The Tapes Archive
The Tapes Archive
Alan Berry
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Great Interviews
Thanks for giving us an inside look at many rock legends
Great Snapshots of Artists in Time!
The Tapes Archive is a great collection of exclusive audio interviews. Perfect for podcasting, the show provides insightful looks back at musicians and comedians and where they were at a particular time. Marc Allan is a well-known (in Indiana) concert critic, and the show gives you a great look at how he developed his interview techniques over the years. I highly recommend the George Carlin and Neil Peart episodes.
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Egad Phork
So Much Fun
It’s great to hear these interviews and learn about the backstory. Thanks for making these available.
What a cool podcast! Some of my favorite artists being interviewed on this show, it really took me back, and was so cool. Dave Matthews, Rick James, I couldn’t stop listening! Enjoy
Intimate music interviews
This podcast is a real gem in the music interview category. Get ready to jump into a time machine and eavesdrop into fascinating conversations. Keep them coming. Full discourse, I may be a bit biased. 😀
Great content
Awesome music interviews! I listen every week!
This podcast is no joke ... quality plus unheard of content =100% from this fan!
One of my favorites
I’m a touring musician and this is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. So many interesting interviewees and in depth discussions. Love it. Hope they keep the interviews coming!!
be. balladino
Fantastic Podcast
These are never-before-heard interviews of musicians and comedians conducted in the late eighties/early nineties by the interviewer for use in writing articles. Although the sound quality is a bit low at first, you quickly forget about that and become immersed in the fascinating conversations. I love this podcast and I can’t wait to hear everything else that lurks in this vault!
Amazing Podcast
A fantastic look into the realities of being a working musician. Also the Trey Anastasio episode gave a look at the inner workings of the band on the cusp of major professional success