The Tim Ferriss Show
The Tim Ferriss Show
Tim Ferriss: Bestselling Author, Human Guinea Pig
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Really good
He has a great interviewing style - he lets the guest do most of the talking. Thank you! So many pod casters are in love with the sound of their voice. Thanks again, and please don’t change. Stay cool! And, have a great summer… next year will rock!
Tim Ferriss cultivates smart and generous interviews. Not all of the guests or topics interest me but the ones that do permeate deeply.
My favorite podcast
Tim presents things in a really thoughtful but not overly wild way which I appreciate. Very humble but obviously incredibly smart and a lovely person.
Too much Tim
Interesting guests draw me to this show but I’m inevitably turned off by Tim talking too much in his self-absorbed and self-satisfied manner. Listening to #355 now and it is astonishing how much Tim talks.
A smart and inspiring podcast
I've been a Tim Ferriss fan for over a decade, and he's never disappointed in the value and inspiration he continues to bring to the table with his interviews - smart questions, allowing space for his expert guests to share their answers, and always giving me a golden nugget takeaway (or five). If you're looking for authentic, actionable tips and advice, I highly recommend Tim's podcast.
Camille Virginia
Most interesting podcast there is
The insightful questioning allows for Tim's guest to cover a lot of ground in their field as well as through a human level connecting to us all.
Dr. Andrew Huberman -So many tips to be your best self.
This episode packs a huge punch. It has everything you expect from a Tim Ferris interview; Andrew’s dramatic life story, the close call in the shark cage, the huge benefits of good sleep and how to achieve it (YOGA NIDRA!) and a ton of valuable information about ways to work with your biochemistry to live your best life. Thank you Tim for this incredible interview and to Andrew for this generous share.
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Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠
No question that this is one of the absolute best podcasts out there! Tim does such a great job of sharing his wisdom and I love how he leads meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!
So useful
It’s amazing how often I reference Tim’s conversations and advice in so many situations in my daily life.
So bad
Always informative
I love Tim’s attention to detail. His conversational style and questions make it easy for me to learn from his guests.
Energize, Engage and Inspired
I absolutely love your show with Dr. Andrew Huberman. I found the conversation informative, insightful and educating in several areas of my life. As a a member in the U.S. military as well as being a doctor I really appreciate Dr. Huberman’s insight how exercise in the morning, sunlight and poetry (have to listen to the author he mentioned) can really set the tone of your day and life. My 4am mornings in the land of the rising sun is something I preach to my fellow service members and patients. What sank in me most was his story about him being underwater with no oxygen. The truth is our mistakes don’t limit us, only our fears do. Can’t wait to hear what he accomplishes next.
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I love love loved this episode! Ann is such an inspiration and so funny! Loved the interaction between the two of you! I have listened multiple times because it is so rich with insight and joy! Thank you Tim & Ann for doing what you do an being your authentic selves.
Anne Lamont
Anne Lamont… what a wonderfully lovable, beautifully broken (and put back together) lunatic. I was sorry I only got to spend 2 hours with her. My favorite podcast to date.
Anne Lamont
I listened to this pod 3x. So many nuggets. Great interview. We’ll done both of you. Appreciate the vulnerability on both of your behalf’s.
Adored Anne Lamont!!
I listened to it twice because there were so many pearls of wisdom buried in the lines! Thank you for choosing her as your guest, Tim.
Refuge of the Roads
Learn something new
I learn something new each show.
My spirit animal is Tim Ferriss.
5-stars. Long time listener, 0-time caller. Love when you answer listener questions and when you talk to your friends. Awesome.
German sheherd mo
Great podcast but over hearing about psychedelics
I love Tim’s interview style and he often has really great guests but I wish there was less of an emphasis on psychedelics. It’s getting to be a little much lately... I used to listen to every episode and now I have to cherry pick.
Excellent episode
and fascinating!
Excellent Chris Bosh interview.
If you really want to hear Tim at his best listen to his interview with basketball legend Chris Bosh. Tim’s style produced an interview that people who follow or don’t follow basketball or sports will enjoy. He delved into Bosh as a person - not just a sports figure. He pulled so much out about all the other aspects of Bosh’s life and how he handled the end of his pro basketball career.
Tim help set me straight on my journey of self discovery. I am going back through the 4 hour work week now. The podcast is great because it ads more context but even better unique perspective. Some of the people he interviews I have never heard of vs the typical persona you would see on other podcasts. They are super long so I only listen to a few a quarter but there is always a new perspective Tim brings on I learn from.
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Highly deserving of 5 STARS
This podcast offers some great insights into all things life, and what it is to suffer through it, excel in it, despite and because of ourselves. Ferris is a thoughtful and prepared interviewer, and is genuine and sincere. People who rate him lower than 5 Stars seem to be PETA activists, social justice warriors, and those who feel they are entitled to a free podcast but complain about the ads. The most offensive part of that in particular is that they haven’t figured out they can fast forward past them, so they take it out on Tim Ferris.
