The Three Questions with Andy Richter
The Three Questions with Andy Richter
Team Coco & Earwolf
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From the Couch to Behind the Desk
One of my favorite podcasts! Conan has always been my absolute favorite talk show and I’ve been a huge fan of both him and Andy. Now listening to this podcast it’s definitely interesting to hear Andy as the interviewer and he does an excellent job at it! I’ve been listening to every single episode and they have the absolute deepest interviews I’ve ever listened to. The format may be simple, there is so much that you can get from just three questions. It’s terrific for Andy have his own show and I hope more people find it and it continues to grow!
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Tyler Sturdevant
Really love this podcast!
It’s nice to get to know Andy this way and I really enjoy his interview style!
I like the format and the in-depth conversations.
I adore Andy’s podcast
I really enjoy the podcasts I have listened to, I think I’ve listened to all of them. Actually, I take that back- I have missed a few but that’s it. Andy is thoughtful and I feel like I know him! He meets people where they’re at with much respect. It is neat to know someone who I’ve seen on tv for years, has the ability to be a great person in the real life of podcasting. I did not get paid to write any of this- I truly mean it. Thank you Andy.
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stephanie- nonprofit for life
Meaningful Convos
Just listened for the first time to the latest Mike Sweeney episode. I can’t thank Mike enough for being so open and honest about his childhood trauma. I can relate and it is very refreshing to see someone become so successful and level-headed after such trauma. Inspirational. Thank you for this important conversation. Can’t wait to check out the other episodes!
Amy Twiz
Hooray for Andy Richter! Love how REAL this podcast is. I’ve been a fan of the Conan show for decades, and I think Andy is the best kept “secret” - secret in quotes because, of course, Andy is absolutely a pillar and is both gracious and slick as a sidekick. On this podcast, I’ve had a behind-the-scenes peek. The Maria Bamford episode is especially riveting. Go team Andy!!
Thoughtful Andy :)
Andy, you ask such thoughtful questions. It's obvious you care about this project. Thank you!
‘underwhelming’ would be an underwhelming word to use to describe
...just how un-edgy and boring Andy’s conversations have been so far. Even with thoroughly interesting people like Sedaris, Andy found a way to have the conversation get less and less introspective and honest and potentially revealing. Maybe Andy needs to figure out a way to be open with his feelings before he just starts up a podcast out of nowhere.
Who are these people?
It would be helpful if some context could be given about the guests. A brief introduction about who they are, what they’ve done, anything else that could pinpoint them to the listener who has no idea who they are just from their name. Otherwise this is a down to earth, natural conversation where the host is genuinely interested in listening to the answers to his questions.
working Class Gal
Andy Richter is funny. His podcast is great!
Andy Richter,(to me) is like a mix bugs bunny, the stooges and Rodney Dangerfield. If Conan was Joey Ramone, Andy is Dee Dee.
Winter Spirit
Interesting Conversations
Very nice and relaxing podcast. Andy’s very funny. The podcast is really chill and there’s great insight on life from Andy. It’s nice to hear people’s life stories, it’s like a mini biography
Deep as the Sea
Wonderful and thought provoking conversations. Andy goes deeper with his guests than other podcast hosts. The train PSA is very helpful too, I did not know that.
So Deep
Pretty deep for a Swedish German.
Andy Complains about the Universe
Ever wonder what it’s like to listen to a live therapy session? Well, this is the podcast for you! ... Listen each week while Richter does all the talking and complains to a new therapist! Listen for show business, maniacal laughs and guests nodding off!
My new go-to podcast
So honest and easy/fun to listen to. Andy is simply the best. I’m working my way through the archive
Love it
Andy richter is fantastic and his style of interviewing’s really easygoing. Really like the podcast so far.
Manages to go deep
Mr. Richter is a fantastic comedian, and now an unpretentious podcast host that has a knack for putting other famous people at ease to get them to open up in ways I’ve not yet heard.
Get real
Deep conversations. Gets real. I enjoy this podcast. I sometimes skip a few if I’m not familiar at all with the guest, but even it’s some one I’m vaguely familiar with I’ll listen.
