The Takeaway
The Takeaway
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A string of woke platitudes - utterly predictable and often offensive to someone seeking fact based discussions carried out by critical thinkers who want to get to truth.
Cable News Framework Disappoints
Podcast Listeners come to the podcast space longing for two things: 1. Content and stories that the mainstream media ignores or worse purposely rejects. AND 2. Nuanced long form discussions that are, for the most part, uncut and unedited. The Takeaway accomplishes #1 but fails at #2. In college a 50% on an exam is an F, hence the 1 star review. Much like Cable News, in the Takeaway as soon as you get to to the meat of the discussion the show has moved on to the next block/story. 😞 There’s potential here though.
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Incredibly biased and dishonest
Where do I start? If the left wants an outlet that outdoes Fox News as far as bias…. Congratulations! You have the takeaway. If I want to get angry from hearing flat-out lies, I listen to this show. From the “courage” of athletes to crap all over the one and only country that men and women have DIED to give them the freedom to act out their”bravery” to do what they are immediately lauded for, and called heroes 😂, to slandering the men and women who keep our borders safe from terrorists deliberately misrepresenting horse reigns as whips!? They are either incredibly stupid or extremely manipulative. Remember this is a national PUBLIC radio show! Yeah right. This is the most politically divisive show I’ve heard in a long time, and this is obviously their objective, AWFUL!
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My favorite podcast
This has become my favorite podcast. Thanks MHP! So informative.
Abigail Adams pursued the rights for all women
American women with the help of men have continued to pursue advancement and equality for all women. You do us no favor by seeking equality by stepping on their work and forgetting the sacrifices born by them. You hurt me deeply by attacking “white” women and feminism, they are my sisters too, and I join them in elevating all humanity to a kinder and gentle world that children can be born into.
The Takeaway
Really appreciate Melissa Perry as host of this show!
Stopped listening
I started listening a couple years ago and at first really liked this perspective of their coverage. I found myself starting to leave episodes un-listened-to, tho, because it was feeling like either Tanzina Vega’s interview style had changed or I had. She asks extremely long questions that seem more like editorializing with a question mark at the end, and it feels like the interviewees are boxed in by this style. I enjoy more open ended questioning where the expert can offer their perspective instead of (what feels like) having to parse thru where the host is trying to get them to go. I am bummed to give this up because I really liked having this as a news source but it’s just not for me any longer.
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So much interruption!
The topics of this show are great - interesting, informative, and refreshing. The host, though, interrupts her guests so much it’s honestly distracting and annoying. She interjects when they are truly mid-sentence, and I wish they would have been able to finish their thought, because these are professors, scientists, reporters etc - people with great insights. I just can’t listen even though I love every other NPR host.
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mellow, fierce and informative. the real deal.
irrelevance is taken
Listen Up!
The takeaway consistently covers important topics in depth and really dives into the issues by bringing in top notch guests. If I had to pick only one podcast to help me stay informed it would be the takeaway.
Love Tanzina
Setting the right tone we need right now
UpChuck Todd gets some made up gift from Poynter and then makes a horse’s backside out of himself with his Five “Naive” Hasbara shovel in Rolling Stone... ...and this Big Apple media doormat ignores all of it in yet another blatant access play. A completely worthless “media” analysis shtick. Expect this Big Apple media doormat to bring UpChuck on her daily shovel after the first of the year to whine “Me UpChuck! Me Victim!”
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Peter Guillam
Great podcast, but doesn’t include the whole show
I enjoy the in depth exploration of key news stories, and the podcast lets me listen far earlier than my local NPR station broadcasts the show (9 pm!) BUT the podcast doesn’t include all the segments of the broadcast show, which runs for about an hour. Fortunately, the podcast makes it easy to find those left-out segments by providing links to the Takeaway website.
In-depth discussions of the most important issues of our time
I discovered this show on my morning drive via Oregon Public Broadcasting radio - always late to work. Now I’m hooked on the podcast because I can take the time to listen to it in full, on my own time. Tanzina Vega is one of my journalism superheroes. We need more shows like this, more bold and tough radio hosts like Vega. So damned good. Listen! Tell your friends!
