The Tim Ferriss Show
The Tim Ferriss Show
Tim Ferriss: Bestselling Author, Human Guinea Pig
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Too long.
I really enjoy the content of the few episodes that I have managed to complete, but why are the episodes so looooong?!?! Who has this much time to listen to a 2 hour podcast??? I wish they were 30-40 mins long instead.
Justified hunting is where I step off. Wonder how the deer feels about your taking their life. If only they had a podcast. Pretty sure they want to live their best life, too. But, no, their right to life impedes your navel gazing. You have devolved in my eyes. Insensitivity looms. How could I ever learn from you now? Put down the rifle, tough guy. Let the deer live. Learn from other things.
and then what happened?
Too notch
Easily my favorite of the “cool white guy talking about psychedelics and other interests with experts” genre
Psychedelic shill
It’s pretty clear, with Tim’s investments into psychedelics, that his show is now nothing more than promoting his agenda and lining his pockets. Good for him, but that’s not what endeared people to you.
An inspiration to millions. The reference point all podcasts should be compared to. Couldn’t recommend more highly
Louis Shulman
Let Your Guests Talk
I enjoy this show a great deal but it gets frustrating when Tim doesn’t let them talk and goes pretty far off topic. For example, I was excited to hear Greg McKeown talk about his new book. Then Tim went on a tangent about his own life for a good 20 minutes.
The Godfather
Started with you early in the podcast career. You have helped us all think better/different. As someone with similar mental health history, you are a teacher & role model. Thanks for the impact you have had on our generation.
George Mumford
George M. is a special person. Not full of himself. ‘The Mindful Athlete’ is one of my constant ‘re-reads.’ Thank you George for the power of stillness.
J Matheson
Love the diversity of material
Great podcast to listen to! I’ve literally never written a review for any other podcast ever. 10/10 Really love the new dive into MAPS and psychedelics. I’ve been struggling for years and am geeking out over the research.
George Mumford
George Mumford is a revelation. I hung onto his words and listened to the podcast twice. There was so much to learn and I carried lessons away in My head and my heart . Thank you for interviewing him without ego. He is humble and wise. I’d be going to church on Sunday if there was someone like him to listen to.
Ms. French
Plant of the Gods
Very interesting. However, how do you study deep in the Amazon regions of Colombia and protect against being kidnapped by guerilla soldiers for ransom? Whatever magic shield is used to protect researchers should be shared with the world or at the very least this very real danger should be discussed. To romanticize the idea of intruding on these remote lands without heed to personal safety is very naive and dangerous.
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Get to the point, sir.
My boyfriend loves this podcast. I also enjoy it but think that Tim is affected and many of his questions don’t make sense as he rambles and uses filler words and phrases that appear to make sense but really don’t add anything or mean anything. You need to be as smart as Naval to understand what Tim is asking 9/10 times.
Awesome Show
Great podcast with awesome guests and insights! Great work!
There are some great episodes
Tim is a Silicon Valley Bro-100%. His show is all about interviewing “successful” people and having them summarize the systems and tools they leveraged to build an empire. But he’s obsessed with psychedelics these days. And polyamory. And fitness. And his own enlightenment and coolness. So you really have to cherry pick which episodes you listen. But when he has a good interview, it’s great. The episode with Jerry Seinfeld is fantastic.
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Best podcast ever
Best podcast ever
Jordan Peterson
What an amazing interview. Thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me things to chew on.
Huge respect
Listened to 464, wow. I have huge respect for your openness and honesty. Thanks for being you, and for sharing you. <3
I Don’t like it at all
I truly dislike him. I don’t know how to explain what I feel when I hear him speak. A real and clear NO. I think he is a quake in the way he preaches and gives advice. I don’t think he is an example worthy person. And quite dishonest with himself as well. Oh and I read his book too. I did not like it either. At all.
Fitness Guru
I thoroughly enjoy the educational podcasts with the Fitness experts. I can listen to the interviews all day. They’re very educational., one of my favorites was the Charles Poloquin.