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Unfailingly engaging, useful, and entertaining
I started listening to Tim’s podcast after a late life career change, and I always find inspiration in the interactions between Tim and his incredibly accomplished guests. I never have time to listen to a whole podcast in one sitting, but the format lends itself to stoping and starting over a period of days. Have to say that I often read books that the guests mention, too. Big fan here! Thanks for the effort, Tim.
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Why are all the episodes 6 or 7 seconds long?? What is happening here?
Tim breaks it down
These episodes are meandering but there’s something nice about that - it feels casual and you don’t know which direction they’ll go. This show is hit or miss but the hits are so massive that they make up for the misses. I’d say 1 in 20 episodes are so good they are ones that should be mandatory listening for everyone even somewhat interested in the subject matter.
If you like Ads
Thought I’d try podcast for once and holy , I forgot I’m listening to a podcast at times there are so many ads . Y’all listen to this junk?
Who I their right mind would give this podcast anything but 5 stars?
Simply the most important encyclopedia of human experience in all its beautiful complexities of our generation.
Had to Google “how to write a podcast review”
...cuz I’ve literally NEVER left a review before, but your interview with Jacqueline Novogratz was such magic that I had to pop in with 5-stars. Been listening to your show for years, so appreciate the depth and breadth of your interviews, and want to thank you Tim for unearthing these incredible humans and sharing them with all of us!
Too long.
I really enjoy the content of the few episodes that I have managed to complete, but why are the episodes so looooong?!?! Who has this much time to listen to a 2 hour podcast??? I wish they were 30-40 mins long instead.
Justified hunting is where I step off. Wonder how the deer feels about your taking their life. If only they had a podcast. Pretty sure they want to live their best life, too. But, no, their right to life impedes your navel gazing. You have devolved in my eyes. Insensitivity looms. How could I ever learn from you now? Put down the rifle, tough guy. Let the deer live. Learn from other things.
and then what happened?
Too notch
Easily my favorite of the “cool white guy talking about psychedelics and other interests with experts” genre
Psychedelic shill
It’s pretty clear, with Tim’s investments into psychedelics, that his show is now nothing more than promoting his agenda and lining his pockets. Good for him, but that’s not what endeared people to you.
An inspiration to millions. The reference point all podcasts should be compared to. Couldn’t recommend more highly
Louis Shulman
Let Your Guests Talk
I enjoy this show a great deal but it gets frustrating when Tim doesn’t let them talk and goes pretty far off topic. For example, I was excited to hear Greg McKeown talk about his new book. Then Tim went on a tangent about his own life for a good 20 minutes.
The Godfather
Started with you early in the podcast career. You have helped us all think better/different. As someone with similar mental health history, you are a teacher & role model. Thanks for the impact you have had on our generation.
George Mumford
George M. is a special person. Not full of himself. ‘The Mindful Athlete’ is one of my constant ‘re-reads.’ Thank you George for the power of stillness.
J Matheson
Love the diversity of material
Great podcast to listen to! I’ve literally never written a review for any other podcast ever. 10/10 Really love the new dive into MAPS and psychedelics. I’ve been struggling for years and am geeking out over the research.
George Mumford
George Mumford is a revelation. I hung onto his words and listened to the podcast twice. There was so much to learn and I carried lessons away in My head and my heart . Thank you for interviewing him without ego. He is humble and wise. I’d be going to church on Sunday if there was someone like him to listen to.
Ms. French
Plant of the Gods
Very interesting. However, how do you study deep in the Amazon regions of Colombia and protect against being kidnapped by guerilla soldiers for ransom? Whatever magic shield is used to protect researchers should be shared with the world or at the very least this very real danger should be discussed. To romanticize the idea of intruding on these remote lands without heed to personal safety is very naive and dangerous.
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Get to the point, sir.
My boyfriend loves this podcast. I also enjoy it but think that Tim is affected and many of his questions don’t make sense as he rambles and uses filler words and phrases that appear to make sense but really don’t add anything or mean anything. You need to be as smart as Naval to understand what Tim is asking 9/10 times.
Awesome Show
Great podcast with awesome guests and insights! Great work!
There are some great episodes
Tim is a Silicon Valley Bro-100%. His show is all about interviewing “successful” people and having them summarize the systems and tools they leveraged to build an empire. But he’s obsessed with psychedelics these days. And polyamory. And fitness. And his own enlightenment and coolness. So you really have to cherry pick which episodes you listen. But when he has a good interview, it’s great. The episode with Jerry Seinfeld is fantastic.
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Best podcast ever
Best podcast ever
Jordan Peterson
What an amazing interview. Thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me things to chew on.
Huge respect
Listened to 464, wow. I have huge respect for your openness and honesty. Thanks for being you, and for sharing you. <3
I Don’t like it at all
I truly dislike him. I don’t know how to explain what I feel when I hear him speak. A real and clear NO. I think he is a quake in the way he preaches and gives advice. I don’t think he is an example worthy person. And quite dishonest with himself as well. Oh and I read his book too. I did not like it either. At all.
Fitness Guru
I thoroughly enjoy the educational podcasts with the Fitness experts. I can listen to the interviews all day. They’re very educational., one of my favorites was the Charles Poloquin.
Best podcast!
Thank you so much Tim for your curiosity with all of your guests and topics.
The Ivy House
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