Monday through Thursday excellent
I’ve loved The Takeaway for about 4 years, and found it an excellent relatively mainstream source for insight on underreported topics. Unfortunately, I’m leaving 3 stars, because the Friday episodes with Amy Walter are just more centrist political noise than anything valuable. It’s very biased against the actual left in politics, and seems to be another cog in the status quo wheel. You’ll hear right wing people and liberals, but any leftist who is interviewed (rarely, except for Bernie Sanders because they kind of have to) is grilled and treated as pie in the sky dreamer. Very disappointing, and I wish it would be the way it once was, or have a real journalist hosting. The country doesn’t need more centrist insiders being platformed, when we face existential threats like climate change and fascism.
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What does indigenous knowledge teach us about animals?
I like how this show makes us hold compassion for the animal in a situation. I would love to see this podcast push and open itself to indigenous knowledge about animals in the wild. How much of what we know comes from indigenous people who lived nearer to animals than we do now? This is a white man doing this work and while I do find the show interesting, I wonder if the show will consider how white people “exploring” has led to lots of harm and I wonder how much he has learned from elders of any place.
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Positive take on current topics
Interesting interviews and information
Don’t lie to me!
I am always trying to listen to the side’s political views and shows like this can help further engagement But when you completely mischaracterise guests like the Pelosi-bot who was described as “non partisan” and “independent” on Social Security issues, you made me angry. Agree or not, she was not as you described. She dismissed and slandered everyone who disagrees with her. Denigrated solutions like 401ks and private programs, etc. She subscribed to conspiracy theories about billionaires. She dodged simple questions, and then blathered on about fairness. Her one bit of clarity was describing SS as an insurance program, vice an individual retirement fund. She was as dependent on the dem platform and as partisan as possible. please don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.
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Great news summary
This podcast covers all the topics you'd expect, and a lot of stories you wouldn't. Tanzina Vega has been a great host, navigating all the week's news. The Takeaway team are all very sharp too. The Friday conversations with Amy Walter have been really interesting as well, more in-depth on political topics behind the scenes. All in all this show is a great way to keep up with the news and conversations behind the headlines, and hearing from listeners is always great too.
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Keep Tanzina Vega
An outstanding commentator and interviewer.
Not bad
Prefer in-depth analysis with guests. This one follows the usual trend, keeping it mostly superficial, entertaining, and with music and sound bites for variety. Love Amy Walters' commentary, and she is among the very best, but on the podcast she is yielding to entertainment realities.
Friday is special
The addition of Amy Walter on Friday is just great, because she is!
NW Paws Pappa
Great podcast!
Andrea Bercos
It’s okay. There’s some moderately deep dives on extremely specific topics, but in doing that, I think the pod falls short of the full picture. Loses context in dealing with the details. Also, like most NPR casts, leans center-left and is careful not to endorse dem-socialist views.
The best
Walter is the best.
Martin Lomasney
Love this channel!!
Excellent show!
The frame, flow and content of the program allowed me to visualize and be fully present in the issue. Really appreciated the contextual nature of the conversation. Brilliant move to bring Amy Walter to this show!
Awesome Range and Depth
This show covers a really wide array of issues and they are more frequently diving deep on some of these topics. Production value is also pretty great.
Best In Class
Thoughtful, informative, balanced, well produced — perfect
Many Voices
I was thrilled to hear a variety of opinions from Americans about what it means to be an American. Not to mention the interview with one of my favorite Americans, Jimmy Carter. This is a much needed conversation.
Cribbage Daughter and Mother
Thorough reporting of national and international news
Takeaway has changed my belief in journalism. I am impressed with the coverage and the choice of their topics. I like the host Todd Zwillich the most.