The Joelest
Funny and intelligent
This podcast always puts me in a good mood!
Love it
I look forward to this podcast every week. Andy presents as very kind and genuine, and I love his position on the sexism that exists as well as racism and oppression in general. Fun and enjoyable podcast. Thank you, Andy and the team!!
Really good Podcast!
Always good interviews/talks. Thank you!
Oh well
Normally enjoy this until I hear people talk shop on politics. Everything going on right now, an escape was needed. An escape from politics is what I personally needed, and I don’t want to hear it at the moment.
Refreshing humanity
I am used to seeing a lot of the guests on Andy’s podcast ‘on’ most of the time. Andy does amazing format of talking 1:1 with each guest and showing their pure, true personality. It’s refreshing, and shows them as they are, humans like any of the rest of us with stories, and backgrounds, and hopes for the future. I want to keep listening and listen to how deep each guest is as they talk, and more about Andy I never knew before. A lot of hits close to home how all of us grew up, in a sweet nostalgic way.
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Never enough!
Andy has a great interview style and always leaves me wanting more. The conversations are authentic and never feel forced. He openly speaks about his own struggles with mental health in an honest and genuine way. It’s funny and great!
Love the pod
Andy is a wonderful and sensitive conversationalist
Been a fan of Andy’s since I was in my teens and have been disappointed to week after week that he’s not invited Black celebrities/leaders on his podcast to address the current civil rights movement happening. Had higher hopes for him and Team Coco!
Very Good
Like any interview podcast it all comes down to the person being interviewed. Some episodes are better than others. Andy does a good job keeping the content going and I like the 3 questions structure.
How do you do it, Andy???
How do you not burst out laughing at Max Brooks describing how hard his life has been??? Oh my god! How out of touch is this dude??? I was howling with laughter. Love you, Andy! Podcast is amazing!!!
Interrupting and Mansplaining
Andy interrupts his guests too much and talks over them. I wanted to like this so badly, but he just can’t seem to listen instead of talk. He does this much more to womxn guests.
jdiwontbdiapc yehndlap
Just wonderful
I was thinking these were going to be Andy being goofy and silly like his usual work. Which I love. He is very funny, but I was taken back by the deep conversations he has with extremely funny people. It is very fun but also extremely insightful. Just wonderful.
Keeping me sane at work
Andy you are awesome! Listened to Conan’s podcast and loved the episode with you. Now yours and Conan’s are my go to podcasts to help me get through work. One of my favorite episodes is with Scott Thompson whom I adore from Kids in the Hall. I would Love to see you two in a sitcom, Scott the seasoned actor (a bit diva-ish) and you his, from the beginning, assistant (very intelligent but gets overlooked.). And his secret is he is in love with Scott.
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Thank you Andy!!!
So good to get to know you to a more personal level even thou you’re the one asking the questions you really show your qualitys as an interviewer, your unique sense of humor and how humble you are. Thank you for let us know about so many cool people!! Do yourself a favor and check Andy’s podcast !!! Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽
you are doing great
way better than expected, and i expected a bunch
Andy is an incredible interviewer
I really appreciate Andy Richter’s conversational interviewing style. You can tell how much his guests enjoy talking with him and I come away feeling like I know them as a person, not as personalities. Kudos.
Great season closer!
I loved this show and hope there are more in the future! Thank you!
Great season
I have listened to all the episodes and have really enjoyed hearing how Andy has became more comfortable. I have really enjoyed the episodes and have learned a lot about people, it is nice to see people behind the persona. Thank you Andy and I look forward to another season. Have a great summer :)
Great show
It was really a treat to hear you & Conan talk uninterrupted. Love all of your episodes, you are truly a very smart & funny man. I like your style. Please start the new season soon!
