The Throwback Podcast
The Throwback Podcast
Dan Hanzus and Bob Castrone
Dan Hanzus and Bob Castrone love listening to music- almost as much as they love hanging out in a garage and talking about it. On The Throwback Podcast, lifelong friends revisit important albums from their past and go through them--track by track-- with fresh ears. From the classics to the cringeworthy, every week is a throwback.
The boys are back in the Nü Garage for an all nü episode of the Throwback Pod! And what better way to celebrate their return from a long, unplanned hiatus than with one of the BEST ALBUMS EVER TACKLED ON THE POD! It's time to dig into 1995's The Bends, a great album and an even better soundtrack to Bob's legendary Kelsey Grammer story.
Apr 15
1 hr 38 min
LIVE - Throwing Copper
Bob and Dan travel back to 1994 to listen to one of the biggest albums of the year, Throwing Copper. Between sharing "where were you when Kurt Cobain killed himself?" stories and diving into an X-Rated "Friends" discussion, you won't find a more 1994 podcast than this.
Apr 1
1 hr 5 min
OASIS - Be Here Forever: Saving Oasis From Oasis
What if Dan Hanzus produced Oasis' third album? What if he was able to convince Liam & Noel to include their best unreleased tracks & b-sides that were unbelievably strewn aside in the 90's? What would Be Here Now look like and sound like with a completely re-imagined tracklist? Would Dan have been able to save Oasis from Oasis? Let's find out.
Mar 4
1 hr 38 min
Welcome to the Black Parade.
Feb 25
1 hr 28 min
NIRVANA - In Utero
You can't make a music podcast exclusively for people born in exactly 1980 without covering Nirvana's major label discography in its entirety. This week, the guys in the garage complete the trilogy by listening to the Steve Albini produced In Utero- the final studio album for Kur(d)t, Krist, & Dave. It's a cry for help, a F*ck Off to fans, and a fascinating way to say goodbye.
Feb 3
1 hr 32 min
NEW RADICALS - You Get What You Give (& More) ft. Matt "Money" Smith
New president. New Radicals. On the day Joe Biden assumed the highest office in the land, Bob and Dan were also celebrating the renewed relevance of a late-90s masterpiece created by a man who doesn’t even want you to remember his name. The legendary Matt "Money" Smith returns to the pod to dig into the song that has a special place in Joe Biden's heart AND to regale the guys with some more inside-KROQ dirt. All hail the bucket hat.
Jan 21
1 hr 10 min
BRITNEY SPEARS - ...Baby One More Time
The schoolgirl outfit! Those pigtails! That song! Those hooks! Britney Jean Spears took off like a rocket and changed the pop landscape when she dropped her debut LP ...Baby One More Time on January 12, 1999. Back then, Dan and Bob were just college freshmen who normally wouldn't have been interested in bubblegum pop, but this wasn't normal. This was Britney. Let's go back 22 years and revisit -- or visit for the first time -- the album that started it all.
Jan 6
1 hr 22 min
2020 may have been an unmitigated disaster, but... actually, no, never mind, there is no 'but'. 2020 sucked. That said, the soundtrack to 2020 was pretty great! In this supersized double episode, Dan and Bob look back at the year that was, and pick their 15 favorite songs. Which one will end up on the vaunted Throwback Podcast Playlist? That's for YOU to decide.
Dec 9, 2020
2 hr
BRITPOP SPECTACULAR - British Bangers Vol. 1
Back in the mid-90's there was a lot of hype around a "second British invasion" -- but outside of Oasis, Blur, and Radiohead, and a few decently sized blips on the Modern Rock radar, it never really materialized in the States. So while the folks in the U.K. were losing their minds over Pulp, Elastica, Supergrass, the Manic Street Preachers, James, and the bands that influenced them, young Bob and Dan were wandering around Pearl River wishing they had a podcast where an overseas listener could provide them with the ultimate Britpop Playlist. Lucky for them, that's exactly what happened. Enjoy this Patreonie-inspired masterpiece chock full of Listener Mail and Britpop classics. Crikey!
Nov 24, 2020
1 hr 15 min
NOVEMBER '88 - Top 10 Countdown
Aruba, Jamaica, ooh, we want to take you back to November 1988 (we'll get there fast but then we'll take it slow, I promise). Dan and Bob were just a couple of 2nd grade Karate Kid II fans back then, but that didn't stop them from doing the Locomotion and getting all up in their feels like the rest of America. If you love Yacht Rock but wrestle with the term "Yacht Rock", you're gonna love November '88.
Nov 18, 2020
1 hr 23 min
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