The Thrilling Adventure Hour
The Thrilling Adventure Hour
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So awesome!
Love it I think that next I’m beyond belief, Frank, and Sadie should next stop a tribe of yetis from destroying Manhattan with drinks. yet again five stars love it keep up the good work I really think this would be a good beyond belief episode. Love the show!
Beyond belief fan, 101
Jealous I never got to go to a live one
Faves in this order: Beyond Belief Sparks Nevada Captain Laserbeam Princess of Moonshine Holler
Love TAH so, so, sooo much. *clink!*
Such a terrific podcast
I'm thrilled (get it?) to see this podcast back in production. So wholesome and a welcome change from high tech productions.
So glad this podcast is back. Love,love,love!!!
Nat3 dawg
One of the best podcast plays available
Superb podcast play that sets the standard for the genre, thanks to a brilliant cast and first rate writing. Every actor fills their role perfectly and the writing is always top notch. Plus, the audience interaction is perfect, making for a must listen for any podcast fan. If you listen to podcasts and haven't checked this out, what is wrong with you?
Loved “MidSommelier”
I miss the live, taped in front of an audience TAH sooo much! This last episode “MidSommelier” felt like a return to the good old days! Well written, good timing, and PFT playing 3 characters at once!!! Awesome! Miss you guys!
Please let us just subscribe to godcast if that’s what we want
TAH has been hilarious from go. It’s great. I love it. I listened to every episode in the archives. But Godcast did not grab me. I tried the first episode, I did not subscribe, I moved on with my life. Or so I thought. Please stop forcing it on those of us who are only interested in how the Bucatinos are doing.
Amateur hour
They must have friends and family posting. This is so bad!!! Elementary school plays are better.
AK Ajijic
This podcast clearly has a larger budget, but The Godpod is much funnier and has already been doing the god squad ad lib thing for a while. I recommend the Godpod over this.
Danny McVey
Kudos on Godcast!
Just finished episode 1 with Colbert. Hilarious! You truly are the King of Kings!
Best in the west!!
This is easily one of the best of all time. The worthless guys that bought the rights, ”foreverdog”, have lowered my enjoyment of listening with their bizarre ad decisions, currently at their worst with a solid 5 minute block of ads in the middle (¡wtf!). Yeah u can skip them. Unless you’re not within reach of phone. & the first ad lately has been a mint mobile ad that really gets under my skin. Those girls man. Ugh. 5 min of Nails on chalkboard would be better. Get a f’ing clue foreverdog.
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Love the show I’ve been listening for years. One problem though during the recent update some one had the bright idea to drop commercials in the middle of the show. Which would be fine if there was a natural break for them. nope someone’s in the middle of a sentence and the commercial drops in. It’s super annoying. Shame it totally runes the flow of the show. Not so sad that iTunes randomly deleted most of my saved episodes anymore.
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Looking gift horse in mouth
Seriously, do you have to shoehorn the ads in at random, often in mid-sentence? I know we are getting these for free because of the ads, but it’s hideous and destroys the rhythm and pace of what everyone’s created. And of course, it ensures that I will skip the ads, so your advertiser isn’t getting anything out of it.
Jeff, Chicago
So sad it ended
This is such a novel idea. I love sewing and I work during the night, so far too often I find myself TV-binging. This is such a fun alternative and some of these plot lines really crack me up. I just listened to the one with Paget Brewster as Sadie Doyle. I love her in Friends, Criminal Minds, and Community, its’ so fun to see her excelling in such a variety of roles! All of these voice actors are really talented. I hope they’ll consider bringing this show back on the air!
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It’s sad that this show uploads are out of order and missing some of the episodes when the uploads were updated. Please give us all of the episodes.
Mr. Rengen
So happy it’s back!
One of my first-ever podcasts, and I’m delighted to have it updating in my feed again. Very funny with A-List actors as lovable, ludicrous characters. Someone in my house quotes the Pan episode at least once a week.
