man can make you laugh, love, cry, and at his best those smooth dulcet tones will have you snoozin like a person that doesn’t normally have trouble falling asleep. i don’t know what i would do without the toddcast other than listen to brendon walsh 24/7 all the time bc he rocks! let’s get todd on the #WorldRecordPodcast !!! TB is great, listen you dummy. best pacing (for those who wish to sleep) and roasts ever
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Yes lord.
I could never get enough Todd Barry
Go Todd Go!
Nobody cuts ‘em down like Todd.
Excellent Janeane Garofalo interview !👍
I enjoyed Janeane’s insights and behind the scenes discussion on the craft of standup and the entertainment industry. Her Air America show was invaluable. Also, as an actress she makes any show more interesting. She is always about quality, content, and believing in what you’re doing — important conversations for anyone no matter what you do. Barry allows the conversation to unfold naturally and gives his subject the spotlight and time that regular media just will not or cannot do. Because of that his podcast is a rich experience for the listener and worth your time 👍
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So much fun!
I just listened to the Esther P. episode and it was so charming and fun. I loved the chemistry and have listened a few times to this one. I would love to hear another chat with she and Todd. Addicting podcast! I always enjoy Todd’s conversations and I look forward to each one. Thank you Todd!
K Twist
So good to hear Todd
One of my favorite comedians and always loved his albums This is amazing keep them coming
His voice is so soothing.
Dear Todd,
You are incredibly funny and a seasoned vet in stand up! Isn’t it about time that Tony Hinchcliffe and Bert Kreischer become seasoned? There seems to be a lack of season with those two bozos. -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
I’m a comedy and podcast expert
I watch a lot of comedy so I know pretty much everything about comedy so you can trust me when I say this is a 5/5. Heil Hitler.
Favorite Podcast
Honestly, I’m not sure why, but this is my favorite podcast to listen to while at work. I think it’s that classic Todd Barry low energy.
Great Podcast
People pay Todd to be funny. I am listening to Todd being funny for free. Thanks Todd!
An education
Definitely enrolling in some frequent flyer programs real soon
Todd Barry is my fave. My FAVE.
Mattza Ballz
Great podcast!
I’m very happy Todd Barry brought back his podcast!
Joel from Nebraska
Olivia Grace
Olivia read her dates twice. All of which were in the past by the time the episode was released. And to add insult to injury, in an episode upon which Tod asks for five star reviews. Wow..........…… Now that’s punk.
Hershey's Jellyfish
Egg-a Nog
Been a fan of Todd for years. Always makes me laugh. Keep up the good work
Todd's back!
All is well with Todd back. The comedy fest multi-guest episodes are always good and this last from Austin is no exception. I need a regular dose of irony and now I can count on it. Thanks TTBP.
What a nice man!
Thank you
Eric Eugene
Super fun!
Great interview with Matteo Lane! I’ll be back!
Valerie in Chapel Hill
About time
I’ve been waiting for the return of Todd Barry’s pod for years now. So glad it’s back!
The woman’s voice in the beginning is super ASMR. I can’t say I like that, but The rest is beautiful, so yea
hi there im a
Just listen to them all
This podcast is perfect. Todd is an amazing genius, and his guest are fantastic. This podcast gives me a notable amount of joy.
CHEMISTRY (Barry+Melber)
Being a long time fan of Flight of the Conchords-I've been longing to get this off my chest-Something just never set right with me--Jermaine and Bret being a duo. Not until you brought the BOOM BOOMS, and made it three person outfit👏🏻(better than Hauser/McConaughey/circa TX living room percussion circle, has the bongos been best used!) But I digress...the real reason I'm here is Ari Melber. Came across this gem and it did not disappoint! I know that we'd get on like a house on fire! 🔥🏡🔥 Y'all needed better chemistry 😂👏🏻🏆
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Tod Barry Loves New York City
Tod Barry is a punk rocker Tod Barry is a punk rocker now
Hershey's Goldfish
Goddammit now I like Todd Barry..