3 Questions helped me through
So many of Andy’s guests and of course Andy, himself, had pulled me through some dark times with this podcast. Andy is so thoughtful and genuine, with a light heart and a candy coated shell. This podcast is insightful, hilarious and warms you up. Thank you for creating this, I can’t wait for season 2!
but one more thing....
i realize verbal pauses are all the rage these days, but i just also wanted to include that as much as i have enjoyed the substance, i do have to also say all the “yahs” (a la marc maron) do get on my nerves
Coming for strangers leaving w/ old friends
To be honest 95% of the people that are on this show I don’t even know, but I am so glad I stay and listen to their life stories. The conversations are so personal, funny, and genuine. By the end of the show, these guest feel like old friends rather than strangers. Keep up the great work Andy. P.S. I listened to Conan Needs a Friend first, but I have to say I like this one a bit more.
Not a Good Host
I didn’t think it possible an interviewer could keep Paula Poundstone from being funny. Richter did it. His trick seems to be a combination of not understanding the words being said to him, and not doing any research into the lives of his guests. Plus he has little to offer on his own; he’s not funny, he’s not prepared, he’s not a gifted monologist. The aura of “we owe Andy a podcast” is all over this.
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It’s ok
I’ve had to stop listening unless the guest is someone I really love. I can’t listen to Andy talk about Chicago or improv anymore. Somehow he talks mostly about himself and his “yeah” responses to the guests get on my nerves
3 Questions?
Definitely more than 3 questions and a little awkward. It kept my interest. I confess I’ll select celebrity names I want to hear talk about themselves. Andy’s openness about his depression is a great thing. Also thank you for the Levar Burton interview which led me to a NEW podcast, Levar Burton Reads!
The conmaster
So much more rich than I anticipated!
Love it! I love the length, I love the questions, the stories and cracking open the nut that is many creative peoples’ brains, what makes them tick, what drives them, how they deal with struggles and all those things that make interesting people interesting… all with a wit and charm and kindness that I admit I didn’t expect.
Always love to listen to Andy Richter.
Lovely Podcast
Just listened for the first time... the Ken Jennings segment. Very much enjoyed the conversation... warm and informative. Andy is an excellent interviewer, responsive and relaxed. Thanks, Kate Young from N.H. ✨
Andy talks about himself constantly and doesn’t let guests talk
I love Andy Richter SO much so it pains me to write this, but... I have been listening from the beginning and had to unsubscribe because more and more all Andy does is talk about himself for most of the show. It was ok at first but we’re starting to hear the same stories over and over and the guests are left to just respond to Andy’s stories instead. I was so excited to tune into David Sedaris, for example, and he hardly got a word in edgewise over Andy talking about a movie he did in New Zealand, or any other number of not that interesting stories. More listening, much less talking is needed.
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Updated review again
Review 3. OK, each episode way too long! Aim for an hour, maybe 75 minutes for someone with some cred. It’s still too much Andy Richter telling the same stories to guests. More questions, fewer stories. Now that this podcast has more episodes it’s time for an update. Andy is starting to find his voice. I’m withdrawing my suggestion for a sidekicks sidekick. Andy’s humor is a little more upfront. Good job. However, there’s still too much therapy talk. (4th question-Why does everyone in the business of show need a therapist?) Also, Andy spends too much time with his mouth open. Let your guests talk. We don’t need to hear Andy’s origin story anymore. So what we have now is Andy Richter tells stories to his guests. Maybe interesting, but not the 3 questions premise. Original review below. ————————————- It really isn’t fair to review a podcast after only 2 episodes. So I’ll call these suggestions for improvement. 1>We now know all we need to know about Andy and his therapy. 2>A little more of Andy’s humor will help to lighten the tone. 3>Perhaps a sidekick for the sidekick would relieve the monotone and help move the interview along. I really want this show to succeed, the premise is good, but it needs to be less about the host, and more about the guest. I’ll keep listening for a while.
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Smart guy, excellent podcast
Andy is playing to his strengths here. Insightful conversations with funny people but the real star is how deep and interesting Andy is about life and his career in show business.
Jake Scruggs
Good guests, lots of therapy
The overall podcast is entertaining with very good guests and Andy is a good interviewer. The big negative is the incessant therapy talk. Andy is in therapy and if the guest isn’t, they should be. I recommend riding the 30-second button on several episodes when the psycho-babble gets out of hand.
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