I don’t normally write reviews. But TAH deserves it. I’ve only been listening for about two weeks, and have already gotten through over 50 episodes. The writing is hilarious, the voice actors are incredible, and if you haven’t, listen to the first three episodes. Trust me, you’ll be hooked. (Sparks Nevada and Beyond Belief are good ones)
Even the ads!
This is the only podcast that I don't skip past the ads. I am glad they are back and hope they keep going.
5 stars!
I love TAH! It’s such a good podcast and I love the characters! They make me laugh every episode, and I really love their personalities! I would recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone!
Makes me happy
So happy I found this podcast and makes me glad that these older shows are being released for our pleasure!
Not as good as Largo or M Bar
Not as good since Forever Dog took over. The script doesn’t feel as natural and the acting often sounds forced as if they record it alone in the studio. The writing is still great and the stories are fun but it’s hard to get past the voice acting
The best!
Simply put, The Thrilling Adventure Hour is the best thing that you can put into your ears.
WW Kitchen help
Delightful! Hysterical!
Particularly hilarious are episodes of Beyond Belief and Marshal on Mars.
Ok good buy y
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It’s kewl
Read the name
Ryan from greensburough NC
Earlier shows.
It’s not just my favourite podcast; it’s one of my favourite THINGS in life at all. …and now it’s gone. …just like my friends who keep dying.
Found you via Teen Creeps
Thanks to an episode on my Teen Creeps pod I was introduced to the story of Amelia Earhart fighting some nAzi’s! Loved it! Subscribed and looking forward to many more!
Incredible radio adventures abound!
I became aware of Thrilling Adventure Hour after listening to the Night Vale crossover last month and was hooked on the humor, action, and amazing talent on show for Sparks Nevada. I started this series expecting it to be Sparks and maybe a few spinoffs based on what we got from the crossover. I was so surprised that this kind of format was still alive having heard stories from grandparents and other family members about the radio serials of old. Imagine my further surprise to find that they also tackle every other genre of the bygone radio serial era with such skill that I can't choose one series to call my favorite. I was disheartened to have never been able to go see a live show, but the show is great in every sense. The new format is one I've been enjoying, as well as understanding that trying to schedule the live show was... stressful... for most of those involved in the process, and I prefer to get ANY Thrilling Adventure Hour content as opposed to NO content. I'm surprised that a Desdemona Hughes/Tales from the Black Lagoon crossover never happened. Moonshine Holler's theme is one I find myself singing every now & then, as well as the ones for Sparks Nevada & Captain Laserbeam.
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Happy it’s back but a bad first impression
A lot of the charm came from hearing these skits live, and they started with the three least popular segments. Not impressed so far. Will give it a couple more listens, but I have a feeling this show will never be the same.
So happy it’s back!
I’m beyond thrilled (heh) that TAH is coming back! And I’m loving getting the reuploads of old episodes. However, I do not love the obnoxious Dan Bukatino ad inserts. It’s not the ads that upset me, just the Dan character. I’m enjoying the pod when suddenly I have to stop to listen to a five minute, rambling, unfunny ad (why couldn’t it just be a minute long). He’s the worst character ever, but what do I know, I don’t know... (that didn’t make you laugh? imagine that for 3-5 minutes at a time). Never thought I’d be a person to leave a comment about such a trivial thing but SHEESH. Anyway, love the pod, own the coffee, own the comic; I cant wait for what’s to come!
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Ode to old episodes
It’s really frustrating to see that all the old episodes have been removed and the only ones left are the treasury episodes Can we have all the other episodes back please and thank you
This junk be cracking my junk UP.
Dude D. Doodler
It’s not working.
I love TAH, but these new canned episodes are seriously missing something. The fun of the performers’ interplay is gone. The joy of the crowd’s reaction is gone. The Bucatino segments were only funny because he stood there and bummed the audience out and hearing their awkward titters was practically the punchline. Thank you for trying, but please get back on a stage.