“Man, Todd Barry is so good at what he does, I hate when people are good at what they do!” These were words that came out of my mouth after listening to 3 episodes of his podcast. Sincerely though Todd comes across as a real professional, a great host and listener. And I LOVE how he seems to always encourage his fellow comedians to go on tour and get themselves out there.
BrainArt leeta
Great conversations with comedians
Highly recommend!
Really interesting guests and an engaged host
For as dry as Todd Barry is on stage, he is a surprisingly engaged host. He gets really good stories out of people. I will admit I only listen to episodes where I love the guests, but I have not been disappointed by a single one of those episodes so far.
Todd Barry Destroys Everyone
Todd is very skilled at crushing his guests. My favorite episodes are the ones with Colin Quinn, Andy Kindler, Keith Robinson, Jim Gaffigan, and Ari Melber.
Emilio from Queens
the best
Can’t stop binging.
Bitter and Not in a Fun Way
I was drawn to the podcast by the names he's interviewed. Listening, he seems to be struggling with not having achieved success that he envies after so much time invested. I admire someone who will reveal to strangers their flaws (jealousy, the need to be heard as right, talking over guests), when they have resisted opportunities to improve. When his name guests are allowed to speak, they are interesting and funny, which only seems to annoy the host more. Listening to the one-sided power struggle takes patience.
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One of the best comedy podcasts out there
Todd has such a soothing voice, you'll want to nap were it not for his amazing comedic chops.
Warren Beatty didnt do it
My favorite man on the planet who I have never met. Dying to see him live. Until then I will never miss this podcast😎
Very good
Best Voice Ever
I love to listen to Todd Barry talk. Honestly, his voice calms me. It doesn't matter who is guest is. Just a great podcast.
My favorite podcast
This podcast is my personal favorite. Todd has a very relaxing voice that calms me whenever I'm feeling tense. I hope Todd does this podcast for the rest of his life. Also I've met Todd in person and he is a very nice guy.
Todd is the only guy I can listen to talk about airling miles
Todd Barry is awesome!!
To quote a great man once said, "Todd Barry sounds like when you go to a hotel and the room next to has the volume up on the tv too loud so you can barely hear what's going on." Todd Barry is a comedian's comedian and even though he may not be the most mainstream, well-known comedian on earth, his fans and dedication is unmatched.
Great podcast
Todd is such an interesting and funny guy... Every podcast is entertaining!
If you had a podcast, Todd Barry would give you a five-star rating.
All they do is talk about food.
So many great comedians, artists, actors and musicians. Almost all they talk about is food. It's gross.
i get my frequent flyer miles, only because of this podcast. reason enough to listen
Todd kills!
Todd is the perfect blend of politeness and deadpan witty humor. Never boring. Mostly Todd's comedian buddies but I'd be open to listening to Todd talk to anybody that he finds interesting. He should get somebody from one of the airlines to talk about reward miles!
dulcet tones, world a better place
I never know if I’m actually going to like a podcast by a favorite comedian — there’s a lot of factors that can just go wrong, and I am a judgmental horrible person. But in any case, I love the idea of hangin' out with Todd Barry on a lunch date in his kitchen. The Todd Barry Podcast is always entertaining (doesn’t even matter the guest), and SOOO RELAXING. I listen at work, and it lowers my blood pressure. Jagoff coworkers are spared psychic rage for that hour or so. Awesome, Todd!
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Love my weekly dose of Todd!
Todd Barry is one of my all-time favorite comedians, so I am so happy that he is doing this podcast so I can listen to him on a pretty much weekly basis! I love his low-key, sarcastic humor which is very much a part of this podcast! Every interview is interesting and funny. I really enjoy hearing all the insider comedian talk when he interviews his fellow comedians, as well as all the talk about travel/airline miles, food, etc. I love it all! This is one of my favorite podcasts!
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great conversations
I really enjoy this podcast because even when Todd interviews a comedian who I don’t know, it’s a fun conversation. It’s like sitting alone in a diner and in the booth behind you are two interesting people talking about interesting things. And you get to listen in. I am also reviewing his podcast because he doesn’t constantly ask his listeners to write a review of his podcast.
Mr. Stubing
High energy
I love this super high energy podcast. Gets me going wahoo
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