Padma G
Assault weapons don't actually exist
You have to be a complete brainlet to support an "assault weapons" ban. Assault weapons are literally no different from semi auto weapons with classic wooden stocks. Moronic liberals don't understand firearms so they think that a weapons appearance actually affects functionality. Anyone who understands firearms knows that not a single life would be saved from such a ban. I don't know why the left hasn't figured out that this whole concept is flawed. Please actually learn about guns We don't need a moronic "intellectual" academic to comment on gun control when he clearly has no true understanding of the mechanical nature of firearms. Yes leftists, details absolutely do matter when it comes to gun legislation. Enjoy my gunsplaining
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Chomping It
Super Slow Downloads at 200 kbps
Lots of 3 and a couple of 4 star podcasts, super slow downloads at 200 kbps, unsubscribing.
The best!!
I absolutely love this podcast. I listen every day and I feel very informed. The host is knowledgeable and relatable and never condescending. He also shows genuine empathy. I truly appreciate the work they put into this show.
The Takeaway
MSNBC via public funding
I love the range of topics and conversation, but the incessant leftist bias is off putting.
I cannot believe our funding is going to this nonsense. It's extremely slanted and extremely biased. Defund NPR if this is the garbage that they're airing!!
Bad Interviewer
I finally had to remove this podcast as Hockenberry's style became so annoying I couldn’t listen anymore Everything is posed as an 'either this or that', no room for all the gray area in between, which is where one ususally finds the truth and nuance. I'm going to try Morning Edition for awhile.
I Listen Every Day
I listen to this podcast every day. It's insightful; topics are current events, politics, race relations, society/ culture. The discussions on race are interesting and handled thoughtfully. Really enjoy listening-- one of my favorite podcasts!
Chocolate Bunny Twins
Best news variety hour on radio
This is the best, most wide-ranging news variety show on the radio, hands down. I heard it once while on a roadtrip, and I wish my local NPR station would air it! The focus on issues faced by people of color is much better than other NPR programs and I really appreciate that aspect of it. So many topics are covered. Interesting stories you don't hear other places as well as better examinations of top news than most other news shows. Every once in a while they miss the mark, usually by having on a guest who is somehow a slimy person, but I will go to their website if what I am hearing sounds wrong and research the guest and usually find that they are disreputable. But when you do a show with 5-12 topics a day, sometimes those bad guests slip through. But even they at least provide a different perspective to keep your critical thinking skills sharp. Excellent, excellent show.
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Concise news and analysis with a great host. Great complement to other public radio.
Missing Kristin Meinzer from Movie Date
Can not help wondering if John Hockenberry's increasing grumpiness did not drive her away from one of the best, and most popular podcasts on itunes.
Removing the Takeaway from my feed
I was a loyal Takeaway listener but felt compelled to remove it after hearing John Hockenberry's discussion with Piers Morgan about gun control. At first I thought that John was just playing Devil's advocate when he said that he didn't think ANY Americans really wanted serious gun control - then it became clear that he believed what he was saying. I don't need or want this kind of nonsense in my feed. There are millions of Americans out here who want real gun control John.
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Smartest daily news show on the air
Love the takeaway but I'm at work when it is in the radio. Now I can listen to it on my commute home. Bravo!
Great listen
A wonderful way to stay up on the news. I also love their weekend podcast!!!
TJ Raphael
one of my faves
I love in depth news coverage and shows that spend an hour on a single topic, however, not every show needs to do this. There are lots of places to find that kind of detailed coverage on Public radio. This show covers a lot, gets straight to the point, but is still somehow satisfying. I think the Takeaway is pitch perfect, and definitely has flow.
heroic mouse
Yesterday's News
Podcasts are posted a day late. This is a recent development, which means news is basically 2 days behind the curve.
Nice Capsule of Day's Important News
Sure, it's not super in-depth, but you get a good summary of the big stories each day, very well told by John Hockenberry. A refreshing change from the other NPR/APM shows (also excellent) that focus on one or two issues in depth. One request, PRI: This is a professional podcast, so can you please include the art for 'The Takeaway' in the downloads, so us iTunes/iPhone users can see your logo? Otherwise, the cast can get lost in our list of podcasts.
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Needs better description
I really enjoy listening to this show, I deduct a star because if you click for more information on the current episode it's always blank. I subscribe to more shows than I can listen to and decided based on the current topic, so no description is annoying
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