The Throttle Dogs
The Throttle Dogs
CJ Wilson, Erik Valdez and Rich Ha
Join Race Dog (aka CJ Wilson), Shadow Dog (aka Erik Valdez) and Doc Dog (aka Rich Ha) as they talk about cars, food, cars, and lessons for success while enjoying Nutella. More than just a conversation between friends, they're speaking for the everyday car fan and not for the self promoting and douchebaggish social media car titans abundantly found today. Welcome to The Throttle Dogs... It's gonna be a fun ride!
Throttlecast Session 6 - The inside scoop on the Porsche Dakar and GT3RS allocations and ADMs
In this episode... we lose Shadow Dog.  Apparently, since we don't advertise yet, we didn't generate any income to invest in some equipment for one of our Throttle Doggies.  So Doc Dog and Race Dog carried the torch to talk about our favorite brand... Porsches!  Specifically why insurance may be super high on the Dakar.  Why GT3RS may not be able to be specified in PTS colors.  And why Doc Dog may be stalking anyone who has a Mexico Blue 992 GT3RS... to Bed Bath and Beyond... because there's so much Frunk space.  Anyways, tune in for more Porsche goodness!  
Dec 8, 2022
52 min
Throttlecast Session 5 - All about electric cars.  BMW? Mercedes? Hyundai? Genesis? Cadillac? Rolls?
In this episode... we get heated about the misunderstandings and benefits of EVs.  So much so that Race Dog needs a special Mic setup to contain his passion, while still giving good buying advice about EVs.  Doc Dog tries to bring in the happy wife happy life argument and Erik loves Hyundai and Genesis EVs.  We delve into the Cadillac Celstiq, the Rolls Royce Spectre and the offerings from BMW - the i4 and i7.  Tune in to see what EV you should buy!  Or should you even buy one at all?   
Nov 28, 2022
36 min
Throttlecast Session 4 - Are Current BMWs so ugly only Chris Bangle could love them?
In this episode, we dispense with the pleasantries and rip BMW a new one for it's design language... or do we?  There are clearly sides taken.  With descriptions ranging from handsome and classic to a car that only Spongebob Squarepants could love.  While we discuss the merits or demerits of BMW design, we start taking sides on the M2, M4 CSL, M5 CS, XM, iX, i7... and some other Bimmers.  
Nov 14, 2022
40 min
Throttlecast Session 3 - All about Porsches.  GT3RS, Sport Classic, Tuthill 911K and Shadow Dog Hates Ducktail Wings
In this episode... We dive into the finer details of the new 992 911 GT3RS and contrast it with the Sport Classic.  Rich also goes into why he thinks the Tuthill 911K was the best car during Monterey Car Week.  And a bunch of quick hits on Porsche topics... Dakar 911, Super Touring and more.  And we find out that CJ hates Meissen Blue and Erik hates ducktail wings (OH THE HUMANITY!!!)
Oct 17, 2022
49 min
Throttlecast 2022 Session 2 - Cars of value during an economic downturn
We're back!  It just took us 9 months.  But Shadow, Race and Doc Dog have banded together to give us some thoughts on what categories of cars and specific cars to buy... if or when the economy poops its pants.  We also learn that CJ doesn't like 996 911s and that Erik is not a fan of the Senna.  Finally, Rich seems to have an obsession over the South Park portrayal of Canadians...
Oct 2, 2022
45 min
Throttlecast 2022 Session 1 - The Trio Unites as we critique Evo Magazine's COTY
Join us for Season 5 (or something like that) Episode 2 as Shadow Join officially joins for his first official podcast as a Throttle Dog!  For this, we tackle Evo Magazine's Car of the Year competition and whether we agree or not - particularly with the top three of Porsche 911 GT3 Touring, Lamborghini Huracan STO and the BMW M5 CS.  We also talk about the poor showing by the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.  Join us as we tackle technical podcast issues like we always do and cars!!!
Jan 9, 2022
1 hr 41 min
Episode 1 - It's been awhile.. so we talk about everything
Well, we've been gone for awhile.  But now we're back!  With so much to catch up on, we dropped a bomb podcast.. 2 hours plus!  We thought about breaking it up into 2, but no... we didn't... we just decided to drop it all.  We talk about so many cars, Monterey Car Week, Historic races, how CJ loves the Lambo STO and our favorite punching bag.. Teslas and more!
Oct 28, 2021
2 hr 22 min
ThrottleZoom E6:  All About the McLaren Arutra, Mini P1 or Expensive NSX?
In this episode, we talk all about the new McLaren Artura V6 Twin Turbo hybrid.  We go deep deep deep into the details to figure out what Axial Flux is and why McLaren would name it that and not the 723.16FDC electric engine.  We completely disagree on black roof vs solid color.  And we talk about competitors to the Artura.  
Feb 24, 2021
1 hr 11 min
ThrottleZoom E5:  All About the 2022 Porsche 911 992 GT3.  Swan neck wing.  Nostrils.  Track monster
In this episode, CJ and I talk all about the new 2022 Porsche 992 911 GT3.  We go in depth as to why it is an incredible car, despite some minor controversies.  We also discuss its track cred in light of the Nurburgring times released for the car.  We tried to debate... but both love the car too much to say anything but great things.  And.. Race Dog tries to point to his anatomy and not the cars.
Feb 20, 2021
1 hr 4 min
ThrottleZoom E4: Introducing Erik Valdez aka Shadow Dog and... Tesla, Raptor, NSX, Porsche and more!
In this episode... we introduce the newest member to our Throttle Dog family Erik Valdez aka Shadow Dog! Erik is an accomplished actor and race car driver who we happened to meet... suddenly in Fresno one day. He graciously waited right until the week his new show, Superman and Lois on the CW, gets released to become a member of our family. And we are so happy! We get to talk his cars, his thoughts on electric cars and how to be a good car dad. Welcome him!
Feb 16, 2021
58 min
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