My favorite podcast!!!!!’
This is the best thing to happen to podcasts!!!! My mom would play old radio shows on road trips, so I grew up listening to Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, etc. This podcast is a fantastic modern day version of those old shows. The writing is just as clever and funny! I’m so excited they’re recording again!
Thrilling to stay!
I absolutely love this podcast!!! It brings me so much joy! Thank you all for bringing it back in any way.
The return
I was very excited to see the return of The Thrilling Adventure Hour. I think I have listened to every episode that was uploaded previously. However, if all the new episodes are recorded in studio, I will probably stop listening. I have always found that the in studio recordings lack the charm and humor of the live shows.
Super Entertaining!
I listen to a lot of podcasts but this is by far my favorite. I love every story. So glad it's back!! My life makes sense again.
Best news in the Audio Drama World in a While
It is an exciting time for Audio Drama with shows like Lime Town, the WTNV network's new shows, and new shows like Marvel's Wolverine and Blackwood. There are, however, no best news in my view than the reboot of this FANTASTIC show. Plus. I am super happy that the creators have been extra generous and decided to make all the previous shows available for Patreons. If you want to find me, I will be having burgers next to Cactoid Jim!
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Didn’t Realize How Much I Missed...
Didn’t realize how much I missed TAH until the Oct 29 Treasury episode dropped! The extended universe Beyond Beyond Belief is promising, but I hope Frank & Sadie return soon.
Disappointed in Treasury Ch1
I don't know if all the new episodes will be recorded in-studio instead of recorded live, but it felt pretty weird. Also, something has to be said about the ads - they are numerous and LONG, several minutes each. (I hate to be that guy but) I timed it and 20% of this 50-minute episode is ads. I'm sorry, but that's insane. They also might've **written an ad into one of the stories**. Of course there's no way to know; perhaps it was just a joke, but it absolutely did not land considering their already excessive ad content. I don't know - I was excited and I'll keep listening but I'm far less pumped for these new eps now.
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I am so ridiculously excited this podcast is back, in ANY form. After retiring their monthly live show, there’s been a deep hole in my podcast feed, but they’re back! I can’t wait to see what’s new and different and what old beloved standbys stick around.
Missing Episodes
I need all of the Beyon Belief Episodes back plz Same with Sparkz Nevada. Thank you
OMG! New episodes. So exciting!!!
Yay! We are so happy you are coming back. Thanks and can’t wait!!
Still my all time favorite podcast!
I loved this podcast so much, and my teenaged sons also grew to love it. I am sad that there are no new episodes, but happy for the writers and cast. They became so busy with actual work that paid them money, they had to stop making regular episodes! At least, I get to see Marc Evan Jackson on The Good Place, and Craig Cackowski, Paget Brewster, and Mark Gagliardi on Drunk History. We miss you Work Juice Players! Thank you for the amazing stories, Ben and Ben!
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Punch Brothers
One of the finer things in life
I’m so glad these are still available!
Liberal Austin Hawk
Late to the party, but so glad I came!
I was recently recommended TAH by my cousin, with whom I share a lot of the same tastes. I gave it a shot and am so glad I did. I immediately fell in love with both Sparks Nevada and Beyond Belief. I listened to all episodes back to back and cried when I ran out of episodes. I would love for the podcast to come back, but at least I'll always have the episodes that have been released.
Before listening to TAH I had been listening to another comedy podcast. After I had run out of episodes I looked everywhere for another one that I liked. I was hesitant at first because it sounded like it wouldn’t be what I was looking for, but by the end of the first episode, I was hooked. I have listened to almost 90 episodes in just one month. TAH is a hallarious and we’ll made podcast with incredible acting. I even showed my sister one of the Sparks Nevada episodes, my favorite series, and she liked it. I hope they make more. Does anyone know why the show ended?
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When varmints need a catching...
Still the best.
great stuff
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