Best podcast!
Thank you so much Tim for your curiosity with all of your guests and topics.
The Ivy House
Best podcast period.
Thank you Tim. I love your show, your guests, your content. I’m pretty new to the scene but the interviews with Steven Pressfield, Vitalik Buterin were both life changing for me. I learned more about the world, systems, ideas, people, and myself in those two podcasts alone than I have in most of my life experience. It was an “A’ha” moment. Loved every minute and your questions were all on point. Love how deep you guys go and how real it is. Keep up the good work, you got gold here.
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Couldn’t get past the two but used car salesman peddling of products
Peddling products and including “My girlfriend”😂🤣 ok... big commitment there... she must proud with that title. No name. No paper signed. Just “my girlfriend” an antiquated title of ownership. How embarrassing. #outdated Reminds me of those small time shows where they push anything. The rest is basic mumbojumbo.
AK Ajijic
The V God
Vitalik Buterin is a genius who, despite Tim’s questions and Naval’s pauses to helpfully summarize and try to better interpret the vast amount of info Vitalik shared for listeners, didn’t always pan out for this one—I’m just not that smart regarding the mathematical creation of cryptocurrency nor can I fully understand enough to trust in the benefits of its usage for a future mathematically created corporation in a cloud-type-lockbox-within-a-lockbox blockchain thingy. That said, I do respect the V God’s creative genius and realize Tim scored big in getting another amazing person (Haun and others previously) to interview on the subject of cryptocurrency.
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Second Variety
Great Podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts. It has expended my understanding of human nature and enriched my life. And for those people who have given 1-star review claiming there are too many ads, just fast forward 5-minutes!
Harky Dadumla
THE top long form podcast.
I listen to a variety of podcasts and for a long time was unaware this existed. Not sure how I ended up here but am eternally grateful. I was struggling mentally and socially and spiritually and this podcast I could say saved my life in a way. It’s a simple platform, Tim brings on a guest you may or may not know (LOVE finding new people and then venturing into their own portfolios) and they sit down and talk. Simple, right? But the insights and wisdom that has been distilled down to me is invaluable. Countless recommendations being passed down without ever FEELING like anyone is pushing anything or selling themselves. Tim asks poignant, thoughtful questions but more importantly really listens to the guests answer and then digs deeper into specifics about how they respond. It has really made me a better human and I sincerely thank you Tim. My only critique would be Tim can sometimes over extend the question when he could be more more direct and know the guest will understand his question, no need to over-explain. However, that doesn’t ever deter me from listening to any episode. Infinite thanks to out to Tim and his team (if he has one)
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Listen to an audio book instead....this is a waste of time.
I have been listening now for my over a yr now. I love the variety of guest and learn from them. I love the passion Tim and his crew bring each episode. Im still trying to go back and listen from the beginning. Also Tim you’re awesome at asking questions too.
Jeff Clark From New Hampshire
So enjoy the conversations, always learn something interesting. Like an old friend that helps you meet new ones
d2 david
Tim crushes it.
381 - great episode!
Thank you for the wonderful perspective on business, national and world challenges and how to get beyond win-lose mentality.
jdp maxol
Humanizing Jordan Peterson
I’ve listened to the podcast for many years and by far one of my favorite conversations was the recent interview with Jordan Peterson. You were very humanizing and the end, was a perfect reflection of what I could tell you wanted to bring out of the interview. You seemed to be truly grateful for the conversation and it lead to some of your best work. Keep up the work Tim, it is always well received
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Brian Pickowicz
The Best
This is THE best podcast. If you have to listen to something during the day listen to The Tim Ferris show. You will feel smarter and feel a lot more positive about life.
Cathy Cimato
Always informative and expansive listening
I love listening to this podcast. Always learn something new.
So good!
Ferris always has an open mind and asks interesting questions of his guests then let’s them talk! It has broadened my horizons in so many areas
shem shaquere
One of the best podcasts
The knowledge i've learned from this podcasts far outweighs any other podcast in the world.
Something to share with my son
I’m 52 and my son is 24 and we both love this podcast. Thank you Tim for giving me something I can learn and grow with my son!! The interviews are amazing and they inspire me to do and be more. Thank you!!! Also write THAT BOOK. It’s so obvious it’s bursting. Rearrange your priorities my friend to get it done. I’ll buy it, sight unseen, fiction or nonfiction.
Hunter bends
Loved Mr. Pressfield!!
Loved the talk with Steve Pressfield... I listen to “ALOT” of podcasts and this was the first one I truly felt like “WOW” such an amazing conversation. Thank you for bringing his voice to the multitudes. I feel inspired and healed in a strange way. Please have him back again! Always love the deep thinking and intelligent conversations on your show. Who needs TV anymore!
Every time I think I’m out, he pulls me back in!
Been listening since Tim started the cast. I get sick of his optimization obsession and focus on psychedelics from time to time, but he always knocks my finger away from the unsubscribe with killer interviews about topics I never thought I’d enjoy. Especially love the TimTim Kevin Rose episodes. I might not be a Tim sycophant, but I appreciate 80%+ of what he does
Tim does a great job doing a deep dive to explore the world’s of high performers in a wide range of fields. I absolutely love this podcast!
A Disciplined Mind
Huge Fan
Tim, thanks on going on my walks with me and generating great ideas on my head!
Too many ads
I tried three times to listen to this podcast in the past year... I give up. Too many ads.
Marteta V.
Great... except for Foul language
I love Tim’s interviews and the caliber of people he has on his show. However, I don’t enjoy listening intently to him and then all of the sudden hear him drop an F-bomb in the middle of the interview. Most people probably don’t care... just giving my two cents of what would make it perfect if it was clean!
Great podcast but too much laughing
I am a big fan of Tim Ferriss‘s and this latest episode with Katie Haun is super interesting. But what’s with the constant laughter from Tim in inappropriate places? That was the only thing off / distracting in this episode.
Why I keep coming back to Tim’s show
First off, Tim does an excellent job with the actual interview. He’s always aware of the guest’s genius and is able to craft the conversation in a way that allows them to be at their best. He also has such a wide range of guests and I’ve personally been exposed to many new people and things in my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise been. Thank you Tim... thank you thank you thank you!
The best of the best
I commute 4 hours a day so I get plenty of time to listen to dozens of podcasts each week. Some are entertaining and some are interesting but The Tim Ferris show is the best of both. I learn so much about myself and about so many topics from his amazing guests. From ice baths with Wim Hoff to reading The Overstory this podcast has introduced me to so many joys. Thank you so much Tim for all you do.
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Some good, some bad.
Obviously Tim has an army to help him prepare but this does not takeaway from the quality. I skip the ones that do not interest me and listen to those that do. Tim offers a wide-ranging list of guests that will inspire anyone to listen and you will not be disappointed if you do.
A Kaleidoscopic View of Prodigies!
What a feast for the mind!
Going Stale
I’ve listened to every single episode of this show, and I do find Tim to be the most thoughtful interviewer in the podcasting world currently. Tim is clearly a very thoughtful guy, but he features so few women and people of color on his show. I’m certain that it has occurred to him that his guest list is so predominately white and male; I believe it to be a conscious decision he makes. Perhaps he fears his listenership will dwindle if he doesn’t feature the same type of dude over and over again. If I am wrong, I challenge Tim to consider broadening his perspective on what he considers to be “high performance.” I challenge him to reach beyond the obvious low hanging fruit. I challenge him to invite fresh perspectives.
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Calamity Jaim
One of The Best
It’s easy to see that Tim prepares well for his interviews with his guests (all of which are of high caliber) and it creates an experience that is a joy to listen to. When I saw that some episodes are now over an hour, sometimes two hours long, I had my doubts, but I find myself still listening to the whole thing and getting a lot out of the conversations. I can say sincerely that I don’t think there’s another podcast out there that I would dedicate that time to. Keep up the